Cashew Chicken recipe request

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2005/01/21 15:47:18 (permalink)

Cashew Chicken recipe request

Years ago, I ordered Cashew Chicken in a local Chinese restaurant--it was delicious; the cashews had been cooked, it must have been in a stir-fry manner, nearly to the point of caramelization. Alas, that particular restaurant is no more, and whenever I've tried to order the dish again, I've gotten a dish that's usually a chicken in a creamy sauce with cashew nuts thrown in at the end type. And I didn't particularly like it, either. I try different dishes from time to time; I like to experiment but do sometimes get things I end up not liking! And the quality (and tastiness) will vary from place to place, as I've found with one of my other favorites, Singapore rice noodles (delicious but can be very spicy, btw!).

Anyway, I recently got the idea that maybe I could find a recipe for the caramelized cashew chicken dish on the internet, but I haven't had any luck. I keep finding recipes for the "saucy" chicken with cashew nuts thrown in on top kind.

So, I'm asking if any of you folks who might know, is there a recipe for this caramelized cashew chicken? Or maybe that restaurant mis-prepared it that time? I did find an Indian recipe that was stir fry, but it also had coconut in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/01/21 16:47:52 (permalink)
    Oooo tarragon--I know just what you mean! I love chicken with cashews, too, but they gotta be stir-fried in the dish. It's the best!!

    The little dive of a Chinese place next door to my office makes excellent chicken with cashews. It has chunks of chicken, the cashews, scallions, celery, carrots all stir-fried in a brown sauce. It is great! Nothing special--just really, really yummy. Now if only I could get them to deliver out to Hyattsville.... I'd ask the lady next door for her recipe, but she doesn't speak English very well, and I don't speak Chinese!
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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/01/21 17:34:50 (permalink)
    this one seems to be up that alley.
    you're right, most recipes seem to add them as a garnish instead of sauteeing them. Yum.
    Heating nuts seems to release the flavor.
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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/01/21 19:51:06 (permalink)

    Thanks for the recipe, that looks and sounds pretty good to me and I'm going to try to do it. I'm glad that I decided to post this here; I figured there had to be a fellow gourmand who knew what I was talking about. Thanks too, Meozart, for the offer - those toasted cashews are what really makes it so good!

    BTW, I'm finally doing better; will hopefully get the cast off of my leg this coming Wednesday. I had not one but two bouts with cellulitis in the other leg, though. I've -never- been off of work this long, but it's so frustrating because I really haven't been able to do anything.
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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/01/21 22:03:30 (permalink)
    Cellulitis ? PIC line Vanco
    Been there done that, Got the tee shirt
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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/01/22 09:06:51 (permalink)
    When I was a kid, Chicken with Cashews (the brown kind) and Beef with Broccoli were the only two things I ever ordered. I've been disappointed in later years to have found the white pappy kind. Bleah!
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    RE: Cashew Chicken recipe request 2005/02/20 23:43:40 (permalink)
    I add cashews to most of the stir fries I make. I just stir fry them along with everything else. I've not fried them separately. I tend to like my veggies rather crunchy, so crunchy cashews are fine as well.
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