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 What Goes On Your Burger?

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RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 02/3/06 9:26 PM (permalink)
Dill pickle slices, large slice of stinky onion and some type of mustard..I go back and forth between yellow and spicy brown.
No cheese please.

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    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 02/5/06 4:07 PM (permalink)
    at home- ground chuck,grilled on my George Forman with swiss or provolone cheese. Whole wheat bun-
    big glop of may on inside of top bun,lettuce,tomato,burger,thick slice of sweet,raw onion,long slices of dill pickle,dark mustard.

    out- no cheese unless they have swiss or provolone,extra pickles,extra raw onion and extra mustard.

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      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 02/5/06 5:02 PM (permalink)
      How did this thread sneak by so long without me adding a comment?

      If dining out, I like to order my burger with cheddar cheese and bacon. Some lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion is good.

      When grilling my own burgers at home, I enjoy that thicker hand-made burger with some Dinosaur BBQ sauce and a nice thick slice of sweet onion, preferably Vidalia if in season and a nice dill pickle on the side.

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        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 02/6/06 12:29 PM (permalink)
        On a really good home made burger: worchestershire sauce and pepper.

        On most burgers: lettuce, mayo, ketchup, onion (grilled if available) and dill pickle slices. I prefer my burgers on the medium rare side, so since the food police have made that a no-no, I need to get some moisture in there some how. No cheese, thanks.

        I can be happy with just ketchup if I must.



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          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 02/6/06 12:55 PM (permalink)
          Hello All,
          I made an earlier entry, but since then I have discovered a wonderful new taste.
          As I fry my burger, I put Chi-Chi's salsa sauce on top of my burger. I'll flip the
          burger, but make sure I don't burn the salsa sauce. I add the salsa late in the
          frying stage.
          Take Care,

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            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 02/6/06 1:14 PM (permalink)
            As far as the regional nature of burger toppings goes, I think maybe the fast food chains have had a homogenizing effect. Growing up in New England in the 60s it was ketchup, pickle chips or relish (preferably N.E. sweet pepper relish), and onion for the brave. Mustard fell in strict yes and no camps. Then after the introduction of Big Mac lettuce, tomato and mayo became normal.

            I remember ordering burgers at an old drug store style fountain in Fryeburg Maine in the early-mid 70s, before fast food had ventured into rural New England. My brother in law asked for lettuce and tomato. They said, "on a hamburger!?" Classic scene, they called in their buddies from next door to watch this freak eat a hamburger with lettuce and tomato.

            In some cases, maybe lousy quality accounts for the variety of toppings used now. In college, the food service ran a tavern which was somewhat more palatable than the cafeteria and (or because) it served beer. They bought frozen, tough, ground bone disks that whinnied when they hit the grill. But the tavern ladies would put anything you wanted on them. With enough grilled onions, sprouts, ketchup, mustard, mayo and whatever else was laying around I thought they were pretty good eating.

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              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 02/6/06 1:20 PM (permalink)
              I still prefer the "inside-out" method.

              Thinly sliced onion and mushrooms along with slices of cheddar on the inside, lettuce, tomato, mayo and pickles on the outside. Grilled medium and on a toasted(grilled)seasame seed bun.

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                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Tue, 06/6/06 1:50 PM (permalink)
                An interesting burger in NC is mustard, chili, onion, American cheese and barbecue slaw. The tanginess of the barbecue slaw makes for an interesting burger against the chili and mustard.

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                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Wed, 06/7/06 10:16 PM (permalink)
                  Melted Cheese. And lots of it. Mozzarella, American, cheddar, or swiss. I like variety, so there could be any combo of raw or grilled onions, tomato, bread n butter pickles, bacon, mushrooms, banana peppers, olives, coney sauce, Franks hot sauce, steak sauce, horseradish, mayo, mustard, (I keep about 6 different kinds), catsup or maybe a fried egg.

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                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 06/11/06 1:15 AM (permalink)

                    Hamburgers are my favorite food!!!!!!! I like them so many different ways, it's hard to stick to just one, but I'll give it a try...

                    I like them cooked over a grill, medium-well, with burnt edges.

                    Any and all types of cheeses! I'm partial, however, to sharp cheddar

                    toasted bun

                    mayonaise, with a "hint" of ketchup

                    raw onions

                    ice berg lettuce

                    2 thin slices of tomatoe

                    2 slices of bacon

                    Damn... now I'm hungry!!!

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                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 06/12/06 12:54 PM (permalink)
                      When I order a burger, I like tomato, onion, mayonnaise, black pepper, no cheese.

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                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 06/12/06 1:47 PM (permalink)
                        Green Chile, all the way. After you have had this ingridient on your burger, there is no turning back. I've had the privilege of eating them this way since my arrival in New Mexico a year and a half ago. Of course, American and/or cheddar cheese is a must to supplement.

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                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 06/12/06 2:12 PM (permalink)

                          When I see a menu with a variety of burgers listed, there is only one that I will definitely go for and that is the Patty Melt. Not all restaurants will put two slices of cheese on the burger, but with a patty melt, it's guaranteed. The combination of the swiss cheese with sauted onions on grilled rye is supreme. I will only add some ketchup to this burger.
                          But if it comes down to the basic burger, cheese is important and once again I turn to swiss, with bacon. Extra ingrediants will include mayo and ketchup and lettuce. When I eat out, I may add sliced tomato and onions, as much as I can get for my hard earned pennies.... Also given a choice, if they are available I will substitute onion rings for fries. This rule applies to burger joints to clam shacks.

                          I noticed that Louis Lunch was mentioned and when in New Haven, I have gone there a couple of times. There are no real toppings except for the onion that is pressed into the meat prior to cooking and a slice of tomatoe added afterward. They use some form of cheese sauce that is spred onto two slices of toasted white bread. That is it, no ketchup and mustard to be found. In fact the rumor is that you will be harrased and possibly thrown out for asking. Some folks do smuggle the stuff in though...On another note, bring a jack-knife so you can carve your initials into the wooden table tops. Everybody does that.
                          Try the Foxon sodas, they are made with real sugar and no other mock sweetners such as fructose or corn syrup. These soda also appear at the three more famous pizzerias that are in that town. But great sodas are another thread...



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                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 07/3/06 12:25 AM (permalink)
                            Currently, I like them on the Weber charcoal grill with cheddar cheese, a slice of beefsteak tomato, sliced rings of raw red onion, lettuce (not iceberg), dill pickle chips, and mayo and Hunt's Ketchup and mustard mixed together.


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                              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 07/3/06 1:17 AM (permalink)
                              Butter, onion, salt, pepper.


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                                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 07/3/06 11:12 AM (permalink)
                                From my experience, California's traditional burger toppings are either the aforementioned Avocado/bacon/cheddar mix or come from the do-it-yourself condiment bar that looks kind of like a salad bar. I'm definitely a fan of the latter since it gives you a lot of freedom as to what you can put on your burger.

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                                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Mon, 07/3/06 12:52 PM (permalink)
                                  Refried beans, grilled Vidalia onions, cheddar cheese, Fritos corn chips, mayo, ketchup


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                                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 07/6/06 2:14 PM (permalink)
                                    My main burger consists of a good bit of mayonnaise and lots of dill pickle chips. Sometimes I will eat it with lettuce, but I have to be in the mood.

                                    I also like like a good steak sauce or barbecue sauce on a home grilled hamburger. At times, I like a good chili-burger...chili(no beans) with cheese and a light jalepenos.

                                    I know that the mustard/ketchup regional thing was always that...regional. I grew up in Springfield Ohio, and the dressing of sorts for almost all burgers was mayonnaise. Back then, I never heard of putting ayn other kind of condiment on one. McDonald's hamburgers were the first ones that I had ever heard of putting mustard and ketchup on. But I never ate McD's burgers when I was growing up. I always preferred their Filet-O-Fish.

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                                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Thu, 07/6/06 3:14 PM (permalink)
                                      Montreal Steak Seasoning and a fried egg.
                                        big g in joisey

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                                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 07/15/06 1:12 PM (permalink)
                                        Growing up in Nj in the early 60's most of the McDonald's would use ketchup and sliced pickels on their burgers,then in the 70's they added mustard and chopped onions.I prefer the ketcup and pickel chips
                                        on a hamburger,but my favorite is american and cheddar with the thick slice bacon.

                                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 07/15/06 4:08 PM (permalink)
                                          Two types of cheese, perferably Swiss and Cheddar, thick sliced tomato, raw onion, medium-well bacon on a corn duster bun.
                                            Butter Tart

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                                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 07/15/06 4:46 PM (permalink)
                                            Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto before burgers went "gourmet": ketchup (Heinz only!), regular ballpark mustard and green pickle relish. Now, I like my burgers with sauteed Vidalia onions (sauteed with a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, white pepper salt and thyme), a nice thick slice of tomato and good BBQ sauce (around here that's sweet and tomato-based). A slice of cheese can replace the onions, but it has to be real cheddar, not that processed abomination that comes on most cheeseburgers.

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                                              RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Tue, 07/18/06 2:34 PM (permalink)
                                              I like only the meat, onions and the bun. Boring yes, but I have never been one to put a lot of sauces on meat, I love the taste of the meat.
                                              Once in a very great while and only if we are cooking on the grill I will put a little bit of pizza sauce on my hamburger toward the end of grilling.

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                                                RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 12/8/06 8:44 PM (permalink)
                                                1st post. Onion rings and bbq sauce. thank you very much.

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                                                  RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Fri, 12/8/06 9:46 PM (permalink)
                                                  diced fine vidalia georgia sweet onions and heinz ketchup

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                                                    RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sun, 12/10/06 12:53 PM (permalink)
                                                    First I like my burgers medium which is hard to get away from home. Grilled bun, provolone or swiss chees

                                                    Lots of mayo on the inside of the top bun, then lettuce, & a thick slice of tomato

                                                    Lots of brown mustard on inside of the bottom bun, then a thick slice of sweet onion(vadalia) & dill pickle slices

                                                    I like to separate the lettuce,tomato,mayo for the mustard,onion,pickle

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                                                      RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 12/23/06 2:54 PM (permalink)
                                                      I like mine with lettuce and tomato

                                                      Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes

                                                      Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer

                                                      Well good god almighty which way do I steer?

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                                                        RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 12/23/06 3:29 PM (permalink)

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                                                          RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 12/23/06 7:44 PM (permalink)
                                                          Originally posted by Adjudicator


                                                          MMMMMMM. I'll have some of that. It's all about the presentation!

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                                                            RE: What Goes On Your Burger? Sat, 01/13/07 2:05 PM (permalink)
                                                            Some bacon and some Marie's blue cheese dressing.
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