Route 20 NY

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2010/08/10 11:13:36 (permalink)

Route 20 NY

Looking to go from Western Mass. to Western NY on Route 20 and was looking for some places to stop.  Hot dogs are a favorite but will stop anywhere. 

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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/10 13:10:23 (permalink)

    Looking to go from Western Mass. to Western NY on Route 20 and was looking for some places to stop.  Hot dogs are a favorite but will stop anywhere. 

    Doc's Lakeside, in Canandaigua, NY has very good food, not really roadfood, but good!
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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/10 13:19:29 (permalink)
    Check out the Troy Hot dog tour.  Hot Dog Charlies may have a branch on RT 20 in East Greenbush, NY

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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/10 14:35:37 (permalink)
    Great Route. I think there was a similar thread about this once. you may want to check.

    Anyways, US 20 through the Finger Lakes is my old stomping grounds. It joins NY Route 5 just east of Auburn and locals call it 5 & 20.

    East to West:

    Doug's Fish Fry. Fish Fry rules, but Doug's also sells Syracuse's famed: Hofmann Hot Dogs. So, you have your choice there.

    Curley's Restaurant: A local favorite - mom and pop italian, the pizza and wings were a favorite happy hour tradition.
    Reese's Dairy Farm: A good old fashioned ice-cream drive-in.
    Between Auburn and Seneca Falls
    If you head south on NY Route 90 to Union Springs, right before town, there's a roadfood stop on the right that sells hotdogs, burgers and such. My former students used to work there when they were in HS. It's a seasonal stand, and the chili dog is pretty good. It's about 8 miles from US 20.
    Seneca Falls:
    Downtown Deli: What a NY Deli should be - for Upstate NYers.
    Penny's Place: one word: breakfast.

    Mac's Drive In: A true roadfood-drive-in-curb-service place. They also sell Hofmann's White and Red Hots. I love the White Hot, also called a Coney by Syracuseans. They're like a brat in a way, but texturally like a hotdog.

    Geneva and Canandaigua have lots of good restaurants. Can't think of hotdog stands though or something along those lines. But if you want recs, I'll give some out.

    Cheap Charlie's: It's not a hotdog place, but their food is great and cheap. Just off 5 & 20 on Maple Ave.

    Avon Inn: a beautiful greek revival mansion. sounds formal, but it isn't. They call it fine dining, but it's casual dining, and the prices are super cheap. Yes, they do have prime rib and seafood entrees, but they also have lighter fare. They do sunday brunch for under $10. They even have a wing (buffalo wing) night.

    5 & 20 split after Avon.

    In some ways, NY 5 is better because it goes through some more little towns where US 20 parallels NY 5 but to the south and doesn't go through much until Buffalo.

    I feel the same way about 5 around Syracuse Area. Route 20 stays south and there's not much there until Skaneateles, where Route 5 goes through Syracuse, and through towns like Fayetteville and Camillus plus the city. And along that route is a myriad of roadfood joints.

    Still, I hope my list through the Finger Lakes helps.

    have a safe trip.

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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/10 15:32:23 (permalink)
    hotel solsville madison ny serves hoffman hot dogs less than a mile N off 20 on valley rd former stagecoach stop, so get a little history while you are eating. they have both a lunch and dinner menu
    also 8/15-8/22 is the Bouckville madison antique festival  antique dealers from all over the country
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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/10 20:08:16 (permalink)
    By the time you hit the western part of western NY, I'd suggest Meeder's Restaruant in Ripley NY. I've had great roadfood there (including pie). The first time the pie was great; the second time, not as much. However, they've got a pretty sterling reputation and I'd suggest giveing them a try. Details here: Meeder's Restaraunt (from Google) .

    Have a great trip!
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    Re:Route 20 NY 2010/08/12 09:12:02 (permalink)
    Thanks for all the info. We've been to Macs a number of times coming back from Rochester.  The other places will be given a try.
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    Re:Route 20 NY 2011/06/22 15:27:12 (permalink)
    If anyone follows a similar route and takes 5 instead of 20, just north of Leroy is a semi roadfood kind of place called D&R Depo, right on the tracks just north of Route 5 in Leroy.
    They serve all kinds of food not just roadfood, I hear their beer battered fried chicken is very good (but only served about once a month).  I have had their prime rib and it was pretty good, perhaps not quite up to the standard of the nearby Red Osier or the Conesus Inn (but certainly cheaper than either place and more homey a place)
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    Re:Route 20 NY 2011/06/22 16:17:53 (permalink)
    When  you're near Rochester, try a white hot dog. Spicier than red and a local favorite. When in Buffalo, by all means have a beef on weck. I remember Schwabls but there are more. Beef on weck is a much better local food than wings.
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