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 Five Guys Burgers

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Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 7:31 PM (permalink)
I had a friend of mine emailed me tonight that a Five Guys had opened in central Austin recently. He had been to one in DC a couple of years ago, and he says he remembers them as being really good.

Apparently, they have become a national chain, but the menu looks simple enough.

Anyone have any feedback?

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    RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 7:38 PM (permalink)

    Read and decide for yourself. You are a Texan and know your beef so I would say for you to read carefully
      Ort. Carlton.

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      RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 7:54 PM (permalink)
      We have a franchised location open in the old Varsity location downtown, corner of East Broad Street and College Avenue, facing the U. Ga. Arch.
      I haven't been there yet, and have no desire to do so. If I want an excellent hamburger, I'll go down College Square a few doors and into the locally-owned Grill, where they're top-notch.
      Maybe I'm a curmudgeon... hey, they can build it... but they can't make me go there.
      Unhungrily, Ort. Carlton in Chilly Athens, Georgia.

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        RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 8:16 PM (permalink)
        five guys use to be great! being based in DC they were a homegrown joint! Their local expansion and now national franchising has seen this place go from great, cheap, fun to average. The one by me is still pretty good, but having gone to one in Delaware and PA - they seem to vary and not be consistent.
        So, it is worth a try, and judge on the merits of what it is competing against locally. We go to the one by us because it is good, quick and relatively cheap with a group of hungry teenager boys! They always over stuff the fry bags for the boys and that is one of the reasons we go back.

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          RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 8:22 PM (permalink)

            RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 8:32 PM (permalink)
            Chicagoland gets its first Five Guys this week in Oak Park on Lake Street just East of Harlem Avenune and just West of Marion on the South side of the street. I'll make the short trip to try it out...never had Five Guys at any location.

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              RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 9:33 PM (permalink)
              they are sprouting up everywhere- we got one here in kingston ny and they've opened a bunch in brooklyn now. my trip to the 5 guys kingston was quite tasty in a "dripping with grease griddle" kind of way- fresh patties, high turnover, tons of burgers on the grill cooking- they cranked it out. but nice to be able to choose exactly what condiments you'd like and the fries were good enough, though nothing amazing. overall it was super greasy goodness. and the parking lot is always packed (there is a mcd's, burger kang, friendly's, wendy's, everything on that same stretch of road)... enjoy - fb

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                RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 9:35 PM (permalink)
                I have been to 5 Guys outside of DC and it was excellent. Maybe I was just really hungry for a good burger and in a hurry, but the burger was really good and the fries were incredible.
                One year or so later, I noticed they were popping up everywhere. I went to one in Raleigh. Here, I should say I was in the company of 3 voracious teenagers and we were all second visit was just acceptable. They are located in front of a large movie complex and had quite a crowd.
                I came back to my summer home in Indiana and noticed another 5 guys with a good crowd.
                I think there are local, more roadfood type places to have a good burger. However, if you are really hungry for a good burger and great fries, then I wouldn't hesitate to visit a 5 Guys, even though they are now a chain and each individual restaurant is going to have differences.

                  RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 10:04 PM (permalink)
                  I ate at one of their shops in DC and thought it was way over-hyped. Tasteless, well-done burger saved by the condiments. No better than Wendy's, but with a lot more attitude.

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                    RE: Five Guys Burgers Sun, 11/16/08 11:52 PM (permalink)
                    My friend swears by their bacon cheese dog.

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                      RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 12:12 AM (permalink)
                      There is a Mother Goose rhyme that dates back to the 1600s.

                      I think of it, whenever a Five Guys thread appears...

                      For every ailment under the sun
                      There is a remedy, or there is none;
                      If there be one, try to find it;
                      If there be none, never mind it.


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                        RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 2:15 AM (permalink)
                        Originally posted by porkbeaks

                          The Travelin Man

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                          RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 2:45 AM (permalink)
                          Well, now it's appeared twice in this thread.


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                            RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 3:32 AM (permalink)
                            I promise to never duplicate that stupid cartoon again...please don't add variations on the same theme!!!!We get you don't like your burgers pressed...but many look beyond that and like these burgers!!!

                              RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 4:29 AM (permalink)
                              Hey, this thread is in the wrong forum! Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a Roadfood restaurant, as evidenced by the fact that there is a review on this web site.

                              Link to the review:


                              Even Roadfood road warrior Buffetbuster has given it his seal of approval. Here is a photo of his cheeseburger that he added to the review:


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                                  RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 6:37 AM (permalink)
                                  Do you think that's enough forFive Guys Burgers and Fries to have a forum of its own?


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                                    RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 7:31 AM (permalink)
                                    Lee, my "beating a dead horse" animation is here only to show that I think this subject has been discussed ad nauseum. Once again, I do like 5 Guys burgers. I think they are juicy and flavorful, but I would like the option of having mine less than well done. pb

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                                      RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 9:06 AM (permalink)
                                      I am not going to comment on this thread and perpetuate the madness.....Oops

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                                        RE: Five Guys Burgers Mon, 11/17/08 1:36 PM (permalink)
                                        Sorry, y'all, I hadn't seen the previous threads. I should have done a search first.

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                                          RE: Five Guys Burgers Tue, 09/28/10 6:14 PM (permalink)
                                          Well, I did a search first and there are 9 different threads, all with the words "Five Guys" in them (maybe more if you substitute "5" for "Five").  I had my first (and most likely only) experience with 5Gs today and I have to say, what a remarkably ordinary hamburger.
                                          Let me start with the positive.  The location I visited in Park Ridge, Illinois has an open kitchen arrangement so you can watch your burger being assembled.  I paid close attention as the counter man carefully put together my sandwich, squirting a thin drizzle of ketchup and mustard on both the top and bottom buns. He then piled on a generous handful of raw onion.  Then (and here's the most impressive part) he thoughtfully placed the pickles so that they covered the entire bun/burger surface, not just plopped into the middle like so many lower end fast food places.  I was most pleased.
                                          But that is where my happiness stopped.  Now, before I proceed, I will admit that I only ordered a "Little Hamburger".  I'd had a modest lunch a couple hours earlier and was only looking for a snack.  I was on my way to the Al's Italian Beef outlet in Park Ridge to pick up a foodie gift for The Dr. of BBQ in Springfield.  I'm driving down to the American Royal on Wednesday and I always stop in to see Jack.  He usually loads me up with his amazing 'Que and I try to surprise him with a local Chicago delicacy.
                                          Anyway, the 5Gs location is just two storefronts away from Al's and I thought, why not.  So I got the "Little Hamburger".  Maybe if I got their full sized burger I would have had a better reaction, but as it is I was deeply unimpressed.  On the plus side, the burger was served fresh off the grill, almost inedibly hot (better that than luke warm, I suppose) and was nicely presented.  It was cooked to a well done state which, I discovered in reading their website, is the only way you can get it cooked, even if you order the bigger, presumably thicker full size burger.  Points lost, right there.  But most importantly, the flavor of the beef was quite simply bland.  It didn't standout at all.
                                          Yeah, I know, I had all those condiments on there.  This was not the first Hamburger I've ever had, ya know.  I've eaten, quite literally, thousands of burgers in my life.  Some good, some not so much.  I've had some with fewer condiments and some with more, and even more pungent condiments.  On all the good burgers, the flavor of the beef held its own and stood out.  This one just didn't make it.
                                          I understand that their fries are supposed to be something special.  Hand cut, skin on, fried twice like they're supposed to be.  Trouble is, around the Chicago area, that is just not that uncommon.  Plenty of places are doing fresh fries ranging from above average to outstanding.  The much lauded fries at 5Gs may be a draw in other parts of the country, but they'll need to do better than that around here.
                                          As for my preference of a "pressed" griddle burger or a (for lack of a better term) "free range" grilled burger (note the different spellings and understand the different cooking methods before you comment), I like them both.  I'll always love a fresh, handmade 1/2 pound, medium rare pub burger.  But I also enjoy the crispy. lacy edges of a skinny pressed burger.  In fact, comparing apples to apples (okay, maybe this is a golden delicious to Jonathon comparison), I'd pick a mashed griddled Culver's burger every time over what was served to me at 5Gs.
                                          Finally, and this is the part that's going to get me in the most trouble, I took note of all the glowing press quotes covering the walls.  Most of the compliments came from the east coast media, specifically the Baltimore/DC area, which I guess is where 5Gs started.  I've got to tell you east coast, if Five Guys burgers are "The Best Around", you've either got some really low standards for Hamburgers, or else 5Gs is going up against some really poor competition.
                                          Five Guys will probably succeed in this market just because people are always looking for something new and different.  But based on flavor alone they won't be getting anymore of my business.
                                          <message edited by BuddyRoadhouse on Tue, 09/28/10 6:18 PM>

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                                            RE: Five Guys Burgers Tue, 09/28/10 7:06 PM (permalink)
                                            5 guys is consistantly voted the BEST or ONE of the best "CHAIN" burgers such I'd agree with far the best(IN& Out a not so close second) It's a chain...not a mom or pop angus burger or something...we east coast people know a great burger just like the mid west does...(and boy do we know pizza isn't a 5 inch deep pie)...check views here at roadfood and else where...some hate it...others love it...opinions vary...but I and many east coasters certainly set our standards high!!!!!!

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                                              RE: Five Guys Burgers Tue, 09/28/10 7:44 PM (permalink)
                                              IMO - Five guys makes a pretty good burger, not outstanding, but pretty darned good for a chain. They really shine with their fries cooked in peanut oil, and portions are generous. For a little more money, I'd take a five guys bacon cheesburger with fries over a McD's "Angus" combo meal any day. (but I still love the McD's fries too!)
                                                mayor al

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                                                RE: Five Guys Burgers Tue, 09/28/10 8:22 PM (permalink)
                                                If the choice is Culver's vs 5 Guys, I'll go with Culvers 99% of the time. Just my opinion of the comparison of the two.  Comparing 5 Guys to In-n-Out is an Apples and Oranges comparison because of the patty-size and condiments availble for the two 'styles'.

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                                                  RE: Five Guys Burgers Tue, 09/28/10 8:27 PM (permalink)
                                                  No Culver's or In-n-out around here. Heck, the local Five Guys just opened a year ago. Would love to sample the others!

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                                                    Re:Five Guys Burgers Wed, 09/29/10 5:36 PM (permalink)
                                                    This place is giving Five Guys and anyone else a run for their money

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                                                      Re:Five Guys Burgers Wed, 09/29/10 5:44 PM (permalink)
                                                      The small Boardwalk Burgers & Fries chain is trying to go head-to-head with Five Guys here in Atlanta, and I have to say that while there are much better burgers available in town (Ann's, Vortex, Farm, Red Hen, Counter [they say] among others), between the two out-of-town chains, Boardwalk is a pretty clear winner, and their fries are considerably better than 5G.

                                                        Re:Five Guys Burgers Wed, 09/29/10 6:24 PM (permalink)
                                                        The large (or non-small, whatever the name is) is just two of the small burgers, smashed and over-done the same way.

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                                                          Re:Five Guys Burgers Wed, 09/29/10 7:17 PM (permalink)
                                                          Another chain trying to make a mark in the "higher end" burger is a place called "cheeburger cheeburger" - a cute named based on a skit featuring Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live in the 70's. Overpriced and mediocre are the first two words I can think of.
                                                          -Trent (No Coke - Pepsi!!)

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                                                            Re:Five Guys Burgers Thu, 09/30/10 12:44 PM (permalink)
                                                            Cheeburger Cheeburger has been around for quite some time without making much of a mark; I remember there was one in Alpharetta GA in 2000-01, and another a few miles south in Roswell on Holcomb Bridge Road around that time but they're both long gone.  There's still one in Chattanooga, apparently.
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