Who Killed Weiner King?

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RE: Who Killed Weiner King? 2009/02/09 08:59:53 (permalink)
I don't remember Tommy's Hotdog stand, but we didn't move to Lexington until 1976 and I was a kid. 

Sam's Hot Dog Stand is still there on South Limestone, and it appears to be as popular as ever.  When I worked in downtown Lexington I'd go there frequently.  Great dogs!

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RE: Who Killed Weiner King? 2009/02/10 01:30:29 (permalink)
The Weiner King was killed by the Burger King, who forgot to wrap his Whopper when he was with the Dairy Queen.
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RE: Who Killed Weiner King? 2009/05/06 14:50:14 (permalink)
There was one in Sandersville GA that was owned by a great guy who unfortunately was also owned a funeral home. (Have suitably gross thought now). It was awesome and as we were in high school it was a great place to get soberup food. I believe it is a KFC today. I believe it was also our first franchise in the county.
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Re:Who Killed Weiner King? 2013/01/03 11:25:25 (permalink)
My father was actually VP and Controller of Weiner King back in the early-mid-70's.  He worked there from about 73-75'ish, please forgive me for the shadowy memory but I was under 5 when he worked there.  But I clearly remember him being an executive of Weiner King and running the finance dept, as he was a CPA. Their offices were in Charlotte on E Morehead St by Queens Rd.  1610??? maybe was the address, I have a scarey good memory.  I remember it being a 2 story office bldg with lots of dark brown paneling, mirrors and everyone smoked in their offices.
I use to love as we were heading to our beach house in Surfside Beach on a Friday afternoon after school and we'd stop at the Weiner King in Monroe on Hwy 74 and we'd go in and be treated like Royality by the manager getting free food.  That was one of the company owned stores.  I feel like they had 50 or so company stores and about 100-200 franchises.
I also remember my Dad leaving that job as the owners were up to some shady dealings and my dad being the guy who "kept the books" was privy to alot of information that he didn't like. Which is why he left the company.
Hope that helps!
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