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 Regional Sodas (or Pops)

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Poverty Pete

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RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sun, 09/14/03 11:02 PM (permalink)
I'm pretty sure Gray's is still around. They've been in business since 1856. It is the oldest family-owned brewery and soda maker in the USA. All I meant to say is that I am no longer associated with them. We had our differences, but together we made some excellent products.

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    RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 09/16/03 11:07 PM (permalink)
    I have looked back through all the posts in this thread and have seen several references toCheerwine which is a delicious drink made and bottled in these parts, but I still haven't seen anthing about Sundrop,. which is my favorite drink of all time! The Sundrop plant is only about 10 miles from my house. It's a great lemon-lime concoction that comes in a green bottle or can, and is a cross between yellow and green in color. It runs rings around anything like Mountain Dew or Mello Yello, but is only distributed in about the same markets as Cheerwine. If you ever drive through this area and have the opportunity to try it, by all means do won't be disappointed.

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      RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 09/17/03 3:24 PM (permalink)
      Richardson Root Beer, manufactured in Elmhurst, Illinois. It was served out of a big wooden barrel. McDonalds served it when I was a kid. I can still see the barrel behind the counter. It was also served at the local Rx in little frosted mugs for 10 cents each. The only place I know of that still serves it is "Hamburger Heaven" in Elmhurst. It comes out of the wooden barrel; no frosty mugs though. By the way, "Hamburger Heaven" has been around since the '40s, I think. It's just a stand on a busy corner; open seasonally (March-October). Burgers are kind of like Big Macs, only they make their own "special sauce" on the premises. Can't say what's in the sauce, but the burgers are good; so is the root beer. Brings back memories!

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        RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 09/18/03 10:37 AM (permalink)
        My Dad ran a concession stand for about ten years at a community pool and I had free run of the "soda machine" It had those big 5 gallon containers of syrup one for each flavor and I would mix what I called a "TOOTIE FRUITY" which was a combination of all the flavors. I felt like a chemist ( I was only a kid)

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          RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 09/18/03 12:48 PM (permalink)
          My kids mix all the sodas at the fast food places that allow you to fill/refill your own - they call the everything-but-diet mixture, "Suicide"

          One "healthy" burger chain, "Topz", has the fountain *plus* chocolate, vanilla, and cherry syrups - the kids did the "Suicide" there too..

          I tasted it once, and it was pretty bad.

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            RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 09/18/03 1:23 PM (permalink)
            In fast food places, convenience stores, etc. with the "fill/refill your own" fountains which you mention, jeffskal, I've mixed Sprite, 7-Up, or whatever drink of that nature was offered with the pink lemonade and found the result to be an improvement over either alone.

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              RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 09/18/03 6:34 PM (permalink)
              POMAC! Bless you. with my kid-hand full of fifty cents, I'd walk to 7-11 and buy a Pomac and either a banana flip or snowballs.....kid "beer" and sugar....what a way to go!
                SodaPop Philosopher

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                RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 09/23/03 12:29 AM (permalink)
                Ah, Pommac! It's the most requested soda at our soda shop in Dallas, but unfortunately has not been available in the U.S. since the late 1960's.

                Here's the story, according to customers and a former Dallas Dr Pepper employee: Pommac is a Swedish soda, still produced in Sweden & Finland. Dallas Dr Pepper in a joint venture with Pommac Sweden produced the soda for basically regional distribution (we didn't know it had made it to California!) from 1963-1969. It was light amber in color, in a clear glass bottle, and the logo included a bunch of white grapes and a wine glass. It was very popular with teens and younger, who liked to pretend they were drinking "beer" or sometimes "wine". Though supposedly non-alcoholic, several of our customers have told us it "fermented a bit" when left in the sun. According to the former Dr Pepper employee, so many parents complained about the above to Dr Pepper that in 1969 they discontinued production and destroyed all inventory. The employee managed to save a few bottles, and several years ago gave us one which we have displayed in our shop. As Pommac is still being produced in Sweden/Finland, we have tried with no luck to find an importer in the U.S. As to importing it ourselves, the quantity that would be required and the price would be prohibitive. So...for the time being at least, if you want a Pommac you'll just have to go to "the continent". But if you're in Dallas we hope you'll stop by our shop -- we carry most of the sodas mentioned in this thread, all in glass bottles.

                Our web site:

                An article on Pommac in an industry magazine:

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                  RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 09/23/03 12:21 PM (permalink)
                  When the family was out in Montana last month, we had some Huckleberry Cream Soda, which was unique in our experience. It bore the mark of the Flathead Lake Monster Brewing Company, but no address. It said it was brewed "at our secret location." (probably secret from OHSA as well.) They also make a flavor called "Lake Myst," which we did not try, but is described as "a melon-flavored soft drink."

                  According to their website they also brew two variteties of beer, Montana Trout Slayer Ale, and Grizz Whizz. Sosomebody there has a sense of humor.

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                    RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Fri, 11/21/03 4:05 PM (permalink)
                    If you want to visit a new site to discuss soda in glass bottles, there is a new Yahoo Group. It is located @ . Maybe if we get enough people talking, we can get it back someday!

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                      RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sun, 11/23/03 1:18 PM (permalink)
                      Originally posted by jpatweb

                      You can still find white birch in the New Haven area. Foxon Park is the brand, been around for awhile. It's available in Italian markets and some grocery stores, but the best place to enjoy it is with an apizza at Pepe's or Modern, where it's almost an insult to drink anything else.

                      In Reading, PA there is the Reading Draft Birch Beer Inc. They make a white birch beer. I had just bought a few bottles when I was in Reading (Vanity Fair). Not too bad.

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                        RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sun, 11/23/03 1:36 PM (permalink)
                        Does Kappy's (Liquors) north of Boston still have its own brand of "tonic" (a.k.a. soda). And, if so, who bottles it ??
                          TJ Jackson

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                          RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Mon, 11/24/03 9:11 AM (permalink)
                          A product called "Ale8" is produced in Kentucky and is not easily obtainable even in Cincinnati or NKy. The locals swear by it, disdaining most other softdrinks available there.


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                            RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 12/23/03 1:24 PM (permalink)
                            I've been noticing that the supermarkets in the Philly area are stocking for a limited time 6-packs of Coke in bottles for the holidays. Seeing the bottles in the cardboard carriers is a real throwback to the old days.
                              mayor al

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                              RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 12/23/03 2:20 PM (permalink)
                              Coke in the specially decorated bottles are an annual event here . The Derby Bottles are anticipated by Coke-aholic's and collectors each Spring. As soon as Derby is over, the Indy 500 bottles come out. Once again there is swift trade buying up the lot of them in record time. This year (2003) they were still using the tall 16 oz glass bottle for the event markers. I will be suprised if they stick to that in this day of Plastic 20 oz mainline product container.

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                                RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 12/23/03 2:22 PM (permalink)
                                Al, based on the info. I get from soda bottle collector newsletters, Coke will keep doing commemorative bottles in glass. I don't collect the commemoratives, but there is a big demand for them with collectors.

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                                  RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Tue, 12/23/03 2:38 PM (permalink)
                                  anyone heard of C&C cola? They were out of NY and NJ(where I'm from. They made other flovors as well, but I don't they are in business anymore.

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                                    RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 12/24/03 4:20 AM (permalink)
                                    I would love to know what became of Grapette, the delicous grape soda pop. Paul mentioned drinking it in his youth in East Tennessee. I only encountered it in small country stores around Kentucky's Lake Cumberland, where I went to camp several summers. Finding a Grapette was a big deal. I'm guessing I enjoyed my last one in the early 60s.

                                    Anyone know the story of Grapette?

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                                      RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 12/24/03 8:50 AM (permalink)
                                      Go to for the official Grapette story.

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                                        RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 12/24/03 11:13 AM (permalink)
                                        Regional to France is the remarkably named soda "Pschitt." Clearly the name is onomatopeic, emulating the sound of a fizzy soda bottle opening. It's owned by Perrier, but for obvious reasons the name is a bit harder to swallow in English-speaking countries.


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                                          RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 12/24/03 11:18 AM (permalink)
                                          We have the decorative Santa 6oz cokes here too. Have also have the Nascar "Coca Cola" drivers decorative bottles. But, most of our stores continue to carry the regular 6oz. 8 packs year round. I personally like Pepsi, but you really can't beat an ice cold 6oz coke in the bottle.

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                                            RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 01/1/04 6:19 PM (permalink)
                                            Chicago soft drinks from my childhood included:

                                            Green River-my favorite
                                            Kayo-my second favorite
                                            Old Colony Orange Pop
                                            Upper 10-similar to 7UP

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                                              RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Fri, 01/2/04 11:43 AM (permalink)
                                              I just love DR.Pepper, by the way Dr.Pepper Museum here in my home town. (Waco Texas)

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                                                RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sat, 01/3/04 2:57 PM (permalink)
                                                The last time I was in Miami I drank a Cuban paop called Iron Beer.
                                                There is NOTHING like it any where that I know of. Around Lexington KY they have a ginger ale that's different (Can't remember the name)

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                                                  RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sat, 01/3/04 9:21 PM (permalink)
                                                  Dr. Pepper was local when I was a kid. I tried to order it in Groton CT back in '67 just before I reported for submarine school there. The waitress said, "Doctor who?"

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                                                    RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Mon, 01/5/04 9:24 AM (permalink)
                                                    I have always liked root beer, but never before had any as good as I have found in Milwaukee over the last 2 months. Most of the samll breweries here also produce root beer, and Specher's does the best I have tasted. They also produce a cream soda that is way better than Dr. Brown's, and an orange cream soda that is in a class by itself. I haven't tried their other sodas, but have sampled most of their outstanding beers.


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                                                      RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Mon, 01/5/04 9:49 AM (permalink)
                                                      Originally posted by Liketoeat

                                                      In fast food places, convenience stores, etc. with the "fill/refill your own" fountains which you mention, jeffskal, I've mixed Sprite, 7-Up, or whatever drink of that nature was offered with the pink lemonade and found the result to be an improvement over either alone.

                                                      MY favorite mix is Coca Cola with a splash of any kind of orange soda...makes a refreshing drink even more refreshing! Try it sometime!

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                                                        RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Sat, 01/10/04 9:26 PM (permalink)
                                                        I really miss Apple Slice! Don't remember Lemon Crush or Lime Crush but would sure love to try some! Too bad I missed out... Anyone here ever have Chocolate soda? I was watching a rerun of the Cosby show and it was mentioned. Is it worth ordering online with heavy shipping charges?

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                                                          RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Wed, 01/14/04 12:25 PM (permalink)
                                                          In 60's I too drink Pommac.. brought from a Dr. Pepper machine in junior high... but grownup's made the school take it out because it look like beer to them..Ha.... what did they know....anyway.. I have one of the bottles from the sixties... and so proud of it.... love the drink....wish Dr. Pepper would bring it back to the American market.. but it gone like Dr. Pepper Red Fusion... no longer market.. too bad....gee.

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                                                            RE: Regional Sodas (or Pops) Thu, 01/29/04 11:56 PM (permalink)
                                                            I'm new to site. Not sure what to do. When I was a kid (born in 1962 in New Haven) there weren't many options for kids like me who didn't like carbonation. Friends & siblings looked cool drinking soda in bottles and I had water, milk, or Hi-C in a cup. With one important exception: Pal non-carbonated orange drink. My dad's friend had a liquor store and whenever we went there, Dad would buy me a bottle of orange Pal. Such a treat to drink "soda" like other kids. Has anyone else ever heard of this stuff? Is it still around anywhere? Thanks!
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