Congrats to Chris and Amy ...

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2009/02/19 11:29:09 (permalink)

Congrats to Chris and Amy ...

From the RF Newsletter:

Not that the team known as Ayersian needs an introduction – their eating skills and temptatious reviews and posts are legendary – but we'd like to take this opportunity to formally introduce Chris and Amy to those who didn't attend the Glee Club meeting. In the group picture taken at Leonard's, Chris is the guy in the back row with the longest beard and Amy is second from right in the front row. Chris and Amy are now official members of the Roadfood team; and you can learn more about them here.

Two excellent Rf'rs who deserve many thanks for their contributions so far.

I look forward to breaking bread with the two of you again, soon.


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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 14:35:02 (permalink)
    Awww, that is awesome and very well deserved.  Congrats y'all!
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 14:40:49 (permalink)
    I guess they certainly deserve to be - I thought they already were!

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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 14:42:26 (permalink)
    First we break bread togther, and then i find out I dined with royalty!  congratulations...nice to meet you both and great job on your writings!
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 14:48:54 (permalink)
    Chris' passion and enthusiam for Roadfood is practically unmatched and he wears it proudly on his sleeve.  It is absolutely contagious!  Although Amy is quieter, according to a recent Roadfood digest entry, she recently drove three hours for cookies!  Now that is impressive!
    ann peeples
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 16:48:35 (permalink)
    Absolutely love you guys and your wonderful input on this site.....salute!
    mayor al
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 20:03:25 (permalink)
    It was really great to have you join the fun in Greenville and Memphis. See you Soon !
    carolina bob
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 20:44:49 (permalink)
    Chris and Amy, congratulations to you both. I really enjoyed meeting you two this past weekend, and I hope we're able to get together again in the not-too-distant future.                                   Bob
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 21:31:36 (permalink)
    Thanks everyone! Glad to (officially) be of service!
    mr chips
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/19 23:12:20 (permalink)
    Thanks for all you have done.
    The Travelin Man
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/20 00:12:08 (permalink)
    I am not one to pile on, but after having met Chris and Amy this past weekend in Memphis, I surely want to add my own kudos to these two Roadfood enthusiasts.

    Well deserved recognition.
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/26 01:03:13 (permalink)
    May the whisps of bar-b-que smoke rise up to meet you, may the good wishes of your fellow Roadfooders be ever at your back. May the glow of Nashville Hot Chicken shine warm upon your face and the sweet tea fall softly in your glass. And until we meet again, have an extra donut for me.  

    Couldn't have happened to two nicer and more deserving people!  Congratulations!!
    Ort. Carlton.
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/26 01:47:09 (permalink)
    Ayersian (pl.); Dearfolk,
       There's a bowl of chicken mull awaiting you in Athens, Georgia any Thursday you can make it here. The Gateway Cafe is an anazing place....
       Many congratulations!
          Way Down South In Dixie, Ort. Carlton in Amazing Athens, Georgia.
    P. S. Chris, your beard is longer than mine! How do you prevent eating it? -- I have that problem periodically, although it does make an excellent soup filter (tee hee!).
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    Re:Congrats to Chris and Amy ... 2009/02/28 21:55:01 (permalink)
    After sitting down and enjoying 2 Cincinnati traditions with Chris & Amy, I would like to say that the Roadfood superiors made a wise choice.

    Congrats to you both.
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