Special Sauce

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RE: Special Sauce 2010/12/01 06:27:19 (permalink)
I'm with Kinsman on this one.  Shake Shack in NYC uses an exemplary blend of freshly ground, hand-formed beef, and they have a special ShackSauce
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RE: Special Sauce 2010/12/01 11:43:22 (permalink)
I like the Elevation Sauce at Elevation Burger.
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RE: Special Sauce 2010/12/16 01:34:10 (permalink)
Big "H" sauce was introduced in the late 70's by Hellman's.
It was an attempt to offer a sauce as close as possible to the sauce on a Big Mac
so you could duplicate that classic sandwich at home.
It came in a wide mouth pint bottle and while it tasted very similar to Mac sauce
it never really caught on and was dropped a couple of years afterwards.
I bought a bottle or two and while it was ok what was missing for the true Mac lover
or Big Boy triple-decker burger aficionado was the three piece sesame seed bun.
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RE: Special Sauce 2010/12/18 17:37:13 (permalink)
I remember a skit on TV, I believe it was SNL.  The customer was raving about a burger.  "This is so good!!  What do you call this sauce?"
The answer................................................"Grease"
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