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2008/09/19 11:52:14 (permalink)


so here is my problem..
i just moved my hot dog concession trailer from Oregon to california,
and i am in the process of getting permits and licenses, and because of the stupid "cal-code" i have to make alot of modifications to the interior of my trailer.

the biggest problem is that i am going to need to replace all 4 sinks to meet the regulations. my current sinks are 10x10x9 and the cal-code wants the sinks to be 12x12x10 with 2 integral metal drain boards.NOT EASY TO FIND!!!!

so i am looking for sinks that are the 12x12x10 and have metal drain boards, and if i can't find them i guess i will have to find a"fee standing" S/S that has the drain boards all ready attached as part of the unit.
hopefully i can find the individual sinks and drain boards{but i doubt it}

does anyone out there have a link to a place that would have sinks that will meet the needs of the DREADED CAL-CODE!!!!he he he

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    RE: CONCESSION TRAILER SINKS 2008/09/19 15:58:18 (permalink)
    Don't know where you are in CA but would contact local rest. equipment supplier or goggle mobile kitchens. Some have layouts and give them a call to see who makes their sinks. They claim CA passable.
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    RE: CONCESSION TRAILER SINKS 2008/09/19 18:36:11 (permalink)
    Ebay has ready made up sink units but they're pricy, 1200 or so with tanks etc, I made up my sinks from an ice cream cart but the HD said they were small, my trailer is 8x6 the sinks take up one whole side! You could look on e.bay though they have some suppliers who are reasonable.
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    RE: CONCESSION TRAILER SINKS 2008/09/21 22:00:55 (permalink)
    In florida the sinks only have to be big enough to submerge your largest pan into. Not every thing you might use.

    Some people gat around the size thing by using diposable foil pans for their product. If youre throwing it away you dont have to wash it.
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    RE: CONCESSION TRAILER SINKS 2008/09/21 22:46:38 (permalink)
    we use the disposable foil pan concept ourselves
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    RE: CONCESSION TRAILER SINKS 2008/09/22 18:06:32 (permalink)
    Seems like everytime I hear anything about california they are restricting someone on something else.
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