Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :(

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2006/12/12 00:40:15 (permalink)

Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :(

I do apologize for not having pics but don't have a digital camera!

Returned Monday afternoon from spending the weekend in the Philadelphia area. My Dad lives in Mount Airy, one brother in Norristown and another brother in Elkins Park, and yet another brother was visiting from California (Walnut Creek). I had a great time seeing my family, but while I was in the Philly area, I had hoped to get some hoagies and/or cheese steaks and some Philly sticky buns - a bonus to seeing my family.

I stayed at a hotel with my brother who was visiting from CA, out in the Plymouth Meeting/Norristown area. We made not one but two visits to Corropolese bakery, but did not get to Eve's Lunch, unfortunately. We first visited the bakery on Friday afternoon, around 1:30 pm; they only had one batch of cinnamon buns left; they were not sticky buns, but we got them anyways. *laughs* They were good (and the frosting was delicious!), but they didn't satisfy my craving for a good Philadelphia sticky bun, which ideally should be very caramel-y and preferably have -a lot- of walnuts!! We returned on Saturday afternoon and got two Italian hoagies - before I noticed that they actually did have a Zep listed on the menu. The sandwich maker offered to make it a zep, but I decided to stick with the hoagie. Now that was a good hoagie! The bread was soft, which is definitely a plus in my book; and the sandwich was very reasonably priced ($4.75 I think) for a good sized hoagie. I also picked up a brownie at the cash register; it was quite large and cost $1.25 and let me share that it was almost like eating a piece of fudge!! It was the most delicious brownie I've had in a really long time!! Not a cakey brownie at all - very fudgy and moist, almost melted in my mouth! YUM!

We ate out nearly every night; my Dad has had some health problems (he had cataract surgery and a corneal transplant in one eye in July, then in October developed a very serious infection in that eye); he's still recovering (and in fact has a detached retina and is having surgery to try to re-attach that on 12/20), so we didn't want him to try to be hosting dinners for us and such.

Friday night, we ate at Scoogi's Italian restaurant in Flourtown, I believe. Sunday night we ate at Inn Flight in Jenkintown. I had crab meat in a marinara sauce over linguini at the Italian restaurant (it was good, but I didn't really like crab in tomato), and at Inn Flight I had lamb chops, which were served with mint jelly and were very good. No room for dessert ... although I made up for that with the brownie from Corropolese Bakery, I think!

Anyways, it's back to regular meals now. *laughs* I'm really glad that I got to see most of my family (I have yet another brother in Texas; he couldn't make the trip right now).

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    RE: Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :( 2006/12/12 01:36:27 (permalink)
    Thanks for the report! I can't wait to travel to Philly now. Sticky buns...mmmmmmm...

    (PS. If you take regular pics, the 1-hour photo places can make a disk for you that you can put in your disk drive. It's usually about 5 bucks more for a roll of 24-35).
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    RE: Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :( 2006/12/12 06:10:49 (permalink)
    Sounds like a good trip! I'm curious-what's a Zep?
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    RE: Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :( 2006/12/12 10:01:03 (permalink)
    Thanks for the report. There is nothing in the rest of the USA that compares to the Sub Rolls found in the PA-NJ shops! They are the best 'Cold Cut' Sandwich holder anywhere!
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    RE: Short trip report - sorry, no pics! :( 2006/12/12 13:36:16 (permalink)
    salsailsa - A Zep (short for Zeppelin) is what a hoagie is called in the Norristown area just outside of Philly. It has it's own quirks - like no lettuce, I think, and oil not mayo - I should have gone ahead and tried it, but decided to stick with the Italian hoagie that I knew. *laughs*

    Like I said, all food I had there was delicious; the only thing I didn't really like was that the crab was in a marinara sauce. My brother got a salmon primavera with bow tie pasta, with a creamy basil sauce and he said it was delicious. I think he must have had 3 or 4 crabcake platters, though! While the dungeoness crabs on the Left Coast are quite good, they just don't make good crabcakes out there, so he stocks up on them when he visits back east.

    Thanks for the tip about getting film developed and put on a CD, EliseT. We took many pictures, but none of them were of the food! *laughs* I'm not sure my brothers and Dad would have understood ... [:P]
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