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 What Goes On Your Burger?

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RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Tue, 01/27/04 4:22 AM (permalink)
Originally posted by clothier

Originally posted by EliseT

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<div style="border: 1px #999999 solid; background-color: #DCDCDC; padding: 4px;">Originally posted by clothier

Home of the famed Howell melon.

I used to recruit at Howell High School. Been through there many a time.

Tailors recruit? How are the scholarships?

Oh, ET, you are such a card. You need to be dealt with.

Heh heh heh.

Previous career. Assitant Director of Admissions. University of Somewhere.

Are you sure you really want to start this? These easy puns just don't suit you.

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    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Tue, 01/27/04 8:31 AM (permalink)
    Good one Elise!

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      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Tue, 03/23/04 11:59 AM (permalink)
      Here in our neck of the woods, in our local eaterys (not fast food joints), hamburgers are offered all the way-which is standard mustard, raw onion and chili ( no beans ). We have found in our travels though that chili is not popular on hamburgers in lots of areas. Coleslaw is usually available also, but you have to ask for it as an extra on your all the way burger.

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        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 07/29/04 10:29 PM (permalink)
        Guacamole, guacamole, guacamole!

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          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 07/29/04 10:35 PM (permalink)
          hmmmm must have missed this one....anyhow..the perfect burger for me is pan or griddle fried full of nice grease til midly crusty, served on a butter toasted sesame seed bun, with plenty of onion flavored mayo, american cheese, and pickles.. don't like too much stuff on my burgers. Lettuce and tomato no matter how well dried seem to waterlog the burger.

            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 07/29/04 11:27 PM (permalink)
            I recall an old Archie comic book, where Jughead (a burger fanatic second only to J. Wellington Wimpy) placed a thin slice of apple on his burger. I tried it, when I was a kid, after reading the comic. It was really pretty good.

            These days ketchup, fried onions and a single bread and butter pickle chip do the trick for me.


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              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 07/30/04 12:27 AM (permalink)
              At Steak and Shake- pickles,onions,mustard. At Wendy's- ketchup,mayo, pickles. Both with cheese of course. At home pretty much anything goes. We've found some unreal ground chuck here at for a buck a #, that we buy weekly. A nice thick slice of butter inside the meat and a nice big slice of WI cheddar on top, on a big brioche roll. I really need to stay away from Roadfood- we're all making me hungry!

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                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 07/30/04 3:17 PM (permalink)
                Lots of mayo with a thick slice of sweet Vidalia onion. Sometimes I substitute the raw Vidaila for grilled onions.


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                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 07/30/04 4:31 PM (permalink)
                  On mine definitely Wisconsin cheddar, chopped onion, dark mustard, lettuce, tomato with relish.

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                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 07/30/04 5:12 PM (permalink)
                    Ever have something your not sure you like? But you keep eating it because you think you do and then it kind of grows on you? I keep putting this Tiger Sauce stuff on my burgers.


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                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 07/30/04 7:16 PM (permalink)
                      I like 'em lots of ways: (1) at picnics or outdoors, usually just raw onion, mustard and pickles; (2) at certain restaurants that offer it, with blue cheese, grilled onion, and bacon; (2) at home and other restaurants that don't offer the blue cheese burger, with mayo, lettuce, tomato and raw onion.

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                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 08/1/04 2:12 AM (permalink)
                        Generally I am a stickler and prefer my hamburger plain. If I have anything on it it will be cheese. No lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc. If I'm not in the mood for a cheeseburger I just like the meat and the bun. To me condiments are a distraction from the taste of a hamburger patty in between two bun pieces.

                        I did try barbecue sauce on a burger once while at a Sonic drive-in in Arkansas (their hickory burger IIRC)--it wasn't bad at all. I also had--and have had again on subsequent occasions--a burger with Cajun spices from Max and Erma's which was tasty.

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                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 08/21/04 7:00 AM (permalink)
                          I have two favorites:

                          Plain old cheddar, dill pickle slices, raw red onions, lettuce tomato and mustard.

                          Pepper jack, salsa, guacamole, red onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a little A-1 steak sauce.

                          Never mayo!that's for sandwiches, not burgers.

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                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 08/21/04 10:54 PM (permalink)
                            At cookouts or wherever toppings are the usual basics: mayo, ketchup, lettuce, onion, cheese, pickle chips or stackers if they are sweet.

                            In a restaurant or at home: barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese and grilled onions; or avocado, cheese and salsa; or teriyaki sauce, cheese and grilled pineapple.

                            The burger needs to be super well-done and the bun toasted.


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                              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 08/29/04 10:37 PM (permalink)
                              Mustard,Chili,Slaw and Onions with bacon and pickles, 50's in Sandy Ridge

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                                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Wed, 09/1/04 9:29 AM (permalink)
                                Ok. First, I spray butter on each half of the bun and lay them on a cookie sheet under the broiler for about 4 minutes. Once removed from the oven, I drizzle mustard on the bottom half, then lay a piece of lettuce on board. I then add the hamburger patty, top it with a slice of tomato and two slices of onion and drizzle with ketchup. On the top half of the bun I spread mayo and a few dashes of hot sauce. I don't usually put cheese on mine, but when in the mood, I lay a slice of white American on top of the patty before adding the tomato. When it's complete, I press down on top of the sandwich until it's squashed. Don't know why I do that, but I swear it tastes better that way. This is my first post and just want to say hi to everyone and I really love the site Michael and Jane have created.


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                                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 09/10/04 6:28 PM (permalink)
                                  I'm afraid I'm kind of boring. I just put lettuce, green pickle relish, Miracle Whip, and saute'd mushrooms on my burger, dipping it Heinz ketchup between bites. Sometimes I use 1000 Island Dressing or blue cheese salad dressing instead of MW. Sometimes I'll add some crisp bacon too. I've never liked raw tomatoes (except in Mexican Food) or cheese on my burgers (mainly because I don't like cheese with mayo).

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                                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 09/10/04 6:32 PM (permalink)
                                    I'm afraid I'm kind of boring. I just put lettuce, green pickle relish, Miracle Whip, and saute'd mushrooms on my burger, dipping it Heinz ketchup between bites. Sometimes I use 1000 Island Dressing instead of MW.
                                      Kent Daniels

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                                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 09/10/04 9:23 PM (permalink)
                                      Most of the local burger stands around here in Wichita tend to the mustard, pickle (sometimes chopped as a dill relish) and onion (grilled by request) standard. Some places will actively humiliate you if you order ketchup ON your burger, and will simply point to the little packets on the counter -- not mean-spirited, they just consider ketchup something for fries and onion rings, not your burger. Some places even give you a American/Cheddar/Swiss option for your cheese.
                                      If I'm eating a chain burger, I normally get them regular, unless I want to make sure it's fresh (less a problem than it used to be, but I had a Whopper the other day that was inedible - lettuce was COOKED, tomato had no texture, and the mayo... ). If I'm special ordering in the burger stands, I like mustard, pickle, grilled onion, mayo, and cheese. At home, all the same, with a freshly-picked slice of red tomato and a couple leaves of lettuce.
                                      But I will sometimes dump some steak sauce, or blue cheese dressing or barbecue sauce on a pickle-and-cheeseburger for a change of pace.
                                        mayor al

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                                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 09/10/04 9:41 PM (permalink)
                                        I order my Culver's Butterburger in the Jumbo format..with the Works minus lettuce and pickle. I find it easier to do the minus thing than list all the add-ons. They make a really good burger.

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                                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 09/11/04 3:28 AM (permalink)
                                          On a really serious burger I like cheese, bacon, finely chopped raw onions, mustard, a couple of thin dill pickle slices (or relish if dill pickle isn't available), ketchup, and a couple of thin dill pickle slices.

                                          On a lighter burger, I like mustard, mayo, onion, and relish.


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                                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 09/11/04 7:17 AM (permalink)
                                            I don't know if there's anything terribly unique about California hamburgers ... avocado and Jack cheese, maybe? Mushroom swiss? Teriyaki?

                                            Personally *cough* I have never been one for much vegetable matter in my burgers. I'll tolerate lettuce as long as it's crispy; onions (raw or grilled) and/or mushrooms are fine but optional; the rest of it I clean out and chuck (and I hate raw tomatoes, period). I like ketchup, mustard and cheese. Mayo's fine but not necessary. The Ultimate Cheeseburger at Jack in the Box is about ideal as far as I'm concerned.

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                                              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 09/11/04 9:30 AM (permalink)
                                              Carolina style.....mustard, chili and slaw

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                                                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 10/7/04 9:59 PM (permalink)
                                                I like mine with lettuce, tomatoe, and raw onion with mayo. And for some reason I have always done this, I dip it in ketchup... but I dont put the ketchup on the burger to begin with

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                                                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 10/7/04 10:17 PM (permalink)
                                                  well done meat, lettuce, tomatoe, onion, hamburger sliced dills (Best Maid preferable brand), mustard, with the buns toasted on the greasy grill.

                                                  first time I traveled up north, I was horrified to discover they put mayo on the things. didn't even know that was an option!

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                                                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 10/8/04 11:03 AM (permalink)
                                                    Slather the buns with butter and toast to golden on the griddle. Burger cooked to medium-well and topped with yellow mustard, raw onion, and "extra" hamburger dills. Put one dot of Heinz ketchup in the middle.


                                                    PS: Have you ever had the burgers cooked under the broiler in the oven on a broiler pan? They come out really juicy that way.

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                                                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 10/8/04 3:18 PM (permalink)
                                                      Originally posted by Michael Hoffman

                                                      Originally posted by senor boogie woogie

                                                      What we in the south called a Krystal Burger, you Yankees call a White Castle or a "slider" (which I find sickening), tell them not to put mustard on the small burger, then squeeze a small amount of ketchup to them. This meat is too low grade for mayonnaise anyway. Pay the extra 5 cents a burger and put cheese on them. Really the only time someone should eat this garbage is after a hard night of boozing and this joint is the only place open in town.


                                                      What you in the South call a Krystal Burger is just that -- a Krystal Burger. It is sold only at a chain of southern outlets called Krystal. White Castle's are from a chain established long before Krystal, by the way, known as White Castle. In addition to the common appelation of Slider, White Castle's are also known as Belly-Bombs. I prefer mine with mustard, no pickles. While there was a time when I would get White Castle cheeseburgers, I no longer do. I used to get cheeseburgers because they wrapped them in wax paper, which would keep them warm longer for trips home. As they no longer do that, I just order Castles. One of the advantages I find in eating Castles instead of Krystal burgers is the fact that I've never been made ill by a Castle, which is not something I can honestly say about a Krystal.

                                                      Well, WC is older than Krystal but long before is in the eye of the beholder. WC was founded in 1921 and Krystal in 1932. Both have a pretty long history as food places go. I like both and I have never gotten sick at either one, but it ain't gourmet folks. Too bad we have neither around here!

                                                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 10/8/04 4:00 PM (permalink)
                                                        It depends on the style of the burger.

                                                        Always cheese ...

                                                        At White Castle, I get them the way they give them to you. I add ketchup.

                                                        At Louis Lunch in New Haven, I get the "cheese works" ... perfect as they are!

                                                        At the White Hut in Springfield, Massachusetts, I get the "special" ... (lettuce, tomato, mayo) ... AND the fried onions.

                                                        The perfect "pub-burger" has bacon, lettuce, mayo and onion ... (ideally at The Brickyard in Daytona Beach, Florida.) ... again, I add some ketchup (and fried onions).

                                                        At Steak and Shake, the above, but with a pickle.

                                                        The loose hamburger ... ideally at Lafyette Coney in Detroit, gets chili and mustard.

                                                        Lastly, Packard's, in Northampton, Massachusetts used to have the strawberry burger -- really!

                                                        I avoid McDonald's, BK, etc. But, if I am in a situation where I must eat a hotel burger (always try to get cheese-steak instead, that is the 1st-last resort in hotels) ... but, if I must eat a horrible burger, I put everyting on it -- maybe au jus.

                                                        ... different burgers, different treatments.

                                                        PS. There are three other sub-categories of burgers:

                                                        (1) ... Burgers on stiff french bread. (Such as Two Bells Tavern in Seattle) ... I get them "special" too -- but with classy cheese.

                                                        and, (2) ... my backyard burgers. I always hold my own cooking up against the ones above, and I am always dissapointed.

                                                        (3) ... my friends' backyard burgers. I dosue them in as much condiment as I can find.

                                                        ... I never embrace mustard (except, maybe, at White Castle.)


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                                                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 10/8/04 5:55 PM (permalink)
                                                          If I make it at home and have the time I like to butter and toast the buns, cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions, bacon, and chili.


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                                                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 10/8/04 7:03 PM (permalink)
                                                            Like to pan fry in cast iron skillet doused with some Kosher salt about medium. Favorite fixins are lots of onion, dill pickles and mustard. For some reason, like to flatten the burger once I've got it together. Use ketchup on side to dip if in the sweet mood. Besides bbq, hamburgers are a must. Used to take cold ones to work for breakfast. I never said I wasn't weird.

                                                            Then again, I wonder if I'm the only one that keeps cookbooks in the john to read....
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