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 NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 4/1/09 (WITH PICS)!

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RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Fri, 09/26/08 8:07 AM (permalink)
I think cupcakes are a great way to have cake - it's like your own little piece of heaven that you don't need to share (unless you want to...). We grew up with my dad showing us how to eat it without getting frosting everywhere - the less on you, the more in you... cut the bottom half horizontally from the cake, and invert it over the top, and, voila!

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    RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sat, 11/15/08 4:32 AM (permalink)
    Originally posted by TnTinCT

    I think cupcakes are a great way to have cake - it's like your own little piece of heaven that you don't need to share (unless you want to...). We grew up with my dad showing us how to eat it without getting frosting everywhere - the less on you, the more in you... cut the bottom half horizontally from the cake, and invert it over the top, and, voila!

    That works pretty well, unless your cupcake is cream-filled, then it can get a wee bit messy!

      RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sat, 11/15/08 8:51 AM (permalink)
      billyboy - This was great stuff...and I agree with Tony regarding your reply to Michael and the report itself! Of all the problems in this diss cupcakes, well, that just takes the cake!

      As I scrolled through the photos, it looked like the first ones were pretty dry, but by that last set - Yowza! I'm with Ann, you can bury me in Red Velvet and the Lemon Swirl, not bad either. While I enjoy multi-food trips, I like the idea of a single item comparison. Great Job!

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        RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 11/16/08 12:19 PM (permalink)


        It's been a spell, but I finally managed to hit 5 more cupcake shops and I instituted a new rule: I only eat half of each cupcake and the logic is two-fold, 1.) By the time I've eaten half, I've already made up my mind about the cupcake and 2.) I really don't need to eat the whole thing if I'm going to finish this tour and I found some former co-workers who are happy to get the cast-offs! Unless of course, the cupcake is really freakin' good, to which I say, "Cupcake, what cupcake? I didn't eat any cupcake, let alone TWO! That's just crazy-talk!"

        Stop #6-KITCHENETTE

        Outside Kitchenette in the Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal Street) neighborhood of Manhattan.

        Old wooden doors are a recurring theme as part of the decor.

        My yellow cake cupcake with vanilla frosting & cream filling and my devil's food cupcake with chocolate frosting and peanut butter cream filling.

        The cross section.

        And another cross shot.

        The BREAKDOWN: I wasn't terribly impressed with these cupcakes. The frosting on both was a bit too sugary sweet for my taste, however, the cream filling and peanut butter cream filling were right on. Sadly, the texture of the cakes wasn't moist and fluffy, but rather firm, bordering on hard. When I cut the chocolate one in half, there was no "give" when I sank the knife into it. The cake fully retained its shape. I'd return as they have other goods such as puddings, cakes, pies, cobblers, etc that I'd like to give a fair shake but I'm not sure if I'd try the cupcakes again. Price: $2.75 each.

        Stop #7-CRUMBS BAKERY

        Outside CRUMBS Bakery on East 8th Street in Greenwich Village.

        My yellow cake cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles.

        The cross section.

        The "Artie Lange" cupcake (as described online): vanilla sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in vanilla cream cheese frosting and topped with chocolate fondant icing with white and chocolate sprinkles on the sides.

        And the cross section.

        Just part of the CRUMBS selection.

        The BREAKDOWN-I really wanted to like this place, really I did. Especially after Roadfooder "Slim Strummer" asked me to try the Artie Lange cupcake. Both of these cupcakes fell way short for me in most respects. The textures were both moist and spongy, a good thing, but the flavor of the cake kept reminding me of all the boxed (Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines) cake mixes that I ate as a kid when my mom would bake a cake for my class in the rectangular metal pan. It was good enough, but it just doesn't stand out. As far as the frostings go, if Jerry Lee Lewis owned this place, he'd rename it "Whole Lotta Sugar Goin' On". The vanilla frosting tasted only of sugar. I'm not sure what else they could have done, but it was way too sweet.

        After reading the description of the Artie Lange, I was hoping for layers of flavor, but that just didn't happen. The chocolate buttercream filling tasted like frosting out of the can and I didn't know there was supposed to be vanilla cream cheese frosting until I read it later. The flavors just didn't come through and once again, all I really got was the dominating effect of too much sugar. Their cupcakes sure do look pretty and they are really big, but this was my third time at this location and I just don't get the appeal. Now, there are about as many CRUMBS Bakeries popping up in NYC as there are Osmond children. I'm not so sure that's a good thing. How many cupcakes can they move in a day? Baked goods don't age well. Sorry Slim, but I can't recommend this place at all. Perhaps one of the other locations has better product, but I imagine it's a franchise thing where they all have to conform to making them the "CRUMBS" way. The "Artie Lange" was $3.75 per cupcake and I think the vanilla was $2.75 (honestly I can't remember that one!).

        Stop #8-BATCH

        Outside of BATCH on West 10th Street in the West Village.

        Inside. I really like the decor in this place. Very homey and welcoming.

        The seating. Just a small area by the window with a coffee table. Perfect for watching people go by and browsing a few magazines whilst indulging in a cupcake (or two!).

        Pumpkin Maple Rum cupcakes.

        Chocolate Dragon Devil's Food cupcakes with glitter on top and a caramel filling.

        Carrot Salted Caramel cupcakes with a Key Lime Cream Cheese filling.

        A close-up of the Dragon.


        From the top.

        And the cross section.

        Pumpkin Maple Rum.

        Inside the PMR.

        Carrot Salted Caramel (sorry, this is the only shot that was close to any good).

        My Chocolate cupcake with a Bacon-Caramel frosting and filled with pumpkin cream (mousse?) spiked with bacon fat.

        And a close-up.

        The BREAKDOWN-Honestly, I'm not sure where to start with this place. It really worked for me on so many levels! Okay, first, the West Village is such a beautiful neighborhood, tree lined and very residential, which makes it a great place to stroll about on a lazy day and a perfect setting for relaxing with some cupcakes. The decor inside is very welcoming and charming. I guess I'd describe it as looking and feeling like an old-fashioned home from the wallpaper to the chandeliers and the hardwood floor. The staff and owner (and his mom) were very welcoming and happy to answer any questions I had. And most importantly, they had the goods! These are some seriously delicious cupcakes!

        To explain a little, I went in and asked the girl at the counter what she recommended. She made some suggestions and I struck up a conversation with the owner's mom, who frosts the cupcakes. She told me that she had had a stroke about a year ago and as a result has lost some of her ability to taste foods. She said she wanted to watch me try the cupcakes to see what I thought of them and live somewhat vicariously through me. I thought that was really sweet and I was happy to oblige. We talked for a while about the different cupcakes, the ingredients they use and the flavors they come up with. I first tried the Chocolate Dragon Devil's Food and it was incredible! Very moist from the buttermilk with a deep, rich chocolate flavor and the Valrhona frosting was intensely chocolatey too. The Valrhona chocolate pearls on top were a nice touch too. As wonderful as this was, the caramel filling is what really closed the deal for me. It was, as the Sterns might say, "teetering on edge of burnt". This intensely flavored filling really won me over with each bite.

        I had mixed feelings about the Pumpkin Maple Rum. I loved the frosting as it had notes of the maple and rum mixed together. Hmmm, I wonder if they would do a butter-rum frosting? The cake was okay, but I thought it was a bit too moist (dare I say, wet) for me. Moist is good, but this was a bit sticky-moist. Just not my thing. I also wished that the pumpkin had a more assertive presence. Perhaps some pie spices (allspce, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc...) to draw it out. The golden raisins (sultanas?) were a nice touch. I initially thought about getting the carrot instead of the pumpkin, but they brought me out a piece to try on the house. This I was loving from the get go, moist with good carrot cake flavor and the key lime cream cheese filling was tart and worked well with the rest of the cupcake without being overpowering. And the Salted Caramel frosting wasn't of the burnt caramel variety, but still had a nice toasty presence and the salt balanced out the sweetness while at the same time drawing out their flavors. Very inspired.

        I came back again recently with my cousin who was visiting from Florida (she and her husband loved the cupcakes!) and the counter girl made up a Devil's Food cupcake for me (still slightly warm) with a Bacon-Caramel frosting. I think it almost sighed when I picked it up, it was so fragile. The smoky, salty bacon bits really made sense with the caramel and chocolate. The filling was a pumpkin cream spiked with bacon fat. Unfortunately, this element didn't work for me at all. I couldn't really pick up the pumpkin flavor and the fat tasted, well, like fat. That aside, it was a pretty amazing cupcake. Pichet Ong, the baker/chef, loves to experiment with unusual flavor combinations and I'd definitely recommend a special trip here. He also makes tarts, cakes and a banana-Ovaltine pudding that I've got my eye on. The Pumpkin Maple Rum was $3.25, Chocolate Dragon Devil's Food $2.95 and the Carrot Salted Caramel was $2.95. Money well spent!

        Stop #9-TRIBECA TREATS

        Outside the shop on Warren Street in Tribeca.

        Front of the shop.

        The cupcakes.

        The cupcake menu.

        More of the menu (sorry about the flash on this one!).

        A place to sit and relax.

        Peach Melba with Cream cheese frosting and a Devil's Food with buttercream frosting.

        Close-up of the Melba.

        Melba, unwrapped.

        Inner beauty.

        Close-up of the Devil's Food.

        Devil's Food, unwrapped.

        Cut in half.

        The BREAKDOWN-Tribeca Treats is a fairly new shop and I had found out about it through a cupcake blog I discovered online. I went in one day to scope it out and they had cinnamon cupcakes, so I vowed to return with camera in hand. It's a neat shop and seems to be very kid friendly. They didn't have the cinnamon cupcake on the day I went, but the Peach Melba caught my eye. This had tons of great flavor! As I write this, I realize that I don't recall what the crumbs are on top of this one. Possibly graham cracker or gingersnaps. Moist cake, raspberry jam on top, a nice big piece of peach inside and some fluffy cream cheese frosting. I was really wowed by this one. The Devil's Food was pretty good too. The cake was moist as well with good chocolate flavor and a decent buttercream frosting. The only downside for me is that these cupcakes are pretty small in size. They are only $2.00 each which is pretty standard here in the city, but they are small. Like "I could hold them with two fingers and not get any frosting on them small". I don't think I'd make a special trip here, but I'd go back as the flavors and textures were right on and I'm hoping to get a shot at that cinnamon cupcake.

        Stop #10-BUTTERCUP BAKE SHOP

        Outside Buttercup Bake Shop on 2nd Avenue between 52nd and 51st Streets.

        The Lady Baltimore cupcake and the chocolate buttercream frosted chocolate cupcake.

        A close-up of the chocolate cupcake.

        The cross section.

        Close-up of the Lady Baltimore.

        And the cross section.

        The BREAKDOWN-Sadly, the chocolate cupcake was on the dry side and the frosting had some chocolate flavor, but was too sugary sweet for my taste. When I spied the Lady Baltimore and the counter girl told me its make-up, I had to try it. It's an almond cake with a meringue icing, coconut, crushed gingersnaps and a cherry on top. This one had some hits and misses for me, but overall, I liked it. The cake was moist (but it did fall short in the sponginess department). I loved the meringue and the outer crust on it. The cherry was a nice touch that provided some sweetness. I wasn't crazy about the coconut, but then I don't really care for it unless it's toasted. I was really looking forward to the gingersnaps, but I couldn't taste them. I was hoping for a sweet, slightly spicy kick. I'm not sure if I would return. They seem to have dozens of cupcakes on hand and I wonder how fast they are able to move them. In my travels, I've found that places making smaller batches tend to have a better focus on quality vs. quantity (not always the case). I asked if I could take some pictures of the inside, but they declined and were very nice about it.

        6.) Kitchenette
        156 Chambers Street
        NYC 10007
        Phone # 212-267-6740
        Roadfood review:

        7.) Crumbs Bake Shop
        37 East 8th Street
        New York, NY
        Phone # 212-673-1500

        8.) batch
        150B West 10th Street
        New York, NY 10014
        Phone # 212-929-0250

        9.) Tribeca Treats
        94 Reade Street
        New York, NY 10013
        Phone # 212-571-0500

        10.) Buttercup Bake Shop
        973 2nd Avenue (between 51st & 52nd Streets-East Side)
        New York, NY 10022
        Phone # 212-350-4144

        Well, it's been a tough job so far. Only about 20-30 more to go. I'll see y'all around the bend after 5 more!! Til then...

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          RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 11/16/08 2:57 PM (permalink)

          Your cupcake travels make me envious, we have NO such creations like that around here.

          The salted carrot with key lime cream cheese sounded interesting
          and the Dragon Devils Food looked awesome.

          I was going to comment on how dry the chocolate cupacke looked from the buttercup bakeshop, but you addressed that issue in your follow up comments.

          Keep up the great work.

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            RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 11/16/08 3:42 PM (permalink)
            billyboy -

            i'll take one of the peach melba and the lady baltimore.

            thanks for the review.

            waiting for more.

              RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 11/16/08 4:09 PM (permalink)
              billyboy - once again, amazing stuff! I'm spending a weekend at batch - I like everything about the place including your discussion with the mother. While there, I will have a peach melba or two delivered! I'm hoping you got a few more of these palces up your sleeve!

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                RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 11/16/08 5:08 PM (permalink)
                Only in New York could you find so many places dedicated to cupcakes!!!

                  RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Mon, 11/17/08 11:36 AM (permalink)
                  You're making me hungry again, billyboy!

                  I followed your orders and went to the new shop Misha's Cupcakes in Coral Gables, took pictures and made some tasting notes. My laptop died, and took the report along with it.

                  I'll just have to go again.

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                    RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Mon, 11/17/08 11:44 AM (permalink)
                    Such beautiful pictures! Makes me want to run out and get cupcakes NOW!
                      Slim Strummer

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                      RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 11/16/08 (WITH PICS)! Wed, 11/19/08 8:12 PM (permalink)

                      You honor me by even trying the Artie Lange. Sorry is wasn't up to snuff. But I am not surprised, because: they are expanding, opening branches in the 'burbs (Fairfield County in particular). Usually, quality suffers, at a minimum, but it could also be that Crumbs was just a bunch of hype.

                      But again, Billy, I gotta tell ya: yer reports are just AWESOME. Your candor and opinion and photography are the BEST.

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                        RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Wed, 04/1/09 11:28 PM (permalink)
                        NYC CUPCAKE TOUR-PART 3 (AKA The third time is a charm folks!!)

                        STOPS #11 THROUGH #15

                        #11-CUPCAKE CAFE

                        Outside the Cupcake Cafe.  This place is right across from the Port Authority bus terminal in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan.

                        My Maple-Walnut and Chocolate cupcakes

                        A close-up of the Chocolate ($2.50)

                        And the cross section

                        Close-up of the Maple-Walnut ($2.50)

                        And the cross section

                        Lots of very beautiful cupcakes on display.

                        THE BREAKDOWN: I had been here once before and loved the charm and atmosphere of this place, but wasn't crazy about the cupcakes. This time the charm was still there (although I wasn't able to get any good pics of the interior) and the cupcakes were good. The decor is very mixed (an old mirror in the back, a huge table in front made of a HUGE slab of stone, old pictures and new articles on the walls and I had a wonderful conversation with the owner.

                        The Chocolate cupcake was fairly moist and had a decent chocolate flavor in the cake. The frosting was a buttercream that was okay, but a bit too solid for my taste. I had hoped it would have been lighter and creamy. They do get points for the artistry of the flowers on their cupcakes. The Maple-Walnut was a good score as anything maple is scarce in NYC. I really enjoyed this one and the walnuts had a nice tasty, crunchy presence in the cake which was moist. The frosting had a subtle maple flavor (wished it had been a touch more assertive), but it was lighter than the frosting on the chocolate cupcake.

                        IN THE END: All in all, I enjoyed the cupcakes on this visit and I would go back for more, but it wouldn't be near the top of my list of places to go.

                        #12-burgers & cupcakes

                        The exterior of burgers & cupcakes

                        Another shot outside


                        My yellow cupcake w/chocolate ganache & my black & white cupcake with chocolate ganache and peanut butter frosting

                        A full shot of the yellow cupcake ($2.95)

                        And the cross section

                        A full shot of the black & white ($2.95)

                        And the cross section

                        Some shots of all the cupcakes on display.



                        THE BREAKDOWN: I've been coming here for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed their cupcakes (as well as their burgers and fries). The yellow cupcake was good, but not the best I have ever had. The cake was moist (honestly, the cake was a bit on the heavy side) and the ganache had a deep chocolate flavor, but it was a bit too rich and heavy for my taste. It sort of got in the way of the cake. The black and white was a bit better. The cake and ganache possessed the same texture as the yellow, however, the contrast in tastes of the chocolate and yellow cake was a good one. What sealed the deal for me though, was the peanut butter on top. The first time I tried this, I was disappointed that it wasn't a peanut butter cream frosting as I had expected, but the real peanut butter (note: not natural, but real as in jarred PB: JIF, Skippy, Peter Pan, not entirely sure) dances wonderfully with the rich ganache and creates somewhat of a salty/sweet contrast that really works.

                        IN THE END: I really like this place and will return if the mood strikes me but I'm not sure I would have a craving for it.


                        #13-DESSERT CLUB, CHICKALICIOUS

                        Outside in the East Village, NYC

                        A full shot of the Coconut cupcake ($1.60)


                        And the cross section

                        The full shot of the Caramel cupcake ($1.60)


                        And the cross section

                        A full shot of the S'Mores cupcake ($2.25)

                        The cross section

                        THE BREAKDOWN: I really, really loved these cupcakes! All of the cupcakes had a good moistness factor with respect to the cake. Part of what won me over is each of them had a marshmallow creme frosting that was thick, yet light and airy at the same time. The first time I've run into this as a cupcake topper and hopefully not my last. The toasted coconut on top added great taste and texture to the Coconut cupcake. The graham flavor in the S'Mores cupcake could have been stronger, but it was present, the dark chocolate ganache filling was rich and the burnt marshmallow topping was inspired. Not the same as sitting around a campfire with chocolate and marshmallow dripping down my hands as I reminisce with friends, but a suitable fill-in if I can't leave the city. This one was actually the impetus for me seeking out Chickalicious as I had read about it in a magazine and was compelled to try it! The real winner for me was the Caramel cupcake. The frosting had a deep caramel flavor and the filling was that almost burnt caramel that I love so much. The only down side for me is that they are rather small. Not mini cupcakes, yet not full sized, they reminded me of renting my first apartment, walking into the kitchen and realizing that it had not a full sized refrigerator, but a 3/4 size. It would do for now, but it could be so much more...

                        IN THE END: Even though the prices were on the lower end of this tour and much as I love these, their diminutive size holds me back from sprinting there for more right away. I am very interested in returning as they have more desserts here and at their other location (ChickLicious Dessert Bar) right across the street and based on their menu, they look very inspired and worth checking out.

                        #14-BIG BOOTY BREAD CO.

                        Outside Big Booty in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

                        A closer shot of the window.

                        A full shot of the Dulce de Leche cupcake ($2.50)

                        And the cross section

                        The full shot of the Red Velvet cupcake ($2.50)

                        The cross section

                        This is what they are known for, with good reason!

                        THE BREAKDOWN: My favorite stop on this section of the tour. I have a soft spot in my heart for this place as they supplied some awesome Red Velvets and a most tasty Tres Leches cake for my Cinco de Mayo birthday bash a couple of years ago and everything was great and they were such a pleasure to deal with. They only make these two kinds of cupcakes, so I knew what I was getting ahead of time. The Dulce de Leche cupcake was moist and the frosting had a nice caramel-y note to it (dulce de leche is sweetened milk that is simmered slowly until it resembles caramel in taste and texture). The dulce de leche filling was a bit too subtle tasting. I wished it had been stronger and there had been more of it. The Red Velvet cupcake was one of the best of this whole tour! I went to pull off the paper cup and it was soooo fragile that I thought it would fall apart like a tragic Tennessee Williams character suffering from a case of the vapors! I really though it would just fall apart, but it stood its ground, beckoning to me. The cocoa flavor really popped which is something that I don't find very often in most Red Velvets. The tangy, light cream cheese icing just put it over the top for me!

                        IN THE END: I would definitely go out of my way for the Red Velvet cupcake here and would heartily recommend it to others. The people here are really nice too and it's a cute little place to just hang out with a tasty baked good (or two!).

                        #15-BILLY'S BAKERY

                        Outside Billy's Bakery on 9th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.

                        There is some seating and it makes for a nice relaxing place to take a break from the day.

                        The full shot of the Classic Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream icing ($2.25)

                        And the cross section

                        The full shot of my Banana cupcake with Cream Cheese icing ($2.75)

                        And the cross section

                        THE BREAKDOWN: I had been here a few times before and thought it was okay, but nothing noteworthy. The Classic was imbued with a deep chocolate flavor in the cake and was justly moist. The icing was exactly how I feel a buttercream should be: whipped, light and the chocolate flavor was abundant. A real winner. The Banana was good, but I felt the cake could have been a bit lighter and a bit more moist. It did have a nice banana flavor and chunks of bananas inside at the bottom. The icing was firm on the outside, yet soft and creamy underneath. Not sure I would get it again, but I am certainly glad I tried it.

                        IN THE END: Surprisingly good considering my previous visits. Definitely worth checking out again.


                        THE 411:

                        11.) burgers & cupcakes
                        458 9th Avenue (btw. 35th & 36th Streets)
                        New York, NY 10018
                         Ph# 212-643-1200
                         Roadfood review:

                        12.) CUPCAKE CAFE
                              545 9th Avenue (btw. 40th & 41st Streets)
                              New York, NY 10018
                              Ph# 212-465-1530
                              Roadfood review:
                              Note:  They have a second location at 18 West 18th Street (btw. 5th & 6th Avenues) located inside the Books of Wonder bookstore.  I've never eaten the cupcakes there, but the bookstore is a great place to take kids and might be worth a stop if you're bringing your children into the city.  

                        13.)  DESSERT CLUB, CHICKALICIOUS
                               204 East 10th Street
                               New York, NY
                               Ph# 212-475-0929

                        14.)  BIG BOOTY BREAD CO.
                               261 West 23rd Street (btw. 7th & 8th Avenues)
                               New York, NY 10011
                               Ph# 212-414-3056

                        15.)  BILLY'S BAKERY
                               184 9th Avenue (btw. 21st & 22nd Streets)
                               New York, NY 10011
                               Ph # 212-647-9953

                        That's all for now, but stick around for stops 16 thru 20 coming to a Roadfood cupcake thread near you!!!!!

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                          Slim Strummer

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                          RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Thu, 04/2/09 1:15 AM (permalink)
                          How things change.  I used to live on that block where big booty bread is, but it wasn't there at that time.  It all looks delicious. 

                          Again, just to pile on...

                          That was a great report.

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                            RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Thu, 04/2/09 7:52 AM (permalink)
                            Beeeayooootiful, man.  As I sit here with my Special K and bananas.  :)  It might be my imagination but that Red Velvet from the Big Booty place looks really moist and your Blanche Dubois comparison makes a lot of sense.  

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                              RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Thu, 04/2/09 8:17 AM (permalink)
                              What a wonderful report! I'm going to make a list of all the places and try to try a few! Thanks for posting!

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                                RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Mon, 04/6/09 8:25 AM (permalink)
                                Billyboy, thanks for the continuation of a great report!
                                I had been curious to see how you liked the Cupcake Cafe. When I tried one a while a ago I thought it was just beautiful-- too pretty to eat-- and then when I tried it I found to my dismay that it really was too pretty to eat! Nice to hear that you fuond the cupcakes more tasty this time.
                                But it was the caramel cupcake from the Dessert Club that had me drooling on my keyboard! I can't wait until I am next in the city, I am making a beeline for one of those.
                                I noticed that about half of the cupcakes you tried had fillings  (a newer trend, I think) and about half were just cake. Any preference?
                                Thanks again for a great report, I am looking forward to the next installment.

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                                  RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Mon, 04/6/09 8:40 AM (permalink)
                                  A fabulous report!!!!!!!!

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                                    RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Mon, 04/6/09 9:00 AM (permalink)
                                    As always, billyboy, a great report and fabulous pictures.  I live in the  Washington DC area.  Friends and I have tried some items (mostly cupcakes) from a local chain that had gotten a lot of press around here, Cakelove.

                                    As you mentioned in at least one of your reviews, I really wanted to like their cupcakes.  However, the cake was too dry for my taste, and, they are not inexpensive ($3.25 per cupcake).  Next stop will be Charm City Cupcakes in Baltimore.....

                                      • Total Posts: 2363
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                                      • Location: New York City, NY
                                      RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 04/26/09 12:27 AM (permalink)
                                      Nancy, no it wasn't your imagination.  One of the moistest (is that a word?) of the tour.  

                                      outolunch, I like filled and unfilled just about equally.  It really comes down to the amount of filling and the flavor.  If they put it in there, don't skimp on it and tease me with just a taste.  I like bold assertive flavors.  If the filling just tastes of sugar, then it is a huge letdown.  

                                      Ivyhouse, isn't Cakelove run by Warren Brown?  Are they big cupcakes?  He always seemed really passionate about baking on his show, "Sugar Rush".  How was Charm City?  Any connection to Duff Goldman's Charm City Cakes?

                                        RE: NYC Cupcake Tour UPDATED 04/01/09 (WITH PICS)! Sun, 04/26/09 7:02 AM (permalink)
                                        Wow - cupcake heaven!! We went to the city a couple of weeks ago, and based on much of billyboy's reviews, hit both Burgers and Cupcakes, and RUB barbeque - which is right down the street from Big Booty Bakery - now a missed opportunity!

                                        My comment early on in the postings, about cutting the cupcake in half horizontally and putting the bottom over the icing to retain all that yumminess.....I can see now that my childhood was seriously lacking in creative cupcake-y-ness, as we never got cupcakes with filling!!

                                        Must put Dessert Club on our list for next time - the pics are amazing!
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