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Posted by Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on Friday, April 26, 2013 1:11 AM

We're very sorry to report that one of the true originals, Texas Taco of Patterson, NY, which made the legendarily wacky and now-closed Lynn's Paradise Cafe of Louisville, KY look like the boardroom of General Motors, closed earlier this year with little fanfare. The owner, Rosemary Jamison, apparently has an unspecified illness that forced her to move on from Texas Taco. We think Michael Stern, in his review of the restaurant (which we'll archive tomorrow), captured the experience far better than we can ever hope to do:

"Truly, there is nothing like it anywhere else. With exterior walls painted in psychedelic swirls and a lawn outfitted with amusement park flotsam, it looks like a 1960s acid-rock poster come to life. In fact, it has been here all of thirty-one years [S&B: 43 years as of 2013], and during that time, the interior has grown ever more packed with décor that the term 'eclectic' barely hints at. Hyperactive Lava Lites, a life-size Elvis bust, game trophies, gold lamé curtains, mannequins in Mexican attire, and hundreds of business cards heaped atop the tables and held down with glass: all of this is stuffed into a mazelike interior that couldn't be more than 500 square feet, including space for the indoor hot dog cart. Rosemary herself has grown ever more delightfully eccentric as the years have passed. With glittery eye makeup running from her upper lids all across her forehead to her hairline and hair tinted a day-glo shade of violet that she described as “Manic Panic,” she is the most unusual-looking restaurateur we have met in three decades of traveling. And she’s a nice lady, too, with a sly sense of humor that finds expression in the full-bore wackiness of her taco joint."

Word is that all the "stuff" is in the process of being removed from the premises and sold. We wish Rosemary a speedy and complete recovery.

Source: Patch


That lady was truly fabulous- she looked like Cruella DeVilla hair wise just with Magent/Turqoise instead of Black & White- at least once when we came by- Loved the place and her... What a shame but everything in life is temp except that new fun places always pop up! Thanks for the fun Texas Taco!
Posted by Baccara on Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 11:48 PM

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