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 The worst Pizza you ever ate!!

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Ort. Carlton.

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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Mon, 04/5/04 10:14 PM (permalink)
Originally posted by mtbuckingham

Originally posted by Grampy

I have had mediocre pizza, as well as bad pizza, but nothing I thought would qualify for this thread. Then, like Gregory Peck in Spellbound, it struck me what I have been storing in my subconscious for many years. The place was the small town of London, England, in 1978. The pizza [sic] joint was shaped like a chalet. Fortunately, I do not recall its name, but the slab of unpleasant stuff was monumentally bad. The dough, if I dare call it that, was the consistency of a soggy bagel dipped in grease, and then squeezed through a ringer to flatten it out. The sauce was some leftover, rancid ketchup, no doubt recycled from the fake blood from an early Hammer werewolf film. The abomination was then scattered with the likes of bacony-ham-cheesy bits that a seasoned billy goat would turn up his snoot at. But the oddest part of the meal was the two elderly British women (who, in retrospect, I am sure were Graham Chapman and Eric Idle) sitting next to us. Like Julia Child and Jacques P├ępin, they were engaged in heated conversation over the superior merits of the whole sausage pizza versus the fried egg pizza. I have not been to Britain since 1986, but, is there any real pizza there yet? Those who have not tasted pizza outside of Britain are not eligible for a reply -- sorry.

Ah, it all makes sense now. Back in middle school, I had a friend from England who hated- HATED!!! -pizza. Wouldn't touch the stuff. Wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue at the thought. She's coming to visit in May for the first time since. Should I take her for pizza?

Absolutely! Double anchovies, anyone???????
Palatally, Ort. Carlton in Lovely Athens, GA.
P. S. If you're anywhere within sensible distance of New Haven, take her to an apizza place... Wooster (sp.?) Street or the other places. Getcha some clams on it. She might actually change her mind.

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    RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 04/7/04 10:45 AM (permalink)
    Excuse me, but I feel that the intelligence level in my part of the south ( Piedmont North Carolina ) is just as high as it is in your area. We have plenty of well educated people here.

    We don't care for Dominos or Papa Johns but there are some local pizza places that are very good. Milanos is the best and also Villa Roma
    Originally posted by GigaShadow

    Sorry to revive an old topic, I just had to comment due to where I live.

    You all don't know bad pizza until you have lived in the deep south. There is no pizza restaurant within 100 miles that I have liked and I have tried most of them. I grew up in South Jersey (Medford) and am used to independent pizza shops.

    The most popular pizza chains down here are Domino's and Papa Johns. When I happened upon this forum I realized what I really missed about the north, besides the intelligence level . I miss the food! Give me real pizza and a Philly hotdog vendor and I could live off that kind of food for the rest of my life.

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      RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 04/7/04 10:57 AM (permalink)
      Hmm. That sounds on par with the best Chinese food being that place with the plastic "examples" in the window, after a night on Bourbon Street!

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        RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sat, 04/10/04 10:46 PM (permalink)
        For all the Pizza snobs that think the only good Pizza comes from New York or Chicago, get a life. Have you ever considered the fact that there are regional taste differences? I've spent time in NY and Chicago, and I find the food good in both places---but the service is poor and the prices WAY to high. What we really need are some good Kosher Deli's!!

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          RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 04/13/04 12:05 PM (permalink)

          Originally posted by Route 11

          <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<div style="border: 1px #999999 solid; background-color: #DCDCDC; padding: 4px;">Originally posted by KimChee43

          OCDREAMR: Wow! I'd forgotten all about that Chef Boyardee pizza mix.

          Chef Boyardee mixes were indeed mediocre. But on the other hand, Kraft Pizza mixes were great! They had that herb packet that really made it taste great--the cheese pizza mix was better than the sausage.

          Kraft Pizza Mixes disappeared in the late '80s from US supermarkets and I e-mailed Kraft Foods who confirmed they were no longer making them.

          But what they didn't tell me was they are still being marketed in Canada! If you want a Kraft Piza Mix, go to Canadian Favourites website and you can order them. Trust me--they do taste as good as they did in the '60s!

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            RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 04/13/04 1:39 PM (permalink)
            The pizza served for lunch by the southfield
            mi school district. Unbeliveably gooey tastless crud; I still remember the taste after 20 plus years.

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              RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 04/13/04 1:43 PM (permalink)
              Originally posted by syrup

              The pizza served for lunch by the southfield
              mi school district. Unbeliveably gooey tastless crud; I still remember the taste after 20 plus years.

              Tell us how you really feel, Syrup.

              And welcome!

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                RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 04/14/04 4:41 PM (permalink)
                i have to agree with anybody that said chuck e. cheeses, that has to be the worst, that crust is tasteless as well as any toppings including the cheese. You think that a they could do a better job. also i had several bad pizza's in texas i can't remember the names but two were in austin and one in san antonio, but they served rolling rock beer so, it was a wash. I also noticed more places advertising rolling rock beer than lone star, what's up with that?

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                  RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 04/14/04 7:02 PM (permalink)

                  I have to agree with the comments about the chain operations. Dominos is not real pizza. Pizza Hut's pizza seems to have some kind of shortening (grease?) in the crust. Both should be avoided.

                  HOWEVER--the absolute worst pizza that I ever had was in Holland, Michigan sometime back in the 80s. Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the place. I only recall that the place was very large (almost barn-like in the size of the dining room) and that it was totally empty at 1:00PM--definitely not a good sign!

                  My friend and I were famished from many hours on the road, and we ordered a couple of beers and a large pie. The pizza was so heavy, it could best be described as leaden. The cheese, while abundant, was tasteless. The sauce was also tasteless. So, essentially it was a heavy, tasteless mass (or mess?).

                  We were so hungry that we ate much of it despite the poor quality. The pizza's heaviness, combined with a beer, made for a very sleepy feeling once we were back in the car, thus necessitating another stop for coffee!

                  Someone else in the forum said to avoid pizza in the NorthWoods part of the US, and based on my experience in Michigan, I would have to agree!

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                    RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Fri, 05/7/04 6:33 PM (permalink)
                    I ate recently at AL's pizza in Jacksonville, FL. OMG! I ordered a jerk chicken pizza. it looked like someone poured grease all over a sizzling disk of chese and garlic. Unsure of the pressence of chicken. but that's the good news.....all you tasted was ketchup and rancid garlic. lots of rancid garlic. I brought it up to the manger, and she acted like it was my fault for not liking rancid garlic (because its a prepackaged, canned sauce!). six hours later after the use of ice cream, gallons of water, and some Old Charter to wash out my mouth, a pugent, metallic, garlicy aroma was still in my mouth. To make matters worse, it was the proverbial second chance I was giving this place. The first time I ate there, the spinach and mozzarella pizza I had was flavorless. salt on napkin was better. it tasted worse than a Swanson's Budget pizza in a box.

                    and I like garlic! I'll eat some FRESH garlic six ways from sunday. but this stuff was absolutley nasty.

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                      RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Fri, 05/7/04 8:42 PM (permalink)
                      I've always considered myself lucky to live in an area known for great pizza (Chicago), so I haven't had a great deal of horrendous pizza. The chains are obviously lousy with Papa John's being the worst of them all (and yes, I include Chuck E. Cheese in that assessment). Indifferent service, sub-par quality and mistakes (anchovies when not asked for are a no-no in my book) have made give up on the chains (which my kids seem to favor...go figure).

                      However, the worst pizza I've probably had was at Antioch Pizza in Antioch, IL (near the Illinois-Wisconsin border). I'm reluctant to say that I was employed by that establishment (after college and before I became a master of minutae for a software company) and I'd also like to say I'm not terrible at making a decent pizza (really!) . However, even the best pizza makers can be betrayed by their ingredients, supplies and surroundings (that's how I like to justify it). No pizza will be good when vegetables (especially onions) are cut up in one week supplies. No pizza will be good when bland ingredients and canned sauce are used. And finally, no pizza will be good when made in a high pressure, circus-like, soap opera atmosphere. However, their pizza is enjoyed up there because of the limited options, so my opinion is colored by being spoiled by great Chicago pizza.

                      Thanks for listening to my ramblings. It's a great topic I couldn't pass up. I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories.

                        long dog

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                        RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Fri, 05/7/04 11:29 PM (permalink)
                        Ort -

                        Don't open the can of worms regarding the pizza in New Haven.

                        Believe me - everyone in the area has their favorites, and not ALL of them are located on Wooster St. - although Pepe's and Sally's would both get their share of votes.


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                          RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 2:34 AM (permalink)
                          It's funny, the consensus here is that Papa John's is the worst chain pizza. I happen to like Papa John's the best when it comes to what I call "fake" pizza. Go figure. I haven't eaten Dominos in years, every now and then I'll having a craving for Pizza Hut pan pizza, but that's rare. For me, the worst is Little Caesars...too greasy and way too salty. Being a Jersey girl, the closest thing to the pizza from back home that I've tried here in Atlanta is Johnny's NY Style Pizza. I have heard there are better places here for the NY style pizza, but I haven't tried them yet.

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                            RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 9:18 AM (permalink)
                            Buddy's Pizza, Detroit, MI has got to be the worst! In all the "Best Of" surveys in Detroit, this place wins hands down. I don't get it. It just tastes ... wrong. They put something on it that doesn't belong, kind of vinegary. Maybe if they left off this "secret ingredient," it might be okay. But only okay. Certainly not the best in town.
                              Poverty Pete

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                              RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 9:49 AM (permalink)
                              My worst pizza ever was at the Tu-Vu Drive-in, in San Diego, in the late sixties. I think they forgot to remove the cardboard beneath the crust before cooking it.
                                Michael Hoffman

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                                RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 1:16 PM (permalink)
                                Originally posted by hatteras04

                                This is a tough one. There is so much bad pizza out there. I think I'll have to go with Papa John's (you know it's bad pizza when they include some kind of garlic laced chemical dipping sauce as a way to choke down the remaining two inches of plain crust when the slice is gone) with Sbarro deep dish being a close second. I'd take a frozen Tombstone over either one of those any day.

                                The Chef Boy-ar-dee comments remind me of a frined of mine who used to make those with cheddar cheese and the meatballs he fished out of a can of spaghetti-oh's as added toppings. I never tried one, but I'm guessing it was pretty bad.

                                Hey Mr. Hoffman, when you tried Massey's in Columbus what kind did you get? I had a couple pieces of a peperoni pie from there once and I didn't think it was too bad.

                                It was supposed to be Italian sausage.

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                                  RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 3:20 PM (permalink)
                                  The worst pizza I ever tasted was at the pizza stand at the Devon Horseshow and Country Fair, Devon, PA. It was vile.

                                  The second worst was from Bella Pizza in Yonkers NY.

                                    Michael Hoffman

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                                    RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 5:31 PM (permalink)
                                    But it was beautiful, right?

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                                      RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Sun, 05/9/04 8:22 PM (permalink)
                                      Pizza Hut
                                      Chuck Cheese
                                      all are awful but as to this Atlantic ocean limit deal,some of the best pizza ever, used to be made(perhaps still does) in Long Branch,NJ which is right on the shore
                                      may I also add 'Hungry Howie's(a chain in Florida) as a real downer

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                                        RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Mon, 05/10/04 5:10 PM (permalink)
                                        I've had Hungry Howies recently. pales in comparison to the real deal pie, but will take it over papa john's when I'm in hurry, dont feel like cooking, and want something CHEAP.

                                        Does John Shnatter use rubber in his crusts? (and what the hell is someone named "Shnatter" doing acting like he "knows" pizza)

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                                          RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Mon, 05/10/04 5:13 PM (permalink)
                                          Originally posted by Michael Hoffman

                                          But it was beautiful, right?

                                          erm... yeah, if you didn't mind the burnt cheese on top!

                                            Rex Allen

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                                            RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Mon, 05/10/04 6:56 PM (permalink)
                                            I quit eating Pizza quite a while ago. I am so tired of bad Pizza. I used to volunteer at a non profit and all the Pizza joints for five miles in all directions would comp. us at least once a week. It know why it was a comp. They should have taken the hint when there would be three quarters of it left at the end of the day. Rex in cold, windy, expensive San Diego. Gasoline just went up another three cents a gallon today, we now have the highest gas prices in the history of San Diego.

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                                              RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 05/12/04 4:48 PM (permalink)
                                              When I was a kid, there was a brand called "John's Toaster Oven Pizza" which tasted as bad as it sounds.

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                                                RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Wed, 05/12/04 11:25 PM (permalink)
                                                Aledo, Texas, don't recall the name of the place. The crust was pale, undercooked, doughy and tasteless, and the sauce was ketchup. EWWWWWWW!

                                                Domino's Pizza - the cheese is like plastic. You'd think they accidentally shredded in some of the cheese container.

                                                In my town there aren't too many good choices. I'd say Mellow Mushroom is the best we have, but it's way too expensive. However I do like the variety of beer on tap!

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                                                  RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Mon, 07/5/04 3:27 AM (permalink)
                                                  Jumping on the bandwagon of hating the chains... East of Chicago pizza (locations in Ohio and a couple other states) gets my vote for worst chain pizza. How dare they advertise the best "pan pizza east of Chicago"! I was hoping for some good deep-dish, but this was as soggy and miserable as they come, and without a hint of Italian seasonings in the sauce.

                                                  In college (Univ. of Toledo), we used to order this horrible stuff called Rapid Rocket Pizza; students soon called it Rancid Rocksh-t after one tasteless piece. But they were the only place you could use a meal-ticket at, so they were always busy.

                                                  On a side note, our local Papa John's went out of business and then reopened as Cameo Pizza (from one chain to another). Could it be that the bubble is bursting on the Papa John's "success" story?

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                                                    RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Thu, 07/8/04 9:43 PM (permalink)
                                                    I don't know what the name of the pizza place was, but the worst pizza I've ever had was at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. This pizza was burnt black on the bottom and had a layer of grease a half inch deep over the whole top of the pie. My cousin & I each ate one bite of the pizza and threw the rest in the trash. We only bought the pizza so they would let us use their restroom. It was a serious waste of 10 bucks.

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                                                      RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 07/13/04 1:21 PM (permalink)
                                                      Originally posted by vequinox

                                                      the worst pizza I ever ate has got to be the Pizza at Ceder Point amusement park in Ohio.
                                                      So we ordered this pizza at this beer garden 'cause I wanted beer.
                                                      I use to is impossible to make a really bad pizza.
                                                      this Pizza was so tasteless and so much so it was not edible
                                                      I was putting ketchup and brown german style mustard on it just to give it flavor!!
                                                      We couldn't finish it was sooooo baad that we ended pitching it out. (and I will eat just about anything)
                                                      That was 3 years ago....
                                                      My partner and I still joke about it today
                                                      Have you ever had a simular experience???
                                                      Oh, my God, Cedar Point...My daughter and I went there, and were directed for lunch towards the "Breaker's Cafe", or something like that. We take the shuttle to this restaurant...and it's beautiful!! 2 in the afternoon, fancy blue awning out front, waiters and a maitre'd in tuxes, beautifully-set white table-clothed tables, so we go in, we sit down...wait for the menu as we look out over Lake Erie, the menu comes...AND IT'S A *&%#$$% PIZZA HUT SIT-DOWN RESTAURANT! They obviously have a contract with Pizza Hut. I have never, ever, felt so bamboozled in my life! They did have other items, but the main items were Pizza Hut pizzas. And they sucked. And the service sucked once we ordered. And my daughter learned once more how careful you have to be to get what you want, and how you really cannot ever, ever trust advertising.
                                                      Matthew(still bamboozled at 45)McCormick

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                                                        RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 07/13/04 9:10 PM (permalink)
                                                        I must be strange, but I really enjoy Chef Boyardee and Appian Way pizza mixes. I like the sauce and the crust isnt horrible if you use it all for just one pie. Doctored up with a few fresh toppings and i'm satisfied.

                                                        Pizza Hut Pan pizzas are just horrible. Why do they marinate the crust in butter. I like butter as much as the next person, but I cringe from the mere mention of a pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

                                                        The absolute worst though was from a rinky dink burger/pizza joint across the street from our college dorms some years ago. I was drunk mind you, and I couldnt even eat it. We had paper plates and when I opened the box, there was so much grease laying on top of the pizza that I had to experiment. I took one piece and tilted it on top of the paper plate (with two hands so that the cheese wouldnt slide off) and the amount of grease that dripped from that slice almost covered the entire paper plate. The next morning, I went to throw the plate and pizza slice away. The plate ripped as the drenched pizza slice had actually stuck to the table through the plate. Never ate there again.

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                                                          RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 07/13/04 9:23 PM (permalink)
                                                          There seems to be no accounting for taste. Several years back I lived in a large house with several roomates, and at least once a week I had to suffer through Pizza Hut's Pan (so called) Pizza.
                                                          The only good part was the large amount of beer it took to wash the taste out of my mouth.
                                                            Chef Susan

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                                                            RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! Tue, 07/13/04 9:31 PM (permalink)
                                                            Worst Pizza I ever at was at the Baltimore Convention Center. Frozen, rubbery...cold and gooey in the center.
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