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Kenny Joe
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2009/05/04 22:02:05 (permalink)

St Louis

I will be spending Memorial Day weekend in St Louis. While doing research for my visit a couple of weeks ago, I ran across some very nice reviews somewhere of a little Mom & Pop BBQ joint in St Louis. I didn't note the name, and now I can't find the reviews. I've found nice reviews for Pappy's Smokehouse and Smoki O's, but they aren't the place I'm looking for. Any thoughts? 

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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 07:41:39 (permalink)
    am looking for good "texas style" in and around lexington, ky.
    or just plain old good bbq and please do not include moonlite bbq.
    been there and done that.

    any suggestions.


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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 08:48:50 (permalink)
    Kenny Joe-
    The only barbecue parlor I have eaten at in St. Louis is C & K BBQ.  Although they are famous for having snoots and pig ears on their menu, their regular items, like rib tips are terrific.  It is a small place and would certainly qualify as a mom & pop.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 09:19:31 (permalink)
    Across the line in Il,you have Mike Mills 17th St Barbecue,which is about as close as you get.

    As to Lexington,the MoonLite is about 2 1/2 hrs away.

    Texas style bbq would be brisket,beef hot links,bbq 1/2 chicken and maybe some fullcut spares.

    Billy's BBQ is an old established pit ,but pork shoulder,and maybe loinbacks would be the menu.

    Big Kahuna Kooks
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 11:33:06 (permalink)
    1. M&M Barbecue
    Extreme Glow
    Double Cheeseburger
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/08 17:05:56 (permalink)
    Mama's Coal Pot in U City?

    Richard's Ribs in Kirkwood?

    Plush Pig in Clayton?

    Phil's in Affton?

    Smokin' Al's on Hampton?

    Try doing a restaurant search on  You can search by cuisine (BBQ).
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 13:27:40 (permalink)
    If you havent been to it...Ropers Ribs in St Louis is delicious...they have crispy snouts...if you dont know what that is...dont ask just order them... :) but one of my favorite of West Florissant and Jenning Station Rd

    Baah Ben
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 14:46:59 (permalink)
    Kenny - I know it's not BBQ, but check out O'Connell's (sorry - got the name wrong) ..Supposed to have terrific roast beef sandwiches and burgers...Always wanted to try this place.  They have a website..just in case you have another meal to research when in St. Louis.
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    The Travelin Man
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 15:05:06 (permalink)
    Actually, Connely's (which some folks also refer to as Goody Goody Diner) is best known for their breakfast - and, in particular, the Wilbur.  Roadfood review

    O'Connell's, which is a pub on the outskirts of the Hill, is quite well known for their burgers, but especially, their roast beef sandwiches.
    Kenny Joe
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/15 22:25:50 (permalink)
    M & M Barbeque and Fish is the place I was looking for, but darned if I can find the review that got me interested in it. It seems to be primarily takeout but does Big Kahuna or anyone else know if there are any facilities at M&M for eating in? I'm staying in a hotel and unlike many people, I do not think food and hotel rooms mix. That would seem to rule out Buffetbuster's suggestion of C & K, which looks like it's takeout only. Thanks, Extreme, for the other BBQ suggestions. I'll look them up, along with Roper's, which seems to have a substantial following.

    The Goody Goody Diner is definitely on my non-BBQ list, as is Ted Drewe's.  St Louis is in White Castle territory and I have a very, very bad untreated White Castle habit, so I'm not sure how many non franchise joints I'll be able to hit in a 3 day trip. I'll let you guys know, though. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/24 15:25:37 (permalink)
    Roper's Ribs is a great suggestion.  Take Route UU north from I-70 and turn right on Florissant.  It is a block or two east on the left (north) side of Florissant.  The St. Louis style ribs were excellent.  The rib tips were less impressive.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/06/15 12:41:48 (permalink)
    My personal favorite place in St Louis for BBQ is Ropers ribs on West Florissant and Jenning Station road
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