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 Al "The Mayor" Bowen

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ann peeples

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Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 4:41 AM (permalink)
He is going to kill me on this one, but we need prayers for him. Al had surgery on April 1st, looking for a tumor in his kidney.Or his bladder. Gosh, I am so upset I am not sure. Anyway, it wasnt a bad procedure, but they found a tumor that they are not sure about.I am on a roadtrip starting May 1st that includes seeing Al and Janet. I love these people and I know you do, too.

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    Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 8:17 AM (permalink)
    Whether he likes it or not, positive thoughts going out from here! One of my best memories is having dinner with Al and Janet on my way through to Biloxi a few years back.
      Ahi Mpls.

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      Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 8:46 AM (permalink)
       Oh no!  
         My best wishes and prayers to you (and Janet) 
       Get well SOON!  Dawn

        Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:12 AM (permalink)
        Thanks for the reminder Ann.  I need to give him a call.

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          Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:13 AM (permalink)
          Be well Mayor, our prayers are with U.
            mayor al

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            Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:26 AM (permalink)
            Annie-  That's gonna cost you some day in the future !! Folks, I've been less than active here on RF due to some concerns about what is or isn't my medical future. They did an exploratory surgery to take out what was thought to be a small tumor in the bladder (and examine a cyst or two on the kidney). Turns out the tumor was much larger than first thought, and removal via the laproscopic instruments was not possible. So it remains.
            Meantime the various Dr. involved are holding committee meetings as to what to do.... I wait the completed plan with some concerns, naturally.
              I will keep folks informed, but as for now, I remain "in the waiting room, waiting for plans to develope'. I am not at my social best, at this point, but I do appreciate your kind thoughts. I will post something when I know something.
              Michael Hoffman

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              Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:48 AM (permalink)
              Damn, Al, you be OK. Hear?
                carlton pierre

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                Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:26 AM (permalink)
                Get well soon, Al.  Best wishes for you!

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                  Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:28 AM (permalink)
                  mayor al

                  Turns out the tumor was much larger than first thought...

                  Al, any chance it's actually a Louisiana license plate? Just kidding. The Travelin Man told me to write that. He drinks. Seriously, hang in there and best wishes for a positive prognosis!

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                    Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:29 AM (permalink)
                    Prayers heavenward. Al has to be ready early next year for a field trip to the new Jungle Jim's near my house.

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                      Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:30 AM (permalink)
                      Good luck and God bless, Al!

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                        Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:31 AM (permalink)
                        Whatever treatment is decided upon, my sincere wishes for a rapid and full recovery, Mayor.  And those wishes are echoed from everyone at VVCC.
                        <message edited by MellowRoast on Tue, 04/5/11 2:52 PM>

                          Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:32 AM (permalink)
                          Al, I am certain that you have the best wishes from all of roadfood.  Medical science has improved so much and I am certain that your physicians will determine what is best for Al.  Fortunately the issue is at a place that can be fixed.  Regardless, I know it causes you concern.
                          My personal best wishes for your health and it was good to hear your voice yesterday.
                          Paul E. Smith
                          Knoxville, TN

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                            Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:39 AM (permalink)
                            All the best, Al. I hope you pull through fine, and most importantly I hope you sleep well and live well during these trying times.
                            If I may offer a bit of counsel, when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in '06, I was blindsided, and I worried like hell at first. And then I realized, that if the prognosis was bad, then I was wasting my last days worrying; and if the prognosis was good, there was nothing to worry about. So I realized that my best option was to live freely, and cherish my time to the fullest while I was waiting. I hope this helps for you.

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                              Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 10:48 AM (permalink)
                              Mayor I'm putting in good words with all the various deities and demigods.  You and Janet take good care of each other until you know more and let us know okay?  And don't be too mad at Annie; she's a sweetheart.

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                                Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 11:42 AM (permalink)
                                Here's hoping for the best for you, Al.  Be sure to keep a positive attitude that you and your doctors will be able to minimize this, since I firmly believe a person has more control over his body than most people realize, if he just uses it.  Quite a few years ago I had higher than normal blood pressure, decided this was not good, and "talked myself down" from it.  Now, every time I have my blood pressure taken I have to tell the nurse that it will be on the low side, so they don't try to pump me full of saline solution.
                                Is radiation a possibility for bringing this type of cancer under control?  (I ask this since about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, had a series of targeted radiation treatments, and the cancer is now completely in remission, with my PSA getting lower and lower each year.)

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                                  Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 12:44 PM (permalink)
                                  Good thoughts and prayers headed your way.

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                                    Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 12:46 PM (permalink)
                                    Al, I'm keeping you and Janet and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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                                      Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 1:08 PM (permalink)
                                      Mr Mayor--Janie and i are keeping Janet and you in our thoughts and prayers and i KNOW everything will turn out just fine! All the best to you and yours! ----and -----thanks Ann!

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                                        Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 1:12 PM (permalink)
                                        Get well soon Mr. Mayor! Only good thoughts coming your way!

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                                          Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 2:33 PM (permalink)
                                          My best for finding positive results and your speedy recovery. Janet and the doggies need you back in good health for many more years of road trips.

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                                            Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 2:44 PM (permalink)
                                            Al, here's wishing you well.  I've always appreciated the fact that you had sense enough to put a river between you and Louisville. 

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                                              Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 3:01 PM (permalink)
                                              Let me just add my positive thoughts to the growing list of well wishers.
                                              Here's your incentive: You pull through this thing 100% and I'll buy you lunch at Freddie's Pizza in Cicero.  I'll even toss in a coupla scoops of gelato if you clean your plate!
                                              I might even let ChiTownDiner get in on the action.
                                              Have we got a deal?

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                                                Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 3:41 PM (permalink)
                                                Al, my prayers are with you and Jan.  I hope that this can be taken care of soon, with you returning to good health, and able to take that great hunting trip that you have planned.

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                                                  Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 3:54 PM (permalink)
                                                  I haven't posted on here in "forever" and logged on to see this.  Mr. Mayor we are both sending good thoughts and prayers your way.  Keep your spirits up and wishing you fast treatment and a quick recovery! (Sue & Bob)
                                                    mayor al

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                                                    Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 5:56 PM (permalink)
                                                    Brief Update, and words of thanks to my many friends here on RoadFood.
                                                    I am meeting with the surgeon and my Internist (fancy term for GP) Thursday morning. Hopefully the result will be a plan of action with the alternatives laid out clearly.
                                                    LLoyd--I have been thru a 30 day radiation treatment 20 years ago, when a serious skin cancer ran wild near one eye. Radiation isn't fun, but it seemed to work in that situation.
                                                    I am not much with 'patience' in any decision-making process, so if I sound a bit 'out-of-sorts' please write it off to stress fractures of my lifestyle.
                                                    I will hold all of you to the gift-commitments of foods to come ! I plan on being able to take advantage of all your good intentions !
                                                     AND about the upcoming Hog Hunt- it is currently scheduled for the 6-7-8th of June. We can move that date without loss of money if we do it 30 days prior to the current dates.  So I need to get this done, and do whatever for re-cuperation activity, in time to judge if it is a go or no go on the current plan.
                                                    With three of us involved we have hopes of bring SIX hogs home for the big Re-Union & 4th of July  activity for the family.
                                                    Now to get ithe plan together.    Cure- Rehab-Hunt-Party ! Yup that about covers it!

                                                      Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 6:00 PM (permalink)
                                                      Al, thanks for the update.  As one of your many friends, I sincerely believe that the physicians will have a plan of action that will work.  Modern medicine is totally different from years ago.
                                                      I hope you will invite many of us to your hog roast and that will be very very good.
                                                      Paul E. Smith
                                                      Knoxville, TN

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                                                        Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:12 PM (permalink)
                                                        You know I'll be crossing my fingers for you and that you get through this with flying colors. It's been a while since we've gotten together and I'm certain I'll be sharing some more Burgoo and Sheep Dip with you in the future.

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                                                          Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Tue, 04/5/11 9:50 PM (permalink)
                                                          Al ,
                                                          My prayers are going out to you  and your family .
                                                          Working for the City of NY before retiring , a fellow by the name of Rudy Guiliani was always called " Americas Mayor" . I never liked the term but I would like to consider you Americas Roadfood Mayor !!
                                                            mr chips

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                                                            Re:Al "The Mayor" Bowen Wed, 04/6/11 1:12 AM (permalink)
                                                            Thoughts and prayers are with you.
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