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Posted by Chris & Amy Ayers on Sunday, October 20, 2013 8:16 PM

ice cream

After our mini-feast at Harry's Drive-In, we then drove east to our penultimate stop for superior ice cream at Buttonwood Farm ( overview) of Griswold. Above is Yvel's dish of S'mores, with chocolate chunks & marshmallows in a graham cracker base. This seems to be a natural evolution from their famous flavor, Graham Cracker (below), which has chunks of chocolate-covered graham crackers mixed in.

graham cracker

Buttonwood Farm remains untarnished by nearby industry, untrampled by tourists, and untouched by time in general. That it's a good ten minutes off I-395 -- and at least half an hour from I-95 -- speaks to its destination-only status:


Amy & I didn't accompany the group to the final stop, Ford's Lobsters, but we've been there before so let's imagine for a moment that we did.  What kind of place is it? It's actually upstream on the Noank shoreline from Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, and the restaurant is a fair-weather-only one with an outdoor kitchen and seating directly on the dock:


The group probably started with a bowl of steamed mussels, with plenty of grilled bread to sop up that sweet, garlicky broth: 


I'd figure that at least one person ordered the crabcake sandwich for variety's sake, its lightly breaded patty chock full of tender crab meat, spiced just right so as not to detract from the crustacean's natural sweetness:


But I feel quite certain that the bulk of the group ordered the house specialty, the hot lobster roll, which is one of the finest on the Connecticut shore:

lobster roll

With that in mind, Ford's Lobsters is a huge win, and we'd much rather go there than the perennially packed Abbott's down the street:

lobster sign

This was a fabulous day of Roadfooding with fabulous friends. Many thanks to Wanderingjew, Sandra, Karilyn, Beth, Walt, Paul, Kim, Yvel, Tim & Terri, and Amy -- see you all back out on the trail soon!


Beth, Karilyn, Sandra and I, were the remaining 4 in attenance at Ford's Lobster. I completely regret not bringing my camera as I didn't know that you and Amy would not be available for our last stop. I can tell you, that I did have the lobster bomb (twice the lobster in a bread bowl) with lobster bisque ladeled on top of.This was truly a lobster roll afficiando's dream. After my two amazing experiences at Ford's Lobster it is doubtful that I'll ever make it to Abbott's.
Posted by wanderingjew on Monday, Oct 21, 2013 8:44 AM

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