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New York Upstate Michigans

Close cousin of Rhode Island's New York System and Coney Islands everywhere, the Michigan is a small frankfurter in a soft bun topped with vividly spiced beef sauce, bright yellow mustard and chopped raw onions. It does not exist in Michigan, at least not with that name. It is unique to the Clinton County area of upstate New York, between the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain. Michigan buns are unique: soft, split-tops that are thick at the bottom with closed ends to hold in the dog and its toppings.

Clare and Carl's
Gus's Restaurant
Clare and Carl's - Plattsburgh , NY
Clare and Carl's presents its Michigans in a tender bun that is similar to the traditional northeast split-top, but is thicker at the bottom and closed at both ends, forming a trough to shore in the sloppy topping. The chili is thick with minced meat, vividly spiced, not at all sweet and just barely hot. It is intriguing.
McSweeney's - Plattsburgh , NY
McSweeney's is spanking-clean and tidy. It features old-time car-hop service and an inside counter as well as comfortable sit-down tables indoors. Michigans are listed on the menu as chili dogs. McSweeney's makes excellent sauce: luxuriously beefy, flecked with pepper that kindles a nice glow on the tongue.
Gus's Restaurant - Plattsburgh , NY
A Michigan is a small, juicy frank in a trough-shaped, soft bun and topped with mustard, onions and a vivid fine-grind beef sauce. Gus's is a good place to try them. The heft of the sauce contrasts with the fluffy bun and fatty frank, and while each separate ingredient is inarguably ignominious, the combo is taste-buds magic.

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