Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ

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2007/01/22 00:11:28 (permalink)

Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ

Did a little roadfood tour of my own this weekend when I took my daughter down to Tucson for the Annual Caldwell Banker Soccer tournament in which she participated. (Her team came in first in their classification.)

Between games on Saturday I made my way over to Wag's Restaurant for an excellent Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.

This place does several things wonderfully including a Maid-Rite sandwich, their well-known rubarb pie, Real malts (try the butterscotch, mmmmm), great breakfasts and of course, the Porky.

The owners are a married couple from Indiana and Iowa so the place is mid-western themed. I've been here several times and the service has always been very friendly and prompt.

Wags is open every day except Monday and is located just east of Alvernon on Grant road.

4026 East Grant Road
Tucson, Arizona 85712-2509
ph: 520.323.2345

That evening we had the mandatory multi-team pizza party at the hotel was not good but the kids had fun.

Sunday morning I headed over to Frank's, a great little breakfast joint worthy of Roadfood praise. From what I could gather, the place has been Frank's for the past 25 years, before that it was a Tastee Freeze.

When I entered the place, it was buzzing, this was about 9 AM. From behind the counter a lady greets me with a smile and "Good Morning." I sit up at the counter and she promptly pours me a coffee and grabs a glass of water for me. Behind the counter is an open kitchen, and the line cook was impressing me with his short order skills.

I like it when the kitchen is open like it is at Frank's. Nothing to hide. A cop comes in and sits down beside me and we start up a conversation about the place. He says the place has changed owners a couple times but the food has always remained the same...great!

I order my food and we start talking to the lady behind the counter, whose name is Candice. She gave us a little history of the place, and in fact, she was at one time a part owner of Frank's. The place does breakfast in the mornings but switches over to a Mexican food place for lunch and dinner. A formula that has worked very well for them.

My food came, I had orded two over mediums, with great hash browns, homemade sausage, homemade biscuits and a side of gravy.

The food was quite good, as you can see I doused it with a sauce that was in a squirt bottle that was labled simply "Poblano." The sauce had a nice zing to it.

The menu had a little of everything, including "minced Sonoran Hot Dogs with scrambled eggs."

Although I did not get the home fries, they looked great cooking up on the griddle. The cook also had about 5-6 omelete pans going at once.

The real appeal of this place is the friendly people, the "show" the cook puts on, the funky interior and of course the down home, genuinely good food. This sign pretty much says it all....

Franks is on Pima just west of Alvernon.

3843 E Pima St
Tucson, 85716
ph.(520) 881-2710


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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 00:23:31 (permalink)

    DD- You did a great report on these two places. This is exactly what we need more of on this site! I took the liberty of adding the location so that someone searching for Tucson information will get a 'better' reaction when they hit the SEARCH Button.

    Thanks again for great additions to the site.
    mr chips
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 01:04:33 (permalink)
    Tucson is a heck of a food city. You have now added two more places I need to visit.
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 10:16:13 (permalink)
    No problem on the addition, Al. Should have done it myself.

    You're right Mr. Chips, I made that comment to my wife on Sunday about Tucson. The thing I like about the city is that it is not only chain restaurants, but has more than it's fair share of little family run, mom and pop places. I drove by at least a dozen places that I would have liked to stop in for a bite. (this whole weight gain thing is a pain in the....)

    Someone made a comment in another thread (I think it was "Your Stae Dish") that he had moved from Pitt to Tucson and was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't find any decent food. While it may be difficult to find Scrapple or Perogies, fantastic Carne Asada and Cocadas abound. One could spend the better part of a year exploring all the wonderful Mexican restaurants in Tucson, not to mention places like Wag's and Frank's.
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 10:27:42 (permalink)
    Nice report! You are making me yearn for a trip to the Southwest.

    I wholeheartedly agree that Tucson is an underrated Roadfood eating city. I have enjoyed great meals at places like Gus Balon's, Jack's BBQ, El Charro, Cafe Poca Cosa and others. And there are still so many more reviewed on this site I want to try.

    By the way, I am from Pittsburgh and prefer the food in Tucson. But then, you have a tendency to crave the food you can't get.
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 17:57:55 (permalink)
    Don't try the trip again today--you'll get stuck in the snow.
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 19:28:53 (permalink)
    Originally posted by BT

    Don't try the trip again today--you'll get stuck in the snow.

    From my front yard today in Fountain Hills....

    From my Mom's front yard today, SE of Tucson....

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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/01/22 19:41:05 (permalink)
    I have been in Tucson for 16 years now but have never tried Wags. The Picture of that tenderloin sandwich will change that very soon.
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    RE: Mini Roadfood Tour-Tucson,AZ 2007/04/10 14:58:34 (permalink)
    I haven't had a tenderloin sandwich like that since 1954, when I was dining in a lunchroom near the campus of my school. The proprietor was a joker who often treated his favorite patrons to a breaded loin of cardboard. The trick was to down at least one bite before tossing the sandwich at him.
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