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 Shakey's Pizza

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RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 08/30/06 4:50 PM (permalink)
Oh man this topic is making me hungry! I loved Shakey's pizza.....they were big before the home delivery blitz. Pizza Hut used to be just a restaurant--at one time. And they served beer, remember??
Back to Shakey's: Many birthdays there. And I loved the big screen TV. And the video games. Kids seemed less stressed then - not a lot of distractions!

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    RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 08/30/06 4:56 PM (permalink)
    Pizza Hut was a restaurant? Are you sure you're not thinking of Straw Hat Pizza?
      ann peeples

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      RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 08/30/06 5:17 PM (permalink)
      Pizza Hut is a very well known restaurant.There are commercials all over T.V........It might be a regional one that is not familiar to you.

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        RE: Shakey's Pizza Thu, 09/7/06 6:48 PM (permalink)
        Haha! Oh, I *loved* Shakey's!!!

        I don't remember seeing any Stooges films there, but being a pianist, I grooved on the player-piano with the hot fuschia/turquoise keys!!!

        There was one in Tampa, been gone for ages and ages hence. :O(
          Howdy Doodat

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          RE: Shakey's Pizza Thu, 09/7/06 8:15 PM (permalink)
          Shakey's is re-inventing itself as a sit-down / serving staff restaurant. We had the largest Shakey's in the country here in the Great American Outback. But, the owner didn't want to switch from the buffet format - which has been very successful for him. So, he told Shakey's to take their franchise, fold it until it was all corners .....

          I think there are less than 50 Shakey's in all the USA. Maybe less than 25.

            Big Sausage

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            RE: Shakey's Pizza Thu, 09/7/06 8:25 PM (permalink)

            I also remember the Chicken and potato's were darn goog also.

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              RE: Shakey's Pizza Fri, 02/23/07 1:39 AM (permalink)
              I've been watching for customer reviews of that new Shakey's Pizza and Grill that opened on Azusa Avenue in Covina, CA on September 7th, 2006. I have not found one. Has anyone been there since it was converted to the new concept?

              There has been nothing of substance in the media until a few days ago with an article on Shakey's that appeared in newspapers of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. It will remain free for a few more days here, as well as some of LANG's other sites:
              Besides the hype, the Shakey's CEO did give a few details of the changes Shakey's is making. From the article:
              "They improved product quality - changing from skim to whole milk mozzarella cheese, fresh sauce packed once per quarter instead of once per year, upgraded toppings and an improved dough. All frying oils used to cook chicken and MoJo potatoes are trans-fat free. They are working to eliminate trans fat from other sources, such as dressings and gravy, Pulido said. Specialty pizzas were added to the menu and the company is starting to remodel its stores."

              There are also has new web sites for the Jacmar Companies and Shakey's. There is a Flash-heavy page about the new Covina location on the Shakey's web site:
              This is a place I could see myself going to. The 'put on the feedbag and then stuff the Ziploc bags in your pockets' buffet seems to be gone. Industry publications reported that Shakey's signature dishes, the pizza, Mojo potatoes, and fried chicken will remain on the menu. It will remain a 'place your order and pick it up when ready format', despite the "Pizza and Grill" in the title. I can't find any articles that state there will be wait staff. New dishes include salads, burgers, sandwiches, and microbrewery beer.

              Shakey's CEO Tim Pulido did say in the recent article that sales in Covina increased 60% after the remodel. Not mentioned is if this is because they just jacked up the prices, or if they are actually moving more food and drink. The pizza and grill is the only concept that Shakey's is currently willing to franchise, per their web site. As someone who watched the Shakey's chain disappear along the eastern seaboard and Florida over a 15 year period, I would welcome a return of Shakey's for their signature dishes. What I will be watching closely is how many franchises they sell. Shakey's will have to compete with all the other franchisors out there in getting operators to take a flyer on the continued viability of the Shakey's brand. Shakey's has a great deal of nostalgia value, but also some dreadful non-company owned restaurants still out there as I write this.

              The Jacmar Companies used to have a list of the Shakey's they owned and operated on their web site. I used that list to guide me in the Los Angeles area. Their restaurants were pretty good; the rest were a crap shoot. They took that list down with the redesign of their web site.

              There are also two long running threads on the web site from people trying to develop copycat recipes for Shakey's original thin crust and pizza sauce. There are posts by people who can't possibly be tracked down describe how they used to make the sauce and dough when they worked there. The process changed over the years, as more of the food was prepared in factories. The posters must all have worked there after Shakey's became a formal franchise. Everyone described adding proprietary pre-packaged spices, dough additives, etc. so no one had the complete recipe. I can see why fans want to recreate favorite Shakey's dishes: because they don't want to travel to California.

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                RE: Shakey's Pizza Sat, 02/24/07 9:38 AM (permalink)
                I think my folks still have an old mug from Shakey's Pizza at their house - it might have been tossed during a move. It was a little metal mug with a glass bottom and it eventually became a cup for pens and pencils. I kept it in my bedroom.
                  Ort. Carlton.

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                  RE: Shakey's Pizza Sun, 02/25/07 10:13 PM (permalink)
                  Originally posted by annpeeples
                  Pizza Hut is a very well known restaurant.There are commercials all over T.V........It might be a regional one that is not familiar to you.

                  My thinking is that Pizza Hut is a Southern chain. I've eaten at one as far west as Bunkie, Louisiana (it was the ONLY place open in a town of 5,000 people on a Sunday evening! Go figure!!) and in scattered(, smothered, and covered) locations across the South.
                  You remember the old radio commercial: "Putt putt to The Pizza Hut!" It used to be ubiquitous on the airwaves.
                  Gee, I haven't been able to do that locally in quite a while, that I remember... besides, with Little Italy downtown (closed Sundays) and Pepino's in Whitehall (closed Mondays, I think), I haven't had to settle for chain-store pizza in quite awhile.
                  Slicing It Up And Squaring It, Ort. Carlton in Multi-Topping'ed Athens, Georgia.
                    Ort. Carlton.

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                    RE: Shakey's Pizza Sun, 02/25/07 10:18 PM (permalink)
                    Originally posted by hep2thejive
                    I think my folks still have an old mug from Shakey's Pizza at their house - it might have been tossed during a move. It was a little metal mug with a glass bottom and it eventually became a cup for pens and pencils. I kept it in my bedroom.

                    Since I'm an habitual thrift store hitter, I'll have to look for something similar (I've seen Shakey's stuff before) and when I find it, take it down to Warner Robins just to see the looks on the Shakeyites' faces.
                    Ordinarily I do not eat in chain restaurants, but I will bend and make an exception here. Besides, there isn't a Nu-Way Weiners in Warner Robins... just in Macon.
                    Thanks for the inspiration!
                    So Near But So Far (So Good), Ort. Carlton in Amazing Athens, Georgia.

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                      RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/21/07 8:01 PM (permalink)
                      So Shakeys is being revitilized? Good, I think.

                      There's Pizza Hut restaraunts all over the northern part of the Left Coast. Years ago, there was a Shakeys near Atlanta, GA that I went to, where the cooks were tossing the piza dough around. I don't remember the pizza, but I thought that part was cool.

                      Oh, and there was also all these initials and all carved in the wood on most of the benches.


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                        RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/21/07 8:31 PM (permalink)
                        Yes, yes Shakey's fans, Shakey's USA is re-emerging as a much more adult-friendly restaurant. They're literally bringing back family meal time with some well-thought out sophistication. I think you all will like what's cookin'! (and yes, in honor of full disclosure, I am, as you could have guessed, Shakey's PR rep). But I must tell you, I hold myself to only the highest ethical standards, and the brand is doing much more than dazzling you with some fancy new decor and a flash web site. They're added a real grown up taste to their menu. I have eaten there myself on several occasions. And Shakey's, you may also note, is leading the charge when it comes to the ban on cooking with saturated fats in city restaurants. Their fried foods are cooked in trans fat-free oils.

                        Here's a list of Shakey's locations adopting the new menu and decor. Try the Firehouse pizza. Or the Southwest Chicken Salad. And you MUST, MUST, try the Ragtime brownie sundae. Better than BJ's Bazookie, I promise.

                        All New:

                        Shakey's Covina
                        Shakey's Burbank (on San Fernando)

                        Slated for Conversion:

                        Shakey's Alhambra (by end of March)
                        Shakey's Los Angeles on Sunset (beg. of May)
                        Shakey's Glendale (June)
                        Shakey's Culver City (July)
                        Shakey's Huntington Park (July)
                        Shakey's Pico Rivera (July)


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                          RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/21/07 11:00 PM (permalink)
                          Shakeykniss, thanks for your post. I have printed it out and will be taking it with me the next time business takes me to California.

                          I am glad to see that control of Shakey's was obtained by a company that runs restaurants and a foodservice distribution business - they know what they are doing. There is some historical significance to this; Shakey's was the first pizza chain.

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                            RE: Shakey's Pizza Tue, 03/27/07 4:19 PM (permalink)
                            Shakey's had a moment of mention, in a 1980's movie called "Streetwise." It was a real-life film about Seattle's runaways. It was quite brutal, and hard-hitting emotionally.

                            Shakey's was a favorite scam of the runaway teenagers. They are shown ordering pineapple topped pizza, near closing time. The address is bogus, the driver returns, and the pizza goes in the dumpster. One "dumpster-dive" later, and the kids have their midnight snack.

                            The movie is only on VHS, and hard to find, but one of the most amazing pieces of film, that will wrench your guts and heart.

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                              RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/28/07 2:16 PM (permalink)
                              Shakey's Pizza is a well-remembered part of my youth in the 1970's. I've been to Shakey's Pizza in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. I recall having my last slice of Shakey's in 1988 (and my last Mojo potato at the same time). I've actually missed it. My wife grew up in the Midwest and had never heard of Shakey's. What a shame.

                              Recently, I saw a repeat of an episode of South Park (in which Cartman tries to use stem cells to replicate a Shakey's Pizza). It brought back the nostalgic memories, at which time I hopped on the Internet and located this site, which helped me locate the Shakey's corporate site. It turns out that there's a Shakey's Pizza restaurant about 25 minutes from me! It's in La Mesa, CA. We're going this weekend to check it out. I will report back with the results.

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                                RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/28/07 2:26 PM (permalink)
                                One point of note to the PR dude (or dudette), shakeykniss: I had a much more difficult time FINDING and USING the Shakey's website because it was using Flash. Turns out that your site is WAY, WAY, WAY down the list on Google because they can't index a Flash site. You're probably going to be losing business if people can't find Shakey's by doing searches for things like "Shakey's Pizza" or even "Pizza". I tried both of these and I couldn't find the website at all. was the only place that I found the link to the actual site. Flash also prevents your site from being "search engine optimized", so you're never going to appear anywhere near the top.

                                I also experienced significant problems accessing the site. On one computer (a Mac), the Flash just crashed by browser. On another, I kept getting errors that said that my Flash version was wrong and that I needed to upgrade, but still gave me the same error after I upgraded.

                                I point these things out, ONLY because I want to see Shakey's rise again. You're going to be missing out if other users have similar experiences. I realize that you're probably not the right one to contact about this stuff, but I would assume that you'd know who would be. Thanks for coming back. I'm truly excited!

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                                  RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/28/07 2:36 PM (permalink)
                                  Thanks Chowder. Your comments are very helpful. I will direct them to our creative staff.
                                    Russell Howard

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                                    RE: Shakey's Pizza Wed, 03/28/07 10:26 PM (permalink)
                                    I used to work at the same Shakey's on Airline 1974-1980 My sister married the owner Paul Arnold. He was the manager before he bought the place. My sister Kayla and Paul were only married for 1 year! I miss Shakey's! I remember lots of people from there!

                                    Russell Howard
                                    Originally posted by Kell Book

                                    I worked at a Shakey's in the 1970's as a ragtime piano player. It was on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, LA. I thought the food was pretty good at the time--of course, it was free so that helped. We had the silent movies as well, and the sing-alongs. What we also had that was neat was the freebie questions. The banjo player and I would ask trivia questions and reward the correct answerers with little certificates entitling them to one free beer. We would give away about 50 on Friday and Saturday nights. The place was rocking then . . .

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                                      RE: Shakey's Pizza Sat, 04/7/07 4:16 AM (permalink)
                                      Hey gang. I remember going to Shakey's at least three times a week including Family Friday, with the Stooges, the Banjo player and magicians. We had two of them. One in Waterloo, Iowa and the other in Cedar Falls, Iowa. On Saturday morning we would go after our football games for Bunch A Lunch. Super Supper was at dinner time. We would also go for lunches there because it was by my high school and we had open lunch. I knew the owner, Axe when I got older. He got rid of both franchises because after the company was taken over, they redid the contracts and wanted more money, so he switched to Happy Joe's Pizza, which is real popular in Iowa. I still go to the Shakey's at least once a month in Milwaukee. Same super thin crust and sweet, but tangy sauce. I buy a few to take home and reheat for later.
                                      Hope to see that they are growing again to get back in the Chicago market!! I also grew up with Round Table Pizza when they bought out our Happy Joe's and also Rocky Rococo's.

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                                        RE: Shakey's Pizza Tue, 05/1/07 5:51 PM (permalink)
                                        My wife found a menu from Shakey's in Greensboro, NC w/ the following prices.

                                        Public house special small serves 2 $1.35, large serves3-4 $2.25, GIANT serves4-8 $3.00

                                        Most expensive on the menu
                                        Big Ed Special (combo w/o olive) GIANT is $3.95.

                                        Lord who knows how old this menu is but they also want you to try Shakey's Famous Bavarian Black Beer. Of course those Bavarians were well known for eating pizza w/ beer.

                                        One line item is comical. Not PC today but called the right handers special but only available on Fridays and Lent...Shrimp, mushrooms and olives.

                                        Sardine pizza, idiot's delight (pimento and green pepper), louisiana shrimp and smoked oyster were some of the offerings.

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                                          RE: Shakey's Pizza Tue, 05/1/07 5:57 PM (permalink)
                                          Wow! What a great find! It's fun to look back in time...

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                                            RE: Shakey's Pizza Tue, 05/1/07 6:04 PM (permalink)
                                            And looking ahead...please note that the Los ANgeles Fire Department and Shakey's Pizza Parlor have partnered for the prevention of fire fatalities in the home.

                                            Every Friday, between now and June 22, at participating L.A. city Shakey's Pizza Parlors, $1 from the sale of every new Firehouse gourmet pizza you buy will be donated directly to the LAFD for continued fire prevention education programs.

                                            This Friday, join Fire Station 27 at Shakey's Hollywood, located at 7001 Santa Monica Blvd. @ 5 PM. Free balloons and fire hats for the kids.
                                              lone nut

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                                              RE: Shakey's Pizza Mon, 05/7/07 12:29 AM (permalink)
                                              I'm surprised that people here in LA are saying they like Shakey's. I checked out several in the last year, and they are all wretched. Besides having poorly controlled brats screaming at the blasting loud video games, the emphasis seems to be on some ghastly all you can eat steam table, with godawful looking soups and other inedibles, at the expense of the pizza, which in no way resembles the pies I recall. The old pies had a great, bubbly, thin crust, on corn meal. No more. The last decent Shakey's I had was about 15yrs ago, in south LA. Right crust, thin sliced pepperoni that got crunchy, a fine pie. No more. BTW, yes, Shakey was a guy injured in WW2, got nerve damage, thus the nickname. There is a good page about Shakey's at Wikipedia.
                                              -Scott Lindgren

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                                                RE: Shakey's Pizza Mon, 05/7/07 1:54 PM (permalink)
                                                Shakey's hasn't detoured from their famous thin crust pizza. For a dollar more, you can order any of their pizzas pan style. The dough is still made fresh daily and they use 100% whole milk mozzerella cheese.

                                                Not all of the franchise owners have adopted the new contemporary lounge setting just yet. I think you'll be pleasently suprised stepping into any one of the newly remodeled Shakey's Pizza Parlors.


                                                Shakey's Alhambra
                                                2234 W. Valley Blvd
                                                Alhambra, CA 91803

                                                Shakey's Burbank
                                                1300 N. San Fernando Rd
                                                Burbank, CA 91504

                                                Shakey's Covina
                                                1422 N. Azusa Ave.
                                                Covina, CA 91722

                                                Shakey's Hollywood
                                                7001 Santa Monica Blvd.
                                                Hollywood, CA 90038

                                                Shakey's Huntington Park
                                                2522 E. Florence Avenue
                                                Huntington Park, CA 90255

                                                Shakey's Pico Rivera
                                                9290 E. Whittier Blvd
                                                Pico Rivera, CA 90660

                                                And before the end of July, look for remodels in Glendale, Culver City, and Los Angeles (on Sunset)
                                                  Awsi Dooger

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                                                  RE: Shakey's Pizza Thu, 05/31/07 2:20 AM (permalink)
                                                  I miss Shakey's here in Las Vegas. Especially since all the Pizza Huts have dumped their buffets. I just did a check and the closest Pizza Hut with a buffet is 130+ miles away in Barstow. What a joke. Supposedly Cici's is opening soon in North Las Vegas.

                                                  I moved here in the mid '80s and we had two Shakey's, one on West Charleston and one on Boulder Highway. That was long before Pizza Hut had a buffet. I was a Bunch a Lunch regular at the West Charleston version. Along with the pizza they had a great sandwich bar with all types of bread, plus the cinnamon buns.

                                                  Also, that Shakey's had a news and sports ticker which was incredibly convenient. I sometimes bet on a sporting event like a daytime Cubs game and could follow the score at Shakey's :)

                                                  My only complaint was almost every buffet pizza had sausage, which is the one topping I don't like. Once I got to be a regular I mentioned that and they would make some veggie pizzas for the buffet when I showed up. So that was a great gesture.

                                                  That was between maybe '84 and '87. Shakey's is long gone.

                                                  Last time I ate at Shakey's was early September '95 in the LA area. Gad, what a memory. I flew to LA for a college football game and my friend took me on a tour of the O.J. sites, like O.J.'s home in Brentwood and Nicole's condo and the Mezzaluna restaurant. The trial was in its closing weeks. I remember eating that buffet and not even really tasting the food, thinking more about the events, which seemed so much more real after visiting the sites.

                                                  It's interesting to read the posts from the PR rep. I hope Shakey's is on the upswing again.

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                                                    RE: Shakey's Pizza Tue, 07/3/07 2:23 PM (permalink)
                                                    "pop culture icon meets pop culture phenomena."

                                                    Yep, they've done it – Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson has been immortalized in the digital community "MySpace."

                                                    Shakey's is reconnecting to friends and family via the Web. And why shouldn't it, right? After all, "The King" (and by "The King," I am of course referring to Burger King's "The King") has his own website, so does Jack Box.

                                                    Check your fave. pizza parlor out at

                                                    Created just one week ago, has 130+ friends. The blog is active, posting franchise news before it even hits the wire. Audio clips and slide shows of recent Shakey's promotions, featuring real Shakey's customers are posted too. The calendar and bulletin board serve to alert friends o new store openings, specials and and dis****s. Vintage and contemporary commercials play in the video section. The home page pays homage to the original Shakey's Pizza in Sacramento and Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson himself.


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                                                      RE: Shakey's Pizza Sat, 08/11/07 2:58 PM (permalink)
                                                      I saw the Shakey's in Janeville Wi off of the freeway on a recent trip to Madison. Did not stop there but went up there a couple of weeks later from the flatlands with my girlfriend. She had liveed in Janesville when she was a little girl and ha her 8th or 9h birthday at Shekey's. I had not been to one in years. I recall them being in Peoria, Champaign, Bloomington and Iowa City.

                                                      I did some searching on the internet and discovered the one in Springfield (IL) is still around under a new name Diamonds. Was told when I rang them that they have the same menu they always did, but in order to remain Shekey's they would have to get rid of the buffet. The one in janesville still had the buffet, although we got there late eveing and thye had stopped bringing new stuff out for it.

                                                      It looked at the webite mentioned here and all I got was a blank page. I have an OS 9 Mac, no intention of infecting it with OS X or getting a PC. I am amazed at the number of sites that just tryr adn get information to potential customers who isist on making things so that if you do not have the latest and fanciest Windows PC their site will not work! Irun a business and I intentiaonlly keep my site simple, occasionally I get emails thanking me for that from guys on dial up!

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                                                        RE: Shakey's Pizza Mon, 08/13/07 12:59 PM (permalink)

                                                        Thanks for the comments! Shakey's official web site is <removed> The above posted web address takes you to Shakey's official MySpace web presence (the social networking site for tech savvy internet hipsters). The link works, and should be accessible to anyone with a PC or MAC regardless of what operating system you're using. Make sure you're spelling "Shakey's" correctly when inputting the information. And leave out the apostrophe in the web address, that should do it. We'd love to have you as a myspace "friend." visit <removed> to check out our latest and greatest blogs (THE place to get Shakey's news before it breaks!).

                                                        Also, beware, if the restaurant doesn't say "Shakey's" it's not a Shakey's. The franchise has regrouped in recent years and reined in operations of all their franchisees. We're now concentrating in the southwest region of the U.S. with a robust new look and menu you'll LOVE. Only real Shakey's Pizza parlors baring teh name feature all new gourmet pizzas like the BBQ chicken (my fave) and refreshing lighter fare like the SOuthwestern CHicken Salad, plus Firestone micro-brewed beers and their famous fried chicken and mojos cooked in trans-fat free cooking oil!

                                                        Bon apetite!


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                                                          RE: Shakey's Pizza Sun, 08/26/07 1:23 PM (permalink)
                                                          Originally posted by BCC

                                                          I well remember Shakey's. First visit was to one in San Angelo, Texas for my 21st birthday. Later when I was stationed near Washington, D.C. I got a part time job at Shakey's in Landover Hills, Md. Later became a manager there and finally the best manager they had! (At least in my own slightly distorted mind) We then opened Shakey's in Bethesda, Md. What a great place that was.
                                                          Shakey's parlors were in fact two entirely different restaurants in spirit. At dinner time and through most of the day on Sundays, we catered to families and groups of sports teams and such. Really kept busy cooking. Later in the evening, the crowd and the mood would change. The food became secondary and the bar was five deep. Many nights we ended up rolling in the parking lot with a bunch of drunks. Even had a female customer smack me over the head with several beer mugs. Not embarrassed to say I punched a lady. Had guns pulled on us, attempted robberies and various other stupid behavior.
                                                          In '76 I met a women who would become my wife. She also worked for the franchisee. We moved to Florida that year and that was the end of my pizza career. For years tho, I would make pizza for our kids and all their friends. I remember coming home at 9 PM after 14 hrs. of construction to find a dozen little girls sleeping over and waiting for pizza. Yes, I made them.
                                                          I understand that they are trying to resurrect Shakey's. The owners are existing Shakey's operators as I understand it. My advice, go back to the family fun that made it what it was. Old silent movies, honky-tonk music. Have a separate video room if you want. Create memories for my grandkids, with whom I now make pizzas!

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                                                            RE: Shakey's Pizza Sun, 08/26/07 11:47 PM (permalink)
                                                            I know that Shakey's is still somewhat prominant within Wisconsin. There was one in Appleton, one in Oshkosh, and as far as I remember, there's still one in Milwaukee. However, it might be a different chain than what you're talking about. In Wisconsin, it's more or less a big joke. The pizza tastes like cardboard with pepperoni; they claim to have a 'buffet', but it's really just a few taco ingredients, salad bar, mashed potatoes and spaghetti. The real money for them came from the mish-mash of games in the game room. Those were fun, and as a kid, I absolutely loved going there. So, though I have fond memories of that place, it's far from a delectable pizza joint.
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