Dugans Bakery Truck

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Junior Burger
RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2010/09/01 11:48:18
Tom K

My Dad, and my older brother, were Dugan Men for many years in Northern NJ riding around in Divco trucks.
I was their Helper on weekends for a whole $2 a day!
I also worked part-time for Dugan's in the Ice Cream Freezer at the Branch in Hackensack.

I was a dugan's driver. My truck was a 1947 Divco which you stood up to drive. I sold 1/2 gallond of ice cream too. I drove out of the Clifton garage.
Junior Burger
Re:Dugans Bakery Truck 2011/02/04 16:41:13
my dad was a dugans driver
we would get all the day old stuff free
Junior Burger
RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2013/09/28 08:16:27
I remember Dugans had a seasonal bread that had cheese incorporated into the flour that made the most wonderful toast. A little butter and it was wonderful. Lived in Levittown, LI, NY at the time.
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