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 Best Doughnuts

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mr chips

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RE: Best Doughnuts Fri, 01/14/05 5:03 AM (permalink)
Annie's Donuts in Northeast Portland , Oregon has very tasty doughnuts

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    RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 01/19/05 10:58 PM (permalink)
    Originally posted by mkahn

    Best I've ever had were at Dreesen's Market in East Hampton, New York. It's a tiny grocery/meat market/coffee bar in the heart of town. The donut machine cranking 'em out is strategically positioned in the storefront window; I've never been able to walk by without buying at least one. On the way out of town after vacations, Mom would buy us 6 or so to last a few days; they rarely lasted until the Southern State Parkway.
    I'd be lucky if they lasted until Wainscott! When on the West Coast, I liked Winchell's in LA & SD…

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      RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 01/19/05 11:09 PM (permalink)
      We were big fans of the Red Apple cake style donuts in Front Royal Virginia when my mom lived there. 2 bags of them never would make it home to NC.

      Dennis in Cary

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        RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 12:03 AM (permalink)
        Originally posted by jackier

        Coffee An' in Westport, CT makes some might good chocolate glazed doughnuts....and other great ones, too.

        Their Coconut Twists are truly mouth-watering!

          mr chips

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          RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 12:21 AM (permalink)
          I tried LeCave's Donuts in Tucson, Arizona because of the Sterns' recommendation. The donuts were excellent.

            RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 8:02 AM (permalink)
            I gotta say that the best doughnuts I have had was with Bushie and Rick in Round Rock, TX. I had always enjoyed KK hot and they are still good but the place that Bushie took us was even better.

            That was a great experience with Rick and Bushie. After the doughnut feast and coffee, we traveled east and had some great BBQ. Super beef BBQ and I totally enjoyed the sample they give you before you order. I had a great drive back with Rick in his new Porshe Boxer. Whatta rush!!!. I drove and I was afraid to punch it cause this monster of a car would push you to 100MPH instantly. Obviously I never drove anywhere near that speed although I do admit getting it up to 75MPH. I think Rick would have liked for me to push it a bit harder but at my age, that was plenty.

            I was hoping that Rick and his wife would be joining us at the Moonlite this coming weekend. Unfortunately, his executive wife has executive duties at the hospital. We will miss him. We look forward to the 30 folks that will be there.

            Paul E. Smith
            Knoxville, TN

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              RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 10:25 AM (permalink)
              In DC, I have yet to find something better than the regular chain doughnuts, but I"ve been told to go to Milan Bakery in Falls Church, VA.

              In my hometown of Syracuse, there were plenty of places to get great doughnuts:

              Harrison Bakery 1306 W Genesee St.
              Community Bakery 1006 Butternut St.
              Glory Bee Enterprises 1103 Burnet Ave.
              Patrician's Snowflake Bakery Shoppe 1951 East Fayette St.

              in the burbs of Syracuse:
              Geddes Bakery 421 S Main St, North Syracuse.
              Bella Bakery 7283 State Fair Blvd, Baldwinsville

              and I'm sure other CNYers have their favorites too.


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                RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 12:49 PM (permalink)
                Wish I had a digital camera today. Someone at here at work brought in a dozen donuts from "Rainbow Donuts".
                They are the best in Richmond and that includes hot ones from Krispy Kreme! They are located right around the corner from another Richmond favorite - Buzz and Ned Real BBQ.
                2722 West Broad Street


                Update: Bummer! The rumors have been on and off for years, but it finally happened. The owners of the building Rainbows Donuts operated out of sold out to a McDonald's! Boo hisss! The owner is taking some time off to travel on the west coast. I hope he comes back and finds a place to open.

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                  RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 1:26 PM (permalink)
                  My 1st knock on KK's is that they are so blasted SKIMPY. It takes 2 of them to equal one decent-size donut. Here they're $.50 even at the grocery store, so you'll spend a buck just for a passable snack.

                  My 2nd knock is that, while they're not that bad, they've evilly driven out a lot of the competition, especially at grocery stores, leaving way less variety - much like McDonald's did to independent driveins. I don't really need every store and gas station to offer the exact same thing. Kroger and Winn-Dixie used to make fairly good donuts, hefty and reasonably priced. Not no more.

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                    RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 02/14/06 1:59 PM (permalink)
                    In Connecticut

                    Beach Donut in Soundview (Old Lyme)and Clinton

                    Elmwood Pastry in West Hartford

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                      RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 06/21/06 4:02 PM (permalink)
                      Okay so I am reviving this thread a bit to talk about one donut shop in general and ask for assistance in another donut trip.

                      I love Butler's Donuts in Westport MA. Thier cream filled donuts are divine as I have said before, and I really have never gone wrong with any of their donuts.

                      They recently changed owners. perhpas 6-8 months ago. I have been back many times since, and I will have to say that the quality of the donuts have not suffered. The only real changes is there hours, now open seven days a week from 7-5. Used to be until the donuts ran out. Donuts are still made by hand and lovingly filled and topped.

                      The have added some smoothies and chorizo rolls (this is SE Mass afterall) but all of that I simply ignore. The donut quality is preserved and that is a great thing.

                      Now I have been a resident of Rhode Island for about 9 months and due to schedules and the like, have not made it to Allie's. Until this Sunday that is....

                      So my question is, what are the types of donuts not to be missed here? I have my own standard of the chocolate dipped, plain cake and regular glazed. Curious to hear what is best here..


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                        RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 06/21/06 4:34 PM (permalink)
                        The Donut House, Anacortes, WA
                        Butler's Colonial Donuts: Westport,MA
                        The Big Apple: Wrentham, MA
                        Pike Place Market Donuts: Seattle, WA

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                          RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 06/21/06 6:31 PM (permalink)
                          Tastee Donuts in Nawlins has a few stores. Many people would show up at 6AM just as they were coming hot out of the fryer. They would melt in your mouth in yeasty goodness. As an added bonus, they had great slider burgers that could be eaten in two or three bites...

                          Holy cow!!! I went web searching to find some information to pass on. But none of the information is favorable. Seems that they are not treating the customers as well as in the past. Maybe good cheap help is hard to find. This saying holds true in the best of times and in Nawlins' current situation.


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                            RE: Best Doughnuts Wed, 06/21/06 8:03 PM (permalink)
                            Another vote for Coffee An'in Westport, CT. Any of their cake batter doughnuts (including the coconut twist) are excellent.

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                              RE: Best Doughnuts Thu, 06/29/06 6:37 PM (permalink)
                              Ob-Co, Tom's River, N.J. Hands down.
                              The Bear

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                                RE: Best Doughnuts Thu, 07/6/06 11:05 PM (permalink)
                                Originally posted by Michael Stern

                                I love New England's cake donuts, compared to which all others seem so insignificant. Here's one on the counter of the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington, VT:

                                The late great Yum Yum donuts in Chicago had an old-fashioned that looked just like that. RIP. No good donuts in Chicago nowadays, as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong, please)

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                                  RE: Best Doughnuts Sat, 07/8/06 3:47 PM (permalink)
                                  Lamar's donuts in Kansas City is a MUST have!

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                                    RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 07/9/06 1:02 AM (permalink)
                                    There was a Spudnuts in callaway/parker/panama city florida area, I loved their spudnuts

                                    sadly I was just down there father's day weekend and the building was a campaign office for someone.

                                    I was heart broken

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                                      RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 07/9/06 1:06 AM (permalink)
                                      My favorite flavor of donut would be either sour cream or blueberry
                                      Buy them today let them sit over night then have them with your breakfast coffee/tea..... yummy.

                                      And Lamar's in KC is a good choice too.

                                      Man this topic is making my blood sugar rise just thinking about it.

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                                        RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 07/9/06 1:48 AM (permalink)
                                        My favorite donut place is Square Donuts in Terre Haute, IN.

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                                          RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 08/6/06 8:25 PM (permalink)
                                          I didn't think there were any good donuts in New York City anymore until I found the Donut Plant on Grand Street, a few doors down from Kossar's Bialys.

                                          Here's a quote from their website:
                                          "Light, but not airy, chewy without being tough, the Doughnut Plant's handmade doughnuts are on a higher order than those that are mass-produced. All ingredients are all natural, from the flour to the flavorings. The old-fashioned glazed doughnuts are mixed in small batches, hand-rolled, hand-cut, and fried in pure Canola oil. To finish them, we hand-glaze each doughnut in a colorful palate of all natural flavors. Our doughnuts are made using an heirloom family recipe handed down from our founder's grandfather, Herman Israel, who in his time owned the most popular bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our doughnuts are deep-fried, yeast-raised. very large and very light. Each doughnut is a yeasty, spongy network of pure goodness!"

                                          Flavors include:
                                          Poppy Seed
                                          Rosewater (with fresh rose petals)
                                          Powdered Maple Sugar
                                          Banana with Pecan
                                          Yankee Donut with blueberry pin stripes

                                          You have to get their early because when they only make a few batches a day and when they're gone, they close!

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                                            RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 08/6/06 9:53 PM (permalink)
                                            danimal: There is a great chocolate covered cake donut at Leonard's in Northbrook, IL. Same recipe at Once Upon a Bagel in Highland Park. I think they're tops.

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                                              RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 08/29/06 10:47 AM (permalink)
                                              Is anyone reading "DOUGHNUTS" by John Edge?? The fourth series of his small books which include:
                                              Hamburgers and Fries
                                              Apple Pie
                                              and Fried Chicken??
                                              In the back of each book he names serveral places to visit for each specialty.
                                              I live in central Ohio and miss Mom and Pop doughnut shops!!

                                                RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 08/29/06 11:16 AM (permalink)
                                                Originally posted by prius

                                                Where are the great doughnuts?
                                                Other than Krispy Kreme, doughnuts are abysmal here in this area of the Carolinas.

                                                Irish Maid Donuts in Pine Bluff Arkansas

                                                Simply the best I have ever had

                                                any where.......
                                                any time........
                                                any place........

                                                Big Glenn

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                                                  RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 08/29/06 12:20 PM (permalink)
                                                  Busken's is best in Cincinnati. Their glazed and chocolate iced yeast are wonderful!!! Click below for donut fun!!

                                                    ann peeples

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                                                    RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 08/29/06 2:20 PM (permalink)
                                                    Bay Bakery, as indicated in the 1st Roadfood, is excellent.Has been since I was a little girl.They have the best crullers around.....

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                                                      RE: Best Doughnuts Tue, 08/29/06 3:29 PM (permalink)
                                                      My favorite donuts are from Crispie Cream (yes that is spelled correctly)in Chillicothe, OH. They have nothing to do with the chain. It is just a local place that has the best glazed donuts I've ever had as well as some really good stick donuts. And they are jsut down the street from Sumburger.

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                                                        RE: Best Doughnuts Sat, 09/2/06 3:54 PM (permalink)
                                                        The donut equivalent of the holy grail:

                                                        Coffee An' Donut Shop Coconut Twist
                                                          mr chips

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                                                          RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 09/3/06 10:55 AM (permalink)
                                                          Voodoo Donuts in downtown Portland, Oregon serves up hip attitude and good doughnuts.

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                                                            RE: Best Doughnuts Sun, 09/3/06 12:18 PM (permalink)
                                                            Here in Dallas, we have many independently owned donut shops in every neighborhood. They are almost all, owned by........Asians!
                                                            And, they are damn good! We have a few K K's as well. They are real good ONLY if they just came out of the fryer.
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