Mustard on French dip?

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2009/12/03 22:55:00 (permalink)

Mustard on French dip?

Marlene posted this in a different forum:


The way I order and eat my sandwich at Phillipe's:

Order single dip.

Put a THIN smear of mustard, top with coleslaw and enjoy!

Interesting.  I've never put anything on a French dip and I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do it, but we're just a bunch of rubes here in the Midwest.  Does Philippe's have a special mustard tailored to match the sandwich?


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    Re:Mustard on French dip? 2009/12/03 23:25:20 (permalink)
    I've never been there but I saw the Man vs Food when he went there and he talked a lot about their house made mustard that he put on his french dip.  It looked pretty good to me.
    Filet Mignon
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    Re:Mustard on French dip? 2009/12/04 01:15:37 (permalink)
    They have a scorchingly hot house mustard. Personally, I want to taste the meat and the au jus (in my case, lamb), not the mustard... so I leave it off.
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    Re:Mustard on French dip? 2009/12/04 11:30:22 (permalink)
    I would compare Philippe's mustard to Chinese Hot Mustard- I prefer just a little smear on the sandwich so it doesn't overwhelm .
    Russ Jackson
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    Re:Mustard on French dip? 2009/12/04 12:32:24 (permalink)
    Just like on Prime Rib I think a Horshraddish mustard or sauce is excellent....Russ
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    Re:Mustard on French dip? 2009/12/04 12:51:09 (permalink)
    I was going to call you a whus, wj.  I just tasted some from the fridge, and it was mild.  But now that I think of it, it's a year or more old.  Mustard loses potency pretty quickly.
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