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 New Jersey Hot Dogs

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John Fox

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RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Mon, 08/16/04 8:55 PM (permalink)

Would you believe that I bought the package that you mentioned this past Friday?! I was in a store that carries Boar's Head Franks with the natural casings and decided to buy them since I hadn't had them in awhile. I was just reading the hot dog issue of the Rosengarten Report where Boar's Head was rated tied for fisrt with Lobel's Franks for best all beef franks. Schaller & Weber and Lieh and Steigerwald were rated tied for first for beef and pork (he called them "baloney franks") dogs.

Last time I remember having Boar's Head beef (with casings) was some time ago. I remembered that they were good with a tough casing, and a good blend of spices. Not as spicy as a Nathan's or Sabrett. I had one Friday and then again Sunday next to a 5 to a lb Best's (Syd's) dog. Let me say that this dog was every bit as good as or maybe even a little better than the Best dog. Both were heated in water and then finished off on the outside grill. Last time I had a Boar's Head, I think I cooked it on a griddle. The dog is dark red in color, with a tight filling, and fabulous snap. They explode in your mouth when biting into them, releasing juices and a hearty beef flavor. This is a perfect example of what a kosher style/New York/New Jersey/ all beef dog should taste like. The spicing is moderate for this style; not overwhelming. A solid beef frankfurter, as good as there is. In fact, I would put it in my top 3 along with Usinger's and Best. I was even going to post about them, but you beat me to it. I don't know of any hot dog restaurants that serve this dog. Great to cook at home. I know that I'll be buying a lot more of them. This dog has almost national distribution, so they are more than likely available in most areas.

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    RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 08/17/04 10:31 AM (permalink)
    Signman & John Fox, Strange indeed that you bring the Boars Head dogs up. I am not a stranger to the all beef dogs as they are also one of my store bought favorites. This past weekend I noticed the same dog of which you speak but in a beef/pork blend. My daughter has been sick the past few days so I have not yet tried them. Have either of you seen this variety before? One other store bought frank which I like but don't see mentioned often is the Hebrew National all beef frank. I think they are very flavorful and juicy. Any comments on these? I'll post on the beef/pork blend after I have sampled them. On a side note, I work about ten minutes from Rosco's and have a very hard time not frequenting there on a daily basis. Rick is right on with his review.They are never very busy when I'm there but they definitely are one of CT best dogs! Guess the word is out now though.
      John Fox

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      RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 08/22/04 8:11 PM (permalink)
      I haven't yet tried the Boar's Head beef and pork frank. It's also avaliable near me and I'll try it soon. Hebrew National is a good solid beef frank. I like Best and Boars Head better. The thing that I don't like about Hebrew National is that they are generally available skinless. I prefer casings on my franks. There are a few places that do sell the Hebrew National hot dogs with casing. It is a collagen casing rather than sheep or pig (which isn't kosher) and is better than the regular skinless version. A few places in New York have the dogs with casing. One place in New Jersey that I know of and where I've gotten them a couple of times is Goldberg's Kosher Meats. Located on rt 516 in Old Bridge.

      Do you know that you can get a big dinner size (quarter pound) Hebrew National frank and refillable soda for $1.50 at Costco? I was there today in the early afternoon without having eaten all day. I wolfed down 2 of them. In fact, that's what made me think about your post and prompted my reply. Probably the best hot dog value out there.
        John Fox

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        RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Thu, 08/26/04 8:38 PM (permalink)
        I was in Sayreville yesterday for a dry run to find a place that may be included in the upcoming program on CN8 featuring N.J. hot dogs. Sayreville has Dees, Bears and a few other places that serve dirty water dogs from a cart. These are basically Sabrett's in a very small size; 10 or 11 to a lb. In the case of Bears, 12 to a lb. Dees used to be one of these carts, but expanded to a small store. Same dirty water dogs, but they have a unique garlic relish which piqued the interest of the person doing the piece. I won't eat this relish as I'm not crazy about a lot of garlic. I don't usually have dirty water dogs myself unless I'm travelling and hungry and happen to come upon one. I prefer dogs bigger and grilled usually.

        In my travels, I came across a distributor (A&L, A&G, or something) that advertised Sabrett. I stopped in hoping to find a particular mustard that I have been looking for for over a year. This mustard is used at the Galloping Hill Inn and Rutt's Hut. Called Baker's Gold Dusseldorf Mustard. Rutt's won't divulge the brand (I found out anyway) and the Galloping Hill says they get it somewhere in Clifton. Fortunately I found it in Sayreville. While there, I saw that they carried hot dogs in 5 lb packages. The small Sabretts used by most of these carts, as well as Nathans and Hatfields. Now Hatfield is a company out of Pennsylvania that supplies a lot of hot dog joints there as well as Western Jersey including Jimmy's on the Delaware in Philipsburg. This is a mild beef and pork dog which is used in that area. Milder and less flavorful than what we're used to here in the Northeast. As I've said before, it's a regional thing. But the Hatfield's dog sold at this distributor is an all beef dog that uses choice Angus beef. I asked the man there about it and he told me that he prefers it to Sabrett. I asked if he knew any places that served this dog. There are some in South Jersey, one in Cranbury, Freehold, and Edison. But the closest was on Main st. in Sayreville. They were closed, but I came back today.

        It is a small hot dog cart with a Hatfield's umbrella. There is no name on it, but the owner is Tom Nagle. He just calls it Nagle's. A small, natural casing, dark colored all beef dog. It has a very tough casing, similar to Boar's Head. I was told by the distributor that this dog was made by Hatfield's to compete with Sabrett's beef dog. It has the spice of a kosher style all beef dog that is typical of the northeast Jersey, New York, Chicago style. Maybe not as much garlic as Sabrett (which is very garlicky) but enough. But what makes this dog stand out is it's beefy taste. Beefy and slightly smoky. Beef dogs in the N.Y./N.J/Chi style usually don't have an identifiable smokiness like some beef/pork dogs do. This one and Usinger's beef dog does. A unique and very flavorful hot dog. Just a rich, beefy taste. Bravo, Hatfield's.

        Tom Nagle is a great guy who has dirty water dogs that are worth seeking out. He switched brands after using Sabrett for over 20 years. Definitely stop by if you're in the area and let him know that his dogs were recomended by a satisfied customer. He deserves the business.

        I'd like to see how these dogs taste on the grill.
          John Fox

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          RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 08/31/04 7:48 AM (permalink)
          I'm not a real big fan of dirty water dogs since I prefer the dogs grilled or deep fried, but I've been to many carts and wagons. Most of these guys use tiny, thin little pencil shaped hot dogs, 11 and even 12 per lb. A good dirty water dog has to be served hot and have a natural casing. Preferably an all beef dog with a decent spicing. One containing pork (which is fine grilled or deep fried) is bland boiled, but you don't usually see this kind served dirty water style.

          My favorite is Jerry's in Elizabeth. He uses a bigger 8 to a lb dog (Best's)which I prefer to the more common Sabrett. Plus he throws the dogs on a steel griddle for a minute or 2 after boiling for extra flavor and crunchiness.

          Dees in Roselle Park is a good choice if you like Sabretts. Her dogs are 10 to a lb (rather than the common 11 or 12) and always hot and fresh. Any dogs not sold within 10 minutes or so are thrown out and replaced with fresh ones. I recently went to Tony's in Newark. They are famous for their hot onions (which I don't eat) but the dogs aren't as good as the standard Sabretts served at the other wagons around Newark (JJ's and others) because they use a cheaper, less flavorful beef dog called Golden D. I've been meaning to try this brand and finally came across it at Tony's. It's more common in NYC as the dogs are made in Brooklyn. Chris's in Branch Brook Park serves boiled Sabretts, but they are skinless and lack the snap of the natural casing dogs.

          One very good dog that I tried recently in Sayreville comes from a cart on the Main st. Extension. Look for the Hatfield umbrella. There is no name there, but it is called Nagle's after owner Tom Nagle. He uses a high quality Angus beef dog from Hatfields of Pa. This particular dog is fairly new and was introduced about a year ago to compete with Sabrett. Their regular meat dog is fairly bland which reflects the regional taste of western Jersey and Pa. where this dog is sold for the most part. But their beef dog is very good. Just a better, richer beef taste than the Sabrett dogs served at nearby Bears trailor and Mr. Dees, both in Sayreville. Just the right amount of spice for this type of dog without being too spicy/garlicky. The owner, Tom is a real friendly guy also. Worth checking out if you're in the Sayreville area.

          I've heard that Hanks Franks in Lodi is considering switching to this particular dog.

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            RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Fri, 09/3/04 11:14 PM (permalink)
            Like most meats, I find they are more tender if you bring them up to room temperature before cooking. For hot dogs, someone said to simmer them in water with a dash of celery salt for 5-10 minutes and then cook them.

            My favorite way to prepare hot dogs is to cook them (and the roll) in butter on a griddle turning them often so they dont burn.

            I also cook them on the barbecue on medium high heat (with the grill pre-heated) and turn them every 30 seconds or so to prevent burning.

            As far as relish goes, Rutt's wins. In fact, on my next trip to NJ, I'll go back there for more dogs and bring home some more relish which, by the way, tastes better as it ages. Gotta try Syd's as well.

            By the way, I cooked the Thumanns' and Schickhaus' both ways and the griddled dogs still get my vote. It's too close to call between the 2 brands. Guess I'll have to make more so I can decide which I like better <g>. Better yet, maybe I'll keep buying both.


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              RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sat, 09/4/04 2:02 PM (permalink)
              I have written Thumann's and its distrutor in Florida is Deli-Best Provisions. As soon as Hurricane Frances leaves us, I'll call to find a Tampa vendor. I am awaiting Albertson's decision on Grote & Weigel; I am determined to get Jersey hot dogs without traveling 1000 miles!

              Question: Does anyone know what kind of relish is at Max's. It is red in color and has a kick.
                John Fox

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                RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Mon, 09/6/04 2:04 PM (permalink)
                Hope you're doing ok in Florida; was watching television and saw a lot of the damage from Hurricane Frances. My prayers are with you. Don't know about the relish at Max's, chances are it's B&G. I'll check next time. I know Thumann's are available somewhere in Florida. Any word on Grote & Weigle? You can always get these dogs (Thumann's and Grote & Weigel/Schickhaus) via mail order as well as the dogs used at the Windmill. Their site is

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                  RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 09/7/04 12:31 PM (permalink)
                  First of all, Hurricane Frances did substantial damage to a lot of people but we, personally, were very lucky after the duo -- Charley and Frances -- came on through. We are all watching Ivan, now making a fuss in the Atlamtic.

                  I've spoken to the folks at Deli-Best Provisions in Clearwater, Florida. They are the distributor for Thumann's in this area. Thumann's Jersey franks are not available at any retail location near here. A number of transplanted northerners, however, do order from Deli-Best. The franks that are available by special order delivered on Mondays are the beef-pork combo with natural casing. They are available in 5# packages only. Since I have read in these forums that they should NOT be frozen, I await being contracted to, perhaps, split some orders.
                    John Fox

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                    RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 09/7/04 8:48 PM (permalink)

                    Glad to hear that you're ok. It wasn't Thumann's, but Schickhaus that don't freeze well. I buy Thumann's and freeze what I don't use all the time. I defrost them as needed and they taste fine.
                      John Fox

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                      RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 09/19/04 8:29 AM (permalink)
                      For those of you that like kosher hot dogs, Empire National out of Brooklyn makes an excellent one. Better than Hebrew National, Best's Kosher (out of Chicago), Shofar, and other kosher dogs that I've tried. Kosher dogs, in addition to having a rabbi's blessing, and being prepared according to religious specifications (having to do with curing and other details in the preparation) have a higher salt content than dogs that aren't kosher, but kosher style.

                      Empire National is a different company than Empire Kosher, which makes the chickens and turkeys (and chicken franks) that you see in a lot of supermarkets. Tabatchnik's in Union serves an Empire National frank. They also make great deli sandwiches. Located in the Millburn Mall a few store down from Syd's. The dog is a big 1/3 pounder that has a nice tough collagen casing. It's rare to see a kosher dog with casing. It's cooked on a griddle and placed on a special bigger sized bun. Big and delicious. You can also buy these dogs to take home. They come in 5 lb packages, but they will sell you as many or as few franks as you wish. Last time there I had one in the store and bought one uncooked to take home.

                      I contacted the company for information on where these hot dogs are available other than Tabatchniks. They also make these franks in other sizes. I'm still awaiting a reply. I think the company may be closed for the Jewish Holiday. I forgot to tell the people who went on the Hot Dog Tour about Tabatchnik's when we were at Syd's, but Steve "The Hot Dog Terminator" Keiner found it anyway. He got a dog and shared it with some of us. If I remember correctly, it was his favorite dog of the day. It makes for an interesting comparison to Syd's a few doors down. The Empire dog is bigger, saltier, with a more straightforward beef taste. Syd's in contrast, is easier on the salt with a wider range of flavors and spices.

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                        RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Thu, 10/28/04 11:16 AM (permalink)
                        Speaking of Jersey hotdogs - I just did a Roadfood search for one of my favorite roadside hot dog pitstops in NJ and nothing showed up!!

                        So without reading through the 7 pages of this thread, please excuse if it has already been mentioned - but next time you are all out for dogs at Rutts Hut in Clifton, you should swing around to Route 3 West and stop at the Red Chimney, also in Clifton. Great dogs - not to mention great burgers and anything else you desire from a roadside spot.
                          John Fox

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                          RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Thu, 10/28/04 8:57 PM (permalink)
                          I had my first taste of a Stahl-Meyer frank today. I too, have seen this brand in a supermarket somewhere, but never tried it. This morning at work, I noticed a package of these franks on the roach coach. I very rarely have hot dogs at 9 in the morning, but had to try this one, as I never had it. Ironic that it is mentioned here. It was vey good. Skinless and cooked in water, but flavorfull, meaty, and with the right amount of spice. Similar to the Hatfield beef; maybe a little spicier. Also similar to Boars Head, but skinless. I'll definitely pick these up next time I see them in a store. And I'll try them at a later time when my taste buds are more awake.

                          The Red Chimney deep fries a Thumann's dog, but it is their regular beef and pork dog; not the special one for deep frying. The dogs are good, as well as the hamburgers. I haven't tried the chili, but hear that it is good.

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                            RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sat, 10/30/04 4:20 PM (permalink)
                            Hats off to John Fox for all his recommendations. Just wanted to let you know John that we finally, finally made it to two hot dog places the weekend of October 16 and 17. We did the NJ Lighthouse Challenge for the second year (I told you we had to have a reason to be near any of those places!) and we took the shore route from Highlands to Sea Girt. We stopped at the Windmill where I just ADORED the taste of a plain hot dog with only mustard and ketchup on it. I'm a purist! Bill covers everything with relish, cheese, et al., but the taste still shone through. When he ran across the street to the 7-11, you won't believe this, but Mrs. Max was involved in a fender bender in the parking lot! We found out it was her when we drove the two blocks to Max's and she got out of her car and we had a nice little conversation with her. She said, "I won't even report it! The lady was nice! She was from Brooklyn!" She's a fiesty broad, and ya gotta love her. As it turned out, we were the first customers of the day on the last day of Max's season. Now their hot dogs just blew me away! They had take-out only that last day, and we stood next to my car and ate. I'll never forget it. I can imagine that Long Branch is very very busy during the season, but that Sunday it was all ours.

                            The day before we had been in North Wildwood and Maui's was already closed for the season, so we couldn't go there, and Hudock's on Route 49 in Quinton was also closed when we passed that...I think it had closed the day before for the season.

                            Now to think of a reason to hit Clifton and the rest of the places up in North Jersey...
                              John Fox

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                              RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 10/31/04 11:29 AM (permalink)
                              Shaynas Mom,

                              Glad you enjoyed your dogs! Mrs. Max is a feisty broad; some say moody and worse. Depends on what mood you catch her in. I know some people who go to the Windmill because they don't like Mrs. Max. I don't take her seriously. Sometimes I have some fun trying to irritate her by asking hot dog questions. I can't keep a straight face while anticipating what she might have to say in response to my indepth hot dog questions. "Just eat the damn things!!" she replied once.

                              By all means, head up to Clifton one day. Union, Kenilworth, and Elizabeth are all closer. And they serve excellent dogs. The 2 places in Union (Galloping Hill Inn and Syd's) received the most votes for favorite hot dog on the New Jersey Hot Dog Tour.

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                                RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Fri, 11/12/04 2:13 PM (permalink)
                                I just wanted to mention that I finally got a chance to try the cooked brat from Union Pork Store last weekend. I grabbed four of them and had a cookout in South Mountain Reservation with my girlfriend and a friend of ours. I love having cookouts up there because I prefer to cook over wood fires. It seems that no one else in town does, because there's an endless supply of perfect, bone-dry wood within twenty feet of the grill area.

                                Anyway, I lovingly grilled up the brats until they were browning and splitting and we tried them on various rolls, including Portugese rolls from a bakery in Union. The three of us shared the opinion that the brats kicked major ass. I supplemented mine with a Thumann dog. Mmmmmmm. What a wonderful cookout.
                                  John Fox

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                                  RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 11/14/04 11:15 AM (permalink)

                                  I love those cooked brats from the Union Pork Store. Their fresh ones are good also, but they sell more of the cooked. I've tried brats from different places; admittedly not nearly as many as I've tried hot dogs, so my experience is limited. But from what I've sampled, I like Union Pork Store the best for cooked brats, while Usinger's is my favorite fresh brat. I haven't tried brats from Wisconsin other than Usinger's and Johnsonville, or the others from Ohio and elsewhere that are available via mail order.

                                  Which bakery did you get the Portugese rolls from?

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                                    RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Mon, 11/15/04 10:31 AM (permalink)
                                    NEWS FLASH.....John(Fox),I had to make a quick trip to Union last week(funeral) and afterwards,my brother(a hot dog affectionado)and I went to the galloping Hill Inn.........sorely disappointed!! Hot dogs were ordinary and the rolls had no character. All this,of course,is my own opinion(and me brothers). Perhaps they had a bad day,but we then went to the Windmill where everything was just great.......have you been to the GHI lately?
                                      John Fox

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                                      RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 11/16/04 6:18 AM (permalink)

                                      I live right down the street from the Galloping Hill, but I don't eat there all the time as I frequent a lot of places as well as make my own dogs at home. Last time I had a dog from there was 2 or 3 weeks ago and it was the same as it always is. They changed owners in 1987 or 1988. The rolls and dogs were changed too. Maybe you just preferred the old rolls and dogs. The current roll is unique in that it is harder and sturdier (not to mention bigger) than a standard hot dog bun. The dog is from Grote & Weigel, but different than the Grote & Weigel dogs served elsewhere in Jersey.

                                      I prefer this dog to the Windmill's. I've compared them side by side at least twice. and the GHI's dog has more flavor. The Windmill's dog is good, but a little bland for my taste. When we had the Jersey hot dog tour, it was tied between the Galloping Hill Inn and Syd's for favorite dog. As you know, they are different style, Syd's being all beef, while GHI is beef and pork. People loved the dog from Galloping Hill, although opinion on the bun seemed to be split with some saying it was one of the best hot dog rolls, while others thought it was too big and doughy.
                                        John Fox

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                                        RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 01/2/05 6:21 PM (permalink)
                                        I was notified about a new Italian Hot Dog restaurant in Nutley called Frankie D's Dog House. The person who told me about it said that a co-worker went and liked it. It's been awhile since I've been to a new place, and having some time today and craving an Italian Hot Dog, off I went.

                                        Frankie D's is a small place located on Centre Street in Nutley. It opened in Sept. and used to be a pizzeria. Even though it's called a dog house, Frankies serves hot sandwiches, subs, salads, and pizza. I think I saw a sign stating that pizza is only served from Wed. till the end of the week.

                                        Their specialty is hot dogs and they serve 2 kinds. An Italian Hot Dog and a regular dog. The regular dog is a Thumann's for deep frying. Same as the one used at Rutt's, Libby's, Hirams' Goffle Grill, etc. It's available with a variety of toppings including chili. I had mine with just mustard because I was also sampling an Italian Hot Dog.

                                        The Italian Dog was authentic. A lot of places, mostly sub shops, serve it on sub or hoagie rolls rather than pizza bread. Frankie D's used fresh pizza bread from a nearby bakery. Best brand hot dogs, a good amount of peppers, and thicker chunks of potatoes (rather than thin slices) which were tastier than most. Overall a good Italian Hot Dog. In fact, the best I've had in Essex County. It's similar to Dickiee Dees in appearance, but uses bigger dogs. And the potatoes are better.

                                        Charlies in Kenilworth and Tommy's in Elizabeth make the best Italian Hot Dogs, but Frankie D's is very good, and the best I had north of Union.
                                          big g in joisey

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                                          RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 01/4/05 12:37 AM (permalink)
                                          Hey John,did you try the chili cheese dogs at Tony's.In my opinion the best way to cook Golden D brand hotdogs is to first boil or steam them,then slow cook them on a flat grill or pan for a couple of minutes till the casing is nice and crisp,served with mustard.If you
                                          just boil or steam them the flavor tends to stay with you all day.
                                            John Fox

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                                            RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Wed, 01/5/05 9:04 PM (permalink)
                                            I went to Tony's for the first time a few months ago. Right in the immediate area is JJ's and Chris's. All three are hot dog trucks. JJ's and Chris's use Sabrett's. JJ's has natural casing while Chris's is skinless. I sampled all dogs with just mustard. Tony's has a reputation for hot (spicy) onions, while JJ's is known for spicy chili. I've had JJ's chili and it's the spiciest in Jersey. Only the Kuhn's chili served at Connecticut hot dog restaurants is spicier.

                                            Golden D is made in the Bronx, probably at the plant that makes Sabrett, Stahl-Meyer, and other brands. But it is definitely cheaper and not as good as Sabrett. But it's hard to tell if you have your dogs topped with hot onions, which is what Tony's is known for. I'm not positive, but I'm fairly sure that the dogs at Tony's are boiled.

                                            The day I went to Newark, I liked JJ's best, then Chris's, then Tony's.
                                              John Fox

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                                              RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 01/9/05 8:46 AM (permalink)
                                              Yesterday I stopped at Father & Son in Linden on the way home from work for a chili dog. They have a very good chili which is spicy and hot, but not overly so. It's becoming my favorite hot dog chili. The dogs are good, too. The owner is a little weird and somewhat of a tyrant according to people who have worked there. He refuses to let anyone do a story or television piece about the place, even though it would result in a lot of publicity and added business.

                                              Years ago he used Sabrett. Then he switched to Best's. Then he switched to Grote & Weigel all beef. He was the only one in my area that used this frank, and although I think I prefer Best, I was disappointed that he switched back to Best, because I can get that at a variety of places. Yesterday I noticed that he switched back to Grote & Weigel. I happenned to see the label sticking out. I wouldn't have been able to tell by taste, as I have a cold and just wanted to taste that hot chili. But now that frank is available once again and the Grote & Weigel distributor in Newark has resumed carrying it.
                                                big g in joisey

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                                                RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Mon, 01/17/05 11:48 PM (permalink)
                                                Hi John,if you ever get to Tony's in Branch Brook park again try his chili,it has a very nice flavor,I believe it is home made,not like a lot of the hot dog carts/trucks that use a chili sauce.He uses the Golden D brand,cooked or simmered in hot water,but very little water,
                                                almost steaming the hot dogs,if you get a chance to cook this brand on
                                                a flat grill the taste is quite good and brings out a better flavor then compared to the traditional method of cooking them in water.

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                                                  RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Thu, 01/20/05 3:09 AM (permalink)
                                                  DT917....there is a place that I go to that has slaw dogs in Townsend, MA. Larry's Steamed dogs on Rte 119. Just a little shack but great dogs (chili, bacon/cheese, peppers & onions, & lots of other toppings). They also sell Orange Crush there as thing to have with a to a beer.
                                                    John Fox

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                                                    RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Tue, 03/8/05 7:21 AM (permalink)
                                                    Yesterday I went out for a few dogs with a friend and fellow hot dog lover. We went to Syd's and had a grilled dog that was great as usual. Then we took a ride to Newark for a couple of dogs at JJ's. Sad to say that they switched from the natural casing Sabrett's (11 to a lb) to skinless. Very ordinary. I asked the guy when they switched to skinless and he said about 6 or 7 months ago. Must have been right after I went the last time. Our last stop was Dees truck in Roselle Park. She serves the natural casing Sabrett's. These are slightly bigger (10 to a lb) than JJ's, Munce's, Sal's, and other trucks selling Sabrett. Her dogs are also hot all the time and fresh. This is my favorite hot dog truck. Been there for 40 years. Her father ran the truck up until a few years ago when she took it over. If you like dirty water Sabrett's, this is one of the best places to go.

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                                                      RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Wed, 03/9/05 9:36 PM (permalink)
                                                      The Press of Atlantic City this weekend notes that a "well known Fair Lawn dog emporium,Johnny and Hange's" is opening a store in AC right soon.The story notes that the dogs are deep fried (which the paper finds quite alarming) and will sell for 1.79 or 2.09 w/chili.I cant find anything in this extensive thread mentioning "Johnny and Hange's".The Press article does not mention what brand of dogs will be used.John Fox,can you weigh in with anything about this outfit and their product?Or any other North Jersey hot dog fans.According to the article,the proprietor spent 1.3 Mil to open this store.Thats a pretty big nut to cover.Thanks.
                                                        John Fox

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                                                        RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Thu, 03/10/05 7:07 AM (permalink)
                                                        I've been to the Fair Lawn Johnny and Hanges about 2 years ago. They are an authentic northern Jersey Texas Weiner joint. Originally located in Paterson, where the Texas Weiner originated, they moved to Fair Lawn some years back. In Jersey there are 2 types of Texas Weiners. The "Hot" or North Jersey style, which is deep fried and topped with a thin chili sauce, and the "Plainfield area" Texas Weiner, which is grilled and has a thicker chili.

                                                        Johnny and Hanges is in the North Jersey style. Like most places that deep fry their dogs, Johnny's uses a Thumann's dog made especially for deep frying. This dog is used at Rutt's, Hiram's, and other Texas Weiner places like Libby's and the Goffle Grill. Most of the Plainfield area joints use a Grote & Weigel Griddle Frank.

                                                        Since the dogs are the same or similar (the Hot Grill uses a beef/pork dog from Sabrett rather than the Thumann's) at the Northern or hot Texas Weiner joints, it's the chili or "all the way sauce" that sets each place apart from the rest. Each chili has it's own unique taste and people generally go to the place whose chili they like best. Out of the Hot Texas Weiner joints I've been to, I like the chili at the Hot Grill best, followed by Johnny and Hanges, Libby's, then the Goffle Grill.

                                                        Johnny and Hanges also offers a larger size, all beef Thumann's, which is spicier and has more flavor than the regular dog. It will be interesting to see how this place will do in A.C. It's different than anything down that way.
                                                          John Fox

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                                                          RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Sun, 03/20/05 9:49 AM (permalink)
                                                          Originally posted by JoColl

                                                          Originally posted by John Fox

                                                          If you live in Florida, you might want to check around some of the stores. You might just be able to find Schickhaus hot dogs. I know people in Florida, and they are able to get Thumann's and Sabrett; both Jersey franks. I believe there is a chain called Albertson's. Check there. If you can't get them, I would try Thumann's. In my opinion, they make a superior dog. The best way to cook these dogs is on a griddle. I've been to Max's and the Windmill and I agree that Max's are better. More flavor.
                                                          It might be like comparing apples and oranges, but Syd's in Union makes a spicy all beef dog that is just about the size of Max's and the Windmill. A great dog, one of my favorites along with Rutt's Hut, which is a deep fried Thumann's dog.

                                                          John, I ordered a 5lb. box of Thumann's from Albertson's here in South Florida some months ago. I am sorry to say they taste nothing like my two favorites, Max's (Schickhaus) and Windmill's (Sabbret). They had no taste at all. Also, even though I ordered Large, they were tiny. It is going to take a long time to finish up that 5lb. bag of dogs since we rarely are in the mood for them. So, I am going to try and get Schickhaus from Alberton's as one person on this post stated they will carry them soon. Thanks!


                                                          The smallest size for the Thumanns beef and pork dog is 6 to a lb. They are smaller than the 1/4 lb Schickhaus and Sabrett sold at Max's and the Windmill, but hardly tiny. Maybe in comparison. I have to disagree with you regarding taste. The Thumann's are very tasty, much more flavorful in comparison to the Schickhaus and Sabrett. And I've compared them side by side more than a few times. Maybe you got a bad batch? I do like the Schickhaus (and Sabrett beef/pork), but compared to Thumann's, they seem almost bland.

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                                                            RE: New Jersey Hot Dogs Wed, 03/30/05 6:47 PM (permalink)
                                                            Did a small Clifton dog tour last night. Went to Rutts and the Hot Grill. Rutts is still hands down the greatest in the state. Rippers and that relish are as good as you can get it. And the chili they serve is incredible. Grill was a huge disappointment. I thought the Texas Weiner II on 22 west in Green Brook has a much tastier Texas Weiner than the Hot Grill. All in all Rutts cant be denied. Thank god I dont live too far away from it.
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