Nathan's French Fries

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2004/12/20 02:26:39 (permalink)

Nathan's French Fries

Does anyone know how Nathan's makes their fries? They are thicker-cut, like "chunks," and are soft as opposed to crispy. They have a rich, almost sweet flavor and seem more "potatoey" than the usual fry. Second Avenue Delicatessen in NYC makes them this way, too.

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2004/12/30 08:53:46 (permalink)
    Your post deserves an answer. I believe Nathan's makes the BEST fries. Forget those skinny little fries from the 'chains', these have flavor. It's important to get them when they are hot and fresh from the fryer.

    When I was a kid (over 45 years ago) there was a fish store on Woodhaven Blvd in Queens NY called Cy's. I'd stop in there for a paper bad of fries for 25 cents. I'd put salt and ketchup into the bag and shake it then walk back to elementary school eating them. They had the same taste as Nathans. Maybe that is why I'm so fond of Nathan's today. Cy's was sold and was to become the start of London Lennie's a good seafood restaurant that is still there today.
    sk bob
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/21 16:16:13 (permalink)
    Nathans fries were better when they were cut fresh in the stores,now they're frozen. Close but no cigar.
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/23 17:00:42 (permalink)
    Originally posted by sk bob

    Nathans fries were better when they were cut fresh in the stores,now they're frozen. Close but no cigar.

    They are still good. I had some while driving down the Jersey Turnpike, and they were freshly cooked, hot and still tasty.
    Little red mini forks were a plus. I thought they had got rid of those.
    Surprised to see them.
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/24 05:52:33 (permalink)
    Hello All,
    As a lover of french fries, I feel my life will be incomplete until I try Nathan's Fries, (what a pitiful
    life if that is my quest.)
    It was a delight to discover Nathan's Hot Dogs being sold in the local grocery stores, but I really
    now want to try their fries. Thanks for the thread and description of their fries. Now, to go on
    the fry hunt....
    Take Care,
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/24 09:57:48 (permalink)
    Personally, I've never been too fond of Nathan's fries. I find them mealy and chewy with spotty crust. Sure it's just a matter of personal taste.

    What they reminded me of, however, was fresh cut fries they used to sell out of a truck at our flea market when I was growing up. Not blanched or double cooked, or even given much of a chance to dry after they were cut. Fresh out of the fryolator with grainy salt and ketchup they were pretty good with a distinct potato flovor. Maybe there's a lead on simulating a Nathan's fry?
    John A
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/25 07:27:41 (permalink)
    I always ask for them to be well done, best that way.

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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/25 09:45:29 (permalink)
    I don't know how they taste on Coney Island, but at an airport, they are the worst fries. Yuck.
    I haven't been to the Coney Island Nathan's since I was a kid, perhaps I need to re-visit to become a believer again, because the store brand hotdogs are not nearly among my top 5, and I've been disappointed at their franchises. I'm not having another Nathan's until I go to Coney Island.
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/25 10:04:02 (permalink)
    Living on Long Island, I get to hit the Nathan's in Coney Island pretty regularly, and I have to say the food there, both the dogs and the fries, IS better than in most of the other Nathan's locations.
    You can get a decent order of fries at most of their locations, but you have to hit the stores when they're not too busy - lunchtime and dinner are rough - and you need to ask for them to be well done. Most of the stores have a poster showing the "correct" doneness for the fries, and frankly, they're just not cooked enough. You have to be insistent that you want them well browned.
    And as an aside, you can now buy "Nathan's" frozen fries in many grocery stores. They're not perfect, but at home, you can control the cooking and get them just the way you like them.
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    RE: Nathan's French Fries 2006/05/29 13:19:01 (permalink)
    nathans are dam good fries except the kids making them are always in such a hurry to get them out of fryer, they always need to be cooked a little more crispier than they serve them, especially if you get cheez on them so they dont bend
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