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Posted on Monday, March 2, 2015

Strange Brew

A Texan might accuse the Woodyard pitmaster of making an end run around the Lone Star bean prohibition, but we think the combination of mild bean chili and burnt ends atop it is inspired. This is not always on the menu, but if it is when you visit, I highly recommend it.
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Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Hearty Soup 420
Chili Con Carne 121
Casserole 59
Cocoa or Hot Chocolate 46
Meat Loaf 38
Macaroni & Cheese 34
Hot Sandwich 16
Ice Cream 12
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Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big Smokie Joe

A close view of the jumbo Smokie Joe sandwich, a combination of beef and pork. While the plain pulled pork is great sauceless, in this sandwich meat and sauce are inextricable.
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Posted by Al & Janet Bowen on Saturday, February 28, 2015 7:51 AM

Travelers on I-44 crossing Missouri can find a great place to enjoy some fine bakery goods just off Exit 184 in Rolla, a busy university town in the middle of the state. A Slice of Pie is located in a small business block close to that exit. It specializes in wonderful fruit and cream pies, cakes and cheesecakes, as well as specialty sandwiches and quiches served for lunch and supper.

The pies are sold whole or by the half or by the slice. They also offer combination "sampler" plates of four and eight slices to allow folks to taste a wide variety of flavors. They request that sampler plates be ordered in advance to insure that all the flavors will be available.

We purchased a whole cherry-raspberry pie to bring home and then individual slices of lemon and chocolate for immediate tasting in the truck. The flavors were intense, the crust flaky and delicious and the slices themselves were large enough to fill a hungry pie-eater. Slices run about $5, but are well worth the money as they fill the take-out containers to overflowing .

The ladies working the bakery will reserve a special flavor for you, if you call ahead when coming to pick up a pie or cake. Otherwise it is first come-first served and some of the more popular flavors sell out early in the day.

A Slice of Pie also prepares sandwiches and soups for lunches, both eat-in and take-out. They looked very good, but we were too busy enjoying our pie to think about other food during this visit!
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Roadfood of the Day: Eden Alley - Kansas City, MO
Posted on Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ultimate Garlic

The anticipation of four kinds of broiled-bubbly cheese are what made me order this magnificent sandwich, but it was the garlic and the sturdy bread supporting them that won my heart.
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Posted by Michael Stern on Friday, February 27, 2015 5:38 AM

Opened by Louis and Rebecca Shapiro in 1905 as a small grocery store, Shapiro’s became a restaurant in the 1930s. Today it is a full-service kosher-style deli where you can buy smoked fish and cold cuts by the pound; and it is also a huge cafeteria serving three meals a day. In our experience, Indianapolis is not a big breakfast city, so Shapiro’s is especially well worth knowing about in the morning.

The menu ranges from biscuits and gravy (not typical of Jewish delis!) to bagels and lox. We love the corned beef hash and also the corned beef omelet, which is loaded with meat and served with good home fried potatoes. One morning we asked the server in the cafeteria line about an item listed on the menu board as a matzoh omelet. She shrugged and offered her opinion that she couldn’t imagine that some crumbled crackers could be any good in eggs. But we tried it anyway and found it to be a kind of mid-American gloss on matzoh brei, the traditional Jewish breakfast dish in which bite-size scraps of matzoh are sheathed in scrambled egg like a kind of jumbled French toast but with a distinctive unleavened munchyness.

Shapiro’s is best known, and rightly so, for its corned beef sandwich. The vivid red spiced meat is steamy hot, sliced thin and piled high between slices of excellent rye bread. With a couple of latkes (potato pancakes) on the side, you’ve got a great lunch. Other good sandwiches include melting-soft beef brisket, garlicky salami, and chopped liver. Among the hot dishes is matzoh ball soup masterfully made with extra-strength chicken broth guaranteed to cure anything that ails you.

There is a second location on Rangeline Road in Carmel.
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Roadfood of the Day: Chicken Annie's - Pittsburg, KS
Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015

Chicken in Your Face

A close view shows just how much chewy-crunchy skin comes on each piece. This thigh arrived at the table just seconds before the picture was taken. Note the glistening oil.
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Posted by Michael Stern on Thursday, February 26, 2015 4:54 AM

It is a known fact that South Carolina cooks are masters of fried seafood; Bush’s is evidence that the talent is not just a coastal trait. At the western side of the state, practically in Georgia, a humble fish & chips shack called Bush’s flies the frying beacon high. Here you can savor firm, sweet shrimp (jumbos or Calabash minis), creamy slabs of flounder, lasciviously large oysters, tender scallops, soulful catfish, and a wide variety of other flatfish such as whiting, croaker, mullet, and bream, all encased in a thin, crisp, vividly seasoned coat that is positively addicting.

If you are allergic to fried food, there is an all-you-can-eat crab legs deal in the $20 range – about twice the price of most meals. And if you are a fish frowner, try the pork chops. They are boneless and they are haloed by that fine, fragile crust that gives the seafood its flavor glow. People who visit in a more adventurous mood can opt for such non-mainstream menu items as catfish stew or chitlins (by the pint). The menu even offers Buffalo wings and a half-pound hamburger described as “incredible”; but I can’t imagine coming here and not getting fried seafood.

Whatever is at the center of the plate, side dishes are essential. These range from uniquely South Carolinian hash and rice to all-American mac ‘n’ cheese. I am especially enamored of the collard greens, which have all the tonic punch one expects, but with a completely unexpected sweetness that makes them into a whole other kind of very happy vegetable.

Dining is in a single, fairly small room where tables are set up in rows reminiscent of a commissary. This makes for an agreeably sociable tone; and while I am a stranger in these parts, the staff and other customers soon had me feeling like a regular. I can’t wait to return.
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Roadfood of the Day: Capriotti's - Wilmington, DE
Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bobbie Cross-Section

A Bobbie is a compact tube of pure eating joy.
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Posted by Michael Stern on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 6:01 AM

If you are hungry in Augusta, Georgia, it's OK if you don't subscribe to the aim of Whole Life Ministries – "To Grow Up the Body of Christ and Teach Them Victory." Whoever's your savior, your appetite will have no trouble believing in Honey from the Rock Cafe, where Whole Life serves bountiful cafeteria-style lunch every weekday. The changing bill of fare includes baked or fried chicken, pork tenderloin, chicken 'n' dumplings, and meat loaf sided by the likes of fried green tomatoes, broccoli casserole, and macaroni and cheese. Of special note is sweet potato casserole laced with brown sugar and speckled with crunchy pieces of pecan; collard greens that are bright and tonic; and broccoli-rice casserole with just enough cheese to make it rich but still maintain its status as a genuine, healthful vegetable. Top your meal off with coconut pie, churned-here peach ice cream, or fresh banana pudding loaded with good fruit and Nilla wafers, and you have a classic Dixie meal that is hard to beat. Everything served is first quality; and you will pay accordingly. A nice meal for two can cost $30.

Given the spiritual mission of the enterprise, it is no surprise that the food is served with unabashed good will by a staff that is kindly in a way simply not known outside the South. I sincerely hope that on the day you visit, the greeter at the door is a woman named Jessie, whose good humor and genuine charm made me fall in love with Honey from the Rock long before I started crowding the cafeteria tray with good eats. Expect your glass of sweet tea to be topped off about every third sip. Décor is bible verses everywhere and background music is gospel too rousing to fade into the background. The name of the place comes from Psalm 81:15: "With honey out of the rock would I satisfy thee."

Special thanks to contributor Chickenplucker, who started a forum thread in March, 2014, alerting us all to Augusta’s good food, including that served at Honey From the Rock Café. Check it out for more photos and Chickenplucker’s commentary:
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