The Flavor... it's the flavor !!!

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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/04/02 11:02:07 (permalink)

I agree wholeheartedly!! We now have a Graeter's on our side of New Albany. Now and then they have a 2'fer sale that makes the excellent product a real bargain ! The Turtle Sundae is my favorite.
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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/04/03 22:08:40 (permalink)
Check out Applegate Farms In Essex County,New Jersey. Its either in Clifton or Montclair. Truly special hot fudge sundae with home made whipped cream. Don`t go if your not prepared to stand in line in the Summer.
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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/04/04 00:50:13 (permalink)
Has anybody been to a place called: Weldon's Ice Cream Factory, located in Central Ohio in some little town off Buckeye Lake?
I remember a picture from the 30's of that place and I believe it's still there.
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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/04/29 18:02:28 (permalink)
I'm not overly crazy about ice cream (too disallusioned after Ben and Jerry's stopped making White Russan) but I've been known to get downright selfish with BlueBell's Homemade Vanilla with Peaches during the summer peach season. Last year's crop wasn't exceptional, but usually it's divine.

Baskin Robbins used to have a Kahlua flavor that was awesome (sense a theme here? LOL) - a rich vein of Kahlua-y goo in vanilla ice cream.
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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/05/19 21:35:04 (permalink)
The Canadian ice cream chain Laura Secord had a limited peanut butter-banana flavour out a few years ago. It's a shame it wasn't kept as a standard one. I've never seen PBB ice cream anywhere else.
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RE: The Flavor... it's the flavor !!! 2005/05/24 17:15:07 (permalink)
Just got a new favorite flavor!!! Braums mint chocolate chip!!!!! Possibly the best mint ice cream i ever tasted!! Hadnt had it before and we stopped in on the way home from the Oklahoma Ren Faire--it was wonderful. Went back today and got another one and i was right---its GREAT!
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