Our Spring break trip to Virginia

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2010/04/25 15:37:53 (permalink)

Our Spring break trip to Virginia

  We did not have that long for a trip because of the kids having so many sports practices starting on Wednesday, but we managed to do lot into a few days away.
We had early breakfast at home.  We drove along the basin in  Washington DC admiring the cherry blossoms and  astounded to find so much traffic that early.  We then went to  The Ford Theater.  This was to be the start of  our  taking the  "John Wilkes Both  Escape Trail"  Unfortunately, there was a play going to take place  so  we  had to forget about that.  We then traveled to Waldorf , MD. to the  Surrett House, where Booth stopped to pick up guns .  The house was not yet open to the public, so we had a  really nice  picnic lunch there  at the picnic tables brfore the  tour.
Our next top  was the  Doctor Mudd House where  Booth's broken leg was set by the doctor  and where he spent eight hours before going on.  I decided to include this which shows you  where we went and what we saw.John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Driving Tour ..This is really a fun trip to do and it was particularly beautiful as there were so many trees in full bloom.
We spent the night  at La Plata and ate at our favorite restaurant in the area.  This is located right near where  Booth traveled across the river to reach Virginia.   Home Page .  My oldest granddaughter and I ordered the fried oysters and they were  cooked to perfection......and so nice and large.   I chose fries and Cole slaw with mine.  The fries came with   cider vinegar!  I assumed that they did not have malt vinegar so did not ask.  My son had a large bowl of their fantastic oyster stew.  It was just wonderful.  I wish that I knew how they seasoned it.  For his entree, he had  stuffed tilapia with crabmeat and said it was excellent. The two younger children ordered  the shrimp boats and fries and applesauce.  The waitress described them as being  medium sized but they were very laaarge and  fried very lightly. 
My daughter is law was the only person unhappy with their meal.  She ordered the jumbo lump crab cakes and said that they were loaded with chopped pepper and you could not even taste the crab.  I would have been unhappy too.  I cannot understand why people   put so many ingredients into crab cakes which  hides the wonderful fresh crab taste..  We were too full to even ask what the desserts were that day so cannot tell you anything about them.  Art and Jill  both  had the salad  bar with their meal and  they  said  "It is nothing special and very small."  For anyone who likes  seafood, this is a great place to dine..........right on the river and  great food and  very good service.
We went back to hotel for swimming and off to bed.  We had a two room "suite"  but  this is still a small space for 3 adults and  3 kids.  I was awakened at 5  by   three kids  running all over the place looking  for  their  Easter Eggs and  Easter baskets.  I  put the  blankets over my head but  could not shut off the  yelling   and  squeals.  Finally, all the  Easter Baskets   and   all 60 eggs were found   and  off the family went to breakfast.  I made coffee in my room  and managed  to put on a "happy face" before they arrived back.
Soon after, we were on our way to do the  two  John Wilkes Booth  stops in Virginia  and  then headed for  Williamsburg  and The Great Wolf  Lodge.  We were fortunate enough to get an early check-in  and  it was off to  water slides  heaven for rest of the day.  We had decided that we would have   Easter dinner in our room  which  consisted of a meal  from Pierce's  Barbeque..   I do not care for their food at all but rest of family loves it.  We  ordered the    DOC'S FAMILY SPECIAL $36.99     2 lbs. of our famous, original pork Bar-B-Que made from tender, slow-cooked Boston Butts and smothered with "Doc" Pierce's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce. Comes with:
- 2 lbs of our original recipe baked beans
- 2 lbs of our tasty potato salad
- 1 pint of Pierce's own slaw
- 1 package of fresh-baked rolls
- Six of Pierce's delicious home baked cookies*
Serves 4-6
plus a quart of collard greens,   2 orders of sweet potato fries.  and a slab of ribs.
I do not like the chopped pork as it is  mixed with lots of their  barbeque sauce and  all one can taste  is   smoke and  sweet.  I  cannot believe that anyone  cold tell it this was chicken or pork; too much sauce.  The slab of ribs  were the same.............floating in  too much sauce.  The slaw was very fresh tasting with little flavor; the beans were  too sweet.  We tossed the potato salad out.  No one would eat it.  The potatoes were hard and there was no flavor.  The collard greens  and  the  sweet potato fries were terrific.   Maybe  I am  prejudiced about the meat as I like  dry rubbed  ribs  and  I like to add  the amount of sauce  that I want to my  sandwich.  I know other people love this place.  I do not!
The next morning,  we  had a healthy breakfast of yogurt,  fruit, bagels and cream cheese and juice in our  room.  The kids swam for awhile and then we headed for  our hotel  right in Williamsburg.  We  stayed at the Quality Suites  and  had  a huge  two room suite  with lots of room for the kids to  play.  The rest of that day was  at  Jamestown and the new museum.  The museum is beautiful  and  the  guide gave a very informative talk  on the tour.  We had  a nice picnic lunch there and  then  headed over to Jamestown Settlement.  Our dinner that evening was at  La Yacca.
La Yacca is a great  French restaurant; very pretty; non-stuffy; terrific service and wonderful food.

Le Yaca - French cuisine in Williamsburg, Virginia, featuring Romantic French and European Dining, with a fine wine list, Speci
I choose two appetizers as my meal.  I had the escargot which were nice and garlicky  and the the salad of pan fried scallops on mixed greens with crispy potatoes.  This was really outstanding.  My grandson had the crepe stuffed with lump crab  and has been raving about it ever since.  The younger granddaughter has  a grilled chicken breast (not on menu) but one of the options that was offered to "young diners".  My son had    poached fillet of salmon  and my daughter in law had the sea scallop combination.  Everyone  loved their meal and  we had  the  most  outstanding service.   It was a very enjoyable dinner.      
It has taken me so long to  do this  that I have  decided  to follow up  with Part  Two  tomorrow.    
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/04/28 07:37:28 (permalink)
    What a great idea for a trip.  I did not realize all those places were still intact and that easy to get to.  As a kid I was endlessly fascinated by lincoln and his assassination, and the Civil war, etc.
    Excellent photos as well.  Superb!
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/04/29 17:08:33 (permalink)
    Part Two.
    The next day was to be a day at Colonial Williamsburg.  I  have been there too many times to find that interesting  so  opted to  stay  at  hotel  and  just  relax.  I  had  coffee  and  a bagel  from  a near-by  bagel  shop  (bagel not  that good  so  did note  note the name of the place)  and the  rest of the family  ate  downstairs in   hotel and  went off on their way.
    They arrived   back  before noon  with  two  sick members of the family;   daughter in  law with some  stomach  bug   and   oldest  granddaughter  with an ear infection  (which they took care of  at  an emergency  center)
    My son  wanted to go to Yorktown  and it is  a beautiful  drive  so  I  went along with him  and  2 youngest kids.  We stopped  at the Cheese Shop in  Williamsburg  and picked up some of their wonderful sandwiches  to have a picnic along the river.Welcome to The Cheese Shop ~ Merchants Square Williamsburg, Virginia    This place has wonderful food.  The sandwiches are terrific.  I chose the Prosciutto on Focaccia with provolone & roasted tomatoes.  My son had thepate and the  kids each had the  Virginia ham.  With the cooler we had along with us, with  drinks, we had a lovely  lunch on the river on a hot afternoon..........it was fun.
    We did our tour of Yorktown  and  arrived back  early in evening to find that we still had  two sick ones  so we canceled our  reservations  for  The Fat Canary  and elected  for the  four others to go to a steakhouse right near our hotel.  We went to  www.firesidechophouse.com   It was not a "knock your socks off place"  but the food was very good  and we had  a wonderful waiter from Jamaica  who  had worked their  20 years.  It  was plain to see that he loved  his job and was so much fun to talk to and get a little history of the owner and the restaurant.  My son's prime rib  was  good,  but a little over done; my  pork chops were very good and  my grandson  ate his  whole  strip steak.  The outstanding thing  about the food here  was   that my  granddaughters  steak  was  wonderful.  She  got the  child's steak  (I believe it was  7.95)  for her dinner.  It  was  a large thin piece of meat  and I was sure it was going to be well done, but  it was  nice and rare when she cut into it and  she  ate  every bite.  The mashed potatoes serve were outstanding.  Our waiter brought  free desserts for the children....................a nice touch.
    The next morning  we  headed toward home early.  We stopped at  a Waffle House and  each of us  were very happy with our meals and the very good service.  We  re turned to  Washington  DC  to try to get into  Ford  Theater but,  again, the line was long  and it was very  warm,  so we opted to go off to  see the  Wotlf War 11 memorial and just  drove around for  awhile  before heading back to Baltimore.  We then  had a hard time deciding  where to have a very ea rly dinner.  It came down to Canters on the river in Annapolis,  or  G and M  for crabcakes  or to our  favorite Greek restaurant in Baltimore.
    My daughter in law and I won out on that and we headed for  Samos  Samos Restaurant :: Baltimore, Maryland    We arrive there at  3:30  and it was already filled  so had a 10 minute wait for our table.  The food was wonderful as usual..   We ordered enough food for an army and ate all of it!.  This is a BYOB restaurant but  we  were prepared with  wine  from our cooler.  This meal was a great ending to a very nice trip. 
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/04/29 17:57:27 (permalink)
    Greymo, You have posted living proof that a trip report can be a concise record of a  trip, not all have to be a record of wandering 40 years in the Wilderness presented one meal at a time for comprehensive discussion. Thanks of adding the links to some very interesting places. Good job. Hope the sick ones recovered quickly.
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 11:05:24 (permalink)
    Sounds like a great trip except for the illnesses. Too bad about Fat Canary. Fireside is what I would call "serviceable" - not great, but not bad. How did you enjoy Jamestown Settlement? I think the outdoor area is a great place for young kids to learn about history.
    Cathy, whose husband works there - grin!
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 11:29:43 (permalink)
    One should not get anything at Pierce's Pitt other than sandwiches, fries (not the sweet potato fries) and cookies.  Those are their specialties and they do them well.  Glad you made it to the Cheese Shop even if you had to miss the Fat Canary, and to see your good words about Fireside Chop House. 
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 14:02:30 (permalink)
    Thanks for listing that restaurant in Baltimore, I will have to check it out next time I am up there.
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 15:08:53 (permalink)
    The kids love  Jamestown Settlement.  It is hard for me to tell what their favorite part is  but  they  surely   enjoyed  the Powhatan Indian village and exploring the boats.  The whole place is  great,  and  as you  said,  it is a wonderful  place  for  children to  learn  history in the most fun way.
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 15:13:58 (permalink)
    Dirt Dude,

    If you like Greek food  you will love Samos.  Everything they serve is homemade and delicious. 
    Ahi Mpls.
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 17:19:17 (permalink)
      Oh That Menu!!!  Feta and garlic shrimp together at last, all wrapped up in phyllo dough! Swoon.  
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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 19:18:38 (permalink)

    One should not get anything at Pierce's Pitt other than sandwiches, fries (not the sweet potato fries) and cookies.  Those are their specialties and they do them well.  Glad you made it to the Cheese Shop even if you had to miss the Fat Canary, and to see your good words about Fireside Chop House. 


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    Re:Our Spring break trip to Virginia 2010/05/03 19:45:44 (permalink)
    Red Hot and Blue lasted less that a year in Columbus, at the southeast corner of Henderson and Kenney.
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