Today is National Alligator-Eating Day

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2011/10/22 16:16:11 (permalink)

Today is National Alligator-Eating Day

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This is National Alligator-Eating Day. Alligator is perceived by most Americans as a novelty, but we're so accustomed to running into it now in New Orleans that we consider it a normal part of the diet. This is the native habitat for the big, primitive reptiles, and enough of them are out there that they can be a nuisance. They eat dogs. Can bite your arm off. They can be farm-raised with relative ease. No endangerment.

Alligators, despite their ferocious profile, give a very mild-tasting, nearly-white meat. The flavor and texture is somewhere in the vicinity of those of chicken, veal and mahi-mahi. The best part is the tenderloin and other parts of the tail. The belly meat is also good. It can be sliced and cooked in much the same way that veal medallions or a fish fillet might. You can pannee alligator yo good effect.

Other parts of the alligator can be used to make a soup along the lines of turtle soup. Alligator sausage--made locally by combining alligator and pork on a fifty-fifty blend--may be the most common form of alligator in stores and restaurants. Look for alligator dishes on daily special lists and at festivals. If you've never had it, you'll find it better than you think.

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    Re:Today is National Alligator-Eating Day 2011/10/22 17:49:11 (permalink)
    Gonna switch it around and put the bite on them gators, huh...???
    Don't tell me it "Tastes just like chicken"...OK...???
    sk bob
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Today is National Alligator-Eating Day 2011/10/23 20:59:01 (permalink)
    living in close proximty to alligators & having tried the meat prepared in a variety of ways,IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN.
    most of the time its dry & tasteless unless its seasoned to death & in that case it could be almost any white meat.
    I'll take a rare steak any day.
    Filet Mignon
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    Re:Today is National Alligator-Eating Day 2011/10/24 11:24:46 (permalink)
    I've had fried alligator bits a number of times, it tastes fried and crunchy. Just about anything fried tastes that way.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Today is National Alligator-Eating Day 2011/10/24 21:19:01 (permalink)
    When I lived in Fort LAuderdale, I ate some alligator.  Next time I'll remember to kill them first
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