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 Christmas Breakfasts

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RE: Christmas Breakfasts Sun, 09/30/07 10:47 AM (permalink)
Santa always left us some kind of breakfast pack from Hickory Farms or the like.......We got to open it first and then make the waffles and bacon, ham, and or jellies and syrups - great fun! It got our minds off (temporarily) the rest of the gifts. I continued the tradition with my kids.

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    RE: Christmas Breakfasts Mon, 10/1/07 10:12 PM (permalink)
    Originally posted by fabulousoyster

    Italian Pannetone or Babka, lots of golden raisins in either with sweet butter. Tea for the kids, coffee for adults.

    ahhh Panetone...what a nice breakfast food!!

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      RE: Christmas Breakfasts Sun, 10/14/07 2:09 PM (permalink)
      Ohhh, I'd forgotten about childhood Christmas breakfasts. My mom used to make a HUGE pan on monkey bread for me and my sis. Yum Yum.

      We don't do breakfasts anymore.

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        RE: Christmas Breakfasts Sun, 10/14/07 2:46 PM (permalink)
        Christmas Eve consisted of escalloped oysters a wonderful salad and a dessert- Mom was not a terrific baker- but she could make a wonderful pie crust, so I'm thinking it was a pie- maybe mincemeat- it was one of her favorites. Breakfast the next morning was usually presented between stocking openings and presents. Usually a Christmas Stollen- eggs, bacon and fresh OJ.

        With my own family, when the kids were younger, we'd have the stollen, sometimes an egg and sausage casserole or the egg pizza, the kids really loved that one. Now that it's just the 2 of us- we don't do too much for breakfast- but we still open our gifts to each other at midnight on Christmas Eve.

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          RE: Christmas Breakfasts Sun, 10/14/07 3:38 PM (permalink)
          Christmas breakfast is always special at our house..the menu varies from year to year.. We've had Kringles and other goodies from O & H bakery..we've had biscuits and gravy.. we've had country ham and sausage from the Loveless.. We've had homemade Portuguese pancakes (with linguica inside), breakfast stratas, fancy french toast...etc.. However on Thanksgiving when we have dinner fairly early, we don't eat much in the way of breakfast..maybe continental style with bread and juice.

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            RE: Christmas Breakfasts Mon, 10/15/07 2:30 PM (permalink)
            Every Christmas I make my Chirstmas Morning Rolls, soft scrambled eggs and bacon. Christmas Morning Rolls are made the night before and cooked in the oven in the morning. I take about 2 dozen of the frozen dinner rolls (those that are about the size of a golf ball), then cook on the stove butterscotch pudding (not instant), butter and cin. Then I add pecans. Assemble the rolls in a greased Bundt pan and pour the hot mixture over the rolls. Cover tightly w/foil and let set out over night. The rolls rise greatly and then I bake in the oven. I don't have the receipe with me right now, but will post it later. These are reall gooey and when warm very tasty.

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              RE: Christmas Breakfasts Mon, 10/15/07 2:40 PM (permalink)
              DEAR SASSY,
              YUM YUM YUM
              SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS
              THE KEY IS STUCK

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                RE: Christmas Breakfasts Thu, 10/18/07 12:29 AM (permalink)
                Originally posted by Adjudicator

                Breakfast: Eat breakfast on Christmas day (as a child...)

                Dinner: This is the main meal of the day where all the goodies are/were served. Some call this "lunch". NOT in the SOUTH, friends.

                Supper: Leftovers from dinner.

                Thats how our house always ran.....grab a cookie or whatnot but thats about it.
                lot of good times were always had though.

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                  RE: Christmas Breakfasts Thu, 10/18/07 12:42 AM (permalink)
                  Originally posted by BunnySlippers

                  My Dad was very strict on this topic. Only the stockings could be opened before breakfast. Early on my Mom would make either pancakes or scrambled eggs with toast, or in really good years, a coffee cake. Later, after the breakfast casserole and quiche had been invented/rediscovered, we would have that. Only after the dishes were safely nestled in the dishwasher could the true joy begin.

                  Dinner was always later in the afternoon,say 2-3:00 usually a prime rib or turkey with appropriate side dishes.

                  BTW, even though he has been gone for a number of years, we still follow this rule and several others of my Dad's rules, including change your care oil every 2,500 miles, no exceptions!

                  Happy holiday to all!

                  Very poignant. Thank you.

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                    RE: Christmas Breakfasts Thu, 10/18/07 12:50 AM (permalink)
                    Originally posted by Sundancer7

                    Originally posted by Jimeats

                    Aw come on folks. We still have a few holidays to get thru before we start discussing Christmas. I know some of the retailers started to display their Christmas fare but I try to wait untill after Pearl Harbor day {a somber occasion} to think about it. Chow Jim

                    I don't care!!! Christmas breakfast is my #1 favorite. This will be my first Christmas without my wife. I am cleaning out my attic and getting rid of all the Christmas decoration that we have gathered over the last 44 years. I have paid my yard guy to do this. Good luck to him as the attic is crowded.

                    I guess I will have Christmas breakfast with my daugher this year. No one here except me and my ugly dog.

                    Paul E. Smith
                    Knoxville, TN

                    Paul, you (and your ugly dog) are welcome to have Christmas breakfast with this Jew boy anytime. My welcome mat is always open. God bless and have a wonderful holiday.

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                      RE: Christmas Breakfasts Thu, 10/18/07 12:52 AM (permalink)
                      Originally posted by NYNM

                      Originally posted by fabulousoyster

                      Italian Pannetone or Babka, lots of golden raisins in either with sweet butter. Tea for the kids, coffee for adults.

                      ahhh Panetone...what a nice breakfast food!!

                      It makes great French toast too.

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                        RE: Christmas Breakfasts Mon, 10/22/07 4:31 PM (permalink)
                        In the past, we used to have an egg, sausage and cheese casserole with ooey-gooey Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

                        Now, we opt for Einstein bagels, various cream cheese spreads, grapefruit, and hot coffee.

                          Big Dave

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                          RE: Christmas Breakfasts Mon, 10/22/07 8:29 PM (permalink)
                          For us, we would start with coffee until everyone was up. After the gifts were opened, breakfast was uneventful. We did the usual eggs, bacon, sausage. That held us to dinner. Standing rib roast and turkey are the norm.

                          Christmas Eve was a different story. Until 1988, the entire family would gather at our great aunt's house. The place was standing room only. My great aunt would cook everything, including beans that (with the after effects) could run a car better than that swill bp makes. Needless to say, there were plenty of leftovers, so none of us went hungry. The little ones each got packages in addition to the gifts under the tree. In some cases, there were people we would see only once a year. It got to the point, as the family branched out, the gathering was more of an obligation than a get together. Nobody continued it after my great aunt passed away. The speculation was at the time, that it would have been potluck. I miss those days.

                          In a way, the get together has continued. My neighbor (3 doors down) has adopted me as family, as I did the same. When I relocated, I was able to attend a few, but last year, I was on call until 1201 Christmas morning. This year, come hell or high water, I will be there with beer and gifts.

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                            RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 10/23/07 11:33 AM (permalink)
                            Big Dave - I know what you mean by the family gatherings. It was the same when my grandmother and mom were alive. Everyone in the family down to the 2 and 3 cousins would come. My mom's house was where everyone came to. The dinners were outstanding w/every traditional Thanksgiving food available. Now that both are decesed my aunts that are still alive and my cousins now have children who have children do their own thing. I cook every Thanksgiving (wouldn't think of not cooking), but it is usually only my son and his wife and my 2 grandaughters every other Thanksgiving (divorce decree). The food is great, but it is not the same without the crowds of people milling around.

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                              RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 11/20/07 11:20 AM (permalink)
                              My mother always had, {and still has} strict rules for how everything was to be done. On Christmas morning, we could open whatever was in our stockings. After that breakfast was served. It was always, and never varied, pancakes, sausage, orange juice & milk.
                              After everything was cleaned up, we had to get ready to go to my father's parents, where the entire family met, my father's parents, my mother's parents, my father's aunt & uncle. Noon dinner was served, and it was always the same..baked ham, baked potatoes green beans. Some apple sauce and some other side dishes, but the base meal was always the same. My mother, and both grandmothers were excellent cooks, but my mother's rules of order always dictated the menu. Actually breakfast in my house while growing up never varied either. Weekday mornings equaled cereal of some sort, milk, toast and juice. Saturday mornings were for pancakes, sausage, juice & milk, and Sunday mornings were always eggs, bacon, toast, juice & milk. Nothing ever varied, and there was no mixing, say eggs & sausage or pancakes & bacon. That sort of thing was simply NOT in the rule book! Merry Christmas to all...

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                                RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 11/20/07 12:50 PM (permalink)
                                The breakfast pizza sound like a good idea...we usually do an egg-sausage casserole, someetimes pancakes and sausage (pancake batter mix from New Hope Mills and sausage either home made or from Liehs and Steigerwalds). I have done seafood crepes too

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                                  RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 11/20/07 1:06 PM (permalink)
                                  When I was a child, we usually spent Christmas Eve with the grandparents. Breakfast was usually bacon and sausage, eggs, homemade biscuits with white gravy, butter, and homemade preserves, grits, warm fruit compote, and coffee. Of course, the grandparents had this every morning, not just Christmas! Now we go to my mom's and have brunch: sausage and egg breakfast casserole, grits, biscuits (and if we are lucky, homemade sweet rolls)and gravy. Yum!

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                                    RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 11/20/07 1:31 PM (permalink)
                                    When I was younger, Christmas morning breakfast was either cinnamon rolls and orange sweet rolls, or homemade waffles, with coffee and fresh OJ. I don't know what it will be this year. Traditions have fallen by the wayside since me and my sister moved out, and my parents divorced. And I may not even be there until the day after Christmas this time... Will participate in DBF's family's Christmas if that is the case.

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                                      RE: Christmas Breakfasts Tue, 11/20/07 2:06 PM (permalink)
                                      My family is Pennsylvania Dutch, and Christmas breakfast was the one time we really indulged in our ethnic foods. We usually had "Ob'l Puffers", which are apple fritters, deep fried and rolled in powdered sugar, and sausage (smoked, of course-- I never knew there was such a thing as "fresh" sausage until I was well into my teens.) My dad is no longer with us and my mom just doesn't have the heart for a full out celebration any more...but the memories are sweet.
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