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 Carrolls restaurants

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RE: Carrolls restaurants Fri, 01/6/06 11:40 PM (permalink)
I grew up in Williamsville, NY and Carrol's was the place to hang out at on Friday nights after high school football and basketball games. It was located on Main Street (Route 5) 10 miles East of the Buffalo city line. My friend actually worked at this location in high school as a part time job. His job was to peel the potatoes to make french fries. He told me he had to peel bags of them and felt like he was on permanent KP duty. I do remember, you walked up to the window and ordered and took your food to your car. There was no indoor dining at this location.

Their food was ok but nothing to rave about. I always thought their french fries were outstanding and their best menu item. (Using real fresh potatoes must have been the answer). Today, the original site is now occupied by a Wendy's.

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    RE: Carrolls restaurants Fri, 01/20/06 1:38 PM (permalink)
    Yes, I vividly remember going to Carroll's restaurants as a child in the mid 1960s in Central New York. When I typed in "Carroll's Restaurant" in the google search, on a whim, I barely expected anything to show up, much less a forum topic. Who would even remember? However, fortunately, I was wrong.

    The Carroll's restaurant that I most remember was on, I believe, South Salina Street (just south of downtown Syracuse) and it was near a railroad overpass. I believe that after it was gone, the lot was taken over by DeSimone Used Autos.

    My mother and father used to take me there as a kid for delicious chocolate milkshakes, fries and hamburgers--all behavioral bribes. It was delicious. I believe that this particular location had little or no seating and that what seating there was may have been right by the counter where one ordered. The buildings had a lot of glass and fluorescent lights. One thing about the Carroll’s buildings is that they were distinctive.

    I also remember in the 70s when Carroll's apparently converted to Burger King, which has never measured up to my standards of fast food, except, perhaps, for their original chicken sandwiches.

    Thanks for sharing some happy memories.

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      RE: Carrolls restaurants Fri, 01/20/06 4:35 PM (permalink)
      Yeah, I remmebr that one it was next top the Mayfair Morot Inn and across from Central Tech H.S. I was having lunch there one afternoon in my brand new Chevy Nova Rally Sport when some idiot in a pickup truck pulled in and the passenger got out and slammed his door into mine causing a dent (I about choked on my ClubBurger) and some insurance companies to deal.

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        RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 01/30/06 11:33 AM (permalink)
        Remember..the secret sauce was called "Crisbo Royal Sauce," direct from a worker's mouth.'s a secret.

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          RE: Carrolls restaurants Thu, 02/2/06 6:47 PM (permalink)

          We had two Carrols nearby where I grew up: in Westport, CT and in Norwalk, CT.


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            RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 02/6/06 2:22 PM (permalink)
            Originally posted by bethgrd

            yes, I wish the sterns would review vic mars and hottles. it was really great to reminisce with you, stan. I also love the pizza in the has a sweet sauce and nice crisp thin crust. we usually go to a place on zerby ave in edwardsville.sabatinis in wyoming is good too, no? In the boston area, most neighborhood places are the greek style pizza, a thicker crust with a texture i don't like. ah well, I guess the preferences for the food you got used to growing up with sticks with you. beth

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              RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 02/6/06 2:24 PM (permalink)
              I lived off Zerbey in Kingston. Is the pizza place you mentioned Bernardo's? Great pizza. I loved Vic Mars. Been to Flaherty's on Zerbey?
                Michael Hoffman

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                RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 02/6/06 2:34 PM (permalink)
                What exhalted status does this particular fast-food chain enjoy that entitles it to make the front page all the time?

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                  RE: Carrolls restaurants Tue, 02/7/06 9:11 PM (permalink)
                  Apparently, Carrols still exists in...Finland?

                  Check it out -- there are 3 locations in Helsinki!




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                    RE: Carrolls restaurants Tue, 02/14/06 2:16 PM (permalink)
                    Hello again!
                    I checked out the Hesburger/Carrols website from Finland——I found listed there are several items that were not available at US/Canadian Carrols locations during the 1970s: Chickenburgers and Club Chickenburgers (served on long oblong specialty sandwich buns like those now available at Burger King); also, there are hamburgers called Carrolina and Super Carrolina (on regular hamburger buns). I also saw slalds featured. Do they also serve breakfast over there?!?!


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                      RE: Carrolls restaurants Fri, 02/24/06 10:27 AM (permalink)
                      I wrote to Carrolls Corp. a few weeks ago, asking them why they cannot bring back Carrolls and the clubburger and watch Big Mac go down the toilet. I told them about this blog on,...told them to check it out and see how we all feel about the clubburger. But, still no answer

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                        RE: Carrolls restaurants Thu, 03/2/06 12:56 AM (permalink)
                        We had a Carrols in Williamsville, New York on Main Street. Had a friend who worked there his senior year of high school. His job was actually peeling real potatoes which they made into french fries. The overall food for a fast food chain wasn't bad for the times.

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                          RE: Carrolls restaurants Thu, 03/2/06 10:06 AM (permalink)
                          We had Carrol's in Niagara Falls, too. I remember when we cruised Main Street on saturday afternoons in high school, everybode ended up at Carrols.

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                            RE: Carrolls restaurants Wed, 05/17/06 4:00 PM (permalink)
                            I also ate at the Carrols in Kingston, PA, next door to Dairy Queen and Kentucky Fried Chicken! Carrols became Wiener King before eventually becoming a Chiropractic office and now a hospital outpatient facility. Carrols competed well with McDonalds, but Burger King's expansion in the early 70's was a deathnail to Carrols. Sad. Their Triple Thick Shakes were excellent (I think McDonald's now has the "Triple Thick" shake monikor. I remember the Valley West students going to Carrols and raising hell after the Friday night football games. I went to Dallas High and our home games were played on Saturday afternoons, so we missed out on the fun. But the Valley West kids would go to Burger King and actually spend money on burgers and fries---then walk down the avenue to Carrols, spend a few dimes on a soft drink, and raise hell till the police would break things up. Ahh...the fun!

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                              RE: Carrolls restaurants Sat, 06/17/06 12:36 AM (permalink)
                              I opened up a new online home for Carrols on Yahoo! Groups--just go to Yahoo!'s Groups main page, and type Carrols into the search box; click on Go, and you'll find it listed.
                              Come check it out soon!!

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                                RE: Carrolls restaurants Tue, 08/15/06 3:19 PM (permalink)

                                Hello again!

                                I've sketched designs for 2 fonts based on Carrols' sign lettering--both the 1960s old-style script (cursive) and the more modern 1970s sans-serif block (print) style still used today. I could have them inked up, scanned in, and posted somewhere online for y'all to see. Both font styles will have (at least) A-Z and a-z letters, digits 0-9, and punctuation (including a Euro currency sign). Hey!! I just might draw 'em directly into FontLab. The period and comma in the block print font are based on the teardrop shown on Carrols' current logo, and I allready have prototypes for the capitals A, C, L, O, R, and S (the 6 letters used to spell the name *Carrols*).

                                Does anybody have a picture (from about 1967 till 1972) that shows the 1st square Carrols sign (the white one featuring the 1960s cursive font used in orange and teal colors, perhaps with an animated lit arrow hugging up the right side, then leftwards along the top, ending in an arrowhead pointing to the restaurant building) that read {orange}CARROLS RESTAURANT(S) {teal}HOME [of the] CLUB BURGER (CARROLS is--and always has been--without an apostrophe, while *of the* was written in lowercase)?!

                                Wouldn't it be something--if Carrols came back in the U.S.A. and Canada--for its new locations to use these 2 new fonts based on its well-known signs' lettering styles?! They'd be used on their back-lit menu signs, posters, ads in print and on TV. Once the overseas subsdiaries of Carrols find these fonts, they--too--may want to use 'em!



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                                  RE: Carrolls restaurants Thu, 08/24/06 1:05 PM (permalink)
                                  Carrol's was fairly big in central Jersey. there was a place in Mew Brunswick called Greasy Tony's in an old Carrol's. Anyone know if it's still there?

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                                    RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 10/9/06 5:15 PM (permalink)
                                    Originally posted by stanpnepa

                                    Beth...great memories!!!

                                    I can't remember for sure when the Kingston Carrol's closed, but it was probably sometime around 75-76-77. The Burger King wasn't too far down the road (just south of Market Street, right?), so I'm sure that sped the whole process up. I recall being very upset!!!! And didn't like the BK very much at all---especially those lousy fish sandwiches!

                                    Do you recall Stop and Go in Edwardsville? I have a vague memory of going with my uncle and grandmother before the 1972 flood (I was 3 or 4) and was fascinated by the car hop, drive-in carport menu. Also bonus points if you remember the mini-burger chain Top Spot (in Plains south of the hospital and in West Pittston where Antonio's pizza now is). They used to give kids free spinning tops. Didn't like their burgers as much as Carrol's, though.
                                    there was a top spot in hazleton, it was home of the lulu burger

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                                      RE: Carrolls restaurants Wed, 11/29/06 9:05 AM (permalink)
                                      I worked at a Carrols in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1967, my senior year at Roy C. Ketcham High School in Wappingers Falls.

                                      The french fries were made fresh from potatoes we peeled, cut, blanched, hung up to dry, and then deep fried once again before serving them. I am not sure that anyone is doing that anymore, it would probably be much too expensive.

                                      We had no Club Burgers, only the regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers. They were great I must have eaten at least ten of them, every four hour shift that I worked.

                                      There was no funny dressing only onions, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and ketchup. I am sure about that because the first time I ever had the California Ranch Dressing type of sauce on a hamburger was when I went to school in Santa Barbara, California the following year and had a Sour Dough (patty melt style) Burger at a place in Montecito that used that dressing on their burgers.

                                      If anyone has any photos of a Carols from those days please send it to me by email or post it here. I am currently working on a long term feature article on Hamburgers on my website - Lucky Stiff in Asia -



                                      Thank you,


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                                        RE: Carrolls restaurants Sat, 12/30/06 10:02 PM (permalink)
                                        Ohhh wow! I did not know this site is online and about our America's favorite: Carrols! Yes! I recalled Carrols when I was little! I am 42 now. I grew up in Manlius, NY. I recalled there was a Carrols where BK is now located. They converted and I was so disappointed.

                                        While many of you historically correct on Carrols. One thing to correct or to add: Herb Slotnick WANTED to establish McD franchises but the McD company policy of its day back then limited potential franchisee to ONE franchise and Herb wanted to covert to all restaurants to McD but McD said no. So what Carrols had to do is to join with BK by buying franchise rights instead of being a competitor to then rising BK in the 1970s. Herb and Carrols converted most Carrols into BK and closed some Carrols.

                                        Now, the one of the first Carrols that was on the Eire Boulevard East in DeWitt was really the first one as Syracuse New Times reported (a SNT 1998 edition) It was on same property where Cinema East and Mini One--once owned by Carrols Cinemas (later Cinema National chain).

                                        Then Carrols tested a new restaurant after closed down that Carrols due to a BK already opened next block where a BP gas station once stood (now a Mobil Gas Station and Car Wash).

                                        That restaurant was Granma's Pie. It was a new concept restaurant where people can relax and have a pie, coffee.. Carrols should have kept this running because of Starbucks had same concept. But the restaurant was much bigger than a Starbuck. Pie, drinks, coffees, salad, sandwiches, light meals only. My sister worked in this restaurant briefly for a few months before she found a new job then suddenly Carrols dropped that concept as a "failure" Yes it was bit slow as I recalled going over there to see her working. We did not order anything since we did not stay long. I was a kid so no car! Ha.

                                        Then they bought some franchise rights for a tex-mex style restaurant franchises by converted to that restaurant called some name but they had to change the name for some reason we all do not know why. I heard they said it was offensive name. So it became Galavston (spelling?). They also had a Carrols on a corner on Route 11 close to the intersection of Interstate 81 and route 11/South Bay Road.

                                        Since the Onondaga County Health Department is very strict about cooking and clean hands and all the codes some of you know what I am talking about.. After Wendy's Restaurant on Thompson Road had a hepititis outbreak in late 1980s, many restaurants had that same problems. Then Galavston restaurant on Erie Boulevard East had a bigger problem: Samonella in their undercooked eggs. That really killed that restaurant, the very site where first Carrols in the area used to be. Then it was all eyesore all this time till 2006--about 15 years or so empty. Well, now it is not owned by Carrols. It is now owned by some franchisee setting up well known restaurant called Tex-Mex Steakhouse! What an ironic!

                                        Dinosaur BBQ, watch out! Hmm, I think Dinosaur BBQ will be very strong chain and will not be hurt by Tex-Mex. Not even Novavirus stomach bug killed that restaurant. Syracuse loves Dinosaur!

                                        Bringing back to the subject. I had no idea Carrols had restaurants in Finland! Ohhhh! I missed chance to eat a Carrols food! Drats!

                                        Carrols has a chain they own that is so good! I love their Pollo Tropical (means Tropical Chicken)! Way better than KFC and Popeye but tied with Pollo Campero (means Chicken Fingers).

                                        I talked with a staff from Carrols at Chamber Business Show here in Syracuse, NY about Carrols restaurants to come back and bring up Pollo Tropical up here but she said company is firm to stick what they are today.

                                        Some one said about trademark.. drats! I wish I could buy that trademark and own it then make Carrols stuck by starting up a new chain with a bit different company name.. Like Big Boy Restaurants were the main name of the company. New company is now Big Boys International. See the difference? Still same chain!

                                        Have you all thought of that? Legally you can do that with bit different spelling! I have a business with a name that it is bit different than my father's business name. Still legal difference and use same logo because it is a family logo.

                                        Well, cooking at home a Carrols styled Club Burger will do good! Ha.

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                                          RE: Carrolls restaurants Wed, 01/3/07 1:09 AM (permalink)
                                          I rolled into Carrol's one day w/ my brother and his girlfriend
                                          in Panorama Plaza (pama-rama as most kids would say it) here in Penfield, N.Y. (eastern suburb of Rochester). I rattled off, "Carrol's colossal collection of classic comics for Christmas"....I think it was 3 times you had to reapeat it within a certain amt. of time. I was a shy kid, but i cranked it out in front of a packed house, i was victorious. The girl said, "we're out of the comics". She hooked me up w/ a free meal though, and all was well in Pleasantville. ahhhh.

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                                            RE: Carrolls restaurants Wed, 01/17/07 12:13 PM (permalink)
                                            Our Family used to go to the Carrols on Rt.12 in Norwich NY. It also was converted to a Burger King :( Does anyone remember the jingle for the club burger? "first you take the bun and stack it right" It ended with " The carols club burger, It's outta sight" My Sister was on The Greene High School Field Hockey team, and they had put different words to the jingle, They would circle up and sing it before and after each game. They still use it to this day. I Still Have those looney tune glasses!

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                                              RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 01/29/07 8:04 AM (permalink)
                                              I am also from Rochester, NY. I grew up there between 1963 - 1973 and remember Carrolls well! They were much better than McDonald's. Burger King or Hardees (although back then Hardees was REALLY Charbroiled back then). I went to one in Webster, NY a lot on route 104. I'd sure like to have some kind of memorabilia from back then. Nothing on ebay. I long for the good old day so much. Times were so much simpler and better.

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                                                RE: Carrolls restaurants Tue, 03/6/07 2:18 PM (permalink)
                                                I remember the Carroll's in Glens Falls, NY, right near a McDonald's. I am looking to buy old novelty glassware from Carroll's featuring cartoon characters if anyone has any.

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                                                  RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 03/12/07 6:58 PM (permalink)
                                                  Heavens, I had forgotten all about Carrols; there was one right next to my high school. It's a Burger King now. G2, I just checked and there are a couple of Carrols items on ebay. Not glassware though, so you might check back periodically for that. (Be sure to spell it right, like in the sign posted above: "Carrols."

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                                                    RE: Carrolls restaurants Fri, 03/23/07 4:48 AM (permalink)
                                                    I don't know if you guys are aware of this but Carrolls fast food restaurants still exist in Finland. They used to have them in several different cities but after it was taken over by Hesburger, they put most of the old Carrolls restaurants under the Hesburger name. However, because Carrolls was especially loved in the Helsinki capital region where Hesburger was never too popular, they decided to keep the Carrolls brand alive.

                                                    So there you go. Go to Finland, go to Carrolls :)


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                                                      RE: Carrolls restaurants Sat, 03/24/07 11:52 PM (permalink)
                                                      COOL !!!!!!!! Too bad no English version.....

                                                      Yummy...A Club burger !

                                                      Still have a set of those Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny soda glasses.

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                                                        RE: Carrolls restaurants Sun, 03/25/07 1:47 AM (permalink)
                                                        I wish someone would post or provide a link to some pictures of the Carrols (outside, inside, menus, burgers, etc.) from the 1960s in New York state.

                                                        I worked at a Carrols in my senior year of High School in Poughkeepsie in 1967.




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                                                          RE: Carrolls restaurants Sun, 03/25/07 10:49 PM (permalink)
                                                          Heres one:

                                                          Go here for a pic of a closed "Googie" style Carrols building:

                                                          BTW...It was me who informed the roadside peek crew of what that
                                                          building actually was in its former life!.

                                                          Heres 2 links to A Carrols message board w/pics from RB Hero:

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                                                            RE: Carrolls restaurants Mon, 05/7/07 7:01 AM (permalink)
                                                            Howdy from Finland!

                                                            Carrols is very popular here in Finland! It is way better than Hesburger or Mac...

                                                            Few notes: "Massachusetts burger" were named "Big Carolina" because "Massachusetts" was too hard to spell for finnish burger eaters...

                                                            Juustohampurilainen = cheese burger

                                                            Kanahampurilainen = chicken burger

                                                            Kasvishampurilainen = vegetarian burger

                                                            Kalahampurilainen = fish burger

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