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 Best and worst sandwich

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RE: Best and worst sandwich Sun, 11/9/03 9:24 PM (permalink)
To echo some previous postings, airlines are truly the worst sandwich providers in the world! (although Super America ranks a close second)
I had a turkey wrap on Northworst( not an spelling error ) Airlines a couple of years back that would have made a buzzard puke!
Nothing like the venison summer sausage, lettuce, tomato, and onion with mayo sandwich I will be having!!! That is when the deer I shot yesterday is processed!!!
    Ort. Carlton.

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    RE: Best and worst sandwich Sun, 11/9/03 10:47 PM (permalink)

    Originally posted by tiki

    Ok---was reading thruogh the sandwich forums and was reminded of the worst and best sandwhich i ever BOUGHT.Oddly enough they were at opposite ends of the country.Worst---when i first went of to California--back in 68--i ordered a corned beef sandwhich at what was called a "Deli" in San Francisco--what i got was dry corned beek...

    Oh, Poor Dear Tiki,
    They served me one of those once and it was all yellow and crunchy. The worst part was that one piece had a pointy-like thing on the end of it....
    Ornithillogically, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia, Where The Bird Is STILL The Word (Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow).

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      RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 11/10/03 9:47 AM (permalink)
      my favorite muffaletta in NOLA is at Franky and Johnny's... it's served hot! MMM!!!

      favorite sandwich: The "Wild Bill" at d'Bronx Deli in KC. It's a twist on a reuben... hot salami, cole slaw, provolone, and spicy mustard on an onion bun. Fabulous!

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        RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 11/10/03 11:52 AM (permalink)
        Worst has been well covered by all. One of the best things about my current job is very minimal travel, so my experiences with airline 'food' and convenience store plastic sandwiches are now pretty minimal. I think Ort. has an imaginative worst with the livermush (which I actually like by itself) banana's and sour pickles.
        Best is alot harder since I've had so many great ones over the years. An oyster po-boy at Lloyd's in Baton Rouge, the Thanksgiving rollup at the Wood Road deli in Braintree, MA. (real turkey, stuffing and cranberry raisins in whatever flavor rollup with shredded lettuce and snow peas. I had a contender last week at a new Greek seafood place near I work. The menu called it a calamari po boy (which it wasn't); consisted of very fresh lightly fried calamari on a fresh sub roll with cole slaw and shredded romaine. This was served at Seafood Express on Main St. in Medway, MA. Worth the trip from a couple of towns away. Great thread!!

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          RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 11/10/03 12:03 PM (permalink)
          Best sandwich.... from a combo deli/gas station in Mogan City, LA (an offshore oil town, other than the food, the ***hole of the known universe ).... fresh, in house baked bread, stuffed w/ mayo and freshly caught, fresly breaded and fried shrimp. The debris wasn't bad either.

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            RE: Best and worst sandwich Sun, 05/30/04 4:02 PM (permalink)
            I was once told that the "rainbow" effect on preserved meats such as ham, roast beef, etc. is preservative....believe me, it doesn't help keep you looking younger. Now I get skin rashes when I eat food containing preservatives. I've eaten so many bad sandwiches in my lifetime I don't want to think about it....maybe it's why I now avoid fast food places & spend too much $$ trying to get "safe" food. One of the less "safe" but most delicious sandwiches was a sub with deli meats (which I won't touch anymore, alas), mozzarella & tomato sauce all heated up to melt-in-mouth stage. A healthier version & delicious was freshly-baked roll with baked eggplant slice, fontina cheese, white raisins, sauteed onion & tomato sauce....yumm. The carry-out that had that is gone, sad to say.

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              RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 06/4/04 4:57 PM (permalink)
              There's so many different types of sandwhich, it's hard to pick one "best"- even if I just stick to my home town of in NYC. For a classic Italian-American style Italian Combo, Faicco's Pork Store on Bleecker Street makes the best I've ever had. They also do a great job with all Italian meats and chicken cutlets. I also love the real Italian style panini at 'ino on Bedford Street. For old fashioned Jewish deli, I love the pastrami at Katz's and the brisket at Second Ave Deli. For bar food sandwhichs, I like Cody's on Hudson Street in West Soho, Salty Dog in Bay Ridge makes a mean sandwich and is pretty cheap, and the Waterfront Ale Houses (both in Manhattan and Brooklyn) do a great job, too. I'm a big fan of the chicken salad from Union Picnic in Williamsburg. I really miss the sandwhiches for lunch at recently closed Grange Hall.

              Outside of NYC, I'm a sucker for a good mufaletta (sorry if I butchered the spelling) and pulled pork BBQ (Bad Wolf in Roanoke, VA is a favorite place).

              There are SO many bad sandwiches, it's impossible to begin.
                Hiram Callahan

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                RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 06/4/04 5:36 PM (permalink)
                One of the great sandwiches is a Northern New Jersey specialty: the Sloppy Joe. This is not the ground meat in sweet tomato sauce combo of the same name. The true Jersey thing is a deli sandwich. The meat is any combination of turkey, ham and/or roast beef, served on thinly sliced seedless rye with swiss cheese, russian dressing and cole slaw. You really don't find it anywhere else in the world than Passaic, Essex and Bergen Counties, which may explain why cardiac care is so good in that region.

                The worst: when I was in elementary school, they used to serve a cold cut sandwich that they called a hoagie. Good thing I later went to college in Pennsylvania, and learned that hoagies could be good, even occasionally transcendent.
                  Route 11

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                  RE: Best and worst sandwich Sat, 06/5/04 3:40 PM (permalink)
                  No airline food tales here, thank goodness...

                  I love the Albequerque Turkey and Navajo Chicken sandwiches at a Charlottesville chain called Baggby's.

                  The Albequerque has thin-sliced turkey on a sub roll, BBQ sauce, sauteed peppers and provolone cheese...all toasted so the cheese and the peppers and the sauce run together.

                  The Navajo has grilled chicken strips, avocado and a spicy mayo. White bread is buttered and the whole thing's grilled up.

                  Worst sammich is anything with too much gloppy mayo or American cheese.

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                    RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 06/16/04 11:59 PM (permalink)
                    in Montreal the best sandwich in town is a Reubens made with Montreal Style Smoked-Meat instead of pastrami, and like a true Reubens it is served on Pumpernickel bread, thick and roasted

                    The best place to eat one is actually called Reubens on Ste-Catherine street downtown

                    worst sandwich was at a friend's house when I was a teenager, 1 slice of processed cheese with salt and vinegar chips for a crunch and pickled relish for the color

                      Lucky Bishop

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                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 06/17/04 2:18 AM (permalink)
                      No question, the basic hero at Manganaro's (not Manganaro's Hero Boy) on Ninth Avenue in New York is the best sandwich I've ever had, but that was partially due to the circumstances: towards the end of about the most cramped, miserable bus ride I've ever been on, coming back to Boston last August after we saw Sparks play a free show in Central Park.

                      Worst...I dunno. I tend to block out the really nasty things.

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                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 06/17/04 9:09 AM (permalink)
                        One of the best sandwiches in recent memory is the turkey sandwich I got at Lexington Market. There is a booth there that slices the turkey off the's like the big, overstuffed "day-after-Thanksgiving" sandwiches we all make. They slice to order. I got dark meat (so yummy and fresh!) with mayo, lettuce, salt and pepper. On my choice of bread. I was boring and chose white, which ended up being thick, study slabs. Very inexpensive and just divine!

                        Worst are the sandwiches sold at the pharmacy school I attend. There is a coffee stand, with all the requisite latte-type drinks, and they sell pre-made sandwiches and salads. After finding some strange stuff in the tuna salad, I haven't bought there again. They sell a lot of food because they have a "captive" audience, but the food is terrible. Hence the trips to Lexington Market!

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                          RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 06/17/04 9:57 AM (permalink)
                          The worst gets blocked from memory.

                          The best is the BBQ shrimp from Pascals Manale in NOLA served only at lunch time.

                          But then I insult the . . .

                          Italian beef/sausage combo with hot giardenara from Al's BBQ in Chicago
                          Oyster po' boy dressed from Danny & Clyde's in NOLA
                          Chicken parmigiana from Shank & Evelyn in Philly
                          Thanksgiving sandwich that I had at some diner around Boston
                          The BBQ brisket at Serious Texas BBQ in Durango

                            Bill B.

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                            RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 06/17/04 10:18 AM (permalink)
                            The best: I'd give a lot to have another brisket sandwich from Arthur Bryant's in the old days, or from the old Boyd's barbecue on Prospect in KC.

                            The worst: During a vigil at the KU Med Center years ago, I decided to chance the hospital cafeteria for lunch even though I'd heard the food there was lousy. A placard at the counter read "Special: Cheese Dogs." How bad can a cheese dog be, I wondered?

                            So I ordered a cheese dog. Behind the counter, this woman who looked like a pro wrestler grabbed a caulk gun -- a caulk gun, I swear -- and SQUIRTED a disgusting line of some cheeze whiz-like substance into a hot dog bun. There were tiny bits of shredded hot dog embedded in the cheeze whiz. Oh god, it tasted gross. And it was cold!

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                              RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 06/30/04 2:07 AM (permalink)
                              One of my favorite sandwiches: The reuben. I don't know how it "should" be done. I only know how I like it. Grilled rye, THIN sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and a dab of 1000 Island on the toast. Is that wrong? If it is, I don't care.

                              My least favorite sandwich: any that you will find pre-packaged in the grocery deli section. Hoagies, croissants, whatever they want to call them. With the little squirt packages of mayo and mustard in the saran wrap, as if that will make them tasty.
                                Ted Steak

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                                RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 06/30/04 6:28 AM (permalink)
                                One of the best I had recently was the "Fat Mess", from a cheesesteak shop near me. It contained (all on one roll) steak, mozzarella sticks, provelone cheese, mozzarella cheese, french fries and pizza sauce...messy as all hell to eat, but it was heaven!!

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                                  RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 06/30/04 11:29 AM (permalink)
                                  One of the best sandwiches I had recently was just roast gammon in a port sauce -- delicious.

                                  But I still like peanut butter and grape jelly on 'wonder bread', maybe because it's so hard to get grape jelly in the UK!


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                                    RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 06/30/04 12:30 PM (permalink)
                                    Originally posted by dweller

                                    One of the best sandwiches I had recently was just roast gammon in a port sauce -- delicious.

                                    But I still like peanut butter and grape jelly on 'wonder bread', maybe because it's so hard to get grape jelly in the UK!


                                    dweller, what exactly is gammon

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                                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 07/2/04 9:06 AM (permalink)
                                      Take a look here:

                                      To be honest, I don't know exactly what they were calling gammon in the sandwich I ate.


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                                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 07/7/04 5:19 PM (permalink)
                                        Has anyone ever had the $4 peanut butter and jelly sandwich at Panera Bread? Just wondering if it's worth it.

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                                          RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 07/7/04 5:30 PM (permalink)
                                          Originally posted by Ballpark Roadtripper

                                          On a recent trip to Philly, I had the pleasure of indulging in a roast pork sandwich with roasted hot italian peppers with provolone at Dinic's inside the Redding Market. It was so good, that I had 2, and skipped the traditional cheesesteak. Absolutely delicious.

                                          As for the worst, I've eaten a lot of those crappy 7-11 triangles at 3am driving through one town or another. I've also had too many airline sandwiches that are soggy and hard at the same time. UGH.

                                          I'm glad you had a roast pork sandwich from DiNic's. It's Philly's secret great sandwich. Everyone has heard of our cheesesteaks, but our roast pork sandwiches are great. DiNic's, Tony Luke's, a bunch of places in South Philly including Pat's all serve great roast pork sandwiches.

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                                            RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 07/7/04 6:36 PM (permalink)
                                            I don't know if it was the worst sandwich I ever had, but it certainly caught me off guard. I was working in Pittsburgh and some coworkers invited me out to grab a bite. I hadn't been living there long and was not accustomed to how they do things in The 'Burgh. They suggested a sandwich joint down the street where we could grab a hoagie and a beer.

                                            I ordered and waited for a nice Italian hoagie, only to get something with HOT lunchmeat and MELTED cheese on a TOASTED roll! Aigh! Almost a decade later I still recall the total horror that swept over me like a wave on the beach.

                                            As for best sandwiches... the Bay Cafe here in Baltimore makes a mean Shrimp Salad sandwich (though the market price can sometimes cause sticker shock), I'm a fan of the Meatloaf Sandwich at Cafe Hon in Hampden, the Catfish Sandwich at McNasby's in Annapolis was a thing of beauty, and I have an undying love for Philly area cheesesteaks and a nice COLD Italian hoagie.

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                                              RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 07/7/04 8:07 PM (permalink)
                                              Originally posted by tiki

                                              Ok---was reading thruogh the sandwich forums and was reminded of the worst and best sandwhich i ever BOUGHT.Oddly enough they were at opposite ends of the country.Worst---when i first went of to California--back in 68--i ordered a corned beef sandwhich at what was called a "Deli" in San Francisco--what i got was dry corned beek in chunks that were fried on a hot grill and seved on white bread with salad dressing with soggy lettuce and a cardboard tomatoe.I almost started to hitchhike home to Boston.

                                              There certain things I'd urge anyone to avoid in SF. ANYTHING alleging to be Kosher (or "Kosher-style") tops the list. I've lived here for 22 years now and have yet to find an acceptable Kosher deli and that definitely includes any of the well-known local Max's chain.

                                              It's off-topic, but just so you know:

                                              -Also bad (by east coast standards) is SF pizza. It's amazing how many places claim to have "New York style" pizza--but they miss the mark by a lot.

                                              -Surprisingly, this Chesapeake-raised guy isn't a fan of the local seafood (with the BIG exception of salmon) either.

                                              -If you're from the midwest or northeast, you're going to be disappointed by the beef and if you're from the south, you'll gag at what passes locally for BBQ.

                                              Bottom line--when I go out here, I usually go for some kind of Asian food, French (or Californicated French) or fru-fru/Northern Italian. Those are hard to beat anywhere else in the country. So is anything comprised mainly of fruits or vegetables (except tomatos--still looking for homegrown tomatos like back east).

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                                                RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 07/8/04 2:59 PM (permalink)
                                                Josh -- I had the pbj at Panera's. It was made with white bread, peanut butter and grape jelly.

                                                The only way it's worth $4 is if that's the only thing you want and it's the only place you can find it. There was one lunch hour when I did crave it, and it was okay. And any lunch under $5 was considered cheap.

                                                But it's not a real value.

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                                                  RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 07/8/04 3:56 PM (permalink)
                                                  There are few things I like better than a good sandwich. It was always funny back in grade school, I'd pack my own lunch. I made sandwiches that were 3-4 inches tall with roast beef, turkey, ham, pepperoni, mustard, pickles, lettuce, swiss cheese, onions and Italian dressing. My classmates would sit with their pb&j and be like what the?? My youngest nephew is carrying on in the big sandwich tradition, apparently he brought a pretty impressive one on the last field trip.

                                                  The worst I've ever had was in a deli in Manhattan Kansas. Down across the street from the music conservatory. It was like a tiny amount of meat and cheese severed on a huge 3 pound dried out loaf. I need like 3 gallons of water. They did have a sub shop down by the bars that I really liked, can't remember the name of it.

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                                                    RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 07/16/04 10:44 AM (permalink)
                                                    Originally posted by Craig328

                                                    Never met a sandwich I didn't like. Best sandwich ever was the 1.25/Lb Lobster Tails I used to put on Toasted and Garlic Buttered Hotdog Rolls I ate as a Chef apprentice. Some days I would eat three-four using the rest of the lobster for appetizers and salads. The resturaunt owner never caught on as half the kitchen staff stuffed themselves with prime seafood. Only more decedent were the U8 Shrimp we used to Scampi followed by Fresh Chucked Oysters and Vodka Shooters.

                                                    OH BOY-- reading that made my mouth water-- lobster tail sandwich? yummmmmm and fresh oysters.. you really know how to make a person hungry!!! :)
                                                    sounds like the stuff my brother used to get-- he drove a seafood delivery truck-- delivered fresh/frozen stuff to restaurants and places like that.. sometimes some of the 'goods' would happen to make it in to mom's freezer! we never questioned it or complained-- just made sure we had plenty of napkins to clean up the melted butter!!! :)

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                                                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 07/16/04 6:23 PM (permalink)
                                                      for worst, lest we forget, the horrible pressed turkey soybean hunks, dumped on a slice of stale wonderbread, and covered in lukewarm, neon yellow gravy. a.k.a. the public school lunch. even at twelve, i knew better.

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                                                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 07/16/04 7:37 PM (permalink)
                                                        Worst idea for a food stand - a stall on Bourbon Street in New Orleans that sells only corn dogs

                                                        Worst sandwich idea - a boudin rouge (blood sausage) corn dog that a very drunk local was trying to order at the stand

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                                                          RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 07/16/04 9:39 PM (permalink)
                                                          Best sandwich? Pastrami sandwich on rye at the Carnegie Deli in NYC

                                                          Check it out-open weblink below, scroll to bottom & click on the sandwich photo to enlarge.



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                                                            RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 07/19/04 1:44 PM (permalink)
                                                            Rick - How could you induce me to enlarge that Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich photo?

                                                            YOU FIEND! YOU TORTURER!

                                                            - Rusty
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