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Posted by Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on Sunday, October 28, 2012 3:04 AM

Chicken Pie
The West Point Market in Akron, OH is a real head-scratcher. Don't get us wrong, it's a wonderful high-end food market where you can eat quite well (and, to a large extent, at no charge). But it may well be the least Roadfoody place listed in the database, at least as we see it (it's listed in Roadfood as the Beside the Point Cafe, which may well still be the name of the small eatery inside the market, although we didn't notice that name anywhere except on their website).

That chicken pie had a super-delectable crust, but the filling was thick and pasty, even though they warmed it up (and not, thankfully, in a microwave oven). We are not ones to get too bent out of shape over perceived deficiencies in service, but we have to say that we found the counter help in the cafe (but not the market itself) rather smirky and unhelpful. That was more than compensated for by the live jazz combo playing among the tomatoes and melons.
Killer BrowniesThe Killer Brownie assortment we purchased, which is the market's signature item, were about the richest blocks of sweetness imaginable. The box of four was cold and, eaten that way, we found them to be just too stiff and candy-like but, hours later at room temperature, they were perfect.
Ice CreamIs the market like this every day? Everywhere we went there were free samples to be had. Mike Mitchell was dishing out full-size scoops of his locally made vanilla bean ice cream, a smooth and full-flavored product we'd gladly pay real money for but which was served gratis. Just outside the entrance a tent was set up offering pulled pork sandwiches for $2, which we think was a charity fund-raiser. It would have been possible to circulate the floor a couple of times and graze a very nice lunch for no dough at all, though the ethics of such a strategy is questionable. Besides, it's not difficult to find a reason, or five, to spend some bucks in this beautiful market.

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