How much in 5 gallons?

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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/07 17:04:52 (permalink)
I don’t suppose this would be kosher in a big time contest. But beings it’s for charity. I decided the first 20 people who could handle a cup of my “kicked up” chili would get a t-shirt. I just have to figure out how many times I’ll have to taste it to get the heat right…ouch.

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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/07 17:46:21 (permalink)
You go edge. Sounds like a great event!

Hope you do well. I have wanted to enter for a long time, let me know how it went.
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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/07 19:24:08 (permalink)

It is a little late to worry about ingredient proportions or whether you have a "purist" chili. Don't let your detractors get you down. I am solidly in the purist camp but I do recognize regional differences. Go with what you feel comfortable with and what is recognized as "chili" in your region.

My advice at this point is to use varied ground chilis, paprika for color, molido for depth of flavor and cayenne for heat. Don't forget to use plenty of cumin for deep down flavor. Do your onions and garlic in beef tallow, it will add greatly to the flavor. Don't worry about it being too hot, the bite of cayenne pepper is greatly reduced by long slow cooking, which you should be doing.

An aside to my fellow "purists": Sirloin in chili? That ain't chili, that's a wretched mess! Sirloin is not chili meat, it is far too tender. Proper chili should be made with the leanest toughest meat you can find. I find flank steak the best. Use sirloin tallow for flavor but not the meat, save that for the grill. As far as "ain't no beans in chili" it really depends on the time period you are talking about. During the Great Depression even in Texas, the greatest Chili Queen Parlors featured more beans than meat in their chili, it was a matter of economics. This is also the same time period that crackers, pasta and rice were added to chili as stretchers.

Anyway Edge, I wish you the very best of luck and hope you win.
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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/07 20:24:29 (permalink)
I think Greyghost sums it up quite well. While I personally would not choose to use flank steak, I think his other summations/conclusions quite clearly point to the varied options & "opinions" of what true chili "should" be.
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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/08 18:28:03 (permalink)
Well, I lost by 3 votes to an old schoolmate! It kind of sucks though as he had a three person team (you could vote for your own), and I was a single. Plus my own mother and nephew didn't pick up a ballet! It was cool though, a lot of the people went back and forth between are two tables not being able to choose. All in all a good day!
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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/10/09 09:39:27 (permalink)
Sounds to me like you did just fine!! Congrats!!!
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RE: How much in 5 gallons? 2005/11/06 20:43:04 (permalink)
Originally posted by forestfirefighter

We just did a cookoff in Colorado, no beans in our chili, 5 gallons of "Flashover" red and we used 14-15 pounds of cubed SIRLOIN......80 cooks at this so we used the good stuff.

We used 12 pounds of pork in our "Backdraft Green" as our green has more "other" ingredients (Chilis, celery, tomatoes, onion) than does our red (It is almost all beef with a home blended chili powder mix with just enough onio and garlic)

Our green took 2nd place. Looks like we use prime rib in next years Red recipe......

That sounds good..I a copying it to make it...Did you ever had the green chili at dans burger haven?..or something like that.. in Thornton...?.. its really good for a burger joint...
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