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 2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas

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Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Tue, 11/12/13 2:07 PM (permalink)
As the married couple at the table...they choose oysters!  In great quantity! 

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    Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Tue, 11/12/13 11:55 PM (permalink)
    As usual, terrific report, BB. I so enjoy reading about people's travels and get local food. Thank you everyone for your contributions. BB, I really admire your's and Johnnie's eating capacity and ability to go out in the evening as you do. I'm a big eater, myself, but I could never make it and by 8 pm, I'm not in bed but I'm definitely winding down for the evening. My (very old woman that I am) response to an 8 pm dinner invite would be 'you want to have dinner when????????? Guess I'm not much fun. Bad thing is I'm only 53 but I guess I run out of steam fast in my middle age! 

      Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 7:30 AM (permalink)
      Thanks so much!  When it comes to appetite I do okay, but am clearly third between ChiTownDiner and Cousin Johnny.  Eating late has never been a problem, in fact I find it preferable. 
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        Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 8:37 AM (permalink)
        Here's a look at the shrimp 'n grits....

        which was a really fine rendition of a classic dish.  All of the components came together nicely for a 4- star dish!  The grits were flawless and combined with the sauce, cheese and shrimp created one of my favorite dishes of the trip.
        You may have noticed there are no dessert pictures from this stop.  Well, they basically ran out of dessert having only one choice left and it really didn't appeal to anyone!  There was actually a collective sigh of relief as by now and after 8 food stops, we were reaching maximum capacity.
        I do tip my hat to Cousin Johnny for ordering and then finishing the Fred Flintstone Steak! 

          Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 8:43 AM (permalink)
          Because of the close proximity of all the restaurants around Memphis on the first day of the tour, we were able to get it done in around eight hours, which is rather impressive logistically.  Saturday, the second day of the tour would be different because of the distances we needed to drive.  But, it would be well worth it!
          We met in the hotel lobby just before 8:00AM, boarded the bus and headed across the Mississippi River into Arkansas.  Michael Stern got on the microphone and informed the participants about our schedule for the day.  The first stop was going to be Ms. Lena's Pie Shop in De Valls Bluff.  And then he said something that caused me great concern.....
          When they first announced that we would be doing a day in Memphis and a day in Arkansas, I naturally assumed the great Family Pie Shop in De Valls Bluff would be on the schedule.  So, I wrote Michael to remind him about the lesser known pie shop in town, Ms.Lena's.  He wrote back and said that he plans on contacting them to see if they could accommodate us.  Great!  And I didn't give it that much thought.
          .....until Michael mentioned he not been here before and didn't know about it until I wrote him.  And now it hit me that we have a bus full of people who are driving well out of their way to visit a tiny little pie shop on my recommendation only.   I spent the rest of the drive to De Valls Bluff keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Lena's would be on their A game and trying to figure out how I was going to get home, if they weren't!
          I shouldn't have worried, because the pies here were far better than I remember.
          The parking for Ms. Lena's is small enough that only a couple of cars can fit in.  We drove past and it took a good mile or so until Chester was able to find a reasonable place to turn around.  And when the bus parked, 

          it took up the entire lot.
          The building itself is interesting and almost looks like two small houses were joined together.  The Roadfooders lined up on the porch

          since no more than three or four people could fit inside at one time.  The sign just inside the door

          is a classic!  The inside looks completely different than when I was here a few years ago.  Back then, the space was open and you could choose your slices of pie out of a refrigerated case.  Now, there is a counter you order at,

          with all the fried pies lined up on a back shelf. A few more interior shots

          show the folksy charm of the place.
          Once my interior photos were taken care of, I got out of line to give more people some room.  This left ChiTownDiner to do the ordering for the three of us.  And we all know how this is going to end.  He comes back with a container

          holding all eight flavors of fried pie they had available!  I remember that there was apple, strawberry, pecan, pumpkin pecan, chocolate, apricot and then memory fails me.   Can anyone finish the list?  All the fried pies were still warm, wrapped in a napkin, with one or two letters on it to identify it, since they all look the same from the outside.  Before we dug in, Michael came over to get a picture and in true Roadfood fashion, 

          while holding a fork in his mouth!
          We all started grabbing different fried pies, with apricot being my first choice. 

          Even before tearing it open, it is easy to admire the beauty of it.  Look at how much wider the edges are and there even seem to be some bubbles.  You could just feel how brittle and flaky it was.  I tore it open, grabbing a large chunk, sat it the rest back down and enjoyed the fresh fruit flavor inside.  From there is became of frenzy of trying to sample as many different kinds as possible.  The apple was a standout and somehow I never got to try the strawberry.  Although all the fillings were first rate, the crust was clearly the star. 
          After a while, it occurred to me that I hadn't taken anyway inside shots of the fried pies.  Sorry, I only have two, chocolate


          pumpkin pecan.  There was actually one flavor of fried pie that wasn't ready yet when we arrived and this came out just a few minutes after the others.  They call it the woodpecker

          and it is especially popular with the local hunters.  It has chocolate, marshmallow and maraschino cherries.  I am not a big fan of this type of cherry and the marshmallow must have been melted into the chocolate.  This was probably my least favorite of the fried pies.
          You would think this would be enough, but CTD, bless his pie lovin' heart, came back with a couple slices of regular pie, too.  Although not quite as magical as the fried pies, the chocolate


          coconut cream were still excellent!
          One of the things that contributed to this being such a memorable stop was that since there is no place to sit down, we all just stood around as a group, 

          sharing our pies and chatting about how good these were.  As for people going back for seconds, yup, it was the usual suspects,

          including Cousin Johnny!
          As if this place couldn't get anymore charming, the owner's granddaughter,

          Gracen came out in her pajamas and coat and started snapping photos and video of us.  She also passed out business cards and brought us a big piece of kitty litter cake to try. 

          Don't worry, those are tootsie rolls.  Just before we left, Gracen boarded the bus to have everyone sign the guest book.  It took her mom calling from the pie shop to get her to come back inside!
          With the quality of the pies, the informal and rustic nature of the shop itself, this was one of the more memorable stops were have ever made on a Roadfood tour.  There were a lot of happy, smiling faces on the bus when we left.
          To read more about our visit and a much better description of the food, here is Michael Stern's review. 
          Ms. Lena's Pie Shop
          2885 Highway 33S
          De Valls Bluff, AR
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            Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 9:35 AM (permalink)
            One of the favorite stops of the tour, I kept wondering how folks find this place....

            ....but look at the crowd! 

            Peach and blueberry may be the final 2 of the 9 flavors...I liked them all.  As we were near the beginning of the line, we had our choice of tables and we selected booth #1 which was the top of the bbq grill!  It really complimented our al fresco dining experience!  These folks couldn't have been nicer and this was a truly memorable Roadfood stop! 
            Sometimes, timing can be everything....

   we made it in on one of the two days they are open! 

              Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 9:46 AM (permalink)
              Yes, peach and blueberry were the other two.  Thanks for that!  And that shrimp and grits looks wonderful!

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                Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Wed, 11/13/13 8:02 PM (permalink)
                Just wait i will be getting even with you two....  

                  Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 7:31 AM (permalink)
                  Just like big_g, ChiBears15 came to the rescue with a photo of the aquarium smoker at Cozy Corner

                  And another of his photos, this time a group shot of our table from Central BBQ.


                    Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 7:36 AM (permalink)
                    I can read Cousin Johnny's much bbq can I eat and still get the biggest steak at our next meal!  He's such an engineer! 

                      Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 8:16 AM (permalink)
                      From what we were told, tour organizers Michael Stern and Stephen Rushmore attempted to get ahold of Mary Thomas of the Family Pie Shop and unfortunately, had no luck.  As we were sitting on the bus, preparing to leave Ms. Lena's, we were unsure of whether we should stop in or not.  After all, as great as the pies are at Family Pie Shop, the place is also extremely small and Mary Thomas can be, shall we say, cranky at times.  One of the women near the front, I think her name was Alyssa and I apologize if that is wrong, called and got through.  So we made the two minute drive over to pie stop number two on the day.
                      It was decided that instead of the entire busload of people descending en masse on the tiny place, Stephen Rushmore would go in and get as many pies as he could.  It felt a little like sending Daniel into the lion's den.  Needing help to carry all these pies, Alyssa and ChiTownDiner accompanied Stephen.
                      While sitting there on the bus, I noticed that Craig's BBQ across the street was now open and it did occur to me to go grab a pork bbq sandwich to go.  But, I knew if I went, others would surely be right behind, which could lead to us getting behind schedule.  A few people got off the bus to take pictures of this very rustic pie shop, with the words "pie shop" painted on the white cinder block exterior wall.
                      Finally, Stephen, Alyssa and CTD emerged with bags full of pies in take out containers, which were then passed around the bus.  Johnny and I ended up sharing a slice of custard pie,

                      which was wonderfully light and eggy.  But it is the chocolate pie

                      here that makes me swoon.  Like Ms. Lena's fried pies, Family Pie Shop's pies have their own distinct appearance, due to the color and style of the meringue.  That and one slice is actually one quarter of a pie!  The filling is luxurious, with deep chocolate flavor, while not being overly sweet or rich.  One of my very favorite slices of pie anywhere!
                      Since CTD was one of the insiders on this pie mission, no doubt will fill us in on the behind the scenes info.
                      Family Pie Shop
                      Route 70
                      De Valls Bluff, AR
                      While Ms. Lena's clearly has the better of the fried pies, I do prefer the regular slices at Family Pie Shop.  Can you even imagine living in De Valls Bluff and having two world class pie shops in your town.  We may have found where I am retiring someday!    
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                        Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 9:11 AM (permalink)
                        I didn't know about Ms. Lena's when I visited Family Pie Shop, so can't compare, but I absolutely loved the apricot fried pie from Family Pie Shop.  The filling was delicious and the crust so flaky--just a wonderful little dessert! 

                          Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 2:24 PM (permalink)
                          Family Pie Shop is not a modern style building by any standards...

                          ...and as we walked up, the door was locked.  Before we could even peer inside, the deadbolt turned, a young man came out and also said, go on in!
                          Mary Thomas was in the kitchen and looked up and said, I don't have any pies.  I am just filling them and then they need to go in the oven.  We began with small talk and as we continued, Mary indicated there might be a slice or two in the cooler.
                          This is where we got lucky!  Alyssa asked if she wanted some help and to our surprise, Mary let her in the kitchen.  Turns out, there were 2 whole pies and several partial pies in the cooler.  We told Mary we would take them all, so she started slicing and packaging each one individually.  We ended up with near 25-30 slices! 
                          But the best part is we were frozen to our cameras in the front room of the store as we had heard the no photos rule!  Alyssa, seemingly part of the staff at this point, asks if she can take a picture or two, and she gets a yes!  You never know...pie where there was none, someone gets to go backstage at the concert and in a no photo zone, pictures including in the kitchen are allowed!
                          We must have looked pretty funny to everyone on the bus as we came out each carrying a stack of to-go containers.  The pies were delightful and this tour stop had a storybook ending!
                          We need the inside pictures for evidence! 

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                            Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 3:02 PM (permalink)
                            Fantastic report!  Great pictures!  Wonderful ending for the morning pie stops!
                            Though I think I would have been with BB and snuck off the bus to Craig's and carted back a few sammies!
                            With the recon on Lena's I'll have to plan my next trip around her shop times. 

                              Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 3:18 PM (permalink)
                              I am more than a little perturbed that NOW I find out that while I am inside hard at work on pie for my friend, he is relaxing in the comfort of the bus and not out getting us sandwiches!  

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                                Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Thu, 11/14/13 10:49 PM (permalink)
                                Those pictures of the fried pies at Ms. Lena's sure do bring back awesome memories.
                                One of the funniest moments of the trip for me occurred on the bus as we were leaving Ms. Lena's.  I got on the bus and asked ChiTownDiner, "Which of the nine fried pies did you try?" 
                                He replied, "I tried all of them."  LOL!  A professional foodie! 

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                                  Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Fri, 11/15/13 3:11 AM (permalink)
                                  A terrific report, just keeps getting better as I can't think of two words that sound so good together as "fried pies". It's nice to have multiple inputs on the tour as well, great stuff!

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                                    Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Fri, 11/15/13 4:03 AM (permalink)
                                    Looks like you guys had a blast!  Sounds like the only thing that could have made it better was to skip Germantown and head back to Paynes for a 2nd time ;-)

                                      Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Fri, 11/15/13 12:33 PM (permalink)
                                      One of the funniest moments of the trip for me occurred on the bus as we were leaving Ms. Lena's.  I got on the bus and asked ChiTownDiner, "Which of the nine fried pies did you try?"  He replied, "I tried all of them."  LOL!  A professional foodie! 
                                      I love this!  It would never occur to ChiTownDiner to not sample all nine!  Thanks for sharing that.
                                      Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.  They are very much appreciated. 


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                                        Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Fri, 11/15/13 2:59 PM (permalink)

                                        One of the funniest moments of the trip for me occurred on the bus as we were leaving Ms. Lena's.  I got on the bus and asked ChiTownDiner, "Which of the nine fried pies did you try?"  He replied, "I tried all of them."  LOL!  A professional foodie! 
                                        I love this!  It would never occur to ChiTownDiner to not sample all nine!  Thanks for sharing that.

                                        Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.  They are very much appreciated. 

                                        This coming from the OTHER of my two table mates that ordered the entire menu at Rotier's and the poor waitress had to bring an EXTRA TABLE for allthe food.

                                          Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sat, 11/16/13 12:24 PM (permalink)
                                          A few photos from our collection catching us up to where we are now on the trip report....
                                          We got the pulled pork nachos at Germantown Commissary - just ok - pork was rather dry, sauce a bit overwhelming. They were just ok.

                                          We ordered the lemon ice box pie, having very fond memories of it from our last visit. This visit didn't live up to our prior expectations, perhaps because we had already sampled better versions this trip. It was good, just not as good as some others.

                                          At the unscheduled Muddy's Bakery stop, Tim got a Lemon Drop cupcake, and a Red Velvet cupcake. The lemon drop was not very good - very very dense cake, and an overly sweet, fake lemony icing. The red velvet, however, was excellent - and that was eaten a day later on the bus on our way to Arkansas! Light, moist cake, and an excellent cream cheese frosting.

                                          Inside Miss Lena's....

                                          Roadfood professionals at work!

                                          Our first round of fried pies - strawberry, coconut cream, and apple. Seriously yum. I can't decide which one I liked best.

                                          Inside view - strawberry, coconut cream, and apple. Tim went back in and got a pumpkin pecan after these were finished.


                                            Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sat, 11/16/13 4:44 PM (permalink)
                                            Wonderful additional photos and descriptions!  Too bad I didn't get a photo of Tim going back in for more!

                                              Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 6:26 AM (permalink)
                                              A quick recap of the day's events.....
                                              So far we have been to Ms. Lena's Fried Pies and Family Pie Shop, two of the best pies shops in the South, if not the country.  Up Next?  Ed & Kay's in Benton, best known for their sky scraping meringue pies!  Considering Arkansas very well might be the best state in the country for pies, this is not a complaint!
                                              Truthfully, when I read that Ed & Kay's

                                              was going to be on the tour, once again I thought this may end up being a weak spot on the day.  The pies are good, but in two previous visits, their regular food was just okay.  Once parked, we were led in though a side door into a back dining room that I hadn't noticed before.
                                              Whether it was to tease us or left there as a preview of things to come, there was one of the meringue pies 

                                              just sitting by itself on a counter in our dining room.  Anyone with a camera was getting up to take this photo, while oohing and aaahing.  And if you got up to use the restroom, you would also pass these pies

                                              sitting on a shelf just outside the kitchen.  You could feel the anticipation in the air, despite the fact that no one on the bus was exactly pie deprived right now.
                                              The menu is fairly big, but knowing the quantity and quality of the food ahead, there was no sense it overeating.  Our table of six

                                              (from left foreground, ChiBears15, Chester the bus driver, Judy Rushmore, Cousin Johnny, ChiTownDiner and myself)decided to concentrate on a couple of vegetable plates, saving room, of course, for lots of pie.  Here are the vegetable selections

                                              for the day. 
                                              The first plate

                                              has squash casserole and purple hull peas, while the second plate

                                              includes more squash casserole, fried okra and green beans.  Additional sides enjoyed were macaroni salad, chick pea salad and great northern beans, but those photos I either missed or they didn't turn out well.  The vegetables were much better than on previous visits, with the highlights being the squash casserole (lucky we had two orders of it, because it went quick) and I am always a fan of porky green beans.  The six of us passed around the plates until there was nothing left.
                                              Because we were in Arkansas, we decided to enjoy another local specialty, cheese dip. 

                                              This is basically chips along with the restaurants own homemade cheese dip.  Not bad and this would be good to munch on while watching a game, but this was just a time killer until the pies came out.
                                              Since we have been so patient and made our mothers proud by eating our vegetables first, it was time to look over the pie list on the menu. 

                                              Yeah right!  We have the ChiTownDiner at our table and he is not about to wait for pie!  Moments after sitting down, he asked our waitress to bring out a slice of the peanut butter and she brought this

                                              gorgeous slice of pie to our table.  They even told us that this slice was free since it was actually a mistake.  Huh?  The top layer of peanut butter was creamy and rich, but the bottom layer was so thick, you couldn't cut it with a fork.  Or a fork and a knife.  Maybe a jackhammer would have done the trick.  No problem, who is going to complain about a free slice of pie?
                                              Among the pies we got to sample were the apple,

                                              the French raisin,

                                              lemon meringue

                                              and coconut cream. 

                                              With the sugary crust, the apple was just fine, but clearly outshined by the other pies.  The lemon meringue was a little too sweet for my taste, but you have to admire the beauty of that meringue!  The general consensus was the French raisin was number one.  Unfortunately, with me taking the pie photos (at one point I picked the two meringue pies up and took them to another table to try and get better light), I completely missed out on the French raisin.  No doubt that CTD will add comments about what he liked about it.
                                              As usual on one of these these tours, there was plenty of sharing from table to table, which allowed us to try the dreamy peanut butter meringue, which was my favorite at Ed & Kay's and to get a shot of another tour favorite, the PCP,

                                              which stands for pineapple, coconut and pecan.
                                              A few more additional photos

                                              from our visit to Ed & Kay'sCTD especially loved the separate pie case,

                                              which sits in the main dining room.
                                              Of the six places we visited on this day, Ed & Kay's clearly finished in last.  But that is more of a testament to the quality of the other stops than an indictment of this place.  This was a much better stop than I expected.
                                              Ed & Kay's
                                              15228 I-30
                                              Benton, AR
                                              Okay, after three straight pie stops, even I am ready to eat something.  And considering we were next headed to Hot Springs, we are about to get back-to-back greatness!          

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                                                Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 6:48 AM (permalink)
                                                Wow!  Great vegetables and PIES!  Yes, let's hear about the French Raisin - looks very interesting!  The PCP also looks quite unique.

                                                  Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 7:46 AM (permalink)
                                                  As De Valls Bluff is to Arkansas pies, Hot Springs is to Arkansas BBQ.  The fine people of this small city is fortunate enough to have two of the great Roadfood BBQ parlors. 
                                                  Our first stop was Stubby's Hik-Ry Pit Bar-B-Que.  

                                                  When our bus pulled up, we could see they had a nice welcome for us on their outside sign.  That is Carolann posing underneath the sign.  Stubby's isn't a particularly big place, but we got lucky that they weren't busy, so we all fit in comfortably.  You order your food as you go down the short cafeteria line and pay at the register.
                                                  Of course our group of three decided to order the Stubby's Super Ultimate Platter,

                                                  which would include beef, pork, ham, ribs, half a chicken, beans, slaw and bread.  Actually, our group of three turned to four.  When boarding the bus after eating at Ed & Kay's, Wayne said to us something along the lines, that he has been social so far, but he was going to sit with us at the next two stops!  I assume this wasn't because he enjoyed our sparkling personalities as much as he knew ours would be the table with plenty of food!
                                                  My favorite meat is ham and the pit ham here has a clear smoky flavor and is one of my favorites anywhere.  The ribs are long, meaty and first-rate.  That is all the meat I ate, because the star of the menu at Stubby's is the Pot O Beans.  Normally, this side dish comes in a tall bowl, but the nice people here were including free beans to every Roadfooder, so ours came in a side dish. 

                                                  The beans are covered in more of that pit ham and slathered with a generous amount of that world class bbq sauce.  It is a mixture of sweet, tangy flavors and textures that is impossible to beat.  Everyone else at the table can eat the bbq, this is what I came here for. 
                                                  We shared a table with Jane Stern who ordered the other great side at Stubby's, the smoked pit potato.  Imagine a huge baked potato, topped off with baked beans, cole slaw, pork and bbq sauce.  It is as good as it sounds and Jane passed it around the table for us all to enjoy.
                                                  The people at Stubby's were incredibly friendly and genuinely happy to be hosting us.  Owner Chris Dunkel was unable to be here on this day, but his mother,

                                                  here posing with Jane, proved to be a gracious host.  
                                                  A few more photos from Stubby's interior:

                                                  Stubby's was one of the real highlights of the tour and I heard more than one person say that this was their favorite bbq parlor of the tour.
                                                  Stubby's Hik-Ry Pit Bar-B-Que
                                                  3024 Central Avenue
                                                  Hot Springs, AR
                                                  No time to rest on our bbq laurels, because another great bbq joint is only a ten minute drive away! 
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                                                    mayor al

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                                                    Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 9:23 AM (permalink)
                                                    Funny how both of these places are known for their Beans, as well as their meat.

                                                      Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 10:35 AM (permalink)
                                                      We had a reasonable drive to Ed & Kay's arriving about 30 minutes after our pie stops....

                                                      There were the usual photographs being taken everywhere....

                                                      Danny and Cliff in action.
                                                      Here's what the chick pea salad looked like with a combination of chick peas, feta cheese, tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing....

                                                      Here's a close-up of the squash casserole and as Cliff indicated, it was the star of the show!

                                                      Here's our foursome as named above by Cliff...

                                                      And for my money, the star of the show....the French raisin!

                                                      Typically, we eat and taste a lot of food on the tour stops so there is never really a need to get extra stuff to go.  However, in this case, I was mad at my self the rest of the day for not getting an extra slice of the French raisin to go for a snack later on.  It was that good!
                                                      While Cliff referenced the pie case, I really looked at it as a pie room as there were pies cooling, waiting to be sliced, etc. on the counters directly behind the pie case.  Lots of plates, silverware, all the tools of the trade in one room dedicated to the art of pie!  Nothing better than that!

                                                        Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 11:27 AM (permalink)
                                                        Here's our tray!!!

                                                        ...with the sampler weighing in near 5 lbs!

                                                        Here's Jane's "potato"...

                                                        ...weighing is at 3lbs!  This is not a stop for the weak of heart! 

                                                        We were so welcomed here I just had to post another photo of the sign!  What a wonderful staff....and the beans were the highlight and I also loved the "plain" ham sandwich shown on our tray.  Good stuff!

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                                                          Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 2:36 PM (permalink)
                                                          Fantastic pics Gregg!  I can still taste that chick pea salad from Ed and Kay's... Delicious!

                                                            Re:2013 Roadfood Bus Tour Memphis/Arkansas Sun, 11/17/13 4:51 PM (permalink)
                                                            Danny - that was a fun stop!  And I am still mad I didn't grab an extra piece of the French raisin! 
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