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 Best and worst sandwich

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RE: Best and worst sandwich Sat, 02/23/08 3:45 PM (permalink)
Worst...anything from Subways immitation meat line up.

    RE: Best and worst sandwich Sat, 02/23/08 4:16 PM (permalink)
    I'm sure I've had some terrible sandwiches, but they are thankfully lost to memory.

    I think the best -- or at least the most satisfying -- sandwich I ever bought was at the Palace Delicatessen in the Bronx, now long gone, circa 1964. I must have been 12, and the corned beef on rye was the first I ever bought in the city, by myself. The Palace corned beef was sensational; warm, hand-sliced and just slightly fatty, and the rye bread was the stuff that I still dream about.

    And I know that in these posts we try to stay away from the praise of home cooking unavailable to the public, but truly the best and most influential sandwich I ever had was my grandmother's garlic-salt hamburger that she'd make for my family for the ride home when we'd visit. In her ground beef she'd mix what would now be considered a frightening amount of garlic salt, then pan-fry them and put them on kaiser rolls.

    She would wrap them in wax paper and put them in a paper bag, to be eaten cold. Well, we'd get into the car and the smell of garlic would just drive us crazy, so we'd be eating them within minutes. They were great, dense burgers that you could taste for a week.

    Even now, 45 years later, I can't get into a car without wanting to eat on the drive.

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      RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 02/29/08 8:47 AM (permalink)
      I stopped at a convience store yesterday morning and picked up a pre-made chicken salad sandwich for lunch, it had very little chicken salad, and the bread was sort of gummy, the expiration date was March 20. 2008. I live in WV and this sandwich was made by the Grand Strand Sandwich Company in SC - I guess for $1.49 I got what I paid for. Has anyone every heard of this company before, it said on their website that they make 20,000 sandwiches a day.....[

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        RE: Best and worst sandwich Fri, 02/29/08 10:44 AM (permalink)
        The worst was a sandwich at a hospital about ten years ago. Horrible. At two in the morning there really was not a choice.

        It was suppose to be a turkey sandwich on a kaiser roll. This sub-species consisted of brown lettuce, wilted, wrinkled paper thin two slices of tomato with part of the stem still attached. One piece of overly processed turkey. This piece was slimy, slippery, and fatty. A perfect combination for an intestinal illness. A tiny dab of oily mayonnaise, at least one teaspoon's worth. That was all inside, now for the outside. The roll was so old and stale the crust fell off in sections as it was unwrapped. At least it was served at the hospital. If you were to become ill, emergency help was available!


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          RE: Best and worst sandwich Wed, 03/12/08 2:49 AM (permalink)
          I need to update in the front runner for best sandwich--I had 2 great sammies last weekend. One was from my favorite deli, Bozelli Bros in Springfield, was a BLT sub. I really am not a blt fan, but done by them I am. Fresh bread, very high quality bacon, great tomato, good lettuce, no mayo, but hot pepper relish added. I was sold. The next day I went to Red Robin and got their BLTA Croissant, and it was surprisingly good. Served on a fresh croissant, they have bacon, lettuce, tomato, turkey and avacado. YUM! It was actually better the second time around, and I am really not into mayo, lol.

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            RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/14/08 10:14 AM (permalink)
            Best sandwich, hands down at Saranac Sourdough in Lake Placid. All of their sandwiches are great, but my favorite is Jerk Chicken, spicy as all hell, with a big slice of pineapple on top, served on raisin bread. I surprised myself when I ordered it, and immediately fell in love. The combo of sweet and extra spicy is phenomenal. My mouth is watering, just thinking of it.

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              RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/14/08 10:25 AM (permalink)
              I can remember a terrible sandwich I had about 6 weeks ago. Stopped at a gas station while driving from ND to IA and grabbed a turkey sandwich for the road. Bread was dry, turkey was dry and flavorless, non-descript cheese was rubbery, and the mustard packet that came with the sandwich squirted water then paste. All for $4.99

              I was starving and forced down 2-3 bites before I gave up. Stopped a bit further down the road for an indian fry bread taco stand which was much much better.
                carolina bob

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                RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 01/26/09 9:33 PM (permalink)
                Both the best and the worst sandwiches I've ever had are italian beefs, and the two could not possibly be more different. The best is the beef and sausage combo at Mr. Beef on Chicago's near North Side. An absolutely perfect sandwich that cannot be improved upon; dipped with hot giardinera is the way I like it. And then there's John's Italian Beef at Sibley Blvd. and Kedzie Ave. in Posen IL. There ought to be a law against serving people food like this. I've had some bad beefs in Chicagoland, but this abomination was the worst ever. The beef had an unappealing texture, and both the "juice" ( gravy ) and giardinera tasted terrible. I managed to force about half of it down before I gave up and tossed the damn thing away. Lesson learned.
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                  RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 8:38 AM (permalink)
                  I read thru this topic & found a curious omission...nary a mention of Buffalo's other great contribution to road food: roast beef on a 'weck with horseradish. Years ago I would work three weeks a year in that town & always looked forward to having these for lunch. Don't remember any of the places we got them, but they all seemed very good.
                    Big Kahuna Kooks

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                    RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 8:54 AM (permalink)
                    Some of the best I can recall:
                    1. St. Paul sandwich in St. Louis
                    2. Oyster Po Boy on Magazine Street, NOLA
                    3. Rueben at a Diner in Juno Beach, FL
                    4. BBQ Pork sandwiches in St. Charles, MO
                    5. Korean BBQ lettuce wraps in Houston
                    6. Chicago Dog at Bar across from Wrigley Field
                      Big Kahuna Kooks

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                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 9:53 AM (permalink)
                      Oooooops fogot
                      7. Lobster roll with melted butta in New Haven, CT

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                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 10:15 AM (permalink)
                        The worst was "TGI FRIDAYS"2 crispy fried chicken breasts tenders topped with blue cheese and hot sauce on a french baquette>> sounds great but what i got was...

                        2 soggy chicken fingers smothered in blue cheese dressing with no hot sauce on get this and i swear with witnesses a"TOASTED HOT DOG ROLL" i havent been to fridays in about 8 years since.....and theres not many places i wont go!

                        the best??  oh there are soooo many!!

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                          RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 10:25 AM (permalink)
                          Steak & cheese sub at Viola's on Elmwood Avenue in Niagara Falls, NY.  Local family owned joint on a sidestreet behind the City Market that the tourists can't find.

                           Great crusty rolls, and I don't think they've cleaned the flattop since I was in high school.  We took our daughter there, and she decided that it must be the place Tony Soprano ate lunch at when he was in WNY.

                          My favorite here in the Midwest is Arthur Bryan's beef sandwich in KC.
                            the grillman

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                            RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 10:33 AM (permalink)
                            Big Kahuna Kooks

                            Some of the best I can recall:
                            1. St. Paul sandwich in St. Louis
                            2. Oyster Po Boy on Magazine Street, NOLA
                            3. Rueben at a Diner in Juno Beach, FL
                            4. BBQ Pork sandwiches in St. Charles, MO
                            5. Korean BBQ lettuce wraps in Houston
                            6. Chicago Dog at Bar across from Wrigley Field

                            Big Kahuna, where did you get the pork sandwich in St Charles?
                            Also, the St. Paul sandwich?

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                              RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 10:50 AM (permalink)
                              Best sandwich is easy, beef at Arthur Bryants bbq in KC,

                              Everything about it, you hand the counterman a plate through the little window and tell him "beef & fries" and watch him grab a huge handfull of just sliced brisket off the slicer, he plops it on a slice of white bread and smears it with a paintbrush full of that amazing sauce as he flattens it with another slice of white bread, slices it on the diagonal and puts on on your plate.

                              And of course the fries that come with it our outstanding, real lard of course.

                              There is so much beef regulars always grab more white bread and make several small sandwiches,

                              worst sandwich is tough, airline food it too easy, most recent crappy sandwich I recall is a reuben at McAlisters Deli in Ward Parkway Shopping Center here in KC, in my quest to find the greatest reuben in the world (and thanks to all for the reuben references in this thread) this one was just horrible in every way, didn't even toast or grill the bread for starters and it went downhill from there.

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                                Re:Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 10:56 AM (permalink)
                                I was twelve years old, 1972, skiing in New Hampshire @ Loon Mt.  At the summit is a small snack-shack that serves sandwiches, hot drinks, snacks, etc.  I had THE BEST grilled ham and cheese.  It was deli-ham, swiss cheese, on white bread cooked on a flat-top grill in butter.  Nothing spectacular about any of this, but at the time I was starving from skiing all morning, and boy did it hit the spot with a cup of cocoa.  It was so good, I skied down the mountain, found my mother, and hit her up for $2 more to go back for another, and it was that good!

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                                  Re:Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 11:42 AM (permalink)
                                  BEST: Ferdi Special at Mothers in Nawlins, La. Roasted Ham smothered with Roast Beef "debris" and gravy topped with cabbage slaw on Po Boy bread.....OMG!
                                  Worst: Red Robin chicken sandwich

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                                    RE: Best and worst sandwich Tue, 01/27/09 12:05 PM (permalink)
                                    The Best I have ever had unfortunately is no more. The Cuban sandwich @ The Kool Korner Grocery in Atlanta was the greatest. Pork, Ham,Cheese,Jalapenos, Pressed Bread....fantastic. The owner moved to Birmingham so maybe he will reopen there. If he does I will make the drive.

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                                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Sun, 02/1/09 3:50 PM (permalink)
                                      IMHO the messier and gooeyer the sandwich, the better it is, ergo the best sandwich is one you must eat over the kitchen sink.

                                        ann peeples

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                                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Sun, 02/1/09 4:02 PM (permalink)
                                        The best? Moms broiled cheese( colby) with pepperoni on Italian bread.worst? Subway.

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                                          Re:Best and worst sandwich Sun, 02/1/09 5:09 PM (permalink)

                                          my husband is from Chicago and we have lived in Columbus, OH since 2005. needless to say he  missed his Chicago Italian beef sandwiches untill we discovered "Wholly Joes" near Polaris in Lewis Center. slightly north of Columbus.  Their Italian Beef ranks right up there with his Favorite Chicago sandwich shop.  and they also have authentic deep dish pizza, Chicago beef hot dogs and the best Chocolate Cake around.  I would recommend this to anyone but especialy anyone transplanted from Chicago who wants a taste of home.
                                            Big Kahuna Kooks

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                                            Re:Best and worst sandwich Fri, 03/13/09 3:42 PM (permalink)
                                            I got the BBQ pork sandwiches in St. Charles at a little placetowards downtown. I don't remember the name of the place, but I used to work at the CMC stereo store and that was one of our favorite lunches. They served them on buns with cole slaw on top. First time i ever had it that way. We also used to eat steak dinners at Covello's on pay day... it was a little bar that had the best affordable steaks with tobacco onions.  The St. Paul sandwich was at a chinese take out on Grand across the street from the theater. I used to go to SLU and stopped there often.

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                                              Re:Best and worst sandwich Sat, 03/14/09 5:33 AM (permalink)
                                              my favorite sandwich is a reuben, but no restaurant or deli i've ever been to can make one the way i like it... it's a very simple recipe really: 2 slices of rye bread (dark, light or caraway, doesn't matter...) filled with real corned beef and real swiss cheese, with plenty of well-drained sauerkraut. spread the outside of the bread with real butter (salted or unsalted, doesn't matter...) and grill like you would make a grilled cheese sandwich until crispy and delicious.  seems simple enough?
                                                you would not believe how badly some restaurants can 'fix' such a simple sandwich..... it really throws them when i insist on absolutely no 'dressing' (1000 island, russian or whatever..) or no mayo or any sort of slime on my sandwich... "well-drained" kraut seems to mean that i want extra kraut juice soaking my bread as well.... it doesn't help that i'm in the seattle area, but i have had equally bad sandwiches served to me in other parts of the country as well. grilled sandwiches aren't supposed to be soggy, nasty bricks....:(

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                                                Re:Best and worst sandwich Sat, 03/14/09 5:52 AM (permalink)
                                                my other favorite sandwich is served at what would definately be considered a roadfood location :)  
                                                 pecos pit seattle :) google pecos pit seattle for more info..... i'm a seattle native, and i remember when this place opened because there used to be an army-navy surplus store across the street when i was a little kid. it's also kiddy-corner to the starbucks headquarters... i'm not a s'bucks fan fwiw...... pecos has been here for at least 35 years with no advertising.
                                                  pecos is a walk-up lunch window place, they have some picnic tables but that's about it..... the food is wonderful and simple. be warned- if you ask for hot(spicy!), you will be served hot..... mostly bbq sandwiches, spicy sausage and bbq beans that can be like eating molten lava at times, but still wonderfully flavorful :) ask for mild, they'll also give you that if that's what you really want......:)

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                                                  Re:Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/6/09 11:12 AM (permalink)
                                                  The worst sandwich I ever had was a cheesesteak from one of the local pizza shops.  When I unwrapped the sandwich I thought they wrapped up a soggy, grease covered roll instead of my sandwich.  Unfortunately that soggy, grease covered roll was the sandwich.  There was barely any steak or onion, what there was of it was layered on top of 2 slices of unmelted american cheese, of the plastic wrapper variety.

                                                  The best sandwich I ever had was probably a reuben I had at Horn and Horn Restaurant in Lebanon, PA.  It was delicious!  The rye bread was so dark it almost looked black, it was piled high with lean corned beef, crisp sauerkraut, and melted swiss.  They served it with some seriously good skin-on french fries and the most sour dill pickles I've ever encountered.

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                                                    Re:Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/6/09 11:54 AM (permalink)
                                                    I've had a lot of bad sandwiches, not really worth naming, but here are a few of my favorites:

                                                    - D'Angelo's Steak Bomb
                                                    - Red's Eats Lobster roll
                                                    - Lindsey's Golden BBQ Chicken
                                                    - Lobster Pot clamroll
                                                    - My all time favorite, flat top grilled ham/cheese (swiss), served at the snack bar on the summit of Wildcat Mt. ski area in NH.  I was twelve, and I'll never forget how that sandwich tasted.  It was so good, I skied to the bottom, got more money from my backpack, and went up for another sandwich.
                                                      Dog Boss

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                                                      RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/6/09 8:52 PM (permalink)

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                                                      RE: Best and worst sandwich - Wed, 06/30/04 6:28 AM ( #46 )

                                                      One of the best I had recently was the "Fat Mess", from a cheesesteak shop near me. It contained (all on one roll) steak, mozzarella sticks, provelone cheese, mozzarella cheese, french fries and pizza sauce...messy as all hell to eat, but it was heaven!!
                                                      sounds like a copy kat sandwich, the RUTGERS grease trucks, been selling them for year's.
                                                      <message edited by Dog Boss on Thu, 08/6/09 8:57 PM>

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                                                        RE: Best and worst sandwich Thu, 08/6/09 9:17 PM (permalink)
                                                        My favourite sandwich is one made with the turkey, ham and stuffing leftovers the day after Christmas...also good heated with a little gravy.

                                                        Worst is usually those prepackaged ones from convenience stores with their chemical tasting lettuce and bread, plus I've had a few slimy ones from Subway!

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                                                          RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 08/10/09 12:53 PM (permalink)
                                                          When I was in college, there was a sandwich shop that pretty much made anything you wanted (if you ask for a hamburger with "everything", they would ask you if you REALLY wanted ice cream and spinach on your hamburger). So, when we played poker and someone went out for sandwiches, it was appreciated when your requests were specific. One of the players, one night, said, "bring me anything." The rest of us, notably the guy who was going out to pick them up, tried to pin down the player, but he refused to be more specific.

                                                          What was brought back was a peanut butter, pickle and mustard sandwich on a hero.

                                                          Not only did the player actually eat the sandwich, but it became his standard order.

                                                          My favorite back then was what was called an "Italian Club": turkey, provolone and prosciutto on a hero with lettuce, olive oil, vinegar, oregano and black pepper.

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                                                            RE: Best and worst sandwich Mon, 08/10/09 1:14 PM (permalink)
                                                            Among the best I've eaten are the roast pork with sharp provolone from Tony Luke's in Philly. The simple pastrami on rye with mustard at Katz' in NYC is right up there as well. The worst would be anything from the ESPN cafeteria.
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