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 Scottsdale for a Wedding

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Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 7:17 PM (permalink)
I took a quick 5 day trip from Los Angeles to Scottsdale. This was for a wedding and I thought I’d have some freedom to eat where I wanted by taking my own car. There were 10 from my immediate family, a few cousins, aunts and uncles but only my mother and me in my car.

I started the day Wednesday with carbing up at Dupar’s. They’re a small chain in around town and I went to the location in Studio City, CA.

I ordered what they’re famous for… the pancakes and eggs. They serve a pitcher of melted butter along with the hot maple syrup. The pancakes were light and fluffy, but a little pasty. When I tried to picking up bites off of the plate the bottom half of the pancake stuck every time.

The eggs were perfect. The whites were completely cooked while the yolks were still soft.

Added coffee to the meal at it cost $12.00

After working during the day I picked up Mom for our ride to Joey’s for dinner. What should have taken 45 minutes took over 2 hours!

My order of beef ribs settled my angst from driving.
They were very meaty and not too fatty which beef ribs can be. The sauce was just right where I didn’t need to add any additional. The coleslaw was fair and I’m not sure I knew what to expect of yam fries. There was a little container of whipped cream fluff to dip the fries, but it was hard. I dug it out with a knife and applied it to the fries. Not great.

Been going to Joey’s for years and will continue to make that stop on the way to Rancho Mirage where we slept.

I wanted to get on the road to Scottsdale the next morning, but Mom wanted breakfast or at least coffee. She has a hard time deciding on anything so I told her that we’d stop on the next block at the Bristol Farms Grocery Store. They have a coffee counter in there and we could also get a Danish or something to eat with it in the car while we drove.

What we didn’t know was that Bristol Farms was having a breakfast special which is right up my Mom’s alley. She loves a deal. It was great!

Two eggs, two strips of thick bacon, some sort of potatoes, any type of bread, toast or bagel that we wanted…. And coffee. All for $3.99. My mother talked about it all weekend. It was very good for a simple breakfast.

Then we drove the six and a half hours to our hotel in Scottsdale. My cousins were already there and they wanted to have dinner across the street from the hotel. It was some new gourmet (???) Mexican place that I was so impressed with that I didn’t take any pictures or even remember the name. I had chicken mole enchiladas that were okay.  

The next day was the day of the wedding. Food4me was great and gave me all kinds of places to go to. My cousins wanted to try out a new breakfast place that their cousins had told them about. It was in some commercial area of Scottsdale and away from all the popular places. It was not on my list! 

I wanted to go to Dick's Hideaway but we heard that they had a fire there.

Over Easy is a brand new breakfast place and their food was quite good. So good that we ate everything before I even thought about taking any pictures. I had a malted waffle which came with real butter. The real maple syrup was in a squirt bottle on the table. I guess that’s the easiest way for them. The menu was all breakfast items and breakfast drinks. I had coffee. The hit of the meal was the Stuffed French Toast. It was stuffed with Marscapone cheese, bananas, pecans and caramel sauce. Then in the rinky dink hole in the wall that no one could easily find in walks Frankie Muniz. Guess it’s not that unknown. Well maybe he is.

The only thing missing at Over Easy was garnish on the plates.  They looked incomplete without an orange slice or strawberry gracing the plate.

The rest of the day was spent with wedding stuff and dinner was a cold buffet.

The next morning I still couldn’t get anyone to even look at my list! Sorry Food4me. You went to the effort to find me all of those great looking places and we ended up at the coffee shop in the hotel. 

However twelve of us the caravanned to Jerome, AZ for the sole purpose of eating at… Jerome Palace

I thought we were going to shop!

They are known for their burgers and there was a line proving that others also thought they were good.

I opted for the green chili burger. The meat was outstanding but I guess I don’t like green chili on my burgers. They weren’t perfectly skinned and that bothered me. They also kept falling out! There was a topping bar with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and other interesting toppings but I just had lettuce and mayo. I didn’t want to take away from the taste of the chilies which I hardly tasted.

That night I was also at the mercy of family. I didn’t even take my camera with me I was so disgusted with their choice of dinner places.
We ate at Tommy Bahamas which is a fine representation of Arizona cooking. Everything that could go wrong did.  

We were finally going to go to one of Jim’s suggestions for Sunday morning brunch. He recommended Tradiciones Restaurant for the buffet brunch. Finally! I called to make reservations and not only did they not open until 11AM, they also did not have a buffet.

So this was going to be our last meal before hitting the road. I suggested we go to touristy Old Town Scottsdale for breakfast. We found a gem of a restaurant.

CARUMBA! Well Café Carumba.

7303 E Indian School Rd.

We split a bunch of meals. We had homemade corned beef hash, chorizo and eggs and… granola with yogurt and strawberries. My mother had a Denver Omelet.

All were outstanding and cooked just to our liking.

The granola was so good that we ordered another bowl for dessert before hitting the road.

Drove four uneventful hours to Indio where I had to stop at Shields for a date shake! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since reading EatingTheRoad’s blog.

Because of the heavy eating we did all weekend Mom and I decided to share a date shake. The girl behind the counter took our order and went to work. She had the individual fixings for the shake premeasured in the cups. She added ice cream and milk and did her thing.

When she was done mixing she divided it into two cups without our even asking. That way I’d get my fair share!

Let me say that everyone has told me that date shakes are way too sweet. I didn’t find that the case at all. What I found was heaven in a paper cup! I loved it!

Can’t wait to go back at Thanksgiving. That’s where we always have TG dinner.  

To think that I’ve had a place so close to Indio for all of these years and never once had a date shake! I loved it!

Didn’t make any more stops on the way home and got there in time to watch Amazing Race!


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    Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 7:24 PM (permalink)
    Sorry about the blurry pictures.  It's probably me but let's blame the camera.
      Michael Hoffman

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      Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 7:34 PM (permalink)
      You lost me at granola.

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        Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 7:37 PM (permalink)
        It's an Arizona thing.  
          Buffalo Tarheel

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          Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 8:53 PM (permalink)

          Very nice report and great pictures.  Are the pancakes at Dupar's pretty light in weight?  They look that way, which is a good thing.  Too often the heavy pancakes are just too much to handle, but I could see eating a few of them.

          Is the Joey's restaurant the BBQ place that Ellen and you visited this year?  Based on your report, I ate at one this summer when in Ontario and really enjoyed their food, even and especially the bread pudding.

          Thanks a bunch for sharing the pictures and details.

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            Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 9:08 PM (permalink)
            Awesome report and the photos are fine (not too blurry), better than nothing, huh? I always know when I'm too hungry 'cause those meal don't get any pictures :)

            I'm so glad you liked Shield's, I really do love that place. Did you try any of their other offerings, the breads, and treats and such? When I was there they must have had over 3 dozen samples of everything to was overwhelming.

            Your meals look fantastic...that granola and o man.

            Maybe I'm just crazy but I can't figure out what the white stick is on this plate:


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              Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 10:20 PM (permalink)
              Marlene I think your pics are great!  A malted waffle sounds absolutely scrumptious.  And I know who Frankie Muniz is.  :)

              Want a green chile cheeseburger even more than before.  And that omelet looks like an Original Pancake House omelet.

              Eating: cream cheese?

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                Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Tue, 11/3/09 11:39 PM (permalink)
                My mother is very easy to tease.  She always scrapes the butter off of her pancakes before eating them.

                When I got the above plate I delighted in saying....  WOW! An entire stick of butter!  Mom reacted just like I thought she would.

                I knew better of course as it was a stick of queso fresco.  It's a great cheese.  Kind of like someone compressed cottage cheese so much that it becomes a solid dry mass.

                Buffalo Tarheel, I don't know your name!  This Joey's was the Chino branch of the small chain.  Ellen and I went to the Ontario location when we reported.  Same menu and same great food.  

                Mom ordered a quarter white chicken and wood probably has more moisture.  It was close to closing time and probably at the bottom of the barrel.  We didn't fault them at all.

                The pancakes are very light.  I had a stack of two and couldn't finish them. When I said the bottom stuck to the plate I wasn't describing it correctly.  Every time I tried to eat it the pancake separated in the middle and I only got the top half.  It was odd.

                Mom watches what I buy so next time I'm at Shield's, she'll be at home.  At that time I'll buy a bag of the date crystals so I can make my own date shakes at home.

                They have a lot of recipes, including the date shake on their website.


                  Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 7:43 AM (permalink)
                  Really nice report and photos Mar52!  I was especially glad to see what you had to say about DuPar's, a place I have really enjoyed in the past.  Glad to see you were able to eat at some interesting places during your trip.  Did you give any thought of hitting the Sugar Bowl while in Scottsdale?

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                    Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 7:55 AM (permalink)
                    I get it now on the queso fresco...that's a big ol' stick, doubt if you ate half of it.

                    I asked to try some of the date crystal mix they have at the parlor bar, it was awesome just by it's lonesome....sweet and strong but awesome.

                    Did you watch The Romance and Sex Life of a Date video? (Good times)

                      mr chips

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                      Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 8:02 AM (permalink)
                      Great report, nice photos. Trudy and I loved Shields when we were there last summer(sic) and  we also split a shake, finding it one of the great taste treats we have ever had. Trudy and I found Jerome when visiting Tuzigoot National Monument and enjoyed our visit there. Dupar's looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
                      <message edited by mr chips on Wed, 11/4/09 9:11 AM>

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                        Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 9:44 AM (permalink)
                        Ahh, the Sugar Bowl.  We parked very close to it and I eyed it several times while trying to control the salivating.

                        I mentioned that my mother watches what I buy.  She also watches what I eat.  That means she comments excessively.

                        I wanted to be able to have my Date Shake without comment.  No way that I could have had both ice cream and a shake.

                        We didn't have time to watch the video because we still had a 3 hour drive home.

                        We did have time to sample several of the dates.  My mother was in heaven because she is the Sample Queen!

                        My favorite dates were the soft Medjools.

                          Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 11:02 AM (permalink)
                          Mar52, don't you worry about your mother's comments when we see you in SoCal in December...unless she loves chili dogs!    Chris 

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                            Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 1:29 PM (permalink)
                            Sounds like you had a good trip even though it didn't quite work out the way you had it planned. This just means you'll need to make an encore trip to experience the rest of your list. Let me know when you're coming!


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                              Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 3:21 PM (permalink)
                              Tommy Bahamas?!?  You had to "take one for the TEAM", huh?!

                              Re: Dupars $3.99 breakfast special.... my BF would've LOVED that, too, as he loves good deals..
                              He's still talking about his 2-1 coupon for the Grand Slam at the local Denny's. Him & his mom loved it...

                              I've yet to try my first GREEN CHILI cheeseburger..but soon I hope

                              P.S.:  Minor correction: It was the UPLAND, Ca location of            JOEY'S  BBQ that we went to, not Ontario...

                              P.P.S.  I'm looking forward to seeing your Trip Report pics   
                                         (blurry or NOT) when
                                         I get home from work, as they did not show on this casino
                                         breakroom computer

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                                Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 3:50 PM (permalink)

                                Sorry about the blurry pictures.  It's probably me but let's blame the camera.

                                Naah, I know she wasn't with you, but let's blame it on Ellen
                                Great report- I was one of those who felt that the Date Shake at Shields was way too sweet-
                                I'm still surprised  I didn't end up in a sugar coma!
                                  sk bob

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                                  Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 4:19 PM (permalink)
                                  some ups & some downs, but at least you got out of town....for a few days.

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                                    Re:Scottsdale for a Wedding Wed, 11/4/09 9:20 PM (permalink)


                                    Sorry about the blurry pictures.  It's probably me but let's blame the camera.

                                    Naah, I know she wasn't with you, but let's blame it on Ellen  

                                    Yup, ELLEN did it, lol !!  I know you've gotta blame someone, minds' well be me!
                                    I released my magical  transcontinental "blurry" powers!
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