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Posted by Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 2:22 AM

Peanut butter is in foreground. In back: Hell's Kitchen ginger-berry preserves and marmalade.

By Michael Stern:
If you are in Minneapolis, I suggest you go to hell. Hell's Kitchen, that is, which is one of the favorite restaurants Jane and I ever found in our travels (see the review). While there is no way to fully experience the excellence of Chef Mitch Omer's cooking anywhere but in the restaurant, several of the items he makes are available by mail, and, in my opinion, they are spectacular. Bison sausage bread makes intriguing toast; there are swell homemade mustard and dry rib rub; and best of all, you can order jars of Hell's Kitchen peanut butter. This complicated spread is a little sweet, a little smoky, chunky as all get-out, and one of the most addictive foodstuffs I've ever devoured. The order page on the Hell's Kitchen website is:

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