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 Greek Yogurt

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Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 10:25 AM (permalink)
My husband is from England, and always went to Greece on vacation. He has long lamented, since coming here in 1991, that he can't get Greek yogurt any more. He remembers staying right on the beach at one point, and walking down the beach in the morning, and buying yogurt, honey, and fruit from a cart for breakfast.

Well. Last weekend he was in Atlanta and went to Dekalb Farmer's Market (see thread in Misc. section). There they had FAGE Greek Yogurt!

He says it's wonderful!! Now the only trick is to find a retailer that carries it in the D.C. area. Unfortunately their website doesn't appear to have a list.

We've printed out some material to show our local Safeway people. Perhaps there are others requesting this sort of thing, and they just need a certain number of requests in order to sell it. One can hope, anyway.

There are lots of ethnic restaurants in the D.C. area, though. Perhaps there are specialty groceries that carry it.


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    RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 10:31 AM (permalink)
    Oh, an addition:

    I did a little search for Greek groceries in D.C. One of my hits says,
    If you're lucky - fans buy it up fast - you can find thick, cream-topped Greek Total yoghurt at Dean & DeLuca, 3276 M St, 202 342 2500 and branches of Trader Joe's. It is expensive but you need so little to feel content. And it makes wonderful tzadziki. Chose between whole cow's or sheep's milk: don't buy the lite, or the ones with compartments for honey or jam that you won't find in Greece. The first time you try it, anyway... If you are near Charlottesville, Patrick and Susan O'Shea say proper Greek yogurt can be found at Food of All Nations (which they sometimes affectionately refer to as Junk Food of All Nations for its wide range of goodies). Labneh is a reasonable, less unctuously fattening substitute, a strained yoghurt sold at Shemali's (see above). If you called them, 202 686 7070, early in the morning at their old store when they were making it, they would leave out the salt. Check if this is still the case in their temporary location, then you can eat it, Greek-style, with slices of fresh peach and one of the Middle Eastern honeys Shemali's also sells. Turkish-style yoghurt, another option, is sold at Mount of Olives Market, 3405 Payne St, Falls Church, 703 379 1156.

      Lucky Bishop

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      RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 11:04 AM (permalink)
      I know there are Whole Foods groceries in the D.C./Baltimore area, and the Whole Foods in Boston/Cambridge carry Fage. Try them.

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        RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 11:24 AM (permalink)
        I've been buying it in the DC area for at least a year now. I used to get it at Whole Foods, but I think they stopped selling it a few months ago (not sure if it's back yet)...
        Now I get it at YES Organic Foods (or is it YES Natural Foods?) in my neighborhood- on Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan. I'm sure it's sold elsewhere, but that's all I know.
        Love the kind with honey!

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          RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 6:24 PM (permalink)
          Trader Joe's has great Greek and Greek style yogurt. There is one that even has two compartments in the container one for the yogurt and one for greek honey. It is like going to the land of Milk and Honey. Also the Greek Strawberry yogurt is out of this planet. I think TJ's is now also on the East Coast. You should check it out.
            Lucky Bishop

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            RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 6:28 PM (permalink)
            Mtbuckingham -- yeah, Whole Foods stopped carrying Fage for a few months last year, because there was a problem in the importation. (They didn't have their paperwork up to date, or something -- nothing to do with the quality of the food!) But I saw it on the shelf in Cambridge just last week, so it's definitely back!

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              RE: Greek Yogurt Wed, 05/4/05 8:43 PM (permalink)
              Originally posted by Lucky Bishop

              Mtbuckingham -- yeah, Whole Foods stopped carrying Fage for a few months last year, because there was a problem in the importation. (They didn't have their paperwork up to date, or something -- nothing to do with the quality of the food!) But I saw it on the shelf in Cambridge just last week, so it's definitely back!

              Well, they have a news item ( saying they had achieved "Interstate Milk Shippers" listing status. Seems all is well now.

              There's a Whole Foods in Annapolis near where I work, but it's an hour drive home. The one in Gaithersburg's a bit closer, but we get down there about once or twice a year. Maybe if I entice Himself with the prospect of Greek Yogurt, he might go. Muwaahahahahaaaa (Rubbing hands evilly)

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                RE: Greek Yogurt Thu, 05/5/05 8:45 AM (permalink)
                Here in the Midwest, Trader Joes carries Fage yogurt as well as a container with a yogurt/honey partition.

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                  RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 05/6/05 4:51 PM (permalink)
                  In NYC and on Long Island, Fairway stocks FAGE yogurt is delicious- it is strained so it makes awesome tzatziki and raita and it is just great on it's won with some fresh fruit- my daughter loves the one with the Greek honey, and the 2% cups have only 130 calories, taste really creamy and have lots of calcioum. YUM!

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                    RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 05/13/05 12:46 AM (permalink)
                    in Oregon ,Trader Joes carries FAGE in a lot of different styles ( whole or 2% fat etc). They've even started making Greek style yougurts of their own label, I've noticed.
                    When I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago I spent a fortune on the FAGE greek yougurt with honey on one side of the container.. Its expensive for little thingys of yogurt~ BUT they were my WORST CRAVING and I coulndn't get enough (gee it is healthy!). SO good! Nothing like it in US Yogurt at all that I know of. hope you find some!

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                      RE: Greek Yogurt Tue, 05/17/05 3:48 PM (permalink)
                      I found the one with honey at Trader Joe's here, and it's fantastic... Much richer and creamier than many whole milk yogurts I've tried, even. I haven't checked back there to see if they've got containers of the plain yogurt, but I'd love to try more greek-style yogurt and add in my own flavorings.

                      FWIW, Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati also carries the individual serving cups with honey, strawberries or cherries. It's not with the other yogurts in the dairy section, it's in the ethnic food section with the Middle Eastern/Greek foods.

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                        RE: Greek Yogurt Thu, 05/19/05 3:47 PM (permalink)
                        Woohooo! I've finally got around to visiting the Trader Joe's near my office, and bought the honey-partition variety of Fage. Wow! I just had to phone hubby and tell him how right he was and how fantastic it is! It's pretty high in fat, and 250 calories (including the honey, of course), so 28 grams of sugars/carbs. But still! For an occasional treat it's incredible. The texture's somwhere between sour cream and cream cheese, and the honey is so thick and rich it's almost hard. It'd be impossible to pour, I think.

                        I'll have to try the 2% variety next, and the strawberry kind. Fabulous!

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                          RE: Greek Yogurt Sun, 05/29/05 8:43 PM (permalink)
                          Yaaaay! Have successfully acquired Fage for the house. Have used it in a saag curry (Two pounds of fresh spinach is really a lot!!) and a raita. I've also used the fat-free version to make a fantabulous low-carb dessert. To wit:

                          In the food processer, place 1/2 package of Neufchatel cheese, two large dollops of Fage fat-free yogurt, 1 single-serve container of low-carb strawberry yogurt, and a handful of fresh raspberries and blueberries. Whizz until blended.

                          Layer in parfait glasses with fresh berries. Place a few fresh berries on top. Chill. Nummm.

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                            RE: Greek Yogurt Sun, 05/29/05 10:56 PM (permalink)
                            Jennie: Glad you found the yoghurt at TJ's. I lived in the UK for 3 years and this was something that I missed too. It really is a treat. I also miss Fromage Frais. Can't find it anywhere in the US.

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                              RE: Greek Yogurt Sun, 03/4/07 4:12 PM (permalink)
                              Wow! It's been a year and a half, now. I still get Fage from Trader Joe's, but can now also get it at Common Market, a health food store in Frederick, Maryland, and (drumroll please) SuperFresh! And they've started selling (at SuperFresh and Common Market) single-serve ones with a side cup of strawberries-n-sauce (sorta runny jam) or cherries-n-sauce. (TJ's has plain and the ones with a side-cup of honey.) We now clean both stores out of them as fast as they can stock them.

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                                RE: Greek Yogurt Sun, 03/4/07 6:19 PM (permalink)
                                Yeah, I've started noticing it lately up here in the Northeast at A&P/A&P Super Foodmart/Food Emporium. Makes sense - they're owned by the same group as Super Fresh.

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                                  RE: Greek Yogurt Mon, 03/5/07 2:30 AM (permalink)
                                  ^^^That stuff (the Fage greek-style yogurt) is sooooo good. Part of the experience, though, is the sensation of your arteries closing off a bit with every spoonful (it's made with CREAM!)

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                                    RE: Greek Yogurt Tue, 03/6/07 4:17 PM (permalink)
                                    Well, you can get it fat-free, low-fat (2%), or whole.

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                                      RE: Greek Yogurt Sat, 03/10/07 5:48 PM (permalink)
                                      They sell Fage at the Superfresh here in the Baltimore area. Love it!

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                                        RE: Greek Yogurt Mon, 03/12/07 2:18 PM (permalink)
                                        For something very very close take regular plain vogurt and dump it into a coffee filter. Let it sit overnight in the frig. Now you have yogurt cheese which in Europe is yogurt. Of course the filter should be suspended so the fluid can drain.

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                                          RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 10/26/07 3:00 PM (permalink)
                                          Just had to add that I finally tried the Fage greek-style yogurt today and OMG, that stuff is delicious!!I just happened to see it at my local Giant grocery store (the one on East West Highway across from the Mall at Prince George's, in case anyone is interested); I think I must have had the whole fat kind because it was like eating sour cream almost. I must get some more! I will look for it at Whole Foods now, the low fat kind. I don't even need honey, I like it plain! BTW, I tried it with some Tandoori chicken and brown rice - it really was good!
                                            Tony Bad

                                            RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 10/26/07 3:53 PM (permalink)
                                            As someone else wrote a while back, Trader Joe's carries Fage Yogurt, but also has their own brand of Greek yogurt which is pretty good too...and quite a bit cheaper. Worth a try!

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                                              RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 10/26/07 3:59 PM (permalink)
                                              Yogurt makers are cheap; less than $15. You have to use a few tablespoons of a live culture yogurt as a starter and I used FAGE. It is easily the best ygurt I've tried and the home made batch is just as good. If you have an electric dehydrator, American Harvest/Nesco sells containers for making your own yogurt and an internet check should turn up recipes for making yogurt in a low heat open door oven.

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                                                RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 10/26/07 4:31 PM (permalink)
                                                I love Fage yogurt (pronounced fa-haa). Not only is it the best tasting, but thanks to the fact that it's strained, there is less whey. That makes it lower in carbs.
                                                I'm sure you will find it in Wholefoods. You can strain any yogurt simply by putting the yogurt in a strainer lined with cheesecloth and let the yogurt drain into a bowl overnight in the fridge.
                                                The longer you let it drain, the more whey is removed and the thicker the yogurt becomes. Makes a great "cream cheese" for spreading. Try it.

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                                                  RE: Greek Yogurt Mon, 10/29/07 9:58 PM (permalink)
                                                  I'm able to get Fage yogurt at our Harris Teeter store and I am so glad! That stuff is heaven! I have to remind myself that....yes!'s yogurt! For breakfast I have homemade raisin cinnamon toast spread with Fage Greek yogurt and topped with a drizzle of honey.

                                                  Sorry, but I've made homemade yogurt cheese and it's still not as good as Fage.

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                                                    RE: Greek Yogurt Tue, 10/30/07 11:26 AM (permalink)
                                                    I absolutely love Fage Greek Yogurt!! I can buy it at the local Trader Joe's or at Meijer (I'm in suburban Chicago). This is what I'm addicted to: put yogurt in tupperware container, put some frozen unsweetened mixed berries on top, sprinkle some Splenda on top and let it sit overnight in the Frig. I buy the 0% fat or the 2% fat, so its a pretty healthy and quick breakfast. I usually take it to go to work. Yum! I will never go back to the other brands.

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                                                      RE: Greek Yogurt Tue, 10/30/07 11:56 AM (permalink)
                                                      Originally posted by twinwillow

                                                      I love Fage yogurt (pronounced fa-haa).

                                                      I think the manufacturer disagrees with your pronunciation:


                                                      FAGE (pronounced ''fah-yeh'') is the second largest food producer and the leading dairy company in Greece. Through its extensive distribution network, the company sells a wide range of branded dairy products, including yogurt and dairy desserts, milk and milk cream, and cheese. These products are sold under the FAGEĀ® trademark, which is one of the most recognized in Greece.

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                                                        RE: Greek Yogurt Sun, 11/4/07 2:45 PM (permalink)
                                                        I cannot get Greek Yogurt where I live so instead I get the Balkan style Yogurt and then empty the whole container into some cheesecloth over an empty bowl in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you got all the water out of it.

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                                                          RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 11/23/07 12:17 PM (permalink)
                                                          In the DC area both Harris Teeter and Giant carry Fage, Giant also carries another brand of greek yogurt (which I don't really like) whose name I convienently forgot.

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                                                            RE: Greek Yogurt Fri, 11/23/07 12:56 PM (permalink)
                                                            I am lucky enough to be able to buy Fage Greek style yogurt at any food store but they have also been carrying Stoneyfield Farms(organic dairy based in Vermont)Greek style yogurt. Much cheaper and just as good. It's the only yogurt that I could see substituting for sour cream.
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