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 Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 02/19/08 6:22 PM (permalink)
Went to Buffalo Wild Wings today. Wasn't too impressed though. I heard about how good their wings are. Had the mild wing sauce and it was like eating paste. The dinner wasn't too good also. I had the chicken fingers with fries, everything was cold and soggy. The wait staff wasn't too keen either. Our waitress never brought the appetizer till the meal and then didn't check on us (for drink refills) till we were almost finished. What do you guys think??

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    RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 02/19/08 6:25 PM (permalink)
    I think it's like any other trendy chain. People who don't really know what good food is think it's to die for. The rest of us think it's merely adequate.

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      RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 02/19/08 6:45 PM (permalink)
      I think it depends on the location. I grew up in CNY/WNY and am fairly picky when it comes to wings. I went to the location in Greenville, NC about 4 years ago and thought they did a pretty decent job on Buffalo wings. I can't tell you about any of their other wings, like honey bbq and such, because I only eat buffalo wings, especially when I'm trying to ascertain how good of a wing place they are.
      Of course, a lot can change in a place in four years, and I can imagine that the quality can vary substantially from place to place. But, my experience a few years back at Buffalo Wild Wings in Greenville, NC was pretty good. A lot better than Quaker Steak, Hooters, and other chains, for sure!

      I suspect, as the place grows and continues to franchise out, things will deteriorate. Which may also contribute to people once giving it rave reviews, while current reviews are less than stellar.

      But, I do forget how awesome wings are back home. I went to sort of a dive bar to watch PSU play the Alamo bowl. Their food was nothing special----except the wings. Which prooved my theory, that even a dive bar in CNY can make better wings than just about any place around here.


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        RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/20/08 12:31 PM (permalink)
        They just opened one in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach.
        Haven't been yet.... too many restaurants open every month here it seems.

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          RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/20/08 4:20 PM (permalink)
          They've had a location in Myrtle Beach for 3-1/2 years.

          Like I said above, not sure of the quality of the food, but a friend of mine enjoyed it as a sports bar in Myrtle. He said, there aren't too many good sports bars where you can catch college football games in Myrtle.

          (Here's a funny tid bit. When I was a kid. My family went to Myrtle every year. We started at a camp ground, but as we kids grew older, my parents bucked up for hotels. For a couple years in the 80's, we stayed at the brand new Ocean Park was the last hotel on the southern end. Only condos and some large resorts were any further south. As as kid, we complained how far from the center of town it was, compared to ouprevious hotels we stayed at. Initially, the hotels we stayed at we near 8th South, so 19th south, seemed real far down! The strand has gotten much longer since then!)
            ann peeples

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            RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/20/08 4:32 PM (permalink)
            The locations I have visited in the Milwaukee area are average at best.I dont waste my money anymore.

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              RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/21/08 10:08 AM (permalink)
              The location at the Post Mall in Milford, CT isn't bad at all. I'll go on Tuesdays for cheap wings, and the rest of the time I'll get their chicken tenders and some blazin sauce for dipping. It's great. I don't need to be blown away by the best wings each and every day. If I wanted to do that I'd go to Porky's in Shelton, CT. Eating at places like BWW only makes you appreciate the real wing places more.

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                RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 02/26/08 7:20 PM (permalink)
                i used to go there all the time untill i had real wings in buffalo then i couldnt bring myself to go back. bw3 wings are such bad quality meat and its always dry.

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                  RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/27/08 12:01 PM (permalink)
                  We have two Buffalo Wild Wings here in Huntsville and I haven't tried them yet. We have Beauguard's here that are locally owned restauarants and they have excellent wings. I like the fact that I can order all flats (which I only eat) and you can get an order of 12 wings, fries and a drink for less than $10.

                    RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 6:57 AM (permalink)
                    A Buffalo Wild Wings is opening in 28 hours very close to my house, so I thought I'd see what the Roadfood gang thought.

                    The consensus seems to be pretty negative. 
                    But, then again, the first 100 customers get coupon books for 52 free 6-wing orders!

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                      RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 8:58 AM (permalink)
                       Skinny Wings ,bad sauce ,noisy crowd not good.

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                        RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 10:16 AM (permalink)
                        Along with McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings has been a success story in this economy. They grew 29% and surpassed expectations according to this article today in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.


                        BTW, their corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Who would've thought that?

                          RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 10:23 AM (permalink)
                          Interesting, Davydd.  I noted that in the comments section that someone wrote a Wikipedia article:



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                            RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 10:55 AM (permalink)
                            I don't think they are that bad but they are kind of pricey at the full price.   I will generally only get them on Tuesday when they are 40 cents each.  I call in a takeout order on the way home and they are ready in about 10 minutes.  Of all the sauces I have tried, I like the spicy garlic best.  Not super hot but pretty flavorful.  I have not eaten any wings in Buffalo but we had pretty good wings in central NY where I went to school and I spent a lot of time with my roommate in Erie, PA which has pretty good wings as well.

                            I have not actually eaten in one for years.  The last time we ate in, everything came out cold after a 40 minute wait.  But I will continue to do takeout on Tuesdays.

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                              RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 11:25 AM (permalink)
                              This explains Minneapolis. Oddly too is the company really started in Ohio and not Buffalo, NY as one might have assumed. I had paid no attention. Did not even know they had so many restaurants around Minneapolis/St. Paul. From

                              Mid-1990s: Expansion and a Move
                              In late 1994 Buffalo Wild Wings hired Sally Smith to serve as chief financial officer, initially on a part-time basis. Disbrow had met Smith through his new father-in-law, who employed Smith as his CFO at a hearing-aid company, Dahlberg, Inc. He was impressed by her intelligence and unflappable personality. Smith wanted to remain in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, however, so Disbrow made the bold decision to move the firm's headquarters there from Cincinnati to win her services. Disbrow himself had been commuting weekly to the Minneapolis region from the company's home base since 1992, as his new wife preferred to live there to raise her two children from a previous marriage.


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                                RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 12:07 PM (permalink)
                                I'm the opposite of SassyGritsAL, I get all drumsticks.  The 40 cent wings on Tuesdays are a good deal, even though they charge 60 cents each for celery and bleu cheese.  They also have boneless wings (50 cents) on Thursday, but they're a little dry to me.
                                Friendly staff who will take care of any problems.  Pricey on other nights but the Tues & Thurs specails are worthwhile.

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                                  RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 4:04 PM (permalink)
                                  Like you around Universal City and Live Oak, there are a lot of new places opening up.
                                  There is one by the Live Oak Regal Cinema, but still haven't tried it yet, nor the Wingstop on Pat Booker road  or the Wingstop in Schertz.
                                  If I do eat buffalo wings, I just buy the frozen TGIFriday's or Tyson's. Don't really eat them much.

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                                    RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 02/12/09 5:30 PM (permalink)

                                    Like you around Universal City and Live Oak, there are a lot of new places opening up.
                                    There is one by the Live Oak Regal Cinema, but still haven't tried it yet, nor the Wingstop on Pat Booker road  or the Wingstop in Schertz.
                                    If I do eat buffalo wings, I just buy the frozen TGIFriday's or Tyson's. Don't really eat them much.

                                    then you will LOVE Buffalo Wild Wings.


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                                      RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Fri, 02/13/09 5:17 PM (permalink)
                                      We have Buffalo Wild Wings here in Kansas - they're overpriced crappy bar food.

                                      My daughter's friends want to go there all the time, and she sits there and tells them about eating at the Anchor Bar and other places we've taken her to eat wings in WNY.

                                      I usually just make my own wings in my deep fryer and use Frank's & butter to make the sause - cheaper and better than BWW.

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                                        RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Sun, 02/15/09 12:50 PM (permalink)
                                        It's amazing how a huge advertizing budget can promote such a crap food place into a profitable chain. Many people convince themselves they liked the food because the place is so well known. Sheep!

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                                          RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Mon, 02/16/09 5:33 AM (permalink)
                                          Hello all,
                                          The local BWW is located across from a university
                                          and thus is usually full of college kids.  They do great
                                          business.  I used to go there in the 90's and it was
                                          good food and designed like a local bar with a few T.V.s,
                                          but haven't been there in many, many moons.
                                          I dropped in last autumn to get the family a surprise
                                          snack of wings, and was amazed how it had changed.
                                          Describing the changes in the decor would mean littlle
                                          to most and take too much space, so I'll just speak of the
                                          There were no pre-made wings that they nuked and
                                          plopped in a box to send me on my merry way in 2 minutes.
                                          They took my order and cooked it fresh.
                                          They had a variety of sauces to have on
                                          the wings and I was a bit unsure which my family would like.
                                          I chose 4 types- sweet BBQ, teriyaki, hot BBQ and Mild BBQ.
                                          My family appreciated the thought, but didn't think much of the
                                          wings.  The teriyaki was the only winner.
                                          My future son-in-law said I should have gotten the spicy garlic.
                                          I wanted something sweeter, and he suggested the honey BBQ.
                                          We all thought there was too little meat on the wings.
                                          There was no flavour in the hot or mild, just different degrees
                                          of heat, which neither seemed to have much hottness.
                                          Oh well, an educational experience for me.
                                          Take Care,


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                                            RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Mon, 02/16/09 8:22 AM (permalink)
                                            Weirdly enough, we just had lunch at one yesterday--first time ever--in Charleston on the way home from a store.  We got a chicken tender salad with teriyaki on those and an appetizer sampler with mild on the boneless wings.  I would try the boneless wings again--the meat was still moist and the sauce was pretty good, even though that whole notion is weird.  Teriyaki was good.  Everything else was just kind of okay.  The service was pretty good even though I think we did wait about 10 minutes too long for our food--I bet it's a procedure to bring your food out slow so you'll drink more.  Mostly there's just so many TVs and the place is so loud it's kind of mesmerizing.

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                                              RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/18/09 6:25 PM (permalink)
                                              Our local BWW has 50 cent in a chicken leg on Wednesday nights.

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                                                RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/18/09 7:00 PM (permalink)
                                                Fieldthistle mentioned BWW was across from the university. BWW started out by concentrating in cities with universities and locating nearby to capture the collegiate crowd. They are now expanding to other areas following the graduates to their new locations. That little bit of info came directly from the CEO, Sally Smith, on a local TV news feature last night here in the Twin Cities.
                                                  carolina bob

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                                                  RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/18/09 7:40 PM (permalink)
                                                  I've had the wings at Hooter's ( a waste of time ), Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings ( both decent ), and Beef O' Brady's ( better still ), but when I've got a taste for wings, I go to a Hoosier mini-chain called Buffa-Louie's; they have three locations, all in Indiana ( Highland, Valparaiso and Bloomington. ) Their wings are, IMHO, the best in this area; they're meatier than the others I've tried, and I love their medium-heat Buffalo sauce ( I haven't tried the other sauces available. ) Great onion rings too.  
                                                  <message edited by nocarolina on Sat, 10/31/09 2:37 PM>

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                                                    RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Wed, 02/18/09 9:55 PM (permalink)
                                                    they are over priced and small portions ,AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                      RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 03/17/09 12:05 AM (permalink)
                                                      I rather like Buffalo Wild Wings' food. I rather like spicy food, and I think that the sauces in the middle range are VERY hot but still flavorful. They are expensive, yes, but I rather enjoy the food. Every time I've been to the Bay City one it's been a longish wait, but the food was very generously sized and tasty enough. I'm not a wing person, so I don't actually eat the wings; instead I go for the shrimp and some nachos.

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                                                        RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Thu, 03/26/09 3:09 PM (permalink)
                                                        I've been to bw3 in Rochester, Syracuse, and Auburn, NY, just as a matter of happenstance, never "planned" to eat there. It's ok, I liked my burger better than the wings.

                                                        I went to Quaker Steak and Lube a couple nights ago, and I thought the food was a lot better there, the wings I really liked. That and they have the Lube Tube (100oz tall tube of beer with a tap on the bottom, they park it right on your table). Can't really go wrong with that.

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                                                          RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 03/31/09 2:18 AM (permalink)
                                                          I enjoyed the one in Ypsilanti by Eastern MI University.  I especially liked the round Buffalo chip fries and that you could get legs as well as wings.  I got the medium hot or barbecue sauces.  I usually went for the trivia games and it seems the soft drinks were self serve.  I always stayed in the restaurant part except to get my trivia game board since the bar was the smoking section and I have asthma.

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                                                            RE: Buffalo Wild Wings Tue, 03/31/09 6:00 AM (permalink)
                                                            I've been to the Greensburg location.  I must not have been too impressed because I don't remember the wings at all.

                                                            It was noisy.  So noisy.  I like loud music but this was bad.  That's what I remember about the place.
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