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Prices Fri, 05/12/06 1:28 PM (permalink)
I know gas prices are going up by the minute and I am sure that pretty soon we will see a rise in everything due to the gas prices. Two weeks ago, I went to my favorite local owned place for breakfast. When I paid my bill (they don't add it up before you come to the register) I about went into shock, the same thing I had been eating for years was now nearly double in price! I have come to the conclusion that I won't be eating there anymore and I may just quit eating out all together. As owners, I'm curious as to what's your opinion here, I know you have to make a buck too but I am on a limited income.

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    RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 1:41 PM (permalink)

    Waffle House on the agenda?

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      RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 1:46 PM (permalink)
      Kland, since you are a regular there I would ask the owner " whats tha dill pickle??" Double IS allot!

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        RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 1:55 PM (permalink)
        I would have asked as well. Sometimes people do make math errors or have something else in the cash register when they ring you up. Double is extreme.

        I know restaurants hate to increase prices because they know it drives customers away. We absorb as much as we possibly can before we increase the overall prices. Maybe have fewer specials or something like that first. Or we do like the grocery stores and have a loss leader to get people in the door to try us, and hope they'll come back or add more stuff to their orders to increase their tickets.

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          RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 2:00 PM (permalink)
          double seems a bit on the excessive side, though I've known a couple of places that went so long between any increases they had to significantly increase their pricing to get caught up. You might want to stop back in, have a cup of coffee and take a look at the menu to check the prices, if you've had the same item for years you'll know right away if indeed the price doubled or if whoever rang it up, made an error.

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            RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 3:50 PM (permalink)
            I do plan to talk to the owner, know them pretty well but they have't been around the last 2 times I have gone by. To be fair, they have kept prices pretty low for a long time and have always been VERY generous with their portions as well as giving of their time and money to the community. But, when I drive by in the last few weeks, it does seem like there are fewer cars around and I haven't seen any of the older "regulars". How do I sit down and talk with these owners? They have to notice fewer people are coming in, at least their staff must even if they are not around.

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              RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 4:11 PM (permalink)
              It's starting to sound like maybe it has changed hands. Chow Jim

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                RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 7:20 PM (permalink)
                Are you going back? Seems to me I'd find a way to tell them "I love your food but I just can't afford your new prices". Since gas prices have about doubled in the last year or so but some food has fallen in cost (I keep reading of a "protein glut" due to the fact we can't export beef--mad cow--and poultry--bird flu--to some places we used to and so these are in oversupply and cheaper in price), doubling the price of your breakfast implies that 100% of the cost of serving it to you was due to gas prices if that's what they are blaming the increase on. Talk about "gouging", I think this is a better example than gas itself.

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                  RE: Prices Fri, 05/12/06 7:45 PM (permalink)
                  Paying "double" does us no good unless we know what you ordered and the "original" price of same.

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                    RE: Prices Sat, 05/13/06 2:16 AM (permalink)
                    Uh... what's the meal "that you normally eat" and what is the current cost of it?

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                      RE: Prices Sat, 05/13/06 8:41 AM (permalink)
                      I'm looking at a price increase pretty quick myself due to rising utility costs. Double is pretty extreme, but until you know what it's costing them to keep the door open it's hard to sit in judgement. It could be one of those situation where they are thinking that they can go broke quickly or slowly. Sounds like they want the quick way out.

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                        RE: Prices Sun, 05/14/06 1:58 AM (permalink)
                        Hello All,
                        Many months ago, on various threads, I speculated that the price of food would be going up due to Katrina and
                        the price of oil. But I think that businesses are trying hard not to raise the prices harshly or unfairly.
                        I just came back from Williamsburg, Va.. I went down to pick up my daughter from college.
                        $17.23 for a hamburger, fries, shrimp plate (alot of shrimp) and 2 cokes at the College Deli (think that is the name)
                        $18.something for a 13 inch cheese pizza, salad and fries, 2 cokes and 1 beer at Sal's.
                        $17.something for mozeralla sticks, salad and fries, a beer and 2 cokes at RubyTuesday.
                        When the daughter and I arrived home back in the valley, we picked up her mother and went to Jesse's Quick Lunch...
                        $10.65 for 2 hot dogs, a burger, 2 orders of fries, 2 cokes and a glass of water.
                        I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to prices going up, but I think food prices are rising, but not that much locally.
                        Take Care,

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                          RE: Prices Sun, 05/14/06 4:37 AM (permalink)
                          double does seem excessive. myself i am in the process of revising our menu costs and here are some of the things entering into it;
                          1- insurance. it has risen at a rate greater that gas here in coastal florida and i consider myself lucky to have it with the recent spate of cancellations down here.
                          2- packaging. if it is made from oil then it has also gone up in price.
                          3- cost of gas it's self for catering and generator use on site
                          while the full effects of gas related increases haven't been seen yet it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that veggies are going to skyrocket due to fuel and fertilizer costs. pork and chicken will also rise pretty significantly i think if for no other reason than transportation costs if not the cost of feed it's self. beef will also be rising as production is tapered off. all of that has to be taken into account while doing a new cost estimate.
                          i did see however that you are on a limited income so while you do have my sympathy on that please if you ever come to florida don't use that term. it is normally used during the winter months by retirees driving escalades that are towed by class "a" motor homes and is a red flag down here (sorry, just got done with snowbird season and it is still fresh in my mind)

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                            RE: Prices Sun, 05/14/06 6:05 PM (permalink)
                            Prices. Youse wanna talk Prices??

                            Yesterday the lovely and talented Lleechef and I put our camper on the pickup truck for the summer. It was a beautiful sunny day so I pulled into our local grocery to pick up a couple steaks for the grill.
                            Hmmm, the rib eyes looked pretty good to me . . . 'Til I looked @ the label - - $10.00 per pound???
                            So I moved on to inspect a nice looking T-bone steak ...@ $11.00 per pound!! GADZOOKS.
                            She looked at me and said "I think we have something in the freezer, let's go!"

                            I'm thinkin' it may be time to bag a moose.

                              RE: Prices Sun, 05/14/06 6:30 PM (permalink)
                              This is for WJ: McDonalds now has two biscuits and sausage for $1.00 in Knoxville. I did not stop but I truly expected him to be there.

                              I went back to the house and I did my own. I am sure that it cost me more than a buck to make two but at the time, It was very good.

                              Paul E. Smith
                              Knoxville, TN

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                                RE: Prices Mon, 05/15/06 10:00 PM (permalink)
                                it is only going to get worse. my problem is i really like my customers and any price increase has to be tempered by that. to be honest my biggest bugaboo has been insurance increases and those makes the jumps in prices at the market look like nothing. nice part is we are taking our 1st vacation in 2 years and the drive from here to indy will give us time to hash that out (as an added plus qualifying was cancelled so everything is happening the weekend we are there) the drive back will let us solidify the increase but we are leaning to splitting the difference. we eat some and the customer eats some. may not be the most responsible thing to do but it is fair and just to my way of thinking

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                                  RE: Prices Thu, 05/18/06 7:16 AM (permalink)
                                  we went up on our 'side dish' prices, a few months ago. of course, that increased the dinner, and sand price accordingly. but that little quarter increase, generated many extra bucks a month. just enough, to cover propane, going up a dollar a gallon!, electric, going up 35%!! and our distributor, charging delivery fees, and raising several prices. very few people commented upon our change.

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                                    RE: Prices Thu, 05/18/06 9:43 AM (permalink)
                                    Hello All,
                                    I have a many of you, business owners, contact your local congressmen/women or senators to
                                    share your concerns about the economy?
                                    I know. No one believes that government can help, but only do harm.
                                    So, if the government can't help, and you, capitalists are the ones steering the economy, what are you going
                                    to do, (besides raising prices?)
                                    Please, I am not trying to sound like a smart-ass, but everyone seems to be convinced it is going to get worse, so
                                    who is in charge? If you, as captains of the economy, are not in charge, who is? The Bush administration has given
                                    great tax breaks. The government is pro-business, so the government is not the problem, right?
                                    Your customers still buy from you. They may complain, but they buy. So, it's not the customers.
                                    If your workers cause you problems or demand too much from you, you can fire them, right? And unions are dying.
                                    So, who is causing the problems that causes prices to go up? We can blame Mother Nature. But how long can we
                                    blame a hurricane, or global warming, or whatever for a problem that no one seems willing or capable of dealing with?
                                    Perhaps, business people should start realizing that other business people are causing the rise of prices?
                                    Customers and workers are not your enemies. Mother Nature is science, and we can learn and adapt if we choose.
                                    Change is a consistent element of life. It can be bad or good, or semi-neutral. It is usually stressful for a time.
                                    But business people have been touted by so many political administrations in my lifetime, especially Republican ones,
                                    as being so capable and wise. We all will adjust to the current changes going on, but in the end it will be the
                                    customer's and worker's lives that will be harmed the most.
                                    Yes, businesses must be free and unfretted as much as possible. They must be wise and responsible.
                                    I am not saying all business people are lazy or untrustworthy when it comes to economical theories or practices. Actually, all my life
                                    I've been told that business people are the leaders of the community and nation. We've lost faith in so many institutions in our nation.
                                    The one thing we all share is a business relationship, in various forms. So where is the answers?
                                    Perhaps, we are in a changing system where business people are in a war for profits that cuts others throats rather than nuturing a symbiotic relationship that benefits all, and this is the source of prices rising. Yes, it is not easy to be in business, but there are perks and must be a reason for all the burdens, else you'd get out of being the owners and become laborers.
                                    I hope I have not offended anyone. Just hoping to make some think.
                                    Take Care,

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                                      RE: Prices Thu, 05/18/06 2:26 PM (permalink)
                                      Gas prices are high yes, but the double whammy of health insurance renewal up 28% and the near certainty of a hike in the minimum wage has me nervous here in California. We hold the prices as long as we can and then look at competition and our menu mix to adjust prices. We do not do straight increases across the board but look at each item individually, change menus 3x a year to shop seasonally and adjust recipes if costs are spiked. We also do not raise all the items when we reprice. We benefit from the variety of recipes for Italian and Mediterranean, very flexible in what we can offer. Still, not a business for the faint of heart...

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                                        RE: Prices Thu, 05/18/06 9:41 PM (permalink)
                                        to be blunt the last time i was contacted by my president was 1969. the letter started greatings from your president you have just been drafted. since that time i have never voted democrat. ez to see why-- drafted by a democrat president and congress (both house and senate). now i find i have been sold out. listened to bush's speach on letting everyone in with no problem and saw his saber rattling exceed those of the kennedy/johnson administration. why in the heck would i ever contact the government. both sides lie and both sides cheat and i for one will not play the the same token i have earned my 2nd admendment rights and those are not up for discussion with whatever group is in power. just so you know i have tattoed at the ripe old age of 54 a black star of anarchy (thanks guys for telling the world about how corporations were raping the workers of the world at the protest in seattle) with the human liberation fist in red (my grandmother was native american) and a dog paw in the colors of my greyhounds (they are free and chase and are quite happy).
                                        your idea sounds good on the surface but a look at reality shows its basic flaw. don't matter the party in power they all suck. by the way i earned my 1st admendment rights the hard way. i am a veteran therefore there is no way to discredit my right to free speach nor gun ownership (and in the end that is what it will take to turn this situation around. i truly hope that i am wrong on this but i doubt so)
                                        the only solution is see is this;
                                        1- imprison employers for hiring illegals (not middle managers but ceo's)
                                        2- go back to the quota system that my grandfather immigrated under. job skill required by the usa,guaranteed job letter, employer must prove no american job taken)
                                        3- for those here illegally round them up and ship back like geramny did to the turkish nurses working there under a "guest worker" card. they didn't want to leave but the german government rounded them up, put them on charter planes and booted their butts off in turkery.
                                        4- secure the boarders. simple to do. fence. sign. guns not cameras. not a lot of thought there.
                                        now the question is does this country have the spine to do it??? the average person does for sure but the government no way.
                                        my 2 cents on this subject

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                                          RE: Prices Fri, 05/19/06 10:29 PM (permalink)
                                          Hello All,
                                          Wow, prisonchef, would love to see your tatto. You put some great thought into it and it has meaning. That is impressive.
                                          I see many just many generic tattoes, which loses the meaning of getting a tatto.
                                          Prices: my point was the problem is with business itself, not government, customers, or even workers.
                                          Since the Reagan Revolution, government has become a partner with business. We hear how lobbyist write the laws, campaign contributions, etc.
                                          Workers and unions have little voice. We just work. Yes, some do a bad job, and some steal from employers, but it has been
                                          that way forever. But is itthe major reason for prices rising?
                                          Customers just shop around for the best buy and complain.
                                          My point was that if businesses have real problems in regard to rising prices, it is a problem within the business system.
                                          Businesses like to use the cost of labour as a reason for high prices. Most workers are not really making that much.
                                          They use health insurance costs. Many do not have health insurance as a benefit. Plus, health costs are high because of
                                          other businesses: insurance companies and hospitals, and to Republicans, trial lawyers. (If we kill trial lawyers, would
                                          health insurance and hospital costs really go down?)
                                          Illegals are loved by businesses. The government is trying to make it as easy as possible for business to use the New American Nigger,(I use this word in a political, not racial way. I abhor this word when used racially!!!) Again, it is tool of business
                                          that they use in controlling costs and raising profits. I am personally for a liberal immigration law, but I have learnt it
                                          doesn't matter what I believe.
                                          Business rules, and the benefits and problems belong in the laps of business.
                                          And that is my 1/2 cent on this subject.
                                          Take Care,
                                          p.s. prisonchef, I missed being drafted by one year. One of my brothers was in Nam during Tet. He is a good person and sounds
                                          much like you. I love him, and we have some lively political discussions.

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                                            RE: Prices Mon, 05/22/06 6:49 AM (permalink)
                                            What happend to Kland01s, started this thread over two weeks ago and dissapeared. I was looking for the final outcome of the problem. Chow Jim

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                                              RE: Prices Mon, 05/22/06 7:39 AM (permalink)
                                              I'm here, just haven't been back to check out properly. I do know omlette prices went up $2 and the potatoes that used to come with it are now seperate priced at 2.45.

                                              I have enjoyed the conversation here, I mostly started this thread to hear the pro's take on the subject, as I said earlier, I know you have to make your money too. I try to support this place when I can because they do a lot of community work and treat their staff very well but I am on a limited budget and that hasn't increased! I just eat at home now.
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