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 English-only ordering policy

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RE: English-only ordering policy Thu, 06/22/06 12:22 PM (permalink)
Hello All,
Scorereader, I am a picky eater, so when it comes to ideas I am picky and always cautious. I ask what harm or
good they can do. So when I read Leviticus, (or almost anything) I look at what is being said,
why it is being said, who is saying it, when it was being said, and how it is being said.
It is very easy to judge the past harshly based on current morals, trends or mindsets, but I try to
believe that the people of the past were searching for the best, were sincere, and were also in an evolving
society. In all transitions, there are extremes on all sides of an issue. When you find a diamond in a
dunghill, do you value the diamond less because it was in a dunghill? Do you focus on the dunghill and
ignore the diamond? (Scorereader, I am not asking this to you directly, but it is what I have asked myself.)
So, when I find diamonds like the verses from Leviticus, I mine the verses into my heart. There are wonderful
treasures in all ages, cultures, and reflections of those seeking the truths of life. There are also the tragic,
twisted, reflections of souls that wish to control and promote a way that prevents or lessens the potential and
growth of the human state and spirit. And often the two points of view can be blended together because we are
human. Thus, be cautious on all things, but we do not have to be afraid.
We do not have to be afraid of Leviticus or of people who do not speak English.
Sometimes, we should be cautious of ourselves. Examine, re-examine ourselves, and we may find something more.
Frankly, I don't know where the human race will go from our 'now,' but how we handle such issues as
ordering only in English will foster the thoughts and personality of the future that is not ours.
What kind of ghost do you want the future to see you as?
Take Care,

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    RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 11:38 AM (permalink)
    I agree the Geno's owner. My problem with Latino immigrants is their reluctance to assimilate. It seems that they want to have the benefits of living in this English speaking country without learning to speak or read English. It seems the attitude is "America needs to adjust to our refusal to learn to speak and read English rather than the Latinos learning to read and speak English". Every other immigrant group has learned English without losing their unique idenity. What makes the Latino immigranst special?

    Also, by letting PC(politcally correctness) run amuk, we must now wade through spanish signs, phone prompts,etc when trying to conduct business. Just for petes sake, learn English!!!!

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      RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 2:30 PM (permalink)
      Ugly Americans rearing their heads again. If you go to Italy and other countries in Europe, many of the people have taken the time to learn other languages (sometimes 4 or 5), especially those of bordering countries. Most of us count on the fact that English will be spoken. And when it isn't, we can simply point to things on menus, etc. As a group, Americans make little effort to work within the cultures of others overseas. Many of us speak one language, and most haven't bothered to learn the language of our border countries. We are arrogant and lazy in that manner.

      Of course, we'll rattle on about illegals (or even legal Mexicans, for that matter), but we will take full advantage of hiring them both to insure that we can somewhat hold on to be at least competitive in a global economy.

      If we ever wanted to stop the influx of illegals, we would have done it a long time ago. If you believe otherwise, I assume that you think Elvis is still alive and Santa Claus will be along in the next few months. Our mature economy is losing it's hold to faster growing burgeoning economic powers (i.e. China) and depends on lower wages in order to be competitive.

      I know plenty of Mexicans that are here legally and have learned to speak the language as well as illegals. As you move along the generations, the ability gets better, just as when our ancestors arrived. If you can't figure that out, you're an idiot. It took years for immigrants to learn our language. Most first generation border-crossersprobably will never learn. But to claim that they don't want to learn is just a good way to show-off your ignorance.

      And let's go back a bit further into history. Remember the Indians? I guess they didn't speak English either, so they had to go as well (even though they were here first).

      I work in an area that has many Mexican and Polish immigrants. Good people, most of them. And many of them live in tight knit communities where they still communicate in their own language. If you haven't worked amongst these people and then want to flap your ethnocentrist gums off about them, you don't have a remote clue as to what you are talking about. And please don't be a hypocrite and go into their non English speaking communities and enjoy their food if you don't speak the language.

      But this thread isn't really about legals and illegals. This is about racism. And that is what Joe Vento is. A racist.

      And that is exactly what you are if you agree with him. At least we can see who those people are now.

      You can dress it up however you want. "I agree with Joe Vento, but I'm not a racist."

      Just like when a ballplayer signs a contract and says "It's not about the money".

      Most of the ethnic roadfood that came over to this country was brought here by people that couldn't speak English.

      Additionally, Vento should make sure he's consistent and not serve the following:

      mentally challenged people with speaking disabilities
      overseas tourists
      pidgin english speakers

      Guys like Vento are scum. The people that support him are scum as well.


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        RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 3:20 PM (permalink)
        With a sense of deja vu here, I believe I read the above post - verbatim - someplace else nearby!

        Rest assured that no matter what your personal opinion may be, Mr. Vento's doing a brisk business.

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          RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 3:58 PM (permalink)
          I moved it from the duplicate thread.

          The fact that business is brisk is more of a comment on how ignorant and xenophobic many are without understanding or caring about the situation. I wouldn't be shocked if business has actually increased. (Remember this is the city that booed Santa Claus. Some of the tackiest sports fans in the country.)

          Business will always be brisk because this place is a landmark. People don't go there for the food. The cheesesteaks suck.

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            RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 4:09 PM (permalink)
            Regarding this booing of Santa Claus: You're talking about something that happened back in 1968!

            And again, no matter your opinion of Mr. Vento, his food or whatever; I'm just asking that anyone who reads this thread - anyone - NOT base their opinion of an entire city on this issue. Or something that might have happened way back in 1968. Philadelphia's a HUGE town.

            And if I read this word "xenophobic" one more time - just go ahead and change it to "geno-phobic" already!

            I respect your opinion.

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              RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 7:54 PM (permalink)


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                RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 8:48 PM (permalink)
                the funniest thing i ever heard came from the hungarians who built my mobile food dispensary in sunrise florida. i always thought that it was cuban owned since the gentleman i spoke to during the design phase (and alex is just that, a gentleman in every sense of the word) had an obvious spanish accent. the guys who built it hired alex since his english was the best although to be honest i had no problem with the hungarian accent. at any rate he was telling me and peg that when he went to the bank the teller started speaking spanish to him. he answered in hungarian which upset her!! upshot was he told her "we live in america. here we speak english." told him great!!! then he advised me "if we were in hungary i would expect you to at least try to communicate to me in my native tongue"
                reminds me exactly of what my mom told me about my fresh off the boat german grandfather (who by the way had to wait 3 years to get here, have a required skill which was machinist, have a job, and his employeer had to prove it did not take away an american job. far cry from the wet foot/dry foot rule here in florida for cubans or the wade the river for mexicans) he did not allow german to be spoken in the house. his reason?? same as above "we are americans we speak english"
                as a second generation immigrant and a vet i guess it gives me the right to gore this ox. what you speak at home is your affair. in business or in public speak english. bring back the quotas, bring back the legal requirements for immigration of the past. that is the only fair thing to do for americans and those who have legally immigrated here and are employeed legally and working on their citizenship.

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                  RE: English-only ordering policy Sun, 06/25/06 8:50 PM (permalink)
                  i will ignore your statement that i am scum and leave it at that
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