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 French Toast

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French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 10:15 AM (permalink)
My favorite place for French Toast was the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC. Excellent. Thick slices, heavy with egg and coated in powdered sugar. Add a little syrup and you are sure to leave with a sugar buzz-high.
Where else can I find supremely wonderful french toast....not freedom toast. LOL

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    RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 10:26 AM (permalink)
    That reminds me of a time when I was at an Irving's Big Stop in Maine, and ordered French Toast late at night, and the waitress simply refused. I've never had that happen before. We ordered the french toast, and she made a face and said. "Don't order that. 5 bucks for eggy bread? Order something else." She had a point.
    It's that kind of good, solid, cut through the b.s. advice that I want from my waitresses. If only there were more like her.

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      RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 12:23 PM (permalink)
      I love American toast but I don't order it in resturants anymore. Almost all of them put cinnamon in the egg mixture and I don't want cinnamon on my American toast. They should have a shaker on the side.

      What's wrong with eggy bread?

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        RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 12:27 PM (permalink)
        I have had very good FT at Pasqual's in Santa Fe. Thick slices and just a little bit of crispness. I like them with just butter. Haven't eaten there in a number of years, it's become way too touristy so go to Tia Sophia's and The Plaza, both are patroned by the locals and many of the Indian vendors from under the portal. Breakfast posole......yum

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          RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 12:31 PM (permalink)
          I've always enjoyed the French Toast at most IHOP's. It's so easy to make at home, that I rarely order it but will opt for omelets or pancakes instead.

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            RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 1:36 PM (permalink)
            Mmmmm...French Toast. I like this dish with powdered sugar too. But sometimes with sweet butter and maple syrup. And served Hot.

            Hot is easier since I bought a stick free gridle to set over the stove's burners. A good one is not cheap, but if you do a lot of pancakes and French toast, you will appreciate getting it all cooked at about the same time.

            An electric gridle is even better.

            Pain grillé français: C'est bonne!

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              RE: French Toast Thu, 11/20/03 2:57 PM (permalink)
              Old Ebbitt Grille in Washington, D.C. serves french toast folded in half (think triangle) with a co-mingling of lightly warmed and pureed bananas and dotted with crushed pecans. Yum !!!!

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                RE: French Toast Fri, 11/21/03 3:08 AM (permalink)
                I have been on a FT kick for a couple 3 months now. 2 or 3 times a week I make this for breakfast at home. I buy Texas toast, thick sliced white bread, at the store. I use 3 or 4 eggs depending on the amount to be cooked. Some whole milk, I just pour don't measure, a bit of sugar and a fair amouint of cinnamon. Whip it all together, soak the bread and fry in so butter.

                  Michael Stern

                  RE: French Toast Fri, 11/21/03 3:58 AM (permalink)
                  Diana's, Charleston, SC:

                  Apple-stuffed currant-berry bread with cider syrup

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                    RE: French Toast Fri, 11/21/03 9:23 AM (permalink)
                    My favorite French Toast is at Kady's coffee shop at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. The slices are thick and they add corn flakes in the egg wash to give it a little extra crunch.
                      seafarer john

                      RE: French Toast Fri, 11/21/03 11:52 AM (permalink)
                      The French Toast at the Highland Cafe in Highland, NY ( just across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie) is imaginative and delicious. It is made from Challah , I believe, and contains bananas , nut, preserves, etc in many combinations. If your travels bring you to that area a stop at the Highland Cafe is well worthwhile. He serves only breakfast and lunch - closed by 3pm. It is a small storefront operation with the chef and a waiter being the total staff. They do a great job and seem to be prospering.
                      ( I think it was Michael's photo that created this impossibly broad format which will fit no ones screen - can something be done about that ?)

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                        RE: French Toast Fri, 11/21/03 1:59 PM (permalink)
                        Duke's Bitchin' burgers in Ventura makes their french toast with thick slices of bread, then covers them with macadamia nuts and banannas (one order is usually enough for 2!). The Coffee Pot in Morro Bay makes a delicious ricotta-stuffed french toast.

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                          RE: French Toast Mon, 02/2/04 2:20 AM (permalink)
                          My favorite French toast is a cross between French toast & a grilled cheese sandwich. I make the French toast with scrambled egg and a little milk (nothing else). After frying it in butter or margarine, while it is still very hot, I immediately slip a slice of cheddar (or 2 slices of process American) cheese in between 2 slices of the French toast. After about a minute, the cheese will be melted and you have a French-toast-grilled-cheese sandwich.....pure Heaven!

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                            RE: French Toast Sun, 08/22/04 3:06 PM (permalink)
                            My favorite French Toast is at Crackerbarrel restaurants. Its made using their sourdough bread. Oh it so good. They give you 4 slices along with their maple syrup. Then top it off with their bacon.

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                              RE: French Toast Tue, 08/24/04 2:29 PM (permalink)
                              My favorite French Toast is my own....I tend to like it more cooked than soggy...not to mention the fact that I can control what I put in it...while sick a few months ago...I watched Rachel Rays cooking show...she added an ingredient that makes it crunchy....I think it was either baking soda or baking powder.....


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                                RE: French Toast Wed, 09/1/04 8:02 AM (permalink)
                                I also like to make my own french toast. Just use milk, eggs and add alittle vanilla to it. Mix it up. Dip your bread into it and put it in the frying pan. Oh sooooo good! There was a show on television called MASH years ago and they made french toast. This is where we got the additive of vanilla to add in.

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                                  RE: French Toast Wed, 09/1/04 9:00 AM (permalink)
                                  When Hurricane Bonnie hit here a few years ago I whipped up some Drunken French Toast,eggs,milk,vanillaand Rum.every body got happy!

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                                    RE: French Toast Wed, 09/1/04 9:03 AM (permalink)
                                    I like the sourdough bread at Cracker Barrel. If I am ordering from the menu, I always request grilled sourdough bread instead of biscuits. They sell the loaves in their stores also at a very good price
                                    Originally posted by golf43

                                    My favorite French Toast is at Crackerbarrel restaurants. Its made using their sourdough bread. Oh it so good. They give you 4 slices along with their maple syrup. Then top it off with their bacon.

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                                      RE: French Toast Wed, 09/1/04 9:18 AM (permalink)
                                      I make French Toast with International Delight coffee creamer instead of milk, and mix it with one or two eggs. Dust with cinnamon, and you're good to go!! I usually have the fat-free variety on hand in either Amaretto or Cinnamon Hazelnut flavor. My daughter likes it with tiny chocolate chips on top. Sugar fix for sure!


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                                        RE: French Toast Thu, 09/2/04 1:45 AM (permalink)
                                        First time posting. Have enjoyed this site for a while now!
                                        Had French Toast in Phoenix about a year ago which was unreal. Don't have a name but it was normal french toast, stuffed with white cheddar and hot peppers.
                                        Has anyone ever seen anything like this??

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                                          RE: French Toast Thu, 09/2/04 2:48 AM (permalink)
                                          During college, I worked at a restaurant that catered to buisness groups and such, but they actually prepared their french toast by slicing thick texas toast in twos and then dipping them in the egg wash and then right into the deep fryer. It wasnt bad, but I thought it was odd at the time. Is this a standard practice by some people/restaurants or was this just different?

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                                            RE: French Toast Fri, 09/3/04 5:33 PM (permalink)
                                            Carman's Country Kitchen (her card reads 'she put the c*** in country! - except she didn't have any asterisks). Challah French toast. Delicious.




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                                              RE: French Toast Fri, 09/3/04 7:20 PM (permalink)
                                              At the charming little Miss Albany Diner on Broadway (Albany, NY) they serve what they call "MAD Irish Toast". It's thick slices of bread stuffed with a cream cheese-pecan mixture and then served with the most delicious, drinkable Butterscotch Whiskey sauce that beats the pants off maple syrup. I believe you can purchase bottles of it, too. Makes for an awesome brunch.

                                              And call me crazy, but I really like Denny's French Toast, too. It's only about $3 if you order just the toast, which is all I can handle, anyway. I don't need toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage.

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                                                RE: French Toast Fri, 09/3/04 9:39 PM (permalink)
                                                I make French Toast almost every weekend because I make a Challah every Friday night for Shabbat. It amkes great French Toast. Some milk, eggs, of course, some vanilla extract and a little cinnamon. I warm up the grade b maple syrup and in the summer , fresh blueberries strawberries and raspberries. A big ole pot of coffee, the Sunday NY Times, what more can one ask for???????

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                                                  RE: French Toast Tue, 09/7/04 5:04 PM (permalink)
                                                  I love to make French toast with Challah bread, I think it is the best bread to make it with. It is so fluffy and eggy already, it really lets the egg milk mixture soak in, I also do mine with maple syrup and butter.

                                                  In Troy New York there was a little dinner called Miss Troy in the Albia section that made fantastic French toast. But Miss Albany is out of this World. At the Miss Albany they filmed some scenes for the Movie IronWeed. In the scene is a Lady called Lena from Saratoga New York. She was the owner of one of the First beat cafe's in New York state. Bob Dylan did one of his first gigs there. Lot's of history.

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                                                    RE: French Toast Tue, 09/14/04 5:33 PM (permalink)
                                                    I made french toast last weekend with challah and used vanilla milk.(
                                                    we have this at the school where I teach instead of whole milk this school year.) It was quite tasty, I stuffed it with cream cheese, pecans, and served it with an apricot sauce.

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                                                      RE: French Toast Fri, 09/24/04 11:57 PM (permalink)
                                                      What is challah?

                                                        The Travelin Man

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                                                        RE: French Toast Sat, 09/25/04 1:53 AM (permalink)
                                                        Originally posted by MikeSh

                                                        What is challah?


                                                        Challah is an egg based bread. It is generally found in Jewish homes, for the Sabbath and around the holidays. Some grocery store bakeries carry it, as well (Publix locally, in FL), both with raisins and plain.

                                                        As posted above, challah makes an excellent base for french toast.


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                                                          RE: French Toast Sat, 09/25/04 2:28 AM (permalink)
                                                          Steve, thanks for the info! Shalome.



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                                                            RE: French Toast Wed, 03/22/06 4:54 PM (permalink)
                                                            Reading the discussion about PB&J pizza reminded me of PB&J french toast! It's fabulous. We actually infuses a little rum butter honey into the peanut butter, and use crunchy PB, usually organic if we can find it. The jelly can be anything from organic strawberry preserves to marmalade...whatever we happen to have.

                                                            Sprinkle with poweder sugar or whipped topping if you really want to have a sugar rush
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