The most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America
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 My year in Roadfood (2010)

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Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Mon, 12/27/10 3:00 PM (permalink)
I love your photos. They are fantastic. Glad to see Moody's Diner is still around, I remember it from my Brandeis days. So happy I found this website, it has a lot that Chowhound and Serious Eats seems to lack.
Happy Eating!

    Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Mon, 12/27/10 3:32 PM (permalink)
    From owners to cooks, waiters and waitresses, it is the people who pour so much love and devotion into these Roadfood restaurants that make them so special and worth bypassing the chains to visit.  Here are some of the people I met in 2010.

    This is Jack and Norman from Original NY System in Providence.  These are faces that have undoubtedly seen millions of hot wieners go out the door.  The best part of meeting these guys is when Jack spoke with disgust with how you are no longer allowed to have wieners up the arm, when dressing a large order.  But this enthusiastic young guy

    from Olneyville NY System shows how he does it without any of the wieners actually touching his arm.

    We were still in line waiting for a table when I got this stopped to pose with some of the huge sandwiches they make at Famous 4th Street Deli in Philadelphia.

    At Lou Mitchell's in Chicago, this woman goes around and passes out donut holes to the customers.

    When Roadfooder JRPfeff and I told the owner of Tucson Tamale Company how much we loved the tamales we ordered, she sent over a Thanskgiving tamale for us to try, too!

    Visiting with the nattily dressed owner of H & R Sweet Shop in Charleston, SC, is both a delicious and surreal experience!

    Looking for a place to grab a quick lunch in Lansing, MI, we came across Jose's Cuban Sandwiches in a space inside a gas station.  A native of Peru, Jose hopes to have his own building real soon.  BTW, the Cuban sandwiches were really good!

    This energetic young lady, who waited on us at Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe, was one of the coolest and funniest we had all year.  And she didn't even blink when ChiTownDiner ordered one appetizer and five desserts!

    The Travelin Man and Cheesewit, along with the owner of Cosmi's Deli in Philadelphia.  While we were hanging around and chatting, people were pulling up and placing to go orders from their car, one of whom was a stripper!  Only is South Philly!

    I don't know if there was ham on the menu, but there was plenty of ham in the kitchen, when I pulled out my camera at Tom Jenkin's BBQ in Fort Lauderdale!

    My favortie waitress anywhere is Miss Myra C. at Niecie's in Kansas City.  This year, she dragged one of the cooks out of the kitchen to pose with her.

    At Gus's Famous Fried Chicken in Memphis, I knew I was going to love the place when my waiter, Steve, showed up to take my order in a throwback Mean Joe Greene jersey.  Once he found out I was from Pittsburgh and a fellow Steelers fan, we were instant buddies.  He wouldn't even let me pay for my meal.

    Our waitresses at The Porthole in Portland, ME were all dressed up for Halloween when we visited.

    One of the great features of Nick's Nest, in Holyoke, MA, is that they have a rope behind the counter, when pulled, will open the door for customers with arms full of food to go.

    When we asked this chef at Army & Lou's in Chicago to pose with us, he first went back in the kitchen to put on his good apron and hat.

    At South 21 Drive-In in Charlotte, all the car hops are well dressed with hats and super friendly.

    This young lady took my order at Jaarsma Bakery in Pella, IA.  I was trying to get her to look down, so I could get a better view of her hat, but it is hard to get upset at a pretty face like that!

    The young girls were doing a fine job of managing the grill at Crabill's in Urbana, OH, until several parties walked in wanting 30 sliders at a time.  Shortly after a distress call, dad walked in and burgers were soon flying off the grill!

    Larry White, of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in Phoenix, was happy to pose for me.  He even grabbed one of the waitresses, who I think was his daughter.

    Isn't this typical?  It takes two men to sit around and watch a woman work!  Actually, I wonder how she can even see through that hair!  At John's Water Ice in Philly.

    Both Chris and Amy swear this waiter from Santarpio's is usually cranky.  But on the day of our visit, he was the friendliest waiter imaginable, even playfully hiding my camera to see how long it would take me to notice. 

    This guy from Western Steak Burger in San Diego was a lot of fun!  Here is displays their signature burger, which comes with gyro meat right on top of the burger.  Trust me, it is much better than it sounds.
    When wanderingjew and I told our waitress at Aunt Carrie's that we were eating our way around Rhode Island for the weekend, she wanted to hear all about where we were headed and what we were eating.  She even offered up a few suggestions.  Sounds like a Roadfooder to us!
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      Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Mon, 12/27/10 3:45 PM (permalink)
      Welcome to Roadfood!  Thanks for the kind words and we hope you stick around. 

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        Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Mon, 12/27/10 3:46 PM (permalink)
        That was great Cliff.  Very nice to highlight the people that make our visits special.

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          Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Mon, 12/27/10 4:10 PM (permalink)
          Agreed...but what I want to know is how he found out the woman in Philly was a stripper!

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            Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 6:56 PM (permalink)
            Mom never believes me when I say people like her sour cream raisin pie. Thanks, Buffetbuster and thanks to Wanderingjew for also including her pie. She has been beaming all day.

              Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 7:04 PM (permalink)
              Mark, I hope you don't mind me saying, but the sour cream raisin pie I had back during the Summer was quite a bit better than what I had a few years ago. (Not that wasn't really good before.)  Has anyone else said this?  And it is great to hear your mom's reaction.
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                Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 7:42 PM (permalink)

                Mom never believes me when I say people like her sour cream raisin pie. Thanks, Buffetbuster and thanks to Wanderingjew for also including her pie. She has been beaming all day.

                My pleasure!

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                  Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 8:04 PM (permalink)
                  Same recipe, Mom is getting better at it, I guess.

                    Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 9:17 PM (permalink)
                    So many great photos, stories and memories...thanks!
                    Looks like Portland moves up to the top of the list for a little visit...packing my costume as I write!
                    One appetizer and five desserts was really one appetizer, four desserts and one dairy as the super fabulous ice cream course counts towards dairy...for the record!
                      mr chips

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                      Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 12/28/10 11:40 PM (permalink)
                      Those are marvelous photos , Cliff. The human element is one of the great joys of roadfood.
                        John Fox

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                        Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 6:13 AM (permalink)

                        Compared to the strong field of contenders for best burger, the best hot dog list is rather weak.  I never made it to New Jersey to eat hot dogs during the year and sorely missed Charlie's Pool Room, my all-time #1 place.  Still, I was able to eat in some really good hot dog joints.

                        Best Hot Dogs
                        10. Skin Thrasher's - Anderson, SC

                        These are two "all the way", which means chili, mustard and onion.  The chili is more pebbly than liquidy and delivers top notch flavor.  The onions were especially strong and the split top buns, nice and soft.  BTW, hot dogs are the only thing on the menu here.


                        9. Gene & Jude's - River Grove, IL

                        Gene & Jude's makes the list, despite the fact that they told me no photos inside.  What, did you think someone from Pittsburgh is going to complain that there is fries on his hot dog!


                        8. Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island - Detroit, MI

                        Sorry, I just can't seperate these two next door neighbors and rivals.  Mariton and I ate here back-to-back early on a Sunday morning.  I gave a slight edge to Lafayette for their chili, but American's weiner had more of a snap to it.  I slightly preferred Lafayette, she liked American better.  Let's call it a draw for now.



                        7. Olneyville N. Y. System - Providence, RI

                        Last year, I ate at a suburban location of Olneyville and it was not good.  Wanderingjew took us to the downtown Providence location this year and the hot weiners and the atmosphere were significantly better.  The combination of the sauce, finely cut onions, mustard and celery salt is addictive!


                        6. Poochie's -  Skokie, IL

                        Third time here and still my favorite Chicago dog.


                        5. Flo's - Cape Neddick, ME

                        We screwed up by only ordering the Flo's "special", which means the onion sauce and mayo.  Yes, mayo sounds bizarre on a hot dog, but trust me, it works!  Next time, we need to try the ones with spicy mustard, too.


                        4. Pittsburgh Willy's - Chandler, AZ

                        A Pittsburgh themed hot dog stand in the Valley of the Sun, I had to stop in.  The most popular item is the Wild Willy, which puts the Pittsburgh only lunchmeat, chipped ham (and cheese) on top of the hot dog.  Apparently, not only us yinzers appreciate it, because it has won several awards for best local hot dogs!


                        3. Swanky Franks - Norwalk, CT

                        This was a surprise.  Chris Ayers took me to some more highly regarded hot dog joints during my weekend in Connecticut, but this one was my favorite.  The weiner is split and deep fried and covered with the delicious, meaty chili.


                        2. Grand Coney - Grand Rapids, MI

                        Another place we loved much more than expected.  You can get your coneys either Flint style (top photo), which means a spicy ground beef or Detroit style, the more typical coney sauce.  We very much enjoyed both and the coney sauce was the best chili I had all year.  My girlfriend, who is not a hot dog lover, mentions this place about once a month, asking when can we go back.

                        1. El Sinaloense 3 and El Guero Canelo - Tucson, AZ

                        These two were my first encounters with Sonoran dogs.  Since I went to them back-to-back and they are just down the street from each other, I am going with co-number #1s.

                        El Sinaloense 3 is nothing more than a cart in a vacant lot, south of town.  Don't ask me what all is in it, because even though I ate quite a few Sonoran dogs during my time in Tucson, I'm still not sure.  But, the dog is grilled, wrapped in bacon and buried under an avalanche of toppings.  The grilled bun was superb!


                        El Guero Canelo is more of a restaurant, although you order at the counter and they call you up to get your food.  Because of the overload of condiments, I went with the Sammy dog, which means it comes with two franks.  The bun here was pleasantly soft and the weiners had a much more bacony texture that was incredible!


                        Honorable mention:
                        1. Blackie's - Cheshire, CT
                        2. O' Betty's - Athens, OH
                        3. Ritzy Lunch - Clarksburg, WV
                        4. Original NY System - Providence, RI
                        5. Rawley's - Fairfield, CT 

                        I just came across this thread and naturally was drawn to the pictures and descriptions of the hot dogs. Great job! I've heard of all of the places on the list except for Pittsburgh Willy's. I've only been to Swanky Franks which I liked, and Flo's which I didn't. On your honorable mention, I've been to Rawley's and Blackie's. Both very good.
                        I know Skin Thrashers is known for their chili. But how is the actual frankfurter? I've seen this place on A Hot Dog Program and have heard a lot about it. I know that the hot dogs in this particular area are mild compared to what we have here in the East. Is that so with the Skin Thrasher's frank? Or is it more flavorable/better quality than what is usually found in South Carolina?

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                          Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 8:35 AM (permalink)
                          Interesting toppings, but the dogs under most of these look like small "Ballpark" type standard dogs...I see nothing like a natural casing Schickhaus or Best's or were the dogs tasting, minus all the stuff on top..Do you know any of the brands?....Often I feel the presentation can hide a multitude of sins below.....I test a new dog place by taking a piece of the dog and eating it plain. Cheap or generic tasting supermarket style dog, I'm not eating there again!!! That said, that Sonoran dog caught my eye!!
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                            Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 9:04 AM (permalink)
                            John Fox-
                            If I remember correctly, the frank used at Skin Thrasher's was on the mild side.  The 1/4 lb. all beef dog used at Pittsburgh Willy's was very flavorful and something, I imagine, you would have approved of.

                              Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 10:50 AM (permalink)
                              Best Breakfast
                              10. Tecolote - Santa Fe, NM

                              Tecelote is one of those places that does all the little things right.  From fresh squeezed orange juice, to french toast made out of their own bread (pictured is orange poppyseed and honey blue corn), Tecolote is a must stop when in Santa Fe!  
                              9. The Breakfast Shoppe - Severna Park, MD

                              Cousin Johnny has been taking me to this wonderful little restaurant for years and we ate here at least another half dozen times this year, too.  There is always a large list of daily specials, but my favorite things to order are the Benedicts.  The top photo is the Philadelphia Benny, with beef sirloin, onions and cheese.  The bottom photo is the Nova Scotia Benny, with smoked salmon. 
                              8. Gus Balon's - Tucson, AZ

                              I really wish it was possible to try more things on my visit to Gus Balon's, but the cinnamon roll and breakfast burger were so immense, it just wasn't possible. But, oh were they good!  
                              7. Blue Plate Cafe - Memphis, TN

                              Really good pancakes and biscuits and gravy, but it is the powerful country ham that puts Blue Plate Cafe on this list.
                              6. Lou Mitchell's - Chicago, IL

                              Omelets have the tendency to taste similar from place to place, but the omelets at Lou Mitchell's really are much better!  The homemade orange marmalade is another highlight.  
                              5. Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles - Phoenix, AZ

                              Not exactly typical breakfast food, but they surely do make excellent fried chicken here and since I was eating this at 9:00AM..... 
                              4. McBob's - Milwaukee, WI

                              McBob's is a tavern, with a small breakfast menu, but what they do serve is far and away, the best corned beef hash I have ever had. 
                              3. Food at Fishers Station - Victor, NY

                              Pancakes and french toast that just melts in your mouth.  While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, we started chatting with a couple of guys who were headed out to golf.  When they found out it was our first time there, they told us that if we didn't love our pancakes, they would pay for our meal.  Needless to say, we paid our own bill.  
                              2. Hob Nob Hill - San Diego, CA

                              While the omelets, potatoes and fresh squeezed orange juice are all wonderful, it is the made that morning coffee cake (orange in the photo) and muffins (pineapple) that earn my undying love.  
                              1. Hominy Grill - Charleston, SC

                              ChiTownDiner and myself had a memorable breakfast here, including spectacular shrimp and grits.  But even the ordinary items like the sausage or the jam for the homemade biscuits become extraordinary.  We followed our meal with dessert, which mine was the previously mentioned chocolate pudding.  From beginning to end, the best meal I had all year! 
                              Honorable mention:
                              Al's Breakfast - Minneapolis, MN
                              Ann Sather - Chicago, IL
                              Friendly Toast - Portsmouth, NH and Cambridge, MA
                              Benji's - Milwaukee, WI
                              Barksdale - Memphis, TN
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                                Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 11:24 AM (permalink)
                       favorite eat-out is breakfast...and this is heaven...can't make up my mind...oh that philly Bene looks so homemade marmalade...I'll have one of everything!!
                                  ann peeples

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                                  Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 12:12 PM (permalink)
                                  Another fine list BB!!!!!

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                                    Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 12:15 PM (permalink)
                                    Very inspiring. 
                                    Kudos to all involved.

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                                      Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 12:53 PM (permalink)

                                      Best Breakfast
                                      5. Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles - Phoenix, AZ

                                      Not exactly typical breakfast food, but they surely do make excellent fried chicken here and since I was eating this at 9:00AM.....

                                      There's no bad time of day for fried chicken and anyplace that serves it at 9am is A-OK with me!
                                      Now if only someplace would serve fried chicken and shrimp and grits for breakfast...

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                                        Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Wed, 12/29/10 1:56 PM (permalink)
                                        You can get Breakfast at Lo-Lo's. See # 1 and # 6 on the menu! Grits included!
                                          mr chips

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                                          Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Thu, 12/30/10 9:02 AM (permalink)
                                          Hob Nob Hill and Gus Balon's were two of the best breakfasts that Trudy, Sam and i have ever had. Ann Sather's and Barkdale's on your also ran last were pretty good as well. But one of of the great things about Portland is our extensive list of great breakfast places. I don't know if TTM liked it as much as I do but the Cameo Cafe in Portland is a great spot. I love this thread , BB and I look forward to even more.
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                                            Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Fri, 12/31/10 5:32 PM (permalink)
                                            buffetbuster -
                                            So many great little time!
                                            Everything about the Hominy Grill was favorite meal of the included!
                                            The Shrimp and Grits was one of my all time best meals in both my life and the world of travel...that good!
                                            You're so right, all the little things...I ate those jams for months and still sip morning coffee from the mug!
                                            Thanks for sharing...and the rest of the list is enviable also!

                                              Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Sat, 01/1/11 11:20 AM (permalink)
                                              Looking back through my photos, I made a mistake on my best non-pie dessert list.  The ice cream

                                              from Jeni's Fresh Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio should have been high on the list.  The trio in the photo includes (clockwise from top) salty caramel, brown butter almond brittle and dark chocolate peppermint.  The last flavor was especially memorable. 

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                                                Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Sat, 01/1/11 5:47 PM (permalink)
                                                Cliff you know your way around a list, but I absolutely love the rundown of all the cool people you met this year--you can tell what a positive effect you have on people by all the smiling faces you got in return.  Reminds me of the candid filmmaker/actor photos Roger Ebert posts on his Facebook feed.  Just marvelous!
                                                And both your and Dale's lists made me wonder if you've ever had the roast beef hash at Hob Nob Hill--I don't like hash that much and it was just amazing.

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                                                  Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Sat, 01/1/11 11:47 PM (permalink)
                                                  Cliff, thanks for raising the bar yet again!!  You always have a knack for drawing out the best in the people who make and serve Roadfood and that picture along with your description of the guy at Santarpio's is proof positive!  I'm still drooling over that glistening Bobcat Bite burger, the gloriously messy chipped ham dog at Pittsburgh Willy's, the Reason at Slow's and those sinful looking baked beans at Stubby's.  I can't even begin to talk of those pie pics without shedding a tear.  Here's to a great 2011!!  It seems as though fried chicken and pies have made inroads here in the Big Apple.  if you make your way here this here we should conduct some investigative research.

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                                                    Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Sun, 01/2/11 9:28 PM (permalink)


                                                    Last Friday their flavor was Nutcracker. Can you get picture texts on your phone?? lol
                                                    What exactly is in Nutcracker?  And don't tell me nuts and crackers!

                                                    The nutty concoction, titled Nutcracker, includes butter rum custard with pecans, cashews, almonds and pistachios.

                                                      Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 01/4/11 1:22 PM (permalink)
                                                      Best (New To Me) Roadfood Restaurants of 2010

                                                      10. Chink's - Philadelphia, PA

                                                      Chink's won me over before I even stepped inside.  From the sidewalk, you can watch the grillman through the window and all the sizzling meat, cheese and onions.  And with the old wooden booths, counter seats and old fashioned signs, the inside is even better.  The cheesesteaks were terrific, but I especially loved the thick chocolate/banana shakes.
                                                      9. Bush Meadow Farm - Union, CT

                                                      Since I was brought here by Roadfooder Chris Ayers, I was happy to let him do the ordering for us.  Chris, in turn, consulted with owner Nancy Kapplan (pictured).  Using homemade bread, goat cheese and smoked sausage, the breakfast sandwich was shockingly fresh.  With three kinds of beans and loaded with bacon, ground meat and brown sugar, the Chuckwagon beans were also a big hit.
                                                      8. Jewell's Open Pit Bar-B-Q - Princeton, KY

                                                      Cousin Johnny and I were thoroughly charmed by this friendly little restaurant in small town Kentucky.  We stopped in about a half hour before they closed for the day and everything we tried, including tender pork bbq sandwiches and sweet beans were really good.  For dessert, there were unusual, homemade pies, like chocolate chip pecan and French coconut, that Johnny particularly enjoyed.  Since we were the only customers at the time, the owner, a very nice woman about our age, spent a lot of time chatting with us.  She told us we should come back the next morning for their breakfast and told us how the locals loved the country ham.
                                                      Needless to say, we were back the next morning and the salty country ham, with red eyed gravy, was indeed terrific.  But the best part was when they brought us some amazingly moist and smoky pork, straight from the pit.  Before we left, I got a photo of the father and daughter, two generations of ownership.
                                                      7. Lankford Grocery - Houston, TX

                                                      Lankford Grocery has great Roadfood atmosphere and I was expecting to really enjoy their superb cheeseburger.  What was unexpected, was some of the cheesiest and creamiest mac and cheese of the year.
                                                      6. Paradise Pup - Des Plaines, IL

                                                      Mariton and I were brought here by ChiTownDiner and we were happy to let him do the ordering for us.  All of the food, including the Chicago dog, charburger and french fries covered with Merkt's cheddar were really good.  But what made our visit here special was the outstanding thick shakes.  We sampled the red raspberry and rich chocolate and they were the best I have had in a long time.  Because the place is so small and so crowded, we had to eat in our car, but for this food, it was well worth it!
                                                      5. Pico de Gallo - South Tucson, AZ

                                                      A colorful little eatery where Spanish is the primary language, JRPfeff and I ate tasty tacos (fish and shrimp for me), the amazing pico de gallo, which is a plastic cup filled with fruit covered in lime, salt and chili powder and the best horchata I have ever had.
                                                      4. Andino's - Providence, RI

                                                      We started off with homey bowls of chicken escarole soup and excellent warm bread.  Mariton ordered a special with plenty of fresh seafood and artichoke hearts over angel hair and she was thrilled.  My meal of linguini smothered in freshly diced clams was even better.  A memorable meal in the middle of Providence's Federal Hill. 
                                                      3. Joe's Stone Crab - Miami Beach, FL

                                                      One of the most expensive Roadfood meals of the year was also one of the best.  The seafood bisque was luxurious.  Sides like the thin sweet potato fries and the unusual pickley cole slaw were very good.  But the reason you come here are for those wonderful stone crab claws.  Both TTM and I went with the large claws, which comes with five to an order and on this day, it was $42.95.  The meat is chilled and sweet and worth every penny, especially when dipped in Joe's unusual mustard sauce.  For dessert, the best key lime pie I have ever had. 
                                                      2. Stubby's Hik-Ry Pit Bar-B-Que - Hot Springs, AR

                                                      Earlier this year, I was flying from Pittsburgh to Phoenix and our pilot pointed out the lights below to the left was Hot Springs, Arkansas.  My stomach immediately started growling for McClard's ribs.  Now that I have been to Stubby's, my stomach will also start growling for Stubby's ribs, sliced pork sandwich and especially for that amazing Pot O Beans.
                                                      1. Swan Market - Rochester, NY

                                                      I may be the only person on the website who would dream about rating this humble little butcher shop/grocery store/cafe this high.  Growing up in a German household, I am very fussy about my German food.  But, when Mariton and I walked in and saw a family sitting down to a table filled with food and they were all speaking German, it was obvious this was going to be a winner.  The sausage appetizer, all made here, was the bargain of the year at $3.00.  The rahm schnitzle was pure comfort food and tasted like it came direct from my grandmother's kitchen.  The chunks of potato in the German potato salad were much smaller than I am used to, but was still vinegary and delicious.  The one complaint was that they did not have spaetzle, but the noodles covered in the rahm schnitzle gravy was still a fine side.
                                                      If I could choose one Roadfood restaurant to have in my neighborhood, it may very well be Swan Market.
                                                      Honorable Mention:
                                                      Harbor View Cafe - Pepin, WI
                                                      Tucson Tamale Company - Tucson, AZ
                                                      Cafe des Amis - Breaux Bridge, LA
                                                      Magnolia - Charleston, SC
                                                      Bertha's Kitchen - Charleston, SC
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                                                        Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 01/4/11 2:57 PM (permalink)
                                                        Once again, Another great list! THANX! BB

                                                          Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 01/4/11 3:11 PM (permalink)
                                                          Good to hear a mention of Harbor View Cafe.  Haven't been there in several years, but I really enjoyed driving down there when I lived in the Twin Cities.

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                                                            Re:My year in Roadfood (2010) Tue, 01/4/11 3:16 PM (permalink)
                                                            Wow....what food here...that German dish looks to die for!!!!!
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