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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How should I notify you of a great restaurant you should try?
    Click on the "Submit Content" link on the bottom of the page (it will prompt you to login) and complete the restaurant information, write a review and be sure to post pictures of the food.
  2. How can I write a review of a restaurant?
    You click on the link "Submit Content" on the footer of the page and that will take you to a screen where you can select a restaurant to write a review. If that restaurant does not exist you can create a new one.


  1. Is registering free?
  2. Do you share my e-mail with anyone else?
    No! Your e-mail stays with Roadfood We don't like it when companies share our e-mails so we don't do the same.
  3. Where can I activate my registration?
    Go to this web page.
  4. I forgot my password - how can I retrieve it?
    You can retrieve your password from
  5. I tried to register but it says an e-mail was already taken.
    That means you are probably already registered. If you forgot your password it can be retrieved through e-mail.
  6. How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to monthly mailings?
    You can change your subscription settings by logging in and then clicking on the "My Roadfood" link in the main menu. From there you can check or un-check the checkbox that has emailing options. The direct link is

The Roadfood Insider

  1. What is the "Roadfood Insider?"
    The"Roadfood Insider" is a premium edition of consisting of: 1) GPS Points of Interest, 2.) the Roadfood Off-line and 3) Roadfood Maps.

    Roadfood Off-line enables you to download all of our editors reviews into a slickly formatted PDF file for you to print or transfer to a mobile device (PDA, laptop, flash memory drive). The GPS Points of Interest provides you with a file you can upload to your GPS, while the maps give you a visual guidance on arriving at your culinary destination. The combination of Roadfood Offline, the GPS POI and Maps brings you all the tools to customize an eating and driving itinerary!
  2. What is so special about the maps?
    The Roadfood Maps are exclusive to subscribers of the "Roadfood Insider" ($19.95/year). We have over 90 interactive maps of every state and major city in the USA. They clearly show major Interstates landmarks and have flags next to all the roadfood establishments. All of the flags are interactive and link to the respected Roadfood review online. For those who have a GPS we have downloadable POI files so you can find restaurants while travelling on the road.

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