Sweet Potato Fries?

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RE: Sweet Potato Fries? 2007/05/18 01:24:15 (permalink)
It is Dickestep! So good!
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RE: Sweet Potato Fries? 2007/05/21 18:49:42 (permalink)
Lately I have been trying to make them healthier.
I cut them into "steak fry" sizes or wedges, and bake them in the oven and then smear a tiny bit of butter(healthy type" />) on them along with the cinnamon sugar and pepper like I described on a previous post here.
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RE: Sweet Potato Fries? 2007/07/03 02:00:54 (permalink)
they are great salted with honey drizzeled over them!!!!
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RE: Sweet Potato Fries? 2007/07/11 11:22:47 (permalink)
I actually just tried these about a week ago and was VERY impressed. I'm not usually a fri-fan, but the order I had at my local diner were very light and flavorful; I'd certainly order them again. Also, they came with a dijonaise-style sauce... had kind of a mesquite flavor to it. Of course, I've no idea if that kind (or any kind) of dipping sauce is usually served with sweet potato fries, but it works for me.
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RE: Sweet Potato Fries? 2007/07/11 11:39:43 (permalink)
I just had terrific sweet potato fries on Sunday at Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant in East Lyme, CT. They are handcut and are the very thin shoestring style and had lots of yammy flavor. I went with a spritz on vinegar on top and they were just about perfect!
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