Sausage flavors

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2008/06/08 11:07:58 (permalink)

Sausage flavors

I was wondering about the various flavors of sausage you all have tried...
This morning, I bought italian sausage flavored with broccoli rabe and cheese....gonna grill them later...

Of course there are the multitudes of flavorings for chicken sausage..etc....but was interested in seeing what other folks have tried...

I happen to like Emeril's chicken and apple sausage...and have had breakfast sausage links that had blueberries in it..(got this one too at Hannaford's)

So, let's see how many different sausage flavors, varieties we can come up with....including seafood, duck...whatever


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    ann peeples
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    RE: Sausage flavors 2008/06/08 11:48:11 (permalink)
    LindaW-I am such a traditionalist when it comes to sausage-I rarely venture from my favorite brats or Italians,except maple flavored breakfast sausage from my local wurstmacher.Boring, I guess I am as I am sure there are wonderful flavor combinations out there...
    Junior Burger
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    RE: Sausage flavors 2008/06/08 13:17:28 (permalink)
    Aldi's has a good Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage.

    Boyer's Supermarket in Northeast PA has good ones their brand Mrs. B's i think. They have these kinds-peppers and onion, garlic, hot italian, apple, pizzaria, and regular sausage. My husband and I like to put the hot italian and the regular on the smoker they turn out good. They were cheap too,5 packages of maybe 7 sausages in a pack for $20.00.These are pork sausages.

    These sausages sound great.
    I would love to try the Glenbrody Irish Whiskey & Apple. Well they all sound good.

    I would love to get a grinder attachment and make my own.
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    RE: Sausage flavors 2008/06/09 09:35:23 (permalink)
    Hi all and thanks for adding to this we had the broccoli rabe and cheese sausage as well as some kielbasa, chicken asiago cheese sausage and two types of franks..ball park for the kids and low fat hebrew nationals all on the grill.

    The broccoli rabe sausage was great, though my husband didn't think so...but he hates anything that has veggies in it...and so was the chicken with asiago cheese...the kids liked the ball park...and we all liked the Hebrew National...the kielbasa was a wasn't fresh...but was smoked and a "lite" it contained less fat and sodium...problem I had with it was the skin was so tough...that you basically had to split the pieces open in order to chew any of it....

    All in all...a fine sampling...with some friends...on a very hot day in upstate NY.

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