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Houston Heading West

A road trip west from Houston, starting with burgers and bbq towards serious smoked meat country and pie paradise

Lankford Grocery
Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q
Prause's Meat Market
Weikel's Store and Bakery
Southside Market
Louie Mueller Barbecue
Royers Round Top Cafe
Lankford Grocery - Houston , TX
Tables are covered with vintage rose-pattern oilcloth and the plastic that covers menus is peeling off the ancient paper documents like skin off salted peanuts. The hamburger is Houston's best. Each patty is a gnarled, uneven circle with crunch to its crust and juices that ooze. Breakfasts are excellent, too.
Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q - Houston , TX
A large eating barn (with a nice covered outdoor patio) surrounded by stacks of wood and the perfume of smoldering mesquite. Inside, there's always a line leading to the cafeteria-style counter. Goode Co.'s brisket is long-smoked, velvet-soft and radiant with essential beef flavor. The pecan pie served for dessert is legendary.
Prause's Meat Market - LaGrange , TX
Order your meat by the pound or by the link. Slow-cooked beef is cut to order on the butcher block in the front room. Sausage links and sliced brisket are arranged on a thick cardboard plate; and both are so juicy that no barbecue sauce is required. On the side you get white bread and/or saltine crackers. After waiting in line to get this prize meal, you carry it yourself to the back room, stopping, if necessary, to grab some plastic silverware.
Weikel's Store and Bakery - La Grange , TX
Throughout central Texas, you'll find kolaches, the puffy little pastries that are like a Danish, but with softer, sweeter dough, and with better blobs of filling in the center. We are especially fond of Weikel’s poppy-seed kolache; although best-sellers include prune, apricot, and cream cheese.
Southside Market - Elgin , TX
The sausage is spectacular – vividly spiced, taut, and moist beyond description; but don’t ignore the sliced beef; it too is luscious and flavorful, needing no companion other than a few slices of white bread just to mop its juices.
Louie Mueller Barbecue - Taylor , TX
Louie Mueller’s brisket is a thing of beauty. It is sliced relatively thick, salt-and-pepper crusted, its outside turned black from hours in the pit, its fat-laced interior moist and soft and veritably dripping flavor. It is served with a cup of sauce reminiscent of au jus. Also try the sausage that virtually explodes with juices once you sever the natural casing.
Royers Round Top Cafe - Round Top , TX
Bud Royer describes his menu as “sophisticated comfort food.” It includes such delights as grilled pork tenderloin topped with peach and pepper glaze, crabmeat-and-shrimp-stuffed jalapeno peppers, a huge BLT sandwich made with grilled shrimp, and a boneless quail stuffed with cilantro-flavored grilled shrimp. Best of all are the pies, which are the best in Texas: big, beautiful, super-fruity and supersweet.

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