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 Baltimore eating places

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Baltimore eating places Tue, 09/27/05 5:27 PM (permalink)
We will be in Baltimore visiting child in college next week and are looking for places to eat for two dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. We plan to explore the sections such as Fells Point, Inner Harbvor, Federal Hill,but do not plan to leave the city, except to the mall in Towsen. Any ideas?

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    RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 09/27/05 5:47 PM (permalink)
    What, in particular, are you looking for? Do you want Roadfood, "Baltimore experience", upscale, ???

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      RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 09/27/05 6:05 PM (permalink)
      We've been to Baltimore several times visiting daughter at Hopkins. For this trip, we're looking for a variety of exeriences. Daughter wants to get away from campus. We'd like to treat her to one nice meal and some "Baltimore experience" type places. So far I haven't tried any of the crab houses- a little nervous about cracking with a hammer, but willing to truy if they are receptive and patient with out of towners. We 've eaten in Little Italy at Della Notte and Luigi Petti, the former more touristy than the latter.
        long dog

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        RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 6:16 PM (permalink)
        Signman - that's your cue........

        I've used his food tips in a different part of the US, and would highly recommend any restaurant that he suggests.
          mayor al

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          RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 6:44 PM (permalink)
          I would recommend doing the "Crab Thing" using the Crabcake as a great 'neat' way to enjoy the special flavor without the hassle of the Hammer !!. Several places have been on the 'Must Visit' list on this site. I have only been to one of those..G & M Seafood and have no trouble recommending it. Plus it is only about 5 minutes from the airport!!
          Howard--Signman, This is your neighborhood...Make your list !!

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            RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 8:33 PM (permalink)
            My 2 Favorite's are in Fells Point:

            1.Red Star. Dinner/Lunch. My Favorite entree: Steak Salad
            2.Obrycki's Crab House. Dinner/Lunch. Fav. entree: CRABS (what else?)
            3- a sushi place, who's name is forgetting me but it's right in the Water
            4-for breakfast, there a nice French pastry and coffee shop in Fells Point too. The name escapes me. But it is on the water too, to the left of the old police station.

            ~Samos in Greektown (East of Patterson Park)
            ~Rusty Scupper at the Inner Harbor is ok, but I would suggest Obrycki's over the Scupper
            ~Blue Agave on Federal Hill (my favorite entree: a margarita...just lidding, haven't had a bad meal there yet. Authentic Mexican, with Southwestern favorites too)
            ~Tapas Teatro - nice tapas dishes in the Arts District (North Station)

            Be sure to get oysters at Broadway Market off of Thames Street in Fells Point

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              RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 9:30 PM (permalink)
              Ok, here are my suggestions

              Breakfast is easy; Two great Baltimore experiences are both in Fell's Point. If you go early, it should be easy to find parking.

              Blue Moon Cafe

              1621 Aliceanna Street
              Baltimore, MD 21231
              This is a very small place which serves huge portions of outstanding food. You are welcome to bring your own bottle of champagne and make some mimosa's! The place is very small so you may have a wait. You will love it.

              Jimmy's Restaurant

              801 S. Broadway
              Baltimore, MD 21231

              Jimmy's will remind you of a very small town diner..............efficient and cheerful service with a good breakfast and lots of people-watching.

              After you have eaten at either of these places, Fells Point is a great place to walk around and browse through all the shops or just sit in the park and watch the action. You can also take the water taxi from here and go over to the Inner Harbor.


              The ultimate Baltimore experience is to go to the Lexington Market. Faidley's is the destination spot for the world's best crab cake which is expensive and worth every penny. Their raw oyster bar cannot be beat. There are many stalls (or stands) here which serve excellent food. We love the great Indian restaurant where you can sit down and another place there (a deli---------cannot recall the name) serves the best shrimp salad sandwich anyone could ever want. There are lots of other dining options too............of course, you have to walk with lunch in hand as you are exploring.

              A truly great lunch can be had over in Greek town at a place called Samos

              Samos Restaurant
              600 Oldham St
              Baltimore, MD 21224

              The food here is absolutely delicious. Their homemade soups are fantastic and a bowl with keep you full for hours. They serve the best buttery hot pita bread and the gyros are wonderful. One is big enough for two for lunch. This is a BYOB place and cash only.


              Some locals think it is too touristy but I do not. I love this place which is located on the water with an outdoor floating deck with entertainment . Lots of people cracking crabs. The wait staff is more than happy to show you how. Order the largest ones they have,,,,,,,easier to do. If it is your first time, order just a half dozen and some of their great bisque. You can always put in an order for more.

              Phone: 410-675-5292
              You can take the water taxi from Fells Point or the Inner Harbor and they will deposit you a few steps away.

              Fine Dining Experience

              For a college gal, I would say that she would love this place:

              This place is attractive, fun, filled every night and the food is great.

              PAZO :::: Baltimore's Mediterranean restaurant and night club. You can read all about them on their website.

              Our other favorite fine dining spots are The Prime Rib (might be dull for her) and Hampton's at the Harbor Court Hotel. The view is wonderful. It is expensive and lovely. They also have a less expensive restaurant right next to it with equally as good food. Valet parking is free here if you eat here.

              Hope that this is helpful for you and let us know and give us a report, no matter where you go.

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                RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 9:32 PM (permalink)
                Angelina's is a little out of the way (OK, its really about as far as you can go and still be in Baltimore) in a neigborhood in the northeast section of town. It's on Harford Road. The best crab cakes to be found anywhere, and don't miss the coconut cake for desert. We get down to B'more once a year and make a special point of going there for dinner.

                  RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 10:10 PM (permalink)
                  Ciaperelli's in Baltimore's Little Italy ... Italian ... have the house salad.

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                    RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 09/28/05 11:11 PM (permalink)
                    Try some pit beef. (Bmore BBQ w/horseradish and fresh onions). Route 40 among other places. A Bmore x perience.

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                      RE: Baltimore eating places Thu, 09/29/05 12:39 AM (permalink)
                      Elmerr, You can contact me directly if you like by clicking on my name to the left. Just curious where you are staying and what dates you will be visiting. I live just up the street from the Hopkins campus.

                      Chezkatie has put down some great suggestions. My favorite all around for breakfast is JIMMY'S in Fells Point. It's on Broadway just above Thames St. Once you get in the neighborhood anyone can direct you. It's the most Baltimore. BLUE MOON is just west of Broadway as you approach Fells Point and may be better for you. It's funkier and popular with the college crowd.

                      Still with breakfast, there are 3 places in the Hopkins area I would recommend.

                      PETE'S GRILLE at 32nd and Greenmount Ave. Just a few blocks east of the campus, it's counter seating only but pretty cheap and the home fries are very good.

                      MISS SHIRLEY'S on W. Cold Spring Lane at Keswick Rd. This place is new and I've only stopped in to have a look. Southern inspired, the prices seem on the high side, but lots of ambience. For fast and simple, there's a SAM'S BAGELS just across the street, also one a block from the campus at 32nd and St. Paul St.

                      CAFE HON is the homiest place. On the "Avenue" (W.36th St.) in Hampden. This is John Waters territory. Sit at dinette tables like you did when you were growing up, with oilcloth covering the tables. Everything is good here, and even better at lunch and dinner. This is just minutes west of the Hopkins campus. You can't get more Bawlamer, hon. (FYI.... Hon is an affectionate nickname for most everyone in town, but is most properly used by veteran waitresses as in "What can I get you, Hon?"

                      For lunch and dinner there is ALONSO'S, just across from Miss Shirley's on W. Cold Spring Lane and same ownership. It's bar food, but good and the giant hamburgers are legendary.

                      Lexington Market is certainly worth a visit at lunchtime, but the neighborhood might put you off, even though it's perfectly safe. You'll find anything you want at the various vendor stalls. FAIDLEY'S is the crown jewel of the place with their backfin crabcake and raw bar. It's stand up only. The great shrimp salad sandwich that Katie mentioned is from MARY MERVIS Delicatessen in the Market.

                      I'm sure you will stroll the Inner Harbor at Harborplace, and you really can't go wrong anywhere. CHEESECAKE FACTORY is the most popular place and if you've never been to one, it's certainly worth checking out. Likewise for seafood you can't go wrong at LEGAL SEAFOOD just across from the Gallery at Harborplace or MCCORMICK & SCHMICK at Harborplace as M&S GRILLE or on Pier 5. PHILLIPS is the place for tourists

                      In Little Italy at 321 S. High St. you will find AMICCI'S a very informal place for huge portions of very good italian food. The house specialty is the Pane Rotundo, a hollowed out toasted bread bowl loaded with jumbo shrimp in a creamy garlicky scampi sauce. Add a salad for a simple full meal. In the current issue of Baltimore magazine they were named one of the best places for "Cheap Eats" and the annual City Paper Best of Baltimore issue, just out last week, named them "Best Italian". College kids love this place. Open for lunch and dinner.

                      East of Downtown in the hot hot hot Canton neighborhood on Boston St. at Clinton you will find the new CANTON'S PEARLS, where the jumbo lump crabcake is getting rave reviews. I haven't been here, but it's on my list. This would be for dinner.

                      Also for dinner I would highly recommend PAZZA LUNA in the getting hot Locust Point neighborhood on Decatur St. and Clement just off Fort Avenue as you head to Fort McHenry. It's an italian inspired menu with the motto "In Garlic We Trust", but the crabcakes & steak are excellent and the decor is a real treat if you like Sinatra and the Sopranos. It's a virtual shrine. Kim, the owner, will "HON" you to death. You'll feel like you're in her kitchen. Reserve at 410-727-1212. Closed Sunday and Monday.

                      You can't go wrong at any of these places. Let me know if you need more information.

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                        RE: Baltimore eating places Thu, 09/29/05 8:10 PM (permalink)
                        Thanks for all the suggestions. We will be driving down next week, Oct. 7-9, from the Hudson Valley for parents weekend. Daughter will be in Baltimore for a few more years , so we will be making more trips and can try places that we don't get to this time. All the suggestions for breakfast look good- Jimmy's, Blue Moon- how to choose? Samos for lunch looks like a must and Chezkatie's suggestion for dinner at Pazo looks like something my daughter will love. I hope we get to try Amicci's, too We ate at Cafe Hon a few trips ago. I don't remember what I had but it was good and a fun place. I'm feeling brave-I hope to try crabs sometime this trip. Daughter might have other plans, however, for what we have to do for the weekend (shopping,explore some neighborhoods and then a trip to Trader Joe's in Towson to stock up on necessities). Anyway, thanks and I will let you know how we did.

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                          RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 10/11/05 5:58 PM (permalink)
                          We're back from our trip to visit our daughet at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, so I am reporting on some of he suggestions made earlier.

                          We ate dinner at PAZO, as suggested by chezkatie as a place for a nice dinner with our daughter. She asked a friend to tag along. The place was very impressive, with very high ceilings and just very nicely designed. One complaint, though. I can appreciate a dimly lit atmosphere, but I could not read the menu, even holding the candle on the table up to the menu because it was so the dark. My daughter, who can easily be embarassed by her mother, agreed. The menu was a sort of tapas style. You could order small or large portions of everything on the menu. Their fried calamari was the most tender I have ever had and seemed very fresh. We also ordered their panzanella Italian bread salad) which was very good. Not everything was Italian. We ordered a few empanadas and a few quails, too. Everything was very good, even with sharing with my daughter's friend who was not used to our family quirks. LOts of fun, though.

                          We ate breakfast the next morning at JIMMY'S in Fells Point. We got there early, as suggested and got a parking space and also avoided the line that was waiting to get a table when we were leaving. Their home fries were the best, with lots of onions and little pieces of green peppers. My husband thought their breakfast sausages were wonderful. They looked great, but I am not an fan of them, prefering bacon, of which they served a big jumble with my eggs. We didn't get to walk around Fell's Point, because it was raining much too hard. We went to the American Visionary Art Museum instead, which I highly recommend.

                          During dinner the night before, my daughter and friend were lamenting that there was no good place to get a gyro in Baltimore. Need I tell you that my daughter loved SAMOS and will try to bring her friends (those with cars!) back soon. Their gyros were great, with a butery pita, of which I have never had before. My husband had the lanb souvlaki, also good, but you get more to eat in the gyro and we were very hungry.I ordered skewered shrimp with grilled Halloumi cheese appetizer for my lunch. It came on a bed of rice pilaf and some kind of red pepper sauce.It was very good and plenty to eat. As mentioned, the soups were great- my avgolemono (chicken lemon) and their bean soup, just the thing for a rainy day.

                          My daughter wouldn't commit to what she wanted to do for dinner the second night. By the time she decided, I couldn't get a reservation at AMICCI'S or PAZZA LUNA, two restaurants suggested, before 9:00, which didn't work for us. We tried CANTON'S PEARLS, which as mentioned by signman is a new palce. It was deserted at 7:30. The food was good, though. We weren't too hungry. I ordered the crab and corn soup, which was full of crab and very good. Their crab cakes were actualy about 5 or 6 small "crab balls". Although they were very good, I prefer larger crab cakes for that full crab experience.I think that the dinner portion also was the small crab cakes, but more of them.

                          For breakfast we went to CAFE HON. My daughter's pancakes were thick, the way she likes them and delicious.I ordered a breakfast casserole with brie and dill which also good. It came with delicious home fries, though not as good as those at JIMMY'S. My husband wasn't to crazy about his sausages. of which he always orders and never complains. I ate them and thought they were okay, although I am a bacon eater. The coffee must have been good, though, because we had about 4 or 5 refills for the road trip home.

                          Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely try some of the others the next time we go down, probably in December.

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                            RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 10/11/05 9:54 PM (permalink)
                            A number of years ago when I was in Baltimore, I went to a place called Hausner's. It was an experience. As the name implies, it was primarily a German restaurant, but it was more than that. There was an ambience that is hard to describe now, but it made an impression.

                            Anyhow, if someone has more recent information, I'd like to hear it. I'd go back if and when I return to Baltimore.

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                              RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 10/11/05 10:31 PM (permalink)
                              Originally posted by CoastFan

                              A number of years ago when I was in Baltimore, I went to a place called Hausner's. It was an experience. As the name implies, it was primarily a German restaurant, but it was more than that. There was an ambience that is hard to describe now, but it made an impression.

                              Anyhow, if someone has more recent information, I'd like to hear it. I'd go back if and when I return to Baltimore.

                              This place has been gone for several years. We were fortunate enough to go there just once when my son moved here 5 years ago. It closed shortly after. The art work that they owned and had displayed with awesome, as were the "old time" waitresses primly dressed with their "hair-dos". I really do not remember the food but that could be because I had heard of the place for so many years and was finally there. Another reason may have been that my "sweet tooth" daughter-in-law was practically moaning over the wonderful looking desserts that they had on display!

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                                RE: Baltimore eating places Tue, 10/11/05 11:14 PM (permalink)
                                And don't forget the giant ball of twine they had. They auctioned all of the paintings and the giant ball of twine after they closed. Still miss the old place and drive past it's old shell on Eastern when we head to Greektown. We've tried Eichenkrantz in Highlandtown but it just isn't the same.

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                                  RE: Baltimore eating places Wed, 10/12/05 2:15 AM (permalink)
                                  Elmerr, sounds like we did you right. Your daughter will enjoy Amiccis on her own with school friends. At Pazza Luna, she'll be much happier with you picking up the check.
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