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 What's next for

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RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 8:55 AM (permalink)
Talk about change.... I logged on to Chowhound this morning and they have changed their site since yesterday at noon! Now it's even more difficult to read!
    John A

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    RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 10:27 AM (permalink)
    What about "Home Cooking"?


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      RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 10:45 AM (permalink)
      It would be nice if there was some tightening up on those whose main "contribution" to the dialog is bumping their posts to keep tiresome threads alive while loudly proclaiming the superiority of their ancestry.
        John Fox

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        RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 11:26 AM (permalink)
        I would suggest that you not make drastic changes. I echo those that posted about Chowhound. It is a disaster. I would hate for that to happen to Roadfood.

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          RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 11:46 AM (permalink)

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            RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 12:14 PM (permalink)
            I definitly think u need a HOME COOKING forum,with a system to easily post pictures..Then have a picture competition each month and make a calendar each yr of the winners.....

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              RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 12:50 PM (permalink)

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                RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 2:02 PM (permalink)
                I heartily second the idea that downloaded pictures should be automatically sized to fit within the normal parameters and width of the typical Roadfood forum. I'm not suggesting that folks intentionally post over sized photos but some of them are ridiculously large.


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                  RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 3:36 PM (permalink)
                  I'd like to see a section devoted to adult beverages. I'm not a big drinker myself, but if somebody wants to mention a place that serves a great drink with a fairly average burger, that could be the place to post.

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                    RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 3:38 PM (permalink)
                    I think under the Misc. section, there should be a Member News section, where people can post requests for prayers and thoughts and health updates. It is a little jarring to see such topics under "Lighter Fare". Health concerns are definitely not Lighter Fare.
                      Stephen Rushmore Jr.

                      RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 3:49 PM (permalink)
                      Thank you for all the great feedback. Keep it coming! Is there anything NOT related to the forums that is on your wish list? For example: Blogs, site navigational items, user preferences, etc.

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                        RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 5:17 PM (permalink)

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                          RE: What's next for Tue, 01/23/07 10:59 PM (permalink)

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                            RE: What's next for Sat, 02/3/07 11:11 PM (permalink)
                            How about more "Restaurants of the Day" on the homepage? This is a really effective placement of a hyperlink. If i'm in a rush that's the only thing I click on. If there were more than one I'm sure I'd click on all of them. Maybe feature one seafood, one dessert place, and one BBQ or something a day. The website is great and just getting better. Thanks.

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                              RE: What's next for Sun, 02/4/07 7:36 AM (permalink)
                              I think it wwould be helpful to add a Forum section to the FAQ, with tips on how to search for a city or topic and how to subscribe or UNsubscribe to a topic.

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                                RE: What's next for Mon, 02/12/07 10:24 PM (permalink)
                                Roadfood is a great site, even in the current form. I think an interesting thing that you may consider, and maybe you're already doing it and I perhaps missed it, is to present dated certificates to places which you approve (A.K.A. "ROADFOOD APPROVED"). Resturant owners love to hang accolades up (next to the Pic of Frank Sinatra of course!)and more people will find from seeing the certificate! The fact that the cert is dated will be an incentive to keep the fries extra crispy, the chili spicy and to get that certificate again the following year!!..just a thought...

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                                  RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 7:13 PM (permalink)
                                  Originally posted by TJ Jackson

                                  I'd like to see a limited picture upload function that ones does not need to be a Insider to use.

                                  Just to make clear, pretty much anyone can post pictures now although it's a 2-stage process. First you have to upload your pictures to one of the free picture-sharing sites like Shutterfly (which happens to be the one I use). Then you can link to it in a post.

                                  As you can see. I'm not a "member" but here's a picture I took:


                                  Anyone recognize it, by the way?

                                    RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 7:24 PM (permalink)
                                    I'd say that is Uglesich's, except for the lack of a long line!

                                      RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 7:39 PM (permalink)
                                      Originally posted by buffetbuster

                                      I'd say that is Uglesich's, except for the lack of a long line!

                                      You are correct. I have been there many times. I guess it is now empty??

                                      Paul E. Smith
                                      Knoxville, TN

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                                        RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 10:38 PM (permalink)

                                        I may be alone in this but there seems to be way too much white space. Specifically on the home page. Just my observation.


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                                          RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 11:16 PM (permalink)
                                          I like Roadfood, many of the posters are clean and articulate.
                                            Poverty Pete

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                                            RE: What's next for Tue, 02/13/07 11:39 PM (permalink)
                                            I'm clean and articulate. I think I should run for President! The thrust of my campaign will be that anybody who hasn't spent the past few years as a government-sponsored member of an over-rated debate club (aka congress and/or senate) is more qualified than anybody who does have such a past history.
                                            Vote for me. I promise a chicken in every pot, along with regionally appropriate herbs and spices!
                                            Poverty Pete for President!
                                            It has a kind of 1930's Art Deco appeal, does it not?

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                                              RE: What's next for Wed, 02/14/07 1:43 AM (permalink)
                                              I throw my hat into the ring to be PP's VP. On occasion I can be either clean or articulate, never both at the same time. I can promise to appropriate herbs and spices to every "poule" in every pot.

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                                                RE: What's next for Wed, 02/14/07 5:15 AM (permalink)
                                                I like the current format. Many other sites have such fast-moving subject matter no threads are discussed indepth. This format seems to invite more comfortable lingering.

                                                I would like to see one small format change: for SEARCH to be very large, with a space for typing in the search topic. I think that "blank" is what most people scan for on a page these days.

                                                Two additions:

                                                BLOGS!!! Yes! Then we can babble about our weekend trips, and homemade dinners, and not bore everybody...only the people who just MUST know what EliseT does with leftover chicken!

                                                I agree with everyone about adding the "my roadtrip report" or "casual" review thread.

                                                I'm not sure we have enough personal stuff to really need a separate "Prayer request" type thread

                                                I think "recipes and cooking techniques" is already the place for "home cooking", so a "home cooking" thread would be redundant.

                                                  Ort. Carlton.

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                                                  RE: What's next for Thu, 02/15/07 9:11 PM (permalink)
                                                  Originally posted by BT
                                                  Originally posted by TJ Jackson
                                                  I'd like to see a limited picture upload function that ones does not need to be a Insider to use.

                                                  As you can see. I'm not a "member" but here's a picture I took:


                                                  Anyone recognize it, by the way?

                                                  Looks like 1238 Baronne Street to me.
                                                  Handsmsichly, Ort. Carlton in Far-Upcountry Athens, Georgia.
                                                  P. S. I like the picture posting option you describe. Now all I need is a scanner.

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                                                    RE: What's next for Thu, 02/15/07 9:19 PM (permalink)
                                                    Originally posted by UncleVic

                                                    <Long Text>

                                                    Although posted a bit late, I agree with Vic's comments!

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                                                      RE: What's next for Sat, 02/17/07 2:43 PM (permalink)
                                                      I don't like the ads that now appear. I don't like looking at the bugs, college career choices, etc. On a $5 membership fee for the year gets the ads out of the way. I would pay a fee to make mine ad-free!

                                                      My main interest at this site is travel tips. We want to have the best food experiences possible while on the road. Anything to enhance this info would be great. Sometimes the current search engine doesn't reveal a post that I know is available.

                                                      I would suggest a map system that includes recommendations from other posters besides just the Sterns. Then have a review section attached to this map. Any other member could post his/her experience. If several members highly recommended a spot on the map, I'm sure it would be on our "must visit" list.


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                                                        RE: What's next for Sat, 03/3/07 12:19 AM (permalink)
                                                        Hey Stephen,

                                                        I have a couple of questions/suggestions. I was looking for a way to quickly find reviews written by a particular Roadfood member. I'd like to let my friends know about the site and reviews I've posted, but if they're not in the reviews of the past 5 days, then they have to go to each individual restaurant. Is there or can there be a way to click on a member's profile and have a link to the reviews that they posted on the site?
                                                        Also, beating a dead horse here perhaps, but I still don't get why there aren't any dates on the reviews anymore. I did read your reason for it, but I found them to be very helpful in terms of how current and up to date they were. I recently went to find a food cart in NYC that Michael Stern had reviewed and had popped up on the review of the day a few weeks back. It was called Tony's and the specialty was breakfast sandwiches. Its supposed to be on Nassau and Wall Streets in Manhattan. I went about 3-4 days after the review was on the home page, but couldn't find it after trying two mornings in a row around 6am.
                                                        Someone on the first page of this thread mentioned putting dates below the write-up of when the restaurant was re-reviewed and I second that motion Just my two cents.

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                                                          RE: What's next for Sat, 03/3/07 8:34 AM (permalink)

                                                          I would say something needs to be done about the restaurant review process.

                                                          I have tried on a couple occasions to post a perm. restuarant review, only to be notified that the info entered has been lost and needs to be re entered. Then after re-entering it, nothing happens for weeks. I try to follow up with (Bruce?) but am told that his email is no longer valid.

                                                          This web-site is/was built around reviews of Roadfood. Why must it be so complicated/frustrating to get something posted?

                                                            Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

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                                                            RE: What's next for Sat, 03/3/07 10:21 AM (permalink)
                                                            desertdog, I can be contacted by first clicking Contact, then ticking Restaurant & Review Editor and entering your message in the Feedback box. Be sure to enter your email address in the E-Mail (Optional) box if you want me to be able to respond. And click Submit Feedback.

                                                            A note to those interested in submitting reviews: be sure to click Update periodically while typing your review - if you wait too long on the review page before clicking Update, everything will be lost when you submit it. For the same reason, if you've been sitting on the writeup page a long time before beginning your review, back out and then re-enter before writing the review. This will prevent disappointments.

                                                            Finally, one of the features of that people love is the quality reviews that can be found here. So please understand that, unlike many other restaurant/food themed websites, we don't post everything that's submitted. Only the most thorough, interesting, well-written and useful submissions make the cut. We are unlikely to post the kind of brief, two-sentence comments you see on other websites. This is not meant to discourage anyone - it's just an explanation. I try to respond to every review submitted to, and if the review was not accepted for posting, I'll detail the reasons why.
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